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From the January 2018 issue of AEJMC News

“Paris in 2019?  Oui!­”


AEJMC has long embraced our international members, promoted cross-cultural scholarship and worked to build partnerships with our peers around the world.

One of the key directions in the 2008 organizational strategic plan was to engage globally and multiculturally. The plan included suggestions to achieve this goal such as creating a council for interaction among professionals and academics in the United States and other countries.

Of course, the International Communication Division (ICD) has been a vital part of our organization since 1965, and strong efforts to engage internationally on all fronts have been carried on for decades in AEJMC. Recent initiatives include Past President Kyu Ho Youm appointing the Task Force on AEJMC in the Global Century and Past President Paula Poindexter organizing the 2015 regional meeting in Santiago, Chile. Earlier international activities included the 2001 ASJMC/AEJMC International Colloquium held in Mexico City and 2002 International Regional Meeting held in London.

The AEJMC Board of Directors in 2015 engaged Elanie Steyn and Imran Hasnat from the University of Oklahoma to examine members’ opinions on the best way to continue our strong international efforts. The more than 500 members who responded agreed most strongly that internationalization efforts should consist of AEJMC establishing partnerships with journalism education associations around the globe and facilitating dialogue and collaborative projects between the organization’s U.S. members and scholars from nations outside the United States. Respondents also identified Europe as the top region for AEJMC to hold another regional conference, followed by Asia.

At the Winter AEJMC meeting this December, the Board discussed a golden opportunity to meet both of these objectives in one neat package – leveraging AEJMC’s already strong partnership with the World Journalism Education Council (WJEC). The fifth WJEC Congress will convene July 9-12, 2019, in Paris.

AEJMC is a founding organization and a voting member of WJEC, a coalition representing academic associations worldwide that are involved in journalism and mass communication at the university level. The council includes more than 30 voting organizations from six continents that meet every three years to discuss universal concerns in the field.

The theme of the Paris 2019 Congress is “Teaching Journalism During Our Disruptive Age” (see  The conference will feature panels on teaching, research sessions, discussions of industry issues and syndicate discussion groups.  In these syndicates, educators from associations discuss common concerns and brainstorm innovative approaches that they can take back to their respective associations and universities.

While AEJMC has had a consistent presence at the last four Congresses through a voting delegate, association leadership and individual members who present research and serve on panels, the Board voted in December to provide funds for an AEJMC pre-conference day, set for July 8, 2019. The venue, Paris-Dauphine University, was a former NATO headquarters and is steeped in history.

The perks of coupling a pre-conference day with the World Journalism Education Congress meeting are many. The logistics are already in place for housing, presentation space and transportation services, allowing us to host an international regional meeting in an efficient manner. In addition, the European Journalism Training Association will meet on July 8, allowing us opportunities to interact with members of that group. Finally, we will provide our members more space in which to have presence on the program, which should help in securing travel funds.

What the pre-conference day will look like is still in the planning stages. The Board discussed opportunities to make participation attractive to all of our members and ways to provide awards that might assist with travel costs. We discussed having a research competition for our members, high-density research and poster sessions, and panels that would be of interest to our members and to other WJEC attendees.

I am thrilled to play a small part to continue my predecessors’ work toward global engagement of our association. If successful, a WJEC pre-conference every three years would be a sustainable international regional conference model meeting our goal of connecting our members with other associations and individually with colleagues outside the United States. Please do feel free to share ideas with me that will help make this a successful event that benefits our members and the association. I hope many of you will pencil in Paris on your July 2019 calendars.


By Jennifer Greer
University of Alabama
2017-18 AEJMC President

“From the President” is courtesy of AEJMC News.

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