AEJMC 2018 Conference Logo Design Competition

Design a logo for the AEJMC 2018 Conference in Washington, D.C.

Student entries are being accepted for the official conference logo, which will appear on conference and promotional materials, as well as a medal for a run sponsored by AEJMC. The winning student will receive $100.

A logo entered in the contest should represent the diversity of AEJMC and also visually suggest “Washington, D.C.” The logo should communicate immediately, effectively and be memorable.

The logo design entries must be designed using a solid black tone on a white background. After a winning logo is selected, AEJMC reserves the right to add color later to the winning logo.

The deadline for submitting entries is March 31, 2017.

A logo entered in this competition must:
1. include the following typographic elements:   AEJMC   August 2018   Washington, D.C.
(Note: This is the AP style for Washington, D.C. — Using alternative punctuation, or the lack of this punctuation, for Washington, D.C. will result in the logo being disqualified.) — No other typographic elements can be added to the logo entries for this contest.
2. include AEJMC as an integral part of the logo.
3. be adaptable to multiple uses, i.e., program book cover, nametags and promotional material.
The logo should not lose impact or legibility when substantially reduced.
4. retain a sense of balance and internal integrity when typographical elements are removed.
5. reflect the diversity of interests within AEJMC
6. be reproducible in solid tones using one color (black). No tints, no blends, no gradations are allowed.
7. NOT INCLUDE COPYRIGHTED ARTWORK. This means no clip‐art files of the Washington, D.C. monuments, landmarks, etc. The student must create those elements if they are used.

For a logo entry to be eligible, entrants are required to submit their logo entry as both an EPS file (.eps) and as a JPEG file (.jpg). The JPEG version of the logo must be identical to the EPS version in terms of design, dimensions, proportion, etc.

The EPS version must have all of its type converted to outlines. The EPS file format is required because it is a vector based format that provides better reproduction.

The file names must bear the last name of the entrant (for example: SmithLogo1.eps and SmithLogo1.jpg).

Entries must be the work of students enrolled in classes taught by AEJMC members. Each school may enter a maximum of 10 logos per design instructor who are AEJMC members. The logos must be submitted by a faculty sponsor for the school’s entries for this AEJMC logo contest.

Faculty sponsors must also include a list of file names (such as: entrants.doc) with the entrants’
names, addresses, and e‐mail addresses, plus their own full contact information (office phone,
address, etc.) Winners should be notified before May 15, 2017.


Please upload each logo entry’s EPS (.eps) and JPEG (.jpg) files to AEJMC 2018 Logo Competition Chair Brian Cannon at:

Questions regarding the 2018 logo competition may be sent to Brian Cannon at:


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