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AEJMC 2014 Conference

The Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel, Montréal, Canada • August 6-9

2014 conference program imageNumber of attendees: TBA

Number of sessions: TBA

Number of papers presented: TBA

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AEJMC 2013 Conference

Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel, Washington, DC • August 8-11

2013 conference program imageNumber of attendees: 2,513

Number of sessions: 379

Number of papers presented: 899

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AEJMC 2012 Conference

Chicago Marriott Downtown, Chicago, IL • August 10-13

  • Number of attendees: 2467
  • Number of sessions: 363
  • Number of papers presented: 878


AEJMC 2011 Conference

The Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel, St. Louis, MO • August 10-13

  • Number of attendees: 2192
  • Number of sessions: 355
  • Number of papers presented: 896


AEJMC 2010 Conference

The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Denver, CO • August 4-7

  • Number of attendees: 2189
  • Number of sessions: 372
  • Number of papers presented: 853
  • AEJMC Conference Program (Word .doc files)
    Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday
  • AEJMC 2010 Resolutions
  • Exploration of Outside Publishers for AEJMC Journals
  • 2010 AEJMC Logo Competition
    After much discussion during the Denver Conference, the AEJMC Board did not select a winner in the recent logo competition. It was a unanimous decision. During the conference, about 900 attendees (of the 1,700 paid attendees) voted for their favorite from six semi-finalists, and narrowed the pool down to two finalists. Based on the votes, each finalist received about 22% of the total vote.The Board was looking for a logo that reflected the association’s unique mission and reach within the academy. The group expected a design that would look modern and exciting, yet still capture our many facets of journalism and mass communication. Neither logo met that expectation. The association created a 100th anniversary logo that was used during our centennial year in 2012. The logo was adapted as the association’s logo after the centennial year.


AEJMC 2009 Convention

The Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA • August 5-8

  • Number of attendees: 2435
  • Number of sessions: 365
  • Number of papers presented: 861
  • An Examination of AEJMC Member Perceptions of the Integrity of the Competitive Paper Review Process
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