AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Indiana


Anderson University

1100 East Fifth Street, Anderson, IN 46012. Tel: (765) 641-4340. Department of Communication, 1977. Donald G. Boggs, chair.
Journalism Program: Forty-Five hour Mass Communication major with specializations in Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Broadcast Production and Public Relations. SCJ, ICVM.

• Ball State University

Letterman Building, 102, Muncie, IN 47306. Tel: (765) 285-6000, Fax: (765) 285-6002, College of Communication, Information, and Media. Roger Lavery, dean. Art and Journalism Building, 300, Tel: (765) 285-8200, Fax: (765) 285-7997, Department of Journalism, <>, <> AAF, JEA, NABJ, NPPA, PRSSA, SND, SPJ. Dan Waechter, interim chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Roger Lavery, Mark Massé (graduate advising), David Sumner (coord., Magazine); Assoc. Profs.: Jennifer George-Palilonis (coord., Graphics), Michael Hanley (coord., Advertising), Alfredo Marín-Carle, Mary Spillman (coord., News); Asst. Profs.: Donna Gray, Kenneth Heinen, Minjeong Kang, Brad King, Adam Kuban, Becky McDonald, Thomas Price (coord., Photo), Dan Waechter (interim chair, curricular advising); Instrs.: Debbie Davis, Pamela Farmen, Brian Hayes (coord., Secondary Education), Annie Hammock, Juli Metzger (interim dir., Unified Media), Jeff Newton, Michelle O’Malley, Richard Shoemaker (coord., Public Relations), Ryan Sparrow, John Strauss (coord., Daily News operations), Sheryl Swingley (coord., Internship); Part-time Instrs.: John Ginter, Megan McNames, Donna Penticuff, Colleen Steffen; Profs. Emer.: Robert Gustafson, Robert Heintzelman, David Knott, Tendayi Kumbula, Mark Popovich, Melvin Sharpe. Marilyn Weaver.
MAJORS: Advertising, Journalism (Graphics, Magazine, News, Photo), Public Relations, Secondary Education.

Butler University

4600 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46208. Tel: (317) 940-9708, FAX: (317) 940-9020; Email: <>. Eugene S. Pulliam School of Journalism, Kwadwo Anokwa, director.
Program: The journalism major has course sequences in news-editorial, public relations, and integrated communication: public relations and advertising. The department also coordinates an interdisciplinary major in public and corporate communication (PCC) designed for students interested in communication-related careers.

Calumet College

2400 New York Avenue, Whiting, IN 46394. Tel: (219) 473-7700. Division of Communication and Fine Arts. Dawn Muhammad, program director.
Journalism Program: News-Editorial sequence. BA in Communication Arts with journalism emphasis.

DePauw University

313 S. Locust Street, PO Box 37, Greencastle, IN 46135-00037. Tel: (765) 658-4495, FAX: (765) 658-4499.  Email: <>. Department of English and Department of Communication Arts and Sciences. Jeffrey M. McCall, chair.
Mass Communication Program: Coursework offered in news writing and editing, magazine writing, broadcast journalism, media law, media criticism and organizational communication.

• Evansville, University of

1800 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville, IN 47722. Tel: (812) 488-2341, FAX: (812) 488-2717. Email: <>; Web Page: <>. Department of Communication, 1955. Mark L. Shifflet, Chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Hope Bock, Michael J. Stankey, T. Dean Thomlison; Mark L. Shifflet; Instrs.: Lori Smith.
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Public Relations/Media Writing, Video Production, Online Media Development.

Franklin College

501 E. Monroe St., Franklin, IN 46131. Tel: (317) 738-8200, FAX: (317) 738-8234. URL: <>. Email: <>. Pulliam School of Journalism, 1940. SPJ. Ray Begovich, director.
SEQUENCES: News/Editorial, Advertising/Public Relations, Broadcast Journalism, Secondary-School Teaching, Visual Communications.

Goshen College

Goshen, IN 46526-4798. Tel: (574) 535-7008, FAX: (574) 535-7660. Email: <>; Web Page: Department of Communication. Duane Stoltzfus, assoc. prof.
Journalism Program: Communication major includes courses in broadcasting, journalism, public relations, photography, video, and web-site production. Internship required.

• Indiana State University

Terre Haute, IN 47809. Tel: (812) 237-3221, FAX: (812) 237-3217; Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1952. SPJ.
FACULTY: Prof.: Paul D. Hightower; Assoc. Prof.: Michael O. Buchholz.
SEQUENCES: News/Editorial, Photojournalism and Magazine Writing.

• Indiana University

BLOOMINGTON CAMPUS: 940 E. Seventh St., Ernie Pyle Hall, Room 200, Bloomington, IN 47405. Tel: (812) 855-9247, FAX: (812) 855-0901. Web: School of Journalism, 1911. NPPA, PRSSA, SPJ. Bradley J. Hamm, Dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Claude Cookman, John E. Dvorak, Bradley J. Hamm (dean), Shannon Martin (assoc. dean for research and graduate studies), David P. Nord, Radhika Parameswaran, David H. Weaver (Roy W. Howard Research Prof.), Lars Willnat; Assoc. Profs.: David E. Boeyink, Bonnie J. Brownlee, Mike Conway, Michael Evans (assoc. dean for undergraduate studies), Tony Fargo, Owen V. Johnson, Jim Kelly; Asst. Profs.: Hans Ibold, Jae Kook Lee, Lesa Hatley Major, Emily Metzgar, W. Joann Wong; Lectr.: Nancy Comiskey, Dennis Elliott, Ron Johnson (director, student media), Bonnie Layton, Steve Layton, Teresa White (director, High School Journalism Institute), Craig Wood; Profs. Emer.: John W. Ahlhauser, Trevor R. Brown, Jon Dilts, Dan G. Drew, Peter P. Jacobi, Christine Ogan, Carol Polsgrove, Holly Stocking, G. Cleveland Wilhoit.

INDIANAPOLIS CAMPUS: 535 West Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Tel: (317) 278-5328, FAX: (317) 278-5321. Web: <>.
FACULTY: Profs.: Jonas Bjork, Dan Drew (interim executive associate dean), Sherry Ricchiardi; Asst. Prof.: Pamela Laucella; Lectr.: Julie Vincent; Prof. Emer.: Jim Brown, Shirley Quate.
SEQUENCES: News-Editorial, Broadcast News, Photojournalism, Advertising, PR, Magazine, Media Management, Journalism Education.
DEGREES: BAJ, MA Prof., MA Res., PhD.

Indiana Wesleyan University

4201 South Washington Street, Marion, IN  46953. Tel: (765) 677-1818. FAX: (765) 677-1755. Email: <>.  Website: <http:  Division of Communication, Denise P. Ferguson, chair; Kyle D. Huckins, journalism coordinator.
Communication programs: Majors in Communication Studies, Journalism, Media Communication, Public Relations, Theatre. Integrated theory and practical application program, and with award-winning weekly university newspaper (The Sojourn), television station, radio station, PRSSA chapter,  and theatre guild.

Indianapolis, University of

1400 East Hanna Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46227. Tel: (317) 788-3280. FAX: (317) 788-3490. Email: <>. Website: <>. Department of Communication, 1985.  Billy Catchings, chair.
Communication Program: Program includes skills and theory courses in journalism, electronic media, and public relations in a liberal arts Methodist-affiliated university, biweekly newspaper, radio station, television channel, and public relations agency.

Notre Dame, University of

Notre Dame, IN 46556. Tel: (219) 631-7316, FAX: (219) 631-4268; Email: <>. Department of American Studies. Robert Schmuhl, director, John W. Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics & Democracy.
Journalism Program: Students take courses on journalism and the media, as well as writing courses, within the context of American Studies or they participate in the John W. Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy, a five-course concentration, that can be completed with any major.

Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN 47907-1366. Tel: (765) 494-3429, FAX: (765) 496-1394. Email: <>. Department of Communication. Howard E. Sypher, head.
Journalism Program: Undergraduate majors in Journalism, Telecommunication, Public Relations and Mass Communication. MA and PhD programs in Mass Communication.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Room 011 Hulman Hall, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN 47876. Tel: (812) 535-5132; FAX: (812) 535-5228; Email: <>. Department of English, Journalism and Languages. Nancy Pieters Mayfield, chair.
Journalism Program: Stresses professional preparation of women in journalism in a liberal arts context. Classroom and External Degree formats. News/Editorial/Computer Layout and Design.

• Southern Indiana, University of

8600 University Blvd., Evansville, IN 47712-3596. Tel: (812) 461-5220, FAX: (812) 465-7152. Email: <>. Web: <>;;. Department of Communications, 1985. SPJ, AAF, PRSSA. J. Wayne Rinks, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Karen H. Bonnell, Gael L. Cooper; Assoc. Profs.: Wesley T. Durham, Leigh Anne Howard, J. Wayne Rinks, Chad R. Tew, Asst. Profs.: David N. Black, Zachary Henning, Yoon-Joo Lee, Stephanie Young,  Robert E. West, Jr., Instrs.: Erin Gibson, Jo Hamm, Robert W. Jeffers, , John M. Morris, Mary B. Reese; Profs. Emer.: Seymour Brodsky, Dal M. Herring, Helen R. Sands, Mary A. Schroeder, Kenneth G. Vance.
MAJORS: Public Relations and Advertising (sequence in each), Journalism, Communication Studies, Radio and Television.

Taylor University, Fort Wayne Campus

1025 W. Rudisill Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46807-2197; Tel.: (260) 744-8647, FAX: (260) 485-9891; Web: <>. Dennis E. Hensley, professor of English, director of the Professional Writing major; Email: <>.

Valparaiso University

1809 Chapel Drive, Valparaiso, IN 46383. Tel: (219) 464-5271, FAX: (219) 464-6742, Email: <jennifer.ziegler>. Department of Communication.   Jennifer Ziegler, chair.
Communication Program:  Undergraduate B.A. majors: Communication (including  concentrations in Communication Law and Public Relations) and Digital Media.  Practical experience stressed; internship required; co-op education available.   M.S. degrees in Digital Media and Sports Media.

Vincennes University

1002 North First Street, Vincennes, IN 47591-5201. Tel: (812) 888-4551/4554; FAX: (812) 888-5531. Email: <>. The Journalism Program. Mark Stalcup, director.
Journalism Program: Newspaper-oriented curriculum with two sequences, news-editorial and print media advertising. Five lecture courses, production laboratories for each sequence, and two inter-departmental photography courses. Weekly laboratory newspaper.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Illinois


Augustana College

639 38th Street, Rock Island, IL  61201.  Tel: (309) 794-7724, Email: <>.  Department of Communication Studies.  Ellen Hay, Chair.
MAJORS: Communication Studies, Meltimedia Journalism and Mass Communication

• Bradley University

Peoria, IL 61625. Tel: (309) 677-2354, FAX: (309) 677-3446, Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1947. AAF, PRSSA, SPJ, WICI. Paul Gullifor, Chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Paul Gullifor, Bob Jacobs, Ali Zohoori; Assoc. Profs.: Olatunji Dare, Chris Kasch, Ron Koperski, Ed Lamoureux, Gregory Pitts; Asst. Profs.: Sara Netzley, Stephen Banning, Maha Bashri, Elena Gabor, Margaret Young; Lectrs.: B.J. Lawrence, Linda Strasma, Laura Garfinkel; Instrs.: Jan Frazier, Tyler Billman; Director of Forensics: Dan Smith; Asst. Director of Forensics: Tyler Billman; Profs. Emer.: E. Neal Claussen, Donald Koller, Sharon M. Murphy, Paul B. Snider, John Schweitzer, Karni Tiernan, Henry Vanderheyden.
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Electronic Media, Journalism, Organizational Communication, Public Relations.

Columbia College Chicago

600 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60605-1996. Tel: (312) 369-7687, FAX: (312) 369-8059. Department of Journalism. Email: <>. Barry Rice, acting chair.
Sequences: Undergraduate majors in News Reporting and Writing, Magazine, Broadcast Journalism (Radio & TV), Reporting on Health, Science & Environment; undergraduate minor in Publication Production; graduate program (MA) in Public Affairs Reporting.

DePaul University

2320 N. Kenmore Ave., Chicago, IL 60614. Tel: (773) 325-7585, FAX: (773) 325-7584. Email: <>. Department of Communication. Barbara L. Speicher, chair.
Undergraduate course offerings in Public Relations and Advertising; Radio, Television & Film; Journalism; Social & Political Discourse; Relational Group & Organizational Communication. Graduate coursework in Corporate Communication, Multicutural Communication and Public Relations & Advertising. Degrees offered are B.A. and M.A.

• Eastern Illinois University

600 Lincoln Ave., 2521 Buzzard Hall, Charleston, IL 61920-3099. Tel: (217) 581-6003, FAX: (217) 581-7188. Email: <>. Department of Journalism, 1975. KTA, NABJ, PRSSA, SCJ, ACES, SPJ, CMA. James Tidwell, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: L.R. Hyder, Brian Poulter (photo adviser), John Ryan (dir. stud. pubs.), James Tidwell; Assoc. Profs.: Joe Gisondi, Terri Johnson (adviser, student pr agency, KTA, PRSSA), Sally Renaud (adviser, yearbook, director high school outreach); Asst. Profs.: Janice Collins (broadcast adviser, adviser, minority nwsp), Eunseong Kim, Lola Burnham (adviser, nwsp), Bryan Murley( online adviser); Instrs.: Dan Hagen, Doug Lawhead, Elizabeth Viall.
SEQUENCE: Major: Journalism. Minors: Journalism, Public Relations.
CONCENTRATIONS: Writing and Reporting, Editing, Design, Photojournalism, Public Relations, New and
Emerging Media, Broadcast News.
FACILITES: AP, FM, CN ComN, DR, ETV, HS (sponsors high school press assn., hosts state high school journalism assn.), hosts state community college press assn., headquarters Mid-America Press Institute, JM, PRA, VDT.

Governors State University

1 University Parkway, University Park, IL 60466-0975. Tel: (708) 534-4578, FAX: (708) 534-7895.  Email: <>. Website: <> Department of Communications, Michael Purdy, Program Coordinator.
BA Sequences: Film/Video Production, Journalism, Multi Media Production, Public Relations, Speech.
MA Sequences: Communication Studies, Human Performance and Training, Media Communications. Facilities: VDT. Degrees: BA, MA.

Illinois College

1101 West College Avenue, Jacksonville, IL 62650. Tel: (217) 245-3000. Journalism, 1970. Jim Kerbaugh, chair, English; Peter Verkruyse, chair, Communications & Theatre.
Journalism Program: Students interested in a career in journalism may major in communications or English. The college offers writing and communication courses and various internships. Local newspapers also employ students.

Illinois at Chicago, University of

1007 West Harrison St., 1140 BSB, MC 132, Chicago, IL 60607-7137. Tel.: (312) 996-3187; Fax: (312) 413-2125; Email: <>. Department of Communication. Zizi Papacharissi, Head.
The Department of Communication provides undergraduate students with a broad liberal education that covers communication from the personal through the international levels and builds responsible citizenship. Students gain depth in understanding communication processes in a diverse metropolitan setting. The department approach is conceptual, helping students build critical thinking and research skills to face challenges from the multiple careers they will pursue.

• Illinois, University of

810 S. Wright St., 119 Gregory Hall, MC-462, Urbana, IL 61801. Tel: (217) 333-2350, Fax: (217) 333-9882. Web site: <>. College of Media, 1927. ACT, AAF, ADS, AHJ, BEA, KTA, NABJ, NAHJ, SPJ. Interim Dean: Janet Slater. Assoc. Dean: Christopher Benson (Faculty); Marlah McDuffie (Advancement/Development); Julian Parrott (Student Services); Asst. Deans: Jennifer Jorstad (Administration).
FACULTY: Profs.: C.L. Cole (Assoc. Head, Media and Cinema Studies); Leon D. Dash, (Swanlund Chair); Matthew C. Ehrlich; Walter G. Harrington; James W. Hay; Brant Houston (Knight Chair), Brian K. Johnson; Cameron McCarthy; Jay M. Rosenstein; Angharad N. Valdivia (Interim Dir., Inst. of Comm. Research; Head, Media and Cinema Studies); Assoc. Profs.: Christopher D. Benson; Nancy J. Benson (Dir., Grad. Studies, Journalism); Jason P. Chambers; Fernando Elichirigoity; Lovich R. Martin (Head, Dept. of Journalism), Eric K. Meyer; Isabel Molina-Guzman; Michelle R. Nelson (Interim Head, Dept. of Advertising); Ann Reisner; Mirjana Sotirovic; Patrick T. Vargas; Asst. Profs.: Anita Say Chan; Brittany R. L. Duff; Ivy Glennon; Chang-Dae Ham; Charles Ledford; Julie Turnock; John Wirtz; Visiting Asst. Profs.: Katie Abrams (Ag. Communications); Amanda Ciafone; Michael D. Giardina; Jameson Hayes; Byonung H. Kim; Changhyan Lee; Diana Mincyte; Lectrs.: Jennifer E. Follis; Steven R. Hall (Dir., Career Serv., Advertising); Geralyn K. Holley (Dir., Career Serv., Journalism); Mike Howie; Jean A. McDonald; John Paul; Peter Sheldon; Adjunct Lectrs.: Rhiannon Clifton (Program Director, Dept. of Advertising); Pam Dempsey; Mike Howie; Katrina Olson; Alexis M. Tate; David Thigpen; Jeffry S. Unger; Alison Davis Wood; Adjunct Profs.: Karin Dovring; Roger J. Ebert; John R. Foreman; Richard N. Kaplan; Profs. Emer.: William E. Berry; Clifford G. Christians; Norman K. Denzin; James F. Evans; Martin Fishbein; William C. Gaines; Gene S. Gilmore; Thomas H. Guback; Bob Hayes; Steve Helle; Jerry M. Landay; Louis Liebovitz; Howard S. Maclay; Paula Treichler; Ronald Yates.
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Broadcast Journalism, Media and Cinema Studies, News-Editorial Journalism.

• Illinois State University

Campus Box 4480, Normal, IL 61790-4480. Tel: (309) 438-3671, FAX: (309) 438-3048. Email: <>. School of Communication. Larry W. Long, Executive Director.
FACULTY: Profs.: Sandra Metts, William Cupach, Jong Kang, John Baldwin, Mary Anne Moffitt, Stephen Perry (Editor: Mass Communication and Society), Cheri Simonds (Editor: Communication Teacher), Stephen Hunt (Editor: Basic Communication Course Annual) and Joseph Blaney (Editor: Journal of Radio and Audio Media); Assoc. Profs.: Jeff Courtright, Jack Glascock, Lance, Lippert, Patrick, O’Sullivan, Joseph Zompetti, John McHale, and Brent Simonds; Asst. Profs.: Phil Chidester, Kevin Meyer, John Huxford, Maria Moore, Megan Hopper, and John Hooker.
Majors in Communication Studies (sequences in Political Communication, Interpersonal, Organizational and Leadership Communication, and Communication Studies Education), Journalism (sequences in Broadcast Journalism, News Editorial, and Visual Communication), Mass Media (sequences in Radio, Television Production, Interactive Media, and Management, Promotion, and Sales), and Public Relations. Television studio (with live daily broadcasts M-F), two radio stations, daily newspaper, computer labs, converged newsroom, and digital photography facilities.
MAJORS: Journalism, Mass Media, Public Relations, Communication Studies, Communication Education.

• Loyola University Chicago

Water Tower Campus, 820 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago IL 60611 Tel: (312) 915-6548, FAX: (312) 915-8593. Email: <>. School of Communication, 2008. Don Heider, PhD, Dean; Hannah Rockwell, Assoc. Dean; Shawna Cooper-Gibson, Asst. Dean.
FACULTY:  Profs.: Sammy Danna; Assoc. Profs.: Elizabeth Coffman, Kay Felkins, Connie Fletcher, Jeffery harder, Elizabeth Lozano, Bren A.O. Murphy, Gilda Parrella, Mark Pollock, Hannah Rockwell; Asst. Profs.: Aaron Greer, Marjorie Kruvand, Julia Lieblich, Pamela Morris, Bastiaan Vanacker; Instrs.: Adrienne Massanari, David Romanelli; Professionals in Residence: Jessica Brown (Layout & Editing), Beth Konrad (Broadcast), Patricia Lamberti (Jour. & New Media), Phil Ponce; Herbert Ritchell (Advertising), Prog. Dir., Ad/PR; Internship Coord., AD/PR; Frank Wirth (Advertising); Distinguished Journalist n Residence: Don Wycliff.
Programs within the School of Communication are: Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations and Communication Studies.
BA in Journalism: Loyola University Chicago’s journalism major leading to a bachelor of arts degree provides students with a comprehensive education focusing on both the traditional and advanced skills needed for various media outlets. The curriculum combines hands-on learning with a focus on ethics, values and social concerns.
BA in Advertising and Public Relations: Today, advertising and public relations are part of an integrated process with a consistent and targeted message across media, campaigns and events. The focus of the profession has expanded from a concentration on increasing sales and media coverage to a more strategic process that includes building the image, reputation and brand of an organization; developing an integrated communication strategy; supporting cause-related marketing; influencing policy and decision making; and establishing engaging relationships with multiple stakeholders.
Communication Studies: The Communication Studies major proudly places itself at the intersection of theory and practice. Its students are led both to understand and to use, to critique and to appreciate, to embrace communication as it is presently practiced in society and to hone it for more effective service to the human community.

Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, IL 60115. Tel: (815) 753-1563, FAX: (815) 753-7109; Email: <>. Department of Communication, Journalism Area,1959. Web: < comm/>; KTA, PRSSA, NABJ, SPJ, WICI. Gary Burns, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Orayb Najjar, Assoc. Profs.: Bill Cassidy (Journalism Area Coordinator), Mehdi Semati, Craig Seymour, Asst. Profs.: Sabryna Cornish, Induk Kim, Thomas Oates, Instr.: Jason Akst; Supportive Professional Staff: Allen May (Gen. Mgr., Brdct. News), Alex Wiertelak (News Director).
SEQUENCES: Journalism; students select courses in news-editorial, broadcast news, photojournalism, and public relations.
DEGREES: BA, BS, MA (journalism area participates in the department’s graduate program).

• Northwestern University

Medill School, 1845 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208-2101. Tel: (847) 467-1882. Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications (847) 491-5665; Chicago facility (312) 503-8415; Washington program (202) 347-8700; Evanston Administrative FAX: (847) 491-5565. Affiliated with the Media Management Center (847) 491-4900l; John Lavine, dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: David Abrahamson Martin Block, Jack Doppelt, Loren Ghiglione, Alec Klein, Donna Leff, Frank Mulhern, Jon Petrovich, David Protess, Don Schultz, Ellen Shearer; Assoc. Profs.: Clarke Caywood, Mary Coffman, Tom Collinger, Doug Foster, Jeremy Gilbert, Rich Gordon, John Greening, Ava Greenwell, George Harmon, Ashlee Humphreys, Craig LaMay ,Edward Malthouse, Matt Mansfield, Rachel Davis Mersey, David Nelson, Kalyan Raman, Richard Roth, Paul Wang, Jon Ziomek; Asst. Profs.: Michele Bitoun, Janice Castro, Susan Mango Curtis, Deborah Mathis, Larry Stuelpnagel, Gary Swanson, Michele Weldon, Charles Whitaker, Patti Wolter; Sr. Lectrs.: Stephan Garnett, Sharon Kornely, Alex Kotlowitz, Joe Mathewson, Arsenio Oloroso, David Standish and Karen Brown.

Roosevelt University

430 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60605. (offices): 18 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60603. Tel: (312) 281-3238 or (312) 281-3337, FAX: (312) 281-3231. Email: <>. Department of Communication. Marian Azzaro, chair.
FACULTY: John Wesley Fountain, Charles Madigan, Linda Jones, Michael Ensdorf, Anne-Marie Cusac, Mary Ellen Schiller, Peter Fallon, Marian Azzaro, Lee Earle, Mickey Brazeal, Lawrence Fisher, Pamela Davies, Billy Montgomery.
PROGRAMS: Journalism, graduate and undergraduate; Integrated Marketing Communications, graduate and undergraduate; Communications, undergraduate only.

• Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Carbondale, IL 62901-6606. Tel: (618) 453-4308, Fax: (618) 453-7714, Email: <>. College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, 1100 Lincoln Drive, Carbondale, IL 62901, 1993. AAF, BEA, BICA, 1TVA, KTA, NABJ, NAEB, NBS, SCJ, SINBA, SIRIS, SPE, UFVA, WIC1. Gary P. Kolb, Dean.
FACULTY:  Profs: William Babcock, Katherine Frith, John Hochheimer, Gary P. Kolb, Dafna Lemish (chair, radio-television, Dennis T. Lowry, Eileen Meehan, Walter Metz (chair, cinema & photography), Daniel Overturf; Assoc. Profs.: Lilly A. Boruszkowski, Lisa Brooten, David Burns, Cade Bursell, Susan Felleman, William Freivogel, (director, journalism), Phylis West, Jyotsna Kapur, Kavita Karan, Novotny Lawrence, Jay Needham, Cinzia Padovani , Jake Podber, Jan Peterson Roddy (Associate Dean for Graduate Studies), R. William Rowley, Jan Thompson, Deborah Tudor (Associate Dean), Dru Vratil; Asst. Profs: Angela Aguayo, Linda Conway-Correll, Mark Dolan, Narayanan Iyer, Wago Kreider, Sarah Lewison, Beverly Love, Antonio Martinez, Howard Motyl, Uche Onyebadi, Roger Spahr, Michele Torre, Paul Torre, Aaron Veenstra, Wenjing Xie, Hong Zhou; Assistant Instructors:Phillip Greer; Visiting Assistant Profs.: Laura Hlavach, Alison Smith, Anita J. Stoner; Senior Lecturers: Joey Helleny, Todd Herreman, Vicki Kreher, Bill Recktenwald, Eileen Waldron, James Wall; Lecturers: Carolyn Kingcade; Profs. Emer.: L. Erwin Atwood, George C. Brown, Loren Cocking, John Downing, Homer E. Dybig, Leo Gher, David Gilmore, William Harmon, Walter Jaehnig,  Ken Keller, University Prof. Mike Lawrence, Fern Logan, Manjunath Pendakur, W. Manion Rice, Jon A. Shidler, Charles W. Shipley, Robert L. Spellman, Gerald C. Stone, Charles Swedlund.
SEQUENCES: Cinema & Photography (cinema production, cinema studies, fine arts photography, professional photography, scriptwriting for cinema, documentary photography), Journalism (advertising/IMC, news editorial, photojournalism, new media news production), Radio-Television (electronic journalism, media industries, tv/video production, audio/radio production, digital media arts, animation).
DEGREES: BA in Cinema & Photography, BA in Radio-Television, BS in Journalism, MA in Mass Communication and Media Arts with concentrations in Interactive Multimedia, Media Management, Media Theory and Research, Professional Media Practice, and Telecommunications, MFA in Mass Communication and Media Arts with concentrations in Cinema and Photography, Ph.D. in Mass Communication and Media Arts.

• Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Edwardsville, IL 62026-1775. Tel: (618) 650-2230, FAX: (618) 650-3716. Email:  <>. Web: < MASSCOMM/ Department of Mass  Communications, 1969. SPJ, AAF, MCAI. Gary R. Hicks, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Ralph R. Donald, Gary R. Hicks (chair), Riley Maynard, John A.  Regnell (emeritus), John R. Rider (emeritus), Jack Shaheen (emeritus), William  G. Ward (emeritus); Assoc. Profs.: Nora Baker (emeritus),Elza Ibroscheva (grad.  director), Barbara Regnell (emeritus); Asst. Profs.: Donna Hale, Musonda  Kapatamoyo, Suman Mishra, Jason Yu; Instrs.: Tom Atwood, Cory Byers, Shawn  Maxfield, Tammy Merrett-Murry.
SEQUENCES: Television and Radio, Corporate and Institutional Media, Media  Advertising and Print and Electronic Journalism.
FACILITIES: FM, AdA, CCTV, CN, ComN, ComTV, DR, JM VDT, ComR, CNN News Source,  AP.

University of St. Francis

500 Wilcox Street, Joliet, IL 60435. Tel: (815) 740-5064, FAX: (815) 740-4285. Email: <>. Mass Communication Department, 1976. Terre Layng Rosner, chair.
Mass Communication Program: Two concentrations: Media Arts/Broadcasting and Public Relations/ Advertising/Journalism, Internships in all areas.

Western Illinois University

Department Of English and Journalism, 1 University Circle, Macomb, IL 61455. Tel: (309) 298-1324, 298-1216, 298-1103 FAX: (309) 298-2974. Email: <>. Website:
Faculty: Profs.: Bill Knight, Mohammad Siddiqi (Director of Journalism Program, Adviser, PRSSA); Assoc. Profs.: Teresa Simmons (Adviser WAF), Pearlie Strother-Adams (Adviser, NABJ); Asst. Profs.: Lisa Kernek (Adviser, SPJ); Yong Tang;  Adjunct: Rich Moreno (Adviser, Western Courier, the student newspaper).
Degree: BA in Journalism; Major: Journalism. Minor: Journalism; Concentrations:  News-Editorial, Public Relations, Advertising.  Facilities and opportunities: Computer and electronic class rooms; digital photography class room; internships in newspaper, public relations, and advertising firms.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Idaho


Boise State University

1910 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725. Tel.: (208) 426-3327, FAX: (208) 426-1069; Email: <>. Department of Communication. Rick Moore, chair.
Mass Communication/Journalism Emphasis, Communication/English, Journalism Emphasis: The department offers courses in media studies, reporting and news writing, magazine writing, visual communication, audio and video production, new communication technologies and public relations.
Degrees offered are BA in Mass Communication/Journalism and MA in Communication.

• Idaho, University of

PO Box 443178, Moscow, ID 84844-3178. Tel: (208) 885-6458; Fax: (208) 885-6450; Email: <>. School of Journalism and Mass Media, PO Box 443178, Moscow ID 83844-3178; 2003. SPJ, Ad Club, PR Club, NAJA. Kenton Bird, director.
FACULTY: Assoc. Profs.: Kenton Bird, Patricia Hart, Mark Secrist, Rebecca Tallent; Asst. Profs.: Justin Barnes, Russell Meeuf, Steve Smith, Dinah Zeiger; Lectrs.: Sue Hinz, Julie Scott; Fac.: Denise Bennett, Glenn Mosley, Vicki Rishling; Profs. Emer.: Don Coombs, Peter Haggart, Tom Jenness, Paul Miles.
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Broadcasting & Digital Media, Journalism, Public Relations.

Idaho State University

Campus Box 8242, Pocatello, ID 83709. Tel.: (208) 282-3295; FAX: (208) 282-2258; Email: <>; <>. James E. Rogers Department of Mass Communication. Thomas C. Terry, chair.
Mass Communication Department: Five areas of emphasis: Journalism, Visual (Photography, Graphic Design), Broadcast, Advertising, and Public Relations.
Degree: BA.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Hawaii


Chaminade University of Honolulu

Honolulu HI 96816-1578. Tel.: (808) 735-4711. FAX: (808) 739-8328. Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1985. NCA. Clifford  Bieberly, director.
SEQUENCES: Mass Communication, Marketing Communication.

• Hawaii-Manoa, University of

2550 Campus Rd., CR 320; Honolulu, HI 96822. Tel: (808) 956-8881, FAX: (808) 956-5396. Email: <>. School of Communications Journalism Program, 1963. KTA, PRSSA, SPJ. Tom Kelleher, school chair.
FACULTY: Prof.: Ann Auman, Assoc. Profs.: Gerald Kato, Kevin Kawamoto; Prof. Emer.: Beverly Deepe Keever.
SEQUENCES: Multiple Media Platforms: Print, Broadcast, Online & other new media formats.

Hawaii Pacific University

1188 Fort Street Mall, MP 333, Honolulu, HI 96813-2807. Tel.: (808) 543-8044. FAX: (808) 544-0835; Email: <>. Department of Communication, College of Humanities and Social Sciences. John P. Hart, Chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Steven Combs, John Hart, James Whitfield; Assoc. Profs.: John Barnum, Peter Britos, Serena Hashimoto; Asst. Profs.: Dale Burke, Brian Cannon, Matt George, Laurence LeDoux, Malia Smith; Instrs.: Thomas Dowd, Rose Helens-Hart, Natalie Lewis, Marianne Luken, Annmarie Manzulli, Lewis Trusty, John Windrow.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Georgia


Berry College

PO Box 490299, 2277 Martha Berry Hwy., Mount Berry, Georgia 30149-0299. Tel.: (706) 233-4089, FAX: (706) 802-6738; Email: <>. Department of Communication, Est. 1986. Robert L. Frank, chair.
SEQUENCES: Journalism, Public Relations, Visual Communication.

Brenau University

One Centennial Circle, Gainesville, GA 30501. Tel.: (770) 538-4743; FAX: (770) 538-4558. Email: <>. School of Business and Mass Communication, Department of Mass Communication, Stewart Blakley, chair.
Mass Media Program: Two-year B.A. degree program in Journalism, Electronic Media, Public Relations and Corporate Communications follows the lower-division Liberal Arts core curriculum.

• Clark Atlanta University

223 James P. Brawley Dr., SW, Atlanta, GA 30314. Tel: (404) 880-8304. Email: <>.  Department of Mass Media Arts, 1977. James McJunkins, chair.
SEQUENCES: Journalism, Public Relations, Radio/TV/Film.
DEGREE: BA in Mass Media Arts.

• Georgia College & State University

Campus Box 32, Milledgeville, GA 31061. Tel.: (478) 445-8260; FAX: (478) 445- 2364 Email: <>;Department of Mass Communication, 1984. Mary Jean Land, chair. ASJMC,
PRSSA, BEA, The Colonnade, WGUR, Bobcat Media Productions
FACULTY: Profs.: Mary Jean Land, Ginger Carter Miller; Asst. Prof.: Macon McGinley;; Kristin English; Lecturers.: Angela Criscoe, Pate McMichael, Amanda Respess; Advisor: Hope Buchanan
SEQUENCES: Print, Advertising, Public Relations, Broadcasting & Electronic Media
FACILITIES: Digital Media, Media Lab, Digital TV Studio, student operated radio station
DEGREE: BA Mass Communication.

• Georgia, University of

120 Hooper Street, Athens, GA 30602-3018. Tel: (706) 542-1704, FAX: (706) 542-2183; Web: <>. Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, 1915. AD Club, DiGamma Kappa, Georgia Gameday, IABC, Magazine Club, NABJ, NPPA, UGAzine, PRSSA; E. Culpepper Clark, dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Alison Alexander (senior assoc. dean), Lee Becker (dir., Cox Center), E. Culpepper Clark (dean), Conrad Fink (dir., Cox Inst.), Vicki Freimuth (dir., Center for Health and Risk Comm), John Greenman (Carter Prof.), Ann Hollifield (head, Telecommunications Dept.), Andy Kavoori, Karen W. King, (head, Advertising and Public Relations Dept.), Bruce Klopfenstein, Nathaniel Kohn, Dean M. Krugman, Ruthann Lariscy, William Lee, Kent Middleton (head, Journalism Dept.), Horace Newcomb (dir., Peabody Awards), Tom Reichert, Leonard N. Reid, Lynne Sallot, Scott Shamp (dir., New Media Institute), John Soloski, Jeffrey Springston (assoc. dean), Patricia Thomas (Knight Chair), Spencer Tinkham; Assoc. Profs.: Carolina Acosta-Alzuru, Valerie Boyd, James Hamilton, David Hazinski, Barry Hollander, Janice Hume, Peggy Kreshel, Wendy Macias, Bryan Reber, Leara Rhodes, Elli Lester Roushanzamir, Karen Russell; Asst. Profs.: Jeong-Yeob Han, Itai Himelboim, JooYoung Kim, Mariko Morimoto, Casey O’Donnell, Tayo Oyedeji, Jennifer Smith, Kathleen Sweetser; Senior Lectrs.: Michael Castengera, Thomas Hudson, Kirsten Strausbaugh-Hutchinson; Lectrs.: James Biddle, Jennifer Griffith, Mark Johnson, Betty Jones, Kristen Smith; Steve Smith; Academic Professional Assoc.: Dan Keever; Research Scientist: Tudor Vlad.
DEPARTMENTS: Advertising and Public Relations, Journalism, Telecommunications.
FACILITIES: WNEG-TV, NMI, AP, FM, CCTV, CN, ComN, DR, JM, PRA, VDT, Microwave Uplink, Satellite downlink.
DEGREES: ABJ (BA in Jour. and Mass Comm.), MA, Ph.D.

Georgia Southern University

Statesboro, GA  30458. Tel: (912) 478-5138, FAX: (912) 478-0822; Email: ( Journalism Program in Department of Communication Arts. Steven Stepanek, program head.
Journalism Program: A B.S. degree program of practical news-editorial orientation. Curriculum emphasizes liberal arts. Internships optional. Journalism is one of five disciplines in Communication Arts. Others are Multimedia Communication, Public Relations, Speech Communication and Theatre. The PR program has an active PRSSA chapter. Students also can major in Communication Arts, with curriculum from combining disciplines. Multimedia and PR require internships.

Georgia State University

662 One Park Place South, Atlanta, GA 30303. Tel: (404) 413-5600, FAX: (404) 413-5634. Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1963. SPJ, PRSSA, WICI. David Cheshier, chair.
SEQUENCES: Print, Broadcast, Public Relations, Film/Video, Speech, Theatre.

• Kennesaw State University

1000 Chastain Road, Mail Drop #2207, Kennesaw, GA 30144. Tel: (770) 423-6298, FAX: (770) 423-6740. Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1991. ASJMC, LPH, NCA, PRSSA, SPJ. Birgit Wassmuth, Chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Chuck Aust, Charles “Buddy” Mayo, Birgit Wassmuth, Deanna Womack; Assoc. Profs.: Audrey Allison, Philip Aust, Joshua Azriel, Barbara Gainey, May Gao, Heeman Kim, Leonard Witt (Eminent Scholar and Robert D. Fowler Distinguished Chair); Asst. Profs.:, Carolyn Carlson, Polly Howes, Amber Hutchins, Farooq Kperogi, Erin Ryan, Emma Wertz; Sr. Lectr.: Thomas Gray, Emily Holler, Jan Phillips; Lectr.: Patricia Grindel, Stephen J. McNeill; Prof. Emer.: Jeffrey Anderson.
SEQUENCES: Journalism and Citizen Media, Organizational Communication, Media Studies, Public Relations.
FACILITIES: AM/FM, CATV, CN, ComN, Digital Media Lab, JM, NYTS.

Mercer University at Macon

1400 Coleman Ave., Macon, GA 31207-0001. Tel: (912) 752-2979.  Email: < Communication and Theatre Arts Department, 1976. Cynthia Gottshall, Broadcast/Film.
Communication Program: Administered by Communicatin and Theatre Arts Departments. Students may emphasize print journalism or broadcasting and film.

Toccoa Falls College

Toccoa Falls, GA 30598. Tel: (706) 886-7299 ext. 5270, FAX: (706) 886-6412; Email: <>. School of Communication. Jerry Fliger, director.
Communication Program: Offers BA, BS degrees with sequences in Broadcasting, Interpersonal/Organizational, Journalism.

• Valdosta State University

1500 North Patterson, Department of Com-munication Arts, Valdosta, GA  31698-0001.  Tel.: (229) 333-5820; FAX: (229) 293-6182; Email: <>.  Carl Cates, Head.
The Department of Communication Arts is a multidisciplinary department with the academic disciplines of Speech Communication, Inter-cultural Communication, Organizational Communication, Public Relations, Theatre, Dance, Mass Media, and Broadcast Journalism.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Florida


• Central Florida, University of

P.O. Box 161344, 4000 Central Florida Blvd., Orlando, FL 32816-1344. Tel: (407) 823-1711. FAX: (407) 823-6360. Email: <>. Web: <>. Nicholson School of Communication, 1964. AAF, BEA, FPRA, KTA, NPPA, NABJ, NAHJ, RTNDA, SPJ.  Robert Chandler, Director. FACULTY:  Profs.: Robert Chandler (Director), W. Timothy Coombs, Denise DeLorme, Sherry Holladay, Ron Smith; Assoc. Profs.: George Bagley, Rufus Barfield, Jeff Butler, Steve Collins (Journalism Area Coordinator), W. Joe Hall (R-TV Area Coordinator), Sally Hastings, Jim Katt (Interpersonal-Organizational Area Coordinator), John Malala, Harry Weger; Asst. Profs.: Kimiko Akita, Tim Brown, Kristin Davis, William Kinnally, Jonathan Matusitz, Ann Miller, George Musambira, Kimberly Voss; Instrs.: Carol Bledsoe, Rick Brunson, Michelle Dusseau, Rita Graham (Speech Coordinator), Christine Hanlon, Shari Hodgson, Stephan Ihde, Sydne Kasle (Director of Debate), Boyd Lindsley (Asst. Director),  Joan McCain (Ad-PR Area Coordinator), John T. Morrison, Steve Neel, Kris O’Donnell, Gino Perrotte, Stephanie Rice, Ryan Sheehy, Jerry Sublette, Karisa Workman, David Young; Visiting Instrs.: Jim Hobart, Lindsay Hudock, Lance Speere; Sr. Brdcast Engs.: Jim McCully, Jeff Vantreese; Coordinators: Rebecca Morales, Kim Tuorto; Adjunct Fac.: Jacey Brown, Ray Bush, Tom Calato, Jose Cestero, Peter Cranis, Tami Davis, Dana Eagles, Mary Grieder, Kirk Healy, Keith Jensen, Jeff Kunerth, Gary LaPage, Sandra Lawton, Mick Lochridge, Nick Masuda, Mary Myers, Aleshia Panbamrung, Joseph Gample, Manning Pynn, Mike Rechis, Andrea Scott, Paul Spampanato, Ernesto Torres, Jennifer Wakefield.
SEQUENCES: Advertising-Public Relations, Interpersonal-Organizational, Journalism, Radio-Television. DEGREE:  MA: A track in Mass Communication and a track in Interpersonal Communication.

Edward Waters College

Jacksonville, FL 32218. Tel: (904) 366-2502, Ext. 502. Mass Communications Program, 1982/83. Emmanuel C. Alozie, coord.
SEQUENCES: Radio/TV, Journalism.

• Flagler College

74 King Street, St. Augustine, FL 32085-1027. Tel.: (904) 819-6247; Email: <>. Communication Department, 1989. Tracy Halcomb, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Tracy Halcomb (chair); Assoc. Profs.: James Pickett, Helena Sarkio;  Asst. Profs: Tracey Eaton, Robbie Gordon, Mark Huelsbeck, Rosemary Tutt,, Kristine Warrenburg, Matthew Wysocki; Instrs.: Victor Ostrowidzki, Dan McCook, Barry Sand. SEQUENCES: Journalism, Media Production, Public Relations, Cinema and Media Studies;
DEGREE: BA in Communication.

• Florida, University of

2096 Weimer, P0 Box 118400, Gainesville, FL 32611-8400. Tel.: (352) 392-0466, FAX: (352) 392-3919; website: College of Journalism and Communications, 1925. AAF, NBS/AER, BEA, KTA, PRSSA, SPJ, Florida Press Assn., Florida Public Relations Assn., Florida Assn. of Broadcasters, Florida Magazine Assn.  John Wright, dean; Linda Hon, exec. assoc. dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Laurence B. Alexander (interim assoc. dean, UF Graduate School), Clay Calvert (Joseph L. Brechner Eminent Scholar and dir., Marion B. Brechner First Amendment Project), Sandra F. Chance (exec. dir., Joseph L. Brechner Center for Freedom of Information and McClatchy Professor in Freedom of Information), Sylvia Chan-Olmsted (assoc. dean for research, 392-6557, Ann Christiano, Frank Karel Endowed Chair in Public Interest Communications, Julie Dodd, Mary Ann Ferguson, Linda Hon, Lynda Lee Kaid, John Kaplan, Kathleen Kelly, Spiro Kiousis (chair, Dept. of Public Relations, 392-1686), Melinda (Mindy) McAdams (Knight Chair in Journalism Technologies and the Democratic Process), Jon D. Morris, David Ostroff (chair, Dept. of Telecommunication,  392-2081; interim chair, Dept. of Journalism, 392-0500), Churchill Roberts, John C. Sutherland (chair, Dept. of Advertising, 392-4046), Debbie Treise (assoc. dean for graduate studies, 392-6557), Elaine Wagner, Kim Walsh-Childers, Michael F. Weigold (associate dean for undergraduate affairs and enrollment management, 392-1124), John Wright; Assoc. Profs: Cory Armstrong, Johanna Cleary, James Babanikos, Lisa Duke Cornell, John Freeman, Robyn Goodman, Moon Lee, Michael Leslie, Juan Carlos  Molleda, Cynthia R. Morton, Ted Spiker, Bernell E. Tripp, Edward G. Weston; Asst. Profs: Amy Jo Coffey, Troy Elias, Rasha Kamhawi, Hyojin Kim, Sora Kim, Norman Lewis, Belio Martinez, Judith Robinson, Ronald Rodgers, Tim Sorel, Tim Wilkerson, Amy Zerba, Lu Zheng; Master Lectr: Mike Foley (Hugh Cunningham Prof. in Journalism Excellence); Lectrs: Deanna Pelfrey; Asst. Ins:  David Carlson (exec. dir., Center for Media Innovation and Research; dir., Interactive Media Lab and James M. Cox Foundation/The Palm Beach Post Prof. of New Media Journalism), Richard Drake, Charles Harris (dir., Knight Division for Scholarships, Career Services and Multicultural Affairs), Mark Leeps (news dir., WUFT-TV), Titus Rush, Patrick Reakes (Allen H. Neuharth Librarian); Dean Emerita: Terry Hynes;  Dean Emeritus: Ralph L. Lowenstein; Retired and Profs. Emeriti: James W. Anderson, Charles Burke, Glenn A. Butler, Lester Carson, Bill F. Chamberlin, Jean C. Chance, H. H. (Hank) Conner, John S. Detweiler, John L. Griffith, Frankie A. Hammond, Leonard J. Hooper, Robert Kendall, Kurt Kent, David Malickson, Sidney H. Pactor, Benton R. Patterson, Frank N. Pierce, Joseph R. Pisani, Robert Pierce, Jon Roosenraad, F. Leslie Smith, Jo Anne Smith, James L. Terhune, Leonard Tipton, Edward L. Wells.
DEGREES:  BS in Advertising, BS in Journalism, BS in Public Relations, BS in Telecommunication, MA in Mass Communication, MA in Advertising Management, PhD in Mass Communication, Joint MAMC-JD, Joint PhD-JD.

• Florida A&M University

510 Orr Drive, Suite 4003, School of Journalism & Graphic Communication Building, Tallahassee, FL 32307-4800. Tel: (850) 599-3379; FAX: (850) 561-2399; Email: <>. School of Journalism & Graphic Communication, 1974. BCCA, KTA, EPT, SPJ, PRSSA, NABJ, AWC, PRodigy student-run PR Firm, Florida Public Relations Assn., Graphic Arts Education Assn., American Assn. of University Printers, Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, ACEJMC, ACCGC. James E. Hawkins, dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Michael E. Abrams (dir., Grad. Studies), F. Todd Bertolaet, Dorothy Bland (dir., Division of Journalism), Vincent Blyden, LaRae Donnellan, Arvid Mukes (Associate Dean and dir., Div. of Graphic Communication), Joe Ritchie (Knight Chair), Kay Wilder, Gale Workman; Assoc. Profs: Bettye Grable, Joseph Ippolito, Kenneth Jones; Asst. Profs: Yanela Gordon (dir. career development services), Gina Kinchlow, Andrew Skerritt, Valerie White; Vstg. Asst. Profs.: Laura Downey, Leonard Horton, Brandan Clark. Other managers: Ernest Jones (manager, FAMU TV-20), Keith Miles (manager, WANM-FM). M. Diane Hall (dir., h.s./comm. college relations); Adjunct Instrs: Gerald Grow, Faye Spencer-Maor, Jennifer Portman, Doug Blackburn, Marjorie Menzel, Chandra Clark, Joe Roache.
SEQUENCES: Newspaper Journalism, Magazine Production, Broadcast Journalism, Public Relations, Printing Management, Photography, and Graphic Design.
FACILITIES: FM Radio, Educational Access Television, Student PR Agency, Eleven Computer Labs, Digital Photo Lab, B&W and Color Processing.
DEGREES: BSJ, BS in Public Relations, BS in Graphic Communication, BS in Graphic Design, MS in Journalism.

• Florida International University

Biscayne Bay Campus, 3000 NE 151st Street, North Miami, FL 33181. Tel: (305) 919-5625; FAX: (305) 919-5203; Email:  Web: . School of Journalism and Mass Communication, 1978. PRSSA, AAF, AWC, SPJ, KTA, NAHJ, South Florida News Service, Liberty City Link. Raul Reis, dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Raul Reis (dean), Margo Berman, Frederick Blevens, Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver (dean emeritus) Patricia Rose (emerita); Assoc. Profs.: Jose Alejandro Alvarado (Telemundo dir., Hispanic Media Futures Program), Mario Diament, Fernando Figueredo, Teresa Ponte (chair, dept. of Journalism & Broadcasting), Neil Reisner, Allan Richards (associate dean), Lorna Veraldi, Mercedes Vigon; Asst. Profs.: Lynne Farber, Robert Gutsche, Yu Liu, Kate MacMillin, Lilliam Martinez-Bustos, Elizabeth Marsh, David Park (interim coord., Global Strategic Communications master's prog.), Sigal Segev, Michael Scott Sheerin (interim chair, dept. of Adv. & PR), Moses Shumow, Maria Elena Villar, Weirui Wang; Sen. Instructor: Carlos Suris; Instructor: Christiane Delboni (coord. South Florida News Service); Visiting Instructor: Grizelle De Los Reyes (coord. GSC Creative Track); International Media Center: Jack Virtue (dir.); Adjunct Profs.: Liza Alexander, Elio Arteaga, Trevor Green, Elizabeth Hanly, Robert Jaross, Hugo Ottolenghi, Lissette Perez, Alfredo Soto.   
MAJORS: Undergraduate - Advertising, Journalism (print and broadcast), Digital Media, Public Relations; Graduate - Global Strategic Communications, Spanish-language Journalism, Student Media Advising, Spanish/English-language Journalism.
FACILITIES: VDT, AdA, AM/FM, Com N, PRA, Graphics Lab, Multimedia Lab, EDIT, Editing Lab, ENG, TV Studio, CN.

Florida Southern College

111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr., Lakeland, FL 33801-5698. Tel: (863) 680-4168, FAX: (863) 680-6244. Department of Communication. Russell Barclay, chair.
Journalism Program: BA and BS in Communication with concentrations in Advertising, Journalism, and Public Relations.

Jacksonville University

Jacksonville, FL 32211. Tel: (904) 744-3950. Department of Mass Communication Studies. Dennis Stouse, dir.
Journalism Program: JU’s program blends the arts and sciences with a skills-oriented communications curriculum. Sequences available are Newspaper/Magazine, PR/Advertising, Radio/TV/Film. Media include weekly newspaper, college magazine, yearbook, radio station, cable television access, and national film studies journal. Many internship opportunities are available including a summer internship experience in Los Angeles. SCJ and Florida Public Relations Association.

Kaplan University

6301 Kaplan University Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. Tel: (954) 515-4015, Tel: (866) 527-5268 (Toll Free), Fax: (888) 887-6494 (Toll Free), Email: <>, Web: <>, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Communications, Carolyn N. Stevenson, EdD, Academic Program Director.
Communication Programs: The University offers an online BS in Communication degree with emphasis areas in technical writing and organizational communication.  The degree program provides an interdisciplinary approach that combines both theory and application, enabling students to gain a critical understanding of social issues, new media, and effective writing and speaking skills.  The University also offers an online AS in Interdisciplinary Studies degree with a communication emphasis area that takes an interdisciplinary approach combining academic theory and real-world application.

• Miami, University of

5100 Brunson Dr., Coral Gables, FL 33146, Tel: (305) 284-2265, FAX: (305) 284-3648, E-mail: <>. School of Communication, 1985. AAF, AER, BEA, NATAS, NBS, SPJ, PRSSA, 4-A Ad Club, WICI, Sam L Grogg, Dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Anthony Allegro, Michael Beatty (Vice Dean, Graduate Studies), Richard Beckman (Knight Chair), Stephen Bowles, Sanjeev Chatterjee (Vice Dean, Knight Center), Ellen Fleysher (Prof. Prac., Frances L. Wolfson Chair), Bruce Garrison, Sam Grogg, Stanley Harrison, Paul Lazarus, Jyotika Ramaprasad, William Rothman, Mitchell Shapiro, Don Stacks, Randy Stano (Prof. Prac.), Thomas Steinfatt, Joseph Treaster (Knight Chair); Assoc. Profs.: Grace Barnes, Terry Bloom (Prog. Dir., Electronic Media, Broadcast Journalism, Media Management), Paul Driscoll (Vice Dean, Academic Affairs), Michel Dupagne, Leonardo Ferreira, Lisa Gottlieb, Robert Hosmon (Vice Dean, External Affairs and Advancement), Sallie Hughes, Dia Kontaxis, Christina Lane, Alyse Lancaster (Prog. Dir., Advertising), Loup Langton (Prog. Dir., Visual Journalism), Walter McDowell, Diane Millette (Prog. Dir., Communication Studies), Victoria Orrego-Dunleavy, Michelle Seelig, John Soliday, Gonzalo Soruco, Sigman Splichal, Edmund Talavera, Sam Terilli (Prog. Dir., Journalism), Donn Tilson, Tsitsi Wakhisi (Prof. Prac.); Asst. Profs.: Shannon Campbell, Darlene Drummond, Lisa Gottlieb, Kim Grinfeder, Li Cong, Rafael Lima (Prof. Prac.), Sunny Tsai; Lectrs.: Andrew Barton, Meryl Blau, Yves Colon, Valerie Giroux, Edward Julbe, Thomas Musca, Ileana Oroza, Maria Scott, Colee Splichal, David Steinberg, Jeffrey Stern.
MAJORS: Advertising, Public Relations, Electronic Media, Broadcast Journalism, Media Management,
Journalism, Visual Journalism, Motion Pictures, Communication Studies.

North Florida, University of

4567 St. Johns Bluff Rd., S., Jacksonville, FL 32224-2645. Tel: (904) 620-2651, FAX: (904) 620-2652. URL: Email: Department of Communications and Visual Arts, 1987. PRSSA, AdFed. Oscar Patterson III, chair.
SEQUENCES: Mass Communications: Advertising, Broadcasting, Journalism, Public Relations. Visual Arts: Graphic Design (portfolio review required), Photography, Studio Arts, Art History.

• South Florida, University of

4202 E. Fowler Ave., CIS 1040, Tampa, FL 33620-7800. Tel: (813) 974-2591, FAX: (813) 974-2592. Email: <>. School of Mass Communications, 1970. AAF, FBA, FPA, FSNE, KTA, PRSSA, RTDNA, SPJ. Frederick W. Pearce, director.
FACULTY: Profs.: Edward Jay Friedlander, Frederick W. Pearce; Assoc. Profs.: Kelli Burns (PR sequence head),  Kenneth Killebrew, Scott Liu,  Kelly Page Werder;  Asst. Profs.: Justin Brown, Moonhee Cho, Michael Mitrook (Grad. Dir.), Roxanne Watson;  Instrs.:, Travis Bell, Wayne Gracia (MJP co-sequence head), Charles O’Brien, Kristin Arnold-Ruyle, (MJP co-sequence head), Debra Smith, Harold J. Vincent (Adv. Sequence head and Zimmerman Advertising Program Administrator); Clendenen Prof: Gil Thelen; Affiliate Profs.: John Gathegi; Edd Schneider; Visiting Instrs:  Cathy Gugerty, Kevin Hawley, Donovan Myrie, Rick Wilber; Advisers: Michelle Bombaugh, Shaina Gonzalez, Denise Nicholas;  Adjunct Fac.: Alan Abitol, Kate Bradshaw, Lauren Klinger, Eric Ritter, Kathy Ryder, Neil Vicino, Allison Weidhaus;  Fac. Emer.: Dan Bagley, Larry Leslie, Barbara Petersen.
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Multimedia Journalism and Production (magazine, news-editorial, telecommunications news and telecommunications production), Public Relations.
FACILITIES: AM/FM, AdA, CCTV, CN, ComN, DR, ETV, PRA, computer and graphics labs.

• South Florida St. Petersburg, University of

140 7th Avenue South, FCT 204, St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5016.  (Tel: 727-873-4850, FAX: (727-873-4034), Department of Journalism and Media Studies, 1992.  Robert Dardenne, director.
FACULTY: Profs: Deni Elliott (Grad Dir.), G. Michael Killenberg, Tony Silvia; Assoc. Profs.: Robert Dardenne, Mark J. Walters; Asst. Profs.: Monica Postelnicu, Xiaopeng (Paul) Wang: Adjunct Fac.: Deborah Wolfe.
Journalism and Media Studies concentration
FACILITIES: Apple computer lab.

West Florida, University of

11000 University Parkway, Bldg. 36, Pensacola, FL 32514. Tel: (850) 474-2874, FAX: (850) 474-3153. Email: <>. Communication Arts, 1967. BEA, PRSSA, FPRA, AAF. Brendan B. Kelly, chair.
SEQUENCES: Journalism (broadcast and print), Advertising, Public Relations, Telecommunications, Communication, Graduate   program in Strategic Communication &  Leadership.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – District of Columbia

District of Columbia

• American University

4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20016. Tel (202) 885-2060, FAX (202) 885-2099. Web:, School of Communication, 1966. KTA, NATAS, PRSSA, ONA, WICI. Larry Kirkman, Dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Patricia Aufderheide, W. Joseph Campbell, Larry Kirkman, Charles Lewis, Kathryn Montgomery, Chris Simpson, Leonard Steinhorn, Rodger Streitmatter; Assoc. Profs.: Randall Blair, Wendell Cochran, John Doolittle, John Douglass, Larry Engel, Jane Hall, Leena Jayaswal, Matthew Nisbet, Jill Olmsted, Rick Rockwell, Richard Stack, John Watson, Rhonda Zaharna; Asst. Profs.: Kyle Brannon, Carolyn Brown, Caty Borum Chattoo, Angie Chuang, Declan Fahy, Lauren Feldman, Joe Graf, Sol Hart, Maria Ivancin, David Johnson, Gil Klein, Iris Krasnow, Pallavi Kumar, Christine Lawrence, Brigid Maher, Wendy Melillo Farrill, Sarah Menke-Fish, Claudia Myers, Gemma Puglisi, Maggie Stogner, Scott Talan, Director of Writing Programs: Amy Eisman; Prof. Emer.: Laird Anderson, Lincoln Furber, Glenn Harnden, Jerry Hendrix, Jack Orwant, J.C. Seigle, Ron Sutton, Wendy Swallow, Lewis Wolfson, Joanne Yamauchi, Ann Zelle; Distinguished Journalist-in-Residence: Nick Clooney, Bill Gentile, Lynne Perri; Distinguished Filmmaker-in-Residence: Chris Palmer, Russell Williams; Executive-in-Residence: Dotty Lynch.
PROGRAMS: Broadcast Journalism; Print Journalism; Public Communication; Film and Media Arts; Interdisciplinary Studies: Communication, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG); Foreign Language and Communication Media; Graduate Journalism and Public Affairs, Graduate Film and Electronic Media (MFA), Graduate Film and Media, Graduate Public Communication; jointly administered MA’s in International Media (School of International Service) and Political Communication (School of Public Affairs); Weekend Graduate Programs: Interactive Journalism, Producing for Film & Video, Public Communication.

Catholic University School of Law

Washington, DC 20064. Tel: (202) 319-6295, FAX: (202) 319-4459. Institute for Communications Law Studies. Marin Scordato, dir.
Communications Program: Specialized legal training in communications law for JD degree candidates with journalism or telecommunications backgrounds.

Georgetown University

3307 M st. NW, suite 202, Washington DC, 20007. Tel: (202) 687-7000; Fax: 703-812-9324, Email:, Twitter: @HoyaJournalism, Facebook: School of Continuing Studies. Associate Dean: Denise Li.
Master of Professional Studies in Journalism: The Georgetown University Master of Professional Studies in Journalism program fuses traditional journalism and new media. While innovative technology may change the way news is consumed and delivered, journalists still need the same critical skills:  careful, patient reporting, sophisticated storytelling, and sound, ethical judgment.  Reporting is more immediate than ever, more transparent, and more interactive, with little or no margin for error.  The Master of Professional Studies in Journalism graduate degree program emphasizes all of the elements needed to be a successful, adaptable journalist.  Our faculty is comprised of seasoned journalists who teach students the profession of journalism through application and experience.  Graduates receive a well-rounded education that gives them the skills necessary to compete in today’s changing media environment.  The program is designed with the working adult in mind; all classes begin after 5:00pm, allowing students the flexibility to work or intern during the day while completing their degree in the evening.
Georgetown’s MPS Journalism program has partnerships with various institutions, including the National Press Club and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  These connections provide students with valuable opportunities to network with top professionals in the journalism industry.

• The George Washington University

805 21st Street, NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20052. Tel (202) 994-6227, FAX (202) 994-5806. Web: <>. School of Media and Public Affairs, 1995. BEA, APSA, ICA. Frank Sesno, Director.
FACULTY: Profs.: Robert Entman, Lee Huebner, Steven Livingston, Jarol Manheim, Steven Roberts, Frank Sesno, Christopher Sterling; Assoc. Profs.: Sean Aday, Mark Feldstein, Amos Gelb, Kimberly Gross, Kerric Harvey, Albert May, Patricia Phalen, Roxanne Russell, Nina Seavey, Janet Steele, Silvio Waisbord; Asst. Profs.: Catie Bailard, Steven Keller, Jason Osder, Michael Shanahan; Exec. Dir. of Global Media Inst.: Mike Freedman; Public Diplomacy Fellow, Mark Taplin.
PROGRAMS: Journalism and Mass Communication, Political Communication, Graduate Media and Public Affairs, Graduate Global Communication, Center for Innovative Media, Public Affairs Project, The Documentary Center, The Institute for Documentary Filmmaking, International Media Seminar, Prime Movers Media Program, Semester in Washington Journalism, Global Media Institute, Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication, Planet Forward, Broadcast Summer
FACILITIES: AM/FM, CCTV, CN, VDT, ETV ComN, SD & HD edit suites and labs.

• Howard University

525 Bryant Street, NW, Washington, DC 20059. Tel: (202) 806-7690, FAX: (202) 232-8305; Web: School of Communications, 1971. SPJ, NABJ, PRSSA, AAF, BCCA, BEA. Chukwuku Onwumechili, Ph.D. (Interim Dean).
FACULTY: Professors:  Carolyn Byerly, Ph.D.; Anju Chaudhary, Ph.D.; Melbourne Cummings, Ph.D.; Jannette Dates, Ph.D., (Dean Emeritus); Haile Gerima, M.F.A.; Barbara Hines, Ph.D. (Director of Mass Communication & Media Studies Graduate Program); Lawrence Kaggwa, Ph.D. (Acting Chair of Journalism); Judi Moore Latta, Ph.D.; Abbas Malek, Ph.D.; Chukwuku Onwumechili, Ph.D. (Interim Dean); Joan Payne, Ph.D.; Kay Payne, Ph.D.; Ron Pearlman, Ph.D.; William Starosta, Ph.D.; Clint Wilson, Ed.D.; Richard Wright, Ph.D.; Associate Professors:  S. Torriano Berry, M.A.; Linda Bland-Stewart, Ph.D.; Alonzo Crawford, M.F.A.; Laura Fleet, Ph.D. (Chair of Communication and Culture Department); Rochelle Ford, Ph.D. (Associate Dean); Ovetta Harris, Ph.D.; Yanick Lamb, M.B.A.; Jay Lucker, Ph.D.; Paula Matabane, Ph.D.; Bishetta Merritt, Ph.D.; Cynthia Morton, M.F.A.; Ted Roberts, M.A.; Vicci Saunders, M.F.A.; Avril Speaks, M.F.A.; Carolyn Stroman, Ph.D.; Sonja Williams, M.A.; Wilhemina Wright-Harp, Ph.D. (Chair of Communication Sciences and Disorders).  Assistant Professors:  Valarie Cummings, M.S., J.D.; Idit Dvir, M.F.A.; Shane Gooding, M.A.; Samuel Harman, M.A.; Craig Herndon, M.F.A.; Cristal Johnson, M.A.; Peggy Lewis, M.A.; Theodore “Reggie” Life, M.F.A.; Silvia Martinez, Ph.D.; Angela Minor, J.D.; Montre Missouri, Ph.D.; Sheryl Oliver, M.A.; Yong Jin Park, Ph.D.; Ingrid Sturgis, M.A.; Debyii Thomas, Ph.D.; Shari Thompson, M.F.A.; Tia Tyree, Ph.D. Lecturers:  Quazi Ahmed, Ph.D.; Lesley Bowers, M.S.; Charles Fancher, B.A. (assistant chair of Journalism); Keith Harriston, B.A.  Clinical Instructors:  Tiffany Nettles, M.S.; Margaret Evans-Joyce, M.S.; Evelyn Freeman, MS; Arline Hankinson, M.S.; Jennifer Williams, M.S. Adjunct Professors:  Ambessa Berhe, M.F.A.; Larry Law, B.A. ; Yvette Caldwell, B.A.; Carl Chancellor, B.A.; Dionne Clemons, M.A.; Nicole Dillard, JD; Hazel Edney, M.A.; Darla Glears, M.S.; Jackie Jones, B.A.; Richard Kalunga, Ph.D.; Anestine LaFond, Ph.D.; Kehbuma Langmia, Ph.D.; Cherriss May, B.A.; Ron Nixon; Unnia Pettus, Ph.D.; Tommie Robinson, Ph.D.; Robin Thornhill, M.A. (Assistant Dean for Student Affairs); Deidre Trent, Ph.D.
SEQUENCES: Print/On-line Journalism, Broadcast News, Advertising/Public Relations, Film Audio Production, Television Production, Telecommunications Management, Legal Communication, Speech Communication, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.
DEGREES: BA in Communication and Culture, BA in Journalism, BA in R/TV/F, BS in Communication Sciences and Disorders, MA in Communication and Culture, MS in Communication Sciences and Disorders, MFA in Film, PhD in Communication and Culture, PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Delaware


Delaware, University of

Newark, DE 19716. Tel: (302) 451-2361. Journalism Program.
Journalism Program: Offers 21 hours of news writing, magazine writing, and copy editing-layout courses, as well as extensive internship program with newspapers, magazines, electronic media and public relations offices.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Connecticut


Bridgeport, University of

Bridgeport, CT 06601. Tel: (203) 576-4705. Email: <>. Department of Mass Communication, 1948. AAF, IABC, SPJ, WICI. Rod Carveth, chair.
Journalism Program: The department offers sequences in news-editorial, advertising, and communication studies.

Central Connecticut State University

1615 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT  06050. Tel: (860) 832-2776. Email: <>. Department of English, 1984(minor); 2009(major). Vivian B. Martin, Coordinator.
A 40-credit program in which students may focus on print or broadcast, but all students receive multimedia training.  Building special programming in international study and sports.

• Connecticut, University of

Journalism Department, 337 Mansfield Rd., Storrs, CT 06269-1129. Tel: (860) 486-4221, 486-4222, FAX: (860) 486-3294. Email: <>. Website: <>. Journalism Department, 1948. New England Newspaper Association. Maureen Croteau, head.
FACULTY: Profs.: Maureen Croteau, Wayne Worcester; Assoc. Profs.: Marcel Dufresne, Timothy Kenny,Robert Wyss;  Assistant Professors in Residence, Gail MacDonald, Rick Hancock; Lectrs.: Mitchell Pearlman, Terese Karmel, Jonathan Lender, Steve Kalb, Joseph Hilliman, John Ruddy, Katherine Farrish, Michael Lemanski, Julie Sprengelmeyer, Greg Stone.
SEQUENCE: News-Editorial.

Fairfield University

English Department, North Benson Road, Fairfield, CT 06824. Tel: (203) 254-4000 (x2792). FAX: 203-254-4131. E-mail: <>. James Simon, Ph.D., chair.
FACULTY: Jack Cavanaugh, Marcy Mangels, Jean Santopatre, James Simon, Fran Silverman
SEQUENCE: Journalism sequence within English major; stand-alone minor

Hartford, University of

200 Bloomfield Ave., West Hartford, CT 06117-1599. Tel: (860) 768-4633, FAX: (860) 768-4096, Email: <>. School of Communication, 1956. Lynne Kelly, director.
Program: Offers BA and MA in Communication with emphases in Journalism and Media, Advertising and Public Relations, Human Communication Studies, Integrated Communication.

• Quinnipiac University

275 Mt. Carmel Ave., Hamden, CT 06518. Tel: (203) 582-3498, FAX: (203) 582-5310. School of Communications, Ed McMahon Center, 1993, Michele Moore, Interim Dean.
FACULTY: Profs.:   Rebecca Abbott, Kathy Fitzpatrick, Raymond Foery, John Gourlie, Sharon Kleinman, Grace F. Levine, Liam O’Brien, Nancy Worthington; Assoc. Profs.: Edward Alwood, Lisa Burns,  Alex Halavais, William McLaughlin, Kurt Wise; Asst. Profs.: Cheryl Ann Bishop, Ben Bogardus, Ewa Callahan, Margarita Diaz, Hilary Fussell-Sisco, Richard Hanley, Alexander Laskin, Karin Schwanbeck, Vicki Todd, Antoaneta Vanc.   Instructors:  Kent Golden, Brett Orzechowski

Southern Connecticut State University

501 Crescent Street Morrill 202, New Haven, CT 06515. Tel: (203) 392-5800, FAX: (203) 392-5809; Email: <>. Journalism Department, 1976. SPJ. Frank Harris, III, chair.
SEQUENCES: News-Editorial, Magazine, Broadcast, Public Relations.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Colorado


Adams State College

Alamosa, CO 81102. Tel: (719) 587-7427, FAX: (719) 587-7176; Email: <>. English/Communications Program, English, Theatre and Communications Department. Carol Guerrero-Murphy, dept. head, and John Morris program head.
English/Communications Program: Emphasis on print and radio news-editorial, with practical experience in print, radio and online journalism.

• Colorado, University of

Armory Building 116, 1511 University Ave., 478 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309-0478. Tel: (303) 492-5007, FAX: (303) 492-0969; Email: <>.  Journalism and Mass Communication, 1922. AAF, KTA, SPJ, WICI. Christopher Braider, director.
FACULTY: Profs.: Andrew Calabrese, Stewart M. Hoover (dir., Center for Media, Religion and Culture), Bella Mody, Marguerite J. Moritz (UNESCO chair in international journalism education), Michael Tracey, Paul S. Voakes (head, News-Editorial seq., director, Digital News Test Kitchen), Jan Whitt; Assoc. Profs.: Len Ackland (co-dir., Center for Environmental Journalism), Shu-Ling Berggreen (head, Media Studies seq.), Hun Shik Kim, Michael McDevitt, Polly McLean, Janice Peck (assoc. dean and dir., graduate studies), Brett Robbs (head, Advertising seq.), Kathleen M. Ryan, Elizabeth Skewes, David Slayden, Tom Yulsman (co-dir., Center for Environmental Journalism); Asst. Profs.: Nabil Echchaibi (associate director, Center for Media, Religion and Culture), Kelty Logan, Rick Stevens; Instrs.: Melinda Kiger Cheval, Paul Daugherty (head, Electronic Media seq.), Sandra Fish, Stephen Bradford Jones (asst. dean), Michael Weed; Lectrs.: Gil Asakawa (student media advisor, CU Independent), Jon Balck, Paul Beique, Barrett Brynstad, Noah Clark, Dean Colby, Christine Denniston, Jeff Dodge, Mikey Goldenberg (gen. mgr., KVCU Radio 1190-AM), Richard Goode-Allen, Courtney Goodheart, Jeff Graham, Burt Hubbard, Michael Kodas, Erica Lewis, Pattie Logan-Olson, Kate McQuail, Marco Merced, Kevin Moloney, Megan Mulligan, Austin O’Connor, Dave Plati, Julie Poppen, Joe Prentice, Rob Quan, Mike Schanno, Kelly Kinner Tryba, Bill Weintraub, Larry Zimmer. Profs. Emer.: Joanne Arnold, Del Brinkman, Tom Duncan, Frank Kaplan, Sam Kuczun, Sandra Moriarty, Patricia Raybon, Robert Rhode, Willard D. Rowland, Jr., Robert Trager
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Electronic Media (Broadcast News & Broadcast Production/ Management), Media Studies, News-Editorial.

• Colorado State University

C-226 Clark Bldg., 1785 Campus Delivery, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523.  Tel: (970) 491-6310, FAX: (970) 491-2908. Web site: <>; <>. Department of Journalism and Technical Communication, 1968. NPPA, PRSSA, SPJ, KTA.   Greg Luft, Chair.
FACULTY: Profs.:  Kirk Hallahan, Marilee Long, Gregory Luft, Donna Rouner,  Donald Zimmerman (dir., Center for Writing and Communication Technology); Assoc. Profs.:  Joseph Champ,  Cindy Christen, Kris Kodrich, James Landers, Patrick Plaisance, Peter Seel (adv., Information Science and Technology Program), Jamie Switzer, Craig Trumbo (graduate program coordinator); Asst. Profs.:  Jangyul Kim, Minjeong Kim, Rosa Martey, Jonna Pearson; Pam Jackson  Instrs.: Jane Albritton, Jeff Browne, Patti Burke-Lund, Chryss Cada, Clarissa Crozier, Lee Christian, Richard Haro, Joanna Larez, Jack Lovelace, Raul Moreno,  Roger Lipker,  Ben O’Connor, Sarah Pooler, Kim Spencer  (internship coordinator); Larry Steward, Brian Trout, Profs. Emer.: Judith Buddenbaum, David Clark, Derry Eynon, Dan Hilleman, Stephen Lamoreux, Garrett O’Keefe, Garrett Ray, Frederick Shook, Martha Tharp, James Van Leuven.
SEQUENCES: Computer-Mediated Communication, News-Editorial, Public Relations, Specialized/Technical Communication, Television News and Video Communication.

Colorado State University-Pueblo

2200 Bonforte Blvd., AM-117, Pueblo, CO 81001-4901. Tel.: (719) 549-2835, FAX: (719) 549-2120; <>. Web: < mccnm/>. Department of Mass Communications and Center for New Media. Jennifer Mullen, Chair.
Communications Program: Integrated umbrella program provides emphases in Integrated Communication, Electronic Media, and Journalism.

• Denver, University of

2490 S. Gaylord St., Denver, CO 80208. Tel: 303-871-2166, FAX: 303-871-4949. Email: Website: Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies, 1956. Renée Botta, chair.
FACULTY: Assoc. Profs.:  Renee Botta (chair), Rodney Buxton, Lynn Clark (director, Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media), Christof Demont-Heinrich, Tony Gault, Adrienne Russell, Sheila Schroeder (dir., graduate studies, MFJS), Margaret Thompson (dir., International & Intercultural Communication program), Diane Waldman. Asst. Profs.: Nadia Kaneva, Erika Polson (dir., Internships), Derigan Silver; Lectrs.: Elizabeth Henry (dir., undergraduate studies); Post-Doctoral Fellows: Tyrone Davies, Robert Handley. Profs. Emer.: Noel Jordan, Harold Mendelsohn.
SEQUENCE: Undergraduate: The department offers four undergraduate bachelor of arts degrees: Film & Video Production, Journalism Studies, Media Studies, and Strategic Communication.
Graduate: The department offers a Master of Arts in Media, Film & Journalism Studies (student-designed emphasis or video production emphasis); a Master of Science in Strategic Communication; a combined degree of Master of Science in Strategic Communication and Master of Arts in Video Production; and a Master of Arts in International & Intercultural Communication.

Mesa State College

Grand Junction, CO 81502; P0 Box 2647. Tel: (970) 248-1287; FAX: (970) 248-1199; Mass Communications Dept., 1981. Byron Evers, dir.: Email: <>;
Mass Communications Program: The department offers a Mass Communications bachelor’s degree with concentrations in Media News-Editorial, Broadcast Production; Public Relations/Advertising; Print Media.

Metropolitan State College of Denver

PO Box 173362, Denver, CO 80217-3362. Tel. (303) 556-3485, FAX: (303) 556-3013; Email: <rwotkyns@>. Department of Journalism, 1987. R.S. Wotkyns III, Program Coordinator.
Journalism Program: The journalism department has five concentrations: news/editorial, photojournalism, public relations, magazines and convergent journalism. The department uses a hands-on approach to teach reporting and editing. All faculty are current or former reporters/editors. The department sponsors an internship that cover all the five concentration areas.

• Northern Colorado, University of

Greeley, CO 80639. Tel: (970) 351-2726, FAX: (970) 351-2336; website School of Communication, 1970. SPJ. Charles Ingold, program coordinator.
FACULTY: Prof.: Charles Ingold; Endowed Prof.: Gary Swanson; Assoc. Prof.: Lee Anne Peck; Asst. Profs.: Dale Edwards, Lynn Klyde-Silverstein; Instr: Kelly Scott; Prof Emer.: Wayne Melanson (351-6707), Adj Instrs: Mark Olson, Amy Reitz, Ken Sauer. SEQUENCES: News-Editorial, Public Relations and Advertising Media, Telecommunications.
FACILITIES: CN, CATV, 24 VDTs and 3 printers in news lab.