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From the March 2019 issue of AEJMC News

Take Action Now to Benefit from AEJMC’s Opportunities

What do you look for when you pick up an edition of AEJMC News?

If you’re like me, you look for the names of people you know and for opportunities that might be of interest for you or colleagues you know. AEJMC is, ultimately, about connecting its members to one another and to programs and information that benefits them.

I hope and trust that we’re doing that for you in this edition, and I hope you’re also checking the website occasionally for the same reasons.

Now is an especially important moment to pay close attention to AEJMC, because it’s the time of year for action. Taking a little action now can pay big dividends later. First, of course, there is the time you should take to vote for the officers who will lead the organization. That takes just a few minutes but has a big impact. But there are other time investments you should be making now. For example:

Awards. Part of what makes AEJMC so exciting is the way it honors and highlights the work of our best and brightest. We do that for teaching, research and outreach, and we do that through our interest groups and divisions, commissions and the wider organization. As I write this, the deadlines for several major awards are looming. These include the prestigious Krieghbaum Under-40 Award and Lionel C. Barrow Jr. Award for Distinguished Achievement in Diversity Research and Education. See how you can apply for such awards yourself or nominate a well deserving colleague.

Workshops, Fellowships and Programs. Members can grow and connect through a range of opportunities. Some of these have spring deadlines. Interested in leadership? Check out our Institute for Diverse Leadership, which has an application deadline of March 18 for the 2019-20 class. Perhaps you want to refresh your professional skills in a media workplace over the summer. A Scripps Howard Foundation/AEJMC Visiting Professor Grant may be the ticket for you. Keep an eye out for deadlines to apply for that opportunity.

Funding. AEJMC awards funding for travel, research and professional development. Deadlines vary, so stay on the lookout. One award for faculty development, the Baskett Mosse award, has an April 1 deadline. Travel grants for our annual conference are also available for graduate students, and information about those will be coming soon.

The Ultimate Prize. Join thousands of colleagues, strengthen your network, and learn how to become a better scholar and teacher at our conference this August in Toronto. To get a spot on the program, though, you need to act now. Our paper deadline is April 1. We have 29 divisions, interest groups and commissions with paper calls. When you read them, pay close attention to the guidelines, but also look for opportunities to enter your work for special recognition. Many groups offer prizes for top papers by graduate students, and others offer other prizes. An example is in the Law Division, which awards $150 plus conference registration for a “Top Debut Faculty Paper,” submitted by a scholar who has never before had a paper accepted by the division. If you want to focus on teaching, you should look at the competition (with a March deadline) for teaching media literacy. This competition, sponsored by AEJMC’s Elected Committee on Teaching, involves cash prizes and presentation of ideas at a session in Toronto.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but I hope it makes the point: Now is the time to add AEJMC-related tasks to your to-do list. You’ll benefit from the time you invest. Between this issue of the newsletter and the AEJMC website, you have everything you need to get going.

AEJMC, in turn, will also benefit. We’re only as strong as the engagement by our members. We need people who are willing to get involved and, ultimately, to lead. That is especially true of our divisions and interest groups, which are the lifeblood of the organization. They are responsible for most of the programming at our annual conferences.

So, go ahead: Get reading! As you help yourself, you’ll be making all of us stronger.

By Marie Hardin
Penn State University
2018-19 AEJMC President

“From the President” is courtesy of AEJMC News.

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