AEJMC Groups

There are various groups within AEJMC, including Divisions, Interest Groups and Commissions. Most conference sessions are sponsored by the AEJMC divisions. Conference sessions also may be sponsored by AEJMC interest groups and the Commission on the Status of Women.

  • Division: A division represents a specific area of JMC study or concern. Any member may join.  The division is created by a majority vote of the membership following approval by AEJMC’s Board of Directors, and elects its own officers.
  • Interest Group: An interest group represents 25 or more members who share a common interest compatible with the association’s purposes.  An interest group is approved by the Board of Directors for a finite term of one to three years, but the term may be renewed.
  • Commission: A commission represents an area of broad concern, one that cuts across divisional lines.  Any member may join.  A commission is created through approval of the membership and elects its own officers.
  • Council: AEJMC Council of Affiliates is composed of JMC professional associations/foundations that want to support the association and JMC education.

AEJMC Programming Group Abbreviations

ADVD – Advertising
SHER – Communicating Science, Health, Environment, Risk 
CTEC – Communication Technology
CTAM – Communication Theory and Methodology
CCSD – Cultural and Critical Studies
ENDD – Electronic News
HIST – History
INTC – International Communication
LAWP – Law and Policy
MAGD – Magazine Division
MCSD – Mass Communication and Society
ETHC – Media Ethics
MMEE – Media Management and Economics
MACD – Minorities and Communication
NOND – Newspaper and Online News
PRDV – Public Relations 
SCHJ – Scholastic Journalism
VISC – Visual Communication

COMJ – Community Journalism IG
ESIG – Entertainment Studies IG
GSIG – Graduate Student IG
ICIG – Internships and Careers IG
LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer IG
PJIG – Participitory Journalism IG
PCIG – Political Communication IG
RMIG – Religion and Media IG
SPIG – Small Programs IG
SPRT – Sports Communication IG

CSMN – Commission on the Status of Minorities  
CSWM – Commission on the Status of Women  
CCJA – Community College Journalism Assoc
CoAF – Council of Affiliates  
CoDV – Council of Divisions  

Standardized four letter designations were set in Chicago and revised in Dallas in 2012.

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