Tankard Book Award Finalists


(winner) — Making News at The New York Times – Nikki Usher
Pathways to Public Relations – Burton St. John III, Margot Opdycke Lamme and Jacquie L’Etang
Public Relations and Religion in American History: Evangelism, Temperance, and Business – Margot Opdycke Lamme

(winner) — Shaping Immigration News: A French-American Comparison – Rodney Benson
The American Revolution and the Press: The Promise of Independence – Carol Humphrey
Digital Disconnect: How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy – Robert McChesney

(winner)– Into the Fray: How NBC’s Washington Documentary Unit Reinvented the News – Tom Mascaro
Women of the Washington Press: Politics, Prejudices, and Persistence – Maurine H. Beasley
Can Journalism Survive? : An Inside Look at American Newsrooms –
David M. Ryfe

(winner) — Radio Utopia: Postwar Audio Documentary in the Public Interest – Matthew C. Ehrlich
After the Czars and Commissars: Journalism in Authoritarian Post-Soviet Central Asia – Eric Freeman and Richard Shafter
Audience Evolution: New Technologies and the Transformation of Media Audiences – Philip M. Napoli

(winner) — About to Die: How News Images Move the Public – Barbie Zelizer
Knights of the Quill: Confederate Correspondents and their Civil War Reporting – Patricia McNeely, Debra Reddin Van Tuyll, and Henry Schulte
Global Journalism Ethics – Stephen Ward

(winner) — Journalism’s Roving Eye: A History of American Foreign Reporting – John Hamilton
Normative Theories of the Media: Journalism in Democratic Societies – Clifford G. Christians, Theodore L. Glasser, Denis McQuail, Karl Nordenstreng and Robert A. White
The Origins of Television News in America: The Visualizers of CBS in the 1940s – Mike Conway

(winner) — The Environment and the Press: From Adventure Writing to Advocacy – Mark R. Neuzil
CBS’s Don Hollenbeck: An Honest Reporter in the Age of McCarthyism – Loren Ghiglione
Press Critics are the Fifth Estate: Media Watchdogs in America –
Arthur S. Hayes

(winner) — Dark Days in the Newsroom: McCarthyism Aimed at the Press – Edward Alwood
Journalism as Practice: MacIntyre, Virtue Ethics and the Press – Sandra Borden
Mass Media Unleashed – Carl Ramey

(winner) — The African American Newspaper: Voice of Freedom – Patrick S. Washburn
The Year That Defined American Journalism – W. Joseph Campbell
Waves of Opposition: Labor and the Struggle for Democratic Media – Elizabeth Fones-Wolf

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