Tips from the AEJMC Teaching Committee

Rewarding Good Teaching

Karen Miller RussellBy Karen Miller Russell
Associate Professor
Standing Committee on Teaching
University of Georgia, Grady College

(Article courtesy of AEJMC News, March 2014 issue)

One of the best things that the AEJMC Standing Committee on Teaching offers is its Best Practices in Teaching Competition.

Becoming a good or even great teacher is a life-long process, one that is not always rewarded by educational institutions in the same way that good or great research can be.

“Currently, research universities base tenure decisions primarily on research productivity and quality,” organizational psychologist Adam Grant recently stated in an op-ed in The New York Times. “Teaching matters only after you have cleared the research bar: It is a bonus to teach well.”

Of course, not all universities overlook good teaching, and many colleges and departments of mass communication recognize teaching through annual awards. These awards are significant ways to reward good work, but they don’t go far enough.

Writing for Inside Higher Ed, Elizabeth H. Simmons points out that faculty must be strategic in how they spend their time. Therefore, she argues, “If a department or college believes that innovative teaching is important, then innovative teaching must be rewarded in decisions related to salaries, reappointment, promotion and tenure.”

The Standing Committee on Teaching tries to facilitate that process by providing a national forum to call attention to innovative teaching in journalism and mass communication. Each year the committee selects a different theme — this year it’s “Globalizing the Classroom” — and members submit their assignments, classroom activities or ideas for competitive review.

Winning faculty members will be invited to present their ideas at the national convention in Montreal, and they’ll receive a cash prize.

But the competition does more than reward faculty who are trying innovative approaches; it also allows them to share their ideas with other faculty. In addition to being presented at the meeting, the winning entries are published in an e-booklet, and I cheerfully admit to shamelessly copying at least one past winner in my own classroom.

“Teaching is the core of what we all do. Recognizing great teaching ideas helps us learn from each other and become better teachers,” said Chris Roush of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this year’s competition chair. “I’m constantly learning from my peers at UNC, and this is how I can expand that learning to the best around the country.”

If you would like to enter this year’s competition, the process is simple. Just write a two-page statement describing a new and effective approach you used to bring global ideas into your classroom. The call for entries (on p. 10) specifies that you need not be teaching a class specifically on international media. In fact, the committee would like to learn how you incorporate awareness of global communities and/or the practice of journalism and mass communication beyond national borders into any course.

I also urge you to take a few minutes to check out the downloadable booklets from past best practices competitions, on subjects ranging from writing to ethics and from information gathering to critical thinking. They can be found on the AEJMC website at

You might find inspiration for your own great teaching ideas.


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Journalism & Mass Communication Educator/Spanish

Volumen 68 Número 3 Otoño 2013 (Volume 68 Number 3 Autumn 2013)

(English Version & Spanish Translation)


Conferences Focus on Renewal, Innovation, and the Future
Maria B. Marron

Conferencias Centrarse en la Renovación, Innovación y Futuro
Maria B. Marron

A Vision for Transformative Leadership: Rethinking Journalism and Mass Communication Education for the Twenty-First Century
John V. Pavlik
Journalism and mass communication education is in urgent need of transformative leadership. The media are in the midst of a sea change, and educators and professionals alike are groping for a pathway to a future in which they play a vital role. This essay offers a vision for reinventing journalism and mass communication through a model based on innovation and entrepreneurship in media, guided by ethics, freedom of speech, and rigorous, independent, and critical inquiry.

Una visión para el liderazgo transformador: Repensando Periodismo y Comunicación de Masas de Educación para el Siglo XXI
John V. Pavlik
Abstract Traducción español
Periodismo y Medios de comunicación educación es una necesidad urgente de liderazgo transformador. Los medios de comunicación se encuentran en medio de un cambio radical, y educadores y profesionales por igual están buscando a tientas por un camino hacia un futuro en el que juegan un papel vital. Este artículo ofrece una visión para reinventar el periodismo y los medios de comunicación a través de un modelo basado en la innovación y el espíritu empresarial en los medios de comunicación, guiado por la ética, la libertad de expresión, y la investigación rigurosa, independiente y crítico.

Research Articles
artículos de Investigación

Media Entrepreneurship: Curriculum Development and Faculty Perceptions of What Students Should Know
Michelle Barrett Ferrier
To prepare students for the changing media industry, educators must determine whether part of their mission is to prepare students to think and act entrepreneurially. This international study queries faculty who are developing media entrepreneurship courses. The study finds that while the courses take varied forms, the main objectives of the courses are to introduce students to the business side of media startups and to teach students to identify opportunities for innovation—whether inside legacy media organizations or as part of a media startup. The study offers some cautions and challenges for institutions seeking to embark on similar curriculum changes.

Emprendimiento medios: Currículo Desarrollo y Facultad percepciones de lo que los estudiantes deben saber
Michelle Barrett Ferrier
Abstract Traducción español
Para preparar a los estudiantes para la industria cambiante de los medios, los educadores deben determinar si parte de su misión es la de preparar a los estudiantes a pensar y actuar empresarialmente. Este estudio internacional consulta profesores que están desarrollando cursos de espíritu empresarial de los medios. El estudio revela que mientras que los cursos tienen formas variadas, los principales objetivos de los cursos son introducir al alumno en la parte comercial de nuevas empresas de medios de comunicación y para enseñar a los estudiantes a identificar las oportunidades de innovación, ya sea dentro de las organizaciones de medios de legado o como parte de una nueva empresa de medios . El estudio ofrece algunas precauciones y desafíos para las instituciones que deseen embarcarse en cambios curriculares similares.

Coorientation Theory and Assessment of the RFP Solution to Client/Service Learner Matchmaking
Cathy Rogers and Valerie Andrews
Tensions that result from varying expectations of service learners and clients/community partners are as common as the pedagogical practice of service learning in public relations courses. The matchmaking process between instructors and clients can influence expectations; however, the literature includes little guidance about the process of client selection. This paper analyzes a request-for-proposal (RFP) client selection process through the lens of coorientation theory to gauge the effectiveness of communication in the service-learning relationship.

Coorientation Teoría y Evaluación de la Solución RFP para Cliente / Servicio de Estudiantes Matchmaking
Cathy Rogers y Valerie Andrews
Abstract Traducción español
Las tensiones que se derivan de las diferentes expectativas de los estudiantes de servicios y socios clientes / comunidad son tan comunes como la práctica pedagógica de servicio de aprendizaje en cursos de relaciones públicas. El proceso de emparejamiento entre los instructores y los clientes pueden influir en las expectativas, sin embargo, la literatura incluye poca orientación sobre el proceso de selección de clientes. Este trabajo analiza un (RFP) proceso de selección de la petición del cliente para la propuesta a través de la lente de la teoría coorientation para medir la efectividad de la comunicación en la relación aprendizaje-servicio.

Exploring Determinants of Relationship Quality between Students and Their Academic Department: Perceived Relationship Investment, Student Empowerment, and Student–Faculty Interaction
Moonhee Cho and Giselle A. Auger
Given the increasing need for the retention of satisfied and successful students, the purpose of this study was to explore the factors that influence the perceived quality of relationships formed between students and their academic departments. Based on the extensive review of interdisciplinary literature, the study proposed three factors—student–faculty interaction, perceived relationship investment (PRI), and student empowerment. Results of the study demonstrate the significance in associations between student–faculty interaction, PRI, and student empowerment to quality of student–departmental relationships.

Explorando los Determinantes de relación calidad entre los estudiantes y sus Departamento Académico: Percibido Relación de Inversiones, Estudiante de Empoderamiento y Student-Facultad de Interacción
Moonhee Cho y Giselle A. Auger
Abstract Traducción español
Dada la creciente necesidad de la retención de estudiantes satisfechos y exitosos, el propósito de este estudio fue explorar los factores que influyen en la percepción de calidad de las relaciones que se forman entre los estudiantes y sus departamentos académicos. Sobre la base de la amplia revisión de la literatura interdisciplinaria, el estudio propone tres factores-la interacción estudiante-profesor, percibida relación de inversión (PRI), y el empoderamiento de los estudiantes. Los resultados del estudio ponen de manifiesto la importancia de las asociaciones entre la interacción estudiante-profesor, PRI, y fortalecimiento de los estudiantes con la calidad de las relaciones entre los estudiantes del departamento.

Ethnic/Racial Minorities’ Participation in AEJMC: How Much and What Type of Progress?
Mia Moody, Federico Subervi, and Hayg Oshagan
This paper provides an assessment of the diversity of the leadership positions of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) from 2007 to 2011. While numerous studies have analyzed AEJMC’s membership demographics, gender, and scholarship production, there have been few investigations regarding people of color in leadership positions. Findings indicate little progress for people of color has been made in the past five years. Ideally, the educational institutions and academic organizations most responsible for preparing the next generation of media scholars as well as the professionals who produce the content and manage the media catering to the changing population patterns would be at the forefront of diversity in their own leadership. This is especially so for academic organizations, which through journal publications, conference presentations, and various awards, can often have a direct influence on the research emphases and curricular direction of programs nationally.

Participación racial/étnica de las minorías en AEJMC: ¿Cuánto y qué tipo de progreso?
Mia Moody, Federico Subervi, and Hayg Oshagan
Abstract Traducción español
Este documento proporciona una evaluación de la diversidad de las posiciones de liderazgo de la Asociación para la Educación en Periodismo y Comunicación de Masas ( AEJMC ) de 2007 a 2011. Si bien numerosos estudios han analizado la demografía de AEJMC de membresía , el género, y la producción de becas , ha habido pocas investigaciones sobre la gente de color en posiciones de liderazgo . Los hallazgos indican se ha avanzado muy poco para la gente de color en los últimos cinco años. Lo ideal sería que las instituciones educativas y las organizaciones académicas más responsables de la preparación de la próxima generación de estudiosos de los medios , así como los profesionales que producen el contenido y gestionar el catering de medios a los patrones cambiantes de la población estarían en la vanguardia de la diversidad en su propio liderazgo . Esto es especialmente cierto para las organizaciones académicas, que a través de publicaciones en revistas , presentaciones en congresos y diversos premios , a menudo pueden tener una influencia directa en los énfasis de investigación y dirección curricular de los programas a nivel nacional.


A Modest Proposal: One Way to Save Journalism and Journalism Education
Jeffrey Alan John
This essay suggests that because anyone and everyone can now be a “journalist,” the standards of the field of journalism have been greatly diminished. To regain respect for the profession and retain stature in the academy, journalism education should offer an assurance of the legitimacy of journalism program graduates by recognizing only programs with appropriate personnel, infrastructure, and the financial means to assure the quality of their graduates, and then award an official appellation such as “certified” or “credentialed.” Academia and the profession must join together to agree on the appropriate requirements.

Una modesta proposición: Una forma de ahorrar Periodismo y Periodismo Educación
Jeffrey Alan John
Abstract Traducción español
Este ensayo sugiere que debido a que todos y cada uno puede ahora ser un “periodista”, las normas del campo del periodismo se han disminuido en gran medida. Para recuperar el respeto por la profesión y retener estatura en la academia, la enseñanza del periodismo debe ofrecer una garantía de la legitimidad de los graduados del programa de periodismo reconociendo sólo programas con personal adecuado, la infraestructura y los medios financieros para asegurar la calidad de sus egresados​​, y luego premio una denominación oficial, como “certificados” o “acreditados”. Academia y de la profesión deben unirse para acordar los requisitos correspondientes.

<<Journal Abstracts in Spanish

AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Pennsylvania


Bloomsburg University

Bloomsburg, PA 17815. Tel.: (717) 389-4836; FAX: (570) 389-3983; Email: <>. Department of Mass Communications, 1985. Maria Teresita Mendoza-Enright, chair.
SEQUENCES: Mass Communication, Journalism, Public Relations/Advertising, Telecommunications.
FACILITIES: Television Studios, Radio Station, Magazine, Newspaper.

• Cabrini College

610 King of Prussia Rd., Radnor, PA 19087-3698. Tel: (610) 902-8360, FAX: (610) 902-8285, Email: <>. Department of Communications, 1973. SCJ. Jerome Zurek, chair.
FACULTY: Profs: Jerome Zurek; Assoc. Prof: Cathy Yungmann; Asst. Profs: John Cordes, Janice Xu; Staff: Heather Shanley Fullerton; Adjunct Instrs.: Derek Jones (radio), Betsy Ostroff (advertising), Paul Geissinger (audio recording), Kenneth Kauffman (photography), Steven Wright (theater), Melissa Reich (public relations).
SEQUENCES: Journalism & Writing; Theater; Video, Radio, Photography, & Digital Media Convergence; Integrated Marketing Communication.

• Duquesne University

600 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15282. Tel: (412) 396-1311, FAX: (412) 396-1313. Email: <>. Department of Journalism and Multimedia Arts, 1948. KTA, PRSSA, Ad Club, SPJ. Michael J. Dillon, chair.
FACULTY: Prof.: Robert V. Bellamy, Margaret Jones Patterson; Assoc. Profs.: Michael J. Dillon, William Gibbs, John Shepherd, ; Asst. Profs.: Giselle Auger, Charles Gee, Zeynep Tanes-Ehle, Dennis Woytek; Instr.: Phil DuPont, James Vota. Beatriz Wallace.
UNDERGRADUATE SEQUENCES: DIgital Media Arts-Multimedia, Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, Sports Media
MASTER’S SEQUENCES: New Media Management, Multimedia Management, Web Design and Development

• Elizabethtown College

Elizabethtown, PA 17022. Tel: (717) 361-1262, FAX: (717) 361-1180. Email:  <>. Department of Communications, 1975. BEA, IABC, SCJ,  IRTS, IBS, CMA. Kirsten A. Johnson, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Tamara L. Gillis; Assoc. Profs.: Kirsten A. Johnson; Hans-Erik  Wennberg; Asst. Profs: Colin Helb; Kelly Poniatowski; Matthew Telleen; Adjunct  Instrs.: Adrienne Garvey; Heather Gerber; Cheryl Irwin, Kim Lemon.
SEQUENCES: Corporate Communications (Public Relations and Marketing), Mass  Communication (Radio, TV, Journalism, New Media).

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Indiana, PA 15705. Tel: (412) 357-4411. FAX: (412) 357-7845; Email: <>. Department of Journalism. Stanford G. Mukasa, chair.
Journalism Program: Practical approach, interdisciplinary program (with internships) for careers in news-editorial and public relations.

1175 Maple Street, Stouffer Hall, Room 121, Indiana, PA  15705-1058. Email: <>. B. Gail Wilson, chair.
Communications Media and Instructional Technology Program: PhD degree offered.

La Salle University

1900 West Olney Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199. Tel: (215) 951-1844. FAX: (215) 951-5043. Email: <>. Web Site: []. Department of Communication, 1985. Lynne Texter, chair.
Communication Program:  The program provides a core of courses then invites students to complete a track in journalism, mass communication, public relations, or communication management.
Master Degree Program in Professional Communication:  Michael Smith, dir. Tel.: (215) 951-1155; FAX: (215) 951-5043; Email: <>.
Master’s Degree Programs Abroad:  Professional Communication and Public Relations in Prague, Czech Republic, and in Athens, Greece. Gerard F. Molyneaux, dir. Tel: (215) 951-1981, FAX: (215) 951-5043; Email: <>.

Lehigh University

33 Coppee Dr., Bethlehem, PA 18015. Tel: (610) 758-4180, FAX: (610) 758-6198, Email: <>. Website: <>. Department of Journalism and Communication. Wally Trimble, head.
Journalism Program: Undergraduate degree programs in journalism and science writing; minors in journalism, science writing and communication. The program emphasizes writing, research, communication technology and global studies. It has offered coursework in online journalism since 1995.

Lincoln  University of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

1570 Baltimore Pike, PO Box 179, Lincoln University, PA  19352.  Tel.: (484) 365-8145, FAX: (484) 365-8156.  Website: <>.  Department of English and Mass Communications.  Serajul Bhuiyan, professor and director.
English Communications: The English Communications Major prepares students for careers in mass media. The major exposes students to common elements (familiarity with English, American, and African American literature; knowledge of media principles and practices) and to one of two emphases: print journalism and television. The major requires 18 courses in Communications, and two semesters of a foreign language.

Lock Haven University

Lock Haven, PA 17745-2390. Tel.: (570) 484-2193; FAX: (570) 484-2436. Department  of Communication and Philosophy. Matthew Girton, chair. Email:  <>.
Communication Program offers professional training qualifying students for entry level positions in the mass media or graduate study. Students can select one of six tracks: journalism, electronic media, public relations and advertising, professional communication, public discourse and performance, communication and culture. Facilties: television studio, radio station, newspaper. Student clubs: Havenscope television group, WLHU radio, sports broadcasting club, Society for Collegiate Journalists. Degree: BA.

Lycoming College

700 College Place, Williamsport, PA 17701. Tel: (570) 321-2000, 321-4297, FAX: (570) 321-4389; Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1976. Fredric M. Wild, chair.
Communication Major: The program emphasizes the liberal arts through an interdisciplinary core and professional tracks in public relations and corporate communication, electronic media, and reporting and media writing.

Millersville University

PO Box 1002, Millersville, PA 17551-0302. Tel.: (717) 872-3233, FAX: (717) 871-2051. Email: <>. Department of Communication and Theatre. Thomas P. Boyle, APR, chair.
Speech Communication program offers options in broadcasting, communication studies, public relations and theatre.

Pennsylvania, University of (Annenberg School for Communication)

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6220. Tel: (215) 898-7041; FAX: (215) 898-2024, E-mail: <admin@pobox.asc.>. Program in Communication.
Communication Program: Graduate program in Media Criticism, Mass Communication Research; Health and Development Communication, Political Communication.

• Pennsylvania State University, The

201 Carnegie Building, University Park, PA 16802. Tel: (814) 863-1484, Fax: (814) 863-8044; website: <>. College of Communications, 1930. AAF, KTA, NABJ, SPJ, WICT, NAMIC, PSAJD, AHANA, PRSSA, PSAF, RTNDA, SFO. Douglas Anderson, dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Douglas Anderson (dean and founding co-dir., Sports Journalism Ctr.), Tony Barbieri (Foster Professor of Writing and Editing), Jeremy Cohen (assoc. vice president and sr. assoc. dean, Undergraduate Education), John J. Curley (visiting professor), Gene C. Foreman (visiting professor), Robert M. Frieden (Pioneers Chair in Cable Telecommunications), Marie C. Hardin (assoc. dean, Undergraduate and Graduate Education, dir., Page Ctr. For Integrity in Public Com. and assoc. dir., Sports Journalism Ctr.), Matthew P. McAllister (asst. grad. program chair), Malcolm Moran (Knight Chair in Sports Journalism and Society and dir., Sports Journalism Ctr.), Mary Beth Oliver (distinguished professor and co-dir., Media Effects Lab), Anthony A. Olorunnisola (dept. head, Film-Video and Media Studies), Patrick R. Parsons (Davis Professor of Ethics and dir., Davis Program in Ethical Leadership), Robert D. Richards (Curley Professor of First Amendment Studies; dir., Washington DC Program and founding dir., Pa. First Amendment Ctr.), J. Ford Risley (dept. head, Journalism), S. Shyam Sundar (distinguished professor; co-dir., Media Effects Lab), Richard D. Taylor (Palmer Chair of Telecommunications & Law and co-dir., Inst. for Info. Policy); Assoc. Profs.: Robert A. Baukus (dept. head, Advertising/Public Relations), Ronald V. Bettig, Barbara O. Bird (dir., International Programs), Colleen Connolly-Ahern, Frank E. Dardis, C. Michael Elavsky, Russell Frank, Michel Haigh, Martin E. Halstuk, Anne M. Hoag, Matthew S. Jackson (dept. head, Telecommunications), Krishna P. Jayakar, Matthew F. Jordan, Ann Marie Major (dir., Jimirro Ctr. for Study of Media Influence), John P. Sanchez, Amit M. Schejter (co-dir., Inst. for Info. Policy), Fuyuan Shen, Richard A. Sherman, Bu Zhong; Asst. Profs.: Lee A. Ahern, George U. Anghelcev, Denise S. Bortree, Marcia W. DiStaso, Naomi E. McCormack, Michelle Rodino-Colocino, Michael G. Schmierbach; Sr. Lectrs.: John H. Beale, Rodney B. Bingaman, Maria Cabrera-Baukus, Curt W. Chandler, John A. Dillon (dir., Dow Jones Editing Excellence Ctr.), Josephine Dumas, Russell E. Eshleman (assoc. dept. head, Journalism), Kevin J. Hagopian, Shannon Kennan (dir., Outreach and Instructional Design), Steve Kraycik, (dir., Student Television and Online Operations), Ann L. Kuskowski, Judy Maltz-Schejter, Marea A. Mannion, Steve G. Manuel, Robert P. Martin (asst. dean, Internships and Career Placement), Pamela A. Monk, Renea D. Nichols, Michael S. Poorman (dir., Alumni Relations), Christopher B. Ritchie, Steven W. Sampsell (dir., College Relations), Maura E. Shea, Cynthia Simmons, Ronald G. Smith, Susan M. Strohm (coord., Honors Program), Kenneth E. Yednock, Will Yurman; Lectrs.:  Martin Camden, Jamey R. Perry (asst. dean, Academic Services), Joseph M. Selden (asst. dean, Multicultural Affairs); Adj. Fac.:  David J. Aneckstein, Erin Ash, David Baker, Lori Barger, Jeff Brown (gen. mgr., ComRadio), Erin Calandra Witmer, Curtis Y. Chan, Mun-Young Chung, Ben Cramer, Jian Cui, Michelle Dangiuro, Michael Dawson, Lauren DeCarvalho, Xue Dou, Lisa Duchene, James Dugan, Andrew W. Elder, Linda Feltman, Keith Fledderman, Melanie Formentin, Eun Go, Donald Hampton, Sangyong Han, Aaron Heresco, Margaret Hopkins, Heather Hottle, Haiyan Jia, Stephen A. Jones, Michael C. Joseph, Guan-Soon Khoo, Karina Kim, Chenjerai Kumanyika, Ju Young Lee, Ryan Lizardi, Brian MacAuley, Dean Markussen, John J. Milewski, Christina Mislan, David Norloff, Jeeyun Oh, Kathleen O’Toole, Steve Reighard, Jeffrey Rice, Jim Rodenbush, Brett Sherrick, Lori Shontz, Matthew Swayne, Charles Ungar, Justin Walden, Lisa Warren, Jaclyn Wechtenhiser, Mu Wu, Christopher Yorks, Thomas Yourchak, Jennifer Zeigler; Emer. Profs.: Richard L. Barton, R. Thomas Berner, Dennis Davis, William Dulaney, Robert Farson, H. Eugene Goodwin, R. Dorn Hetzel, John Nichols, Vincent Norris, Daniel W. Pfaff, Donald Smith.
MAJORS: Advertising/Public Relations, Film-Video, Journalism, Media Studies, Telecommunications.
DEGREES: BA in Advertising/Public Relations; BA in Film-Video; BA in Journalism; BA in Media Studies; BA in Telecommunications; MA in Media Studies; PhD in Mass Communications.

Pennsylvania State University, Altoona College

3000 Ivyside Park, Altoona, PA 16601. Tel.: (814) 949-5769; Fax: (814) 949-5774. Communications program, Bob Trumpbour, coordinator.
Communications Program: offers a Bachelor of Arts in an integrated program that balances theory and hands-on production. The major is designed to give students the experience to become versatile media practitioners with a curriculum that explores the implications of the transition to digital technologies and media convergence on our culture. Development of students’ critical thinking skills are emphasized while students have the opportunity to learn a range of hands-on skills.

Pittsburgh, University of

526 Cathedral of Learning, Pittsburgh, PA 15260. Tel.: (412) 624-6536, FAX: (412) 624-6639. E-mail: Department of English, Non-Fiction Writing (newspaper or magazine). Patsy Sims, Coordinator
Journalism Program: Undergraduate writing major in Newspaper and Magazine tracts, MFA in Creative Non-Fiction.

• Point Park University

Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1984. Tel: (412) 392-4730, FAX: (412) 392-3917. Web site: <>. School of Communication, 1960. Ad Club, SPJ, PRSSA, CSB (College Students in Brdct. – AWRT affiliation). Tim Hudson, Dean, Email: <thudson@>.
FACULTY: Profs.: Dane S. Claussen (Chair of Faculty), David J. Fabilli, Helen Fallon (Director, University Honors Program), Tim Hudson, Robert O’Gara; Assoc. Prof.: Tatyana Dumova, Anthony J. Moretti (Acting Ass’t Dean), William R. Moushey Jr. (Director, Innocence Institute), Heather Starr-Fiedler, Johan Yssel (Director, IMC Program); Asst. Prof.: Steven M. Hallock (Director of Graduate Programs), Patrick Millard, Christopher Rolinson; Visiting Asst. Prof.: Dana Hackley.
SEQUENCES: Public Relations and Advertising, Journalism, Photojournalism, Photography, Digital Media, Integrated Marketing Communication. MA in Journalism & Mass Communication, MA/MBA w/Bus. School (three sequences: public relations/advertising management; television/digital media management; print/digital media management).
DEGREES: BA, BFA, BS, MA, concurrent MA/MBA (with School of Business)

Saint Joseph’s University

5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA  19131-1395.  Tel.:  (610) 660-1891, FAX: (610) 660-3235.  E-mail:  Communication Studies Major/Minor Program.  Owen W. Gilman, Jr., Director.
Communication Studies: Communication Studies offers a major and a minor, with core courses such as Communications Theory and Practice and Ethics in Communications setting the stage for students to pursue specific interests that draw upon faculty resources in English (journalism, public speaking, organizational writing), Marketing (public relations, marketing communications, advertising), and Music, Theatre, and Film (digital film).  These options are designed to prepare students for a wide range of career options in the communications field.  Graduates who complete the Communication Studies major or minor will look for employment in public relations, advertising, print and broadcast journalism (TV and radio), convergent media, social media, writing for organizations, writing for the World Wide Web, and digital media production.

• Shippensburg University

1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257. Tel: (717) 477-1521; FAX: (717) 477-4013. Email: <>; Web: <>;. Communication/Journalism Department. A. Joseph Borrell, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Edward J. Carlin, Margaret Evans; Assoc. Profs.: A. Joseph Borrell, Michael W. Drager, Kimberly Garris; Asst. Profs.: Masudul Biswas, Carrie Sipes, Stephanie A. Witmer
SEQUENCES: Electronic Media, Print Media, Public Relations.
DEGREES: BA in Communication/Journalism, MS in Communication Studies.

Susquehanna University

514 University Ave., Selinsgrove, PA 17870-1164. Tel: (570) 372-4355; FAX: (570) 372-2757. Email: <>. Department of Communications, 1965. Larry D. Augustine, chair.
FACULTY:  Larry Augustine, Catherine Hastings, Chad Hershberger, Randy Hines, David Kaszuba, Judith Morris, Beverly Romberger, James Sodt, Craig Stark
SEQUENCES: Broadcasting, Communications Studies, Corporate Communications, Journalism, Public Relations, Secondary Education, and Speech Communication.

• Temple University

2020 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, PA 19122-6080. Tel: (215) 204-7433, FAX: (215) 204-1974. Email: <>; Website: <>. Department of Journalism, 1927. KTA, SPJ, NABJ, RTNDA, ED2010, Andrew Mendelson, chair.
FACULTY: Profs: Thomas Eveslage, Christopher Harper, Carolyn Kitch, Edward Trayes (dir. MJ prog.); Assoc. Profs:  Andrew Mendelson (Dept. Chair), Karen M. Turner, Linn Washington, Fabienne Darling-Wolf; Larry Stains; Asst. Profs: Shenid Bhayroo; Susan Jacobson; George Miller, Maida Odom (Internship Director), Lori Tharps, Francesca Viola.
SEQUENCES: No required sequences. Areas of specialization include Broadcast Journalism, Magazine, Photojournalism, Public Affairs Journalism, Sports Journalism, International Reporting, Visual Journalism, Entrepreneurialism and Journalism and more.

Ursinus College

Collegeville PA 19426-1000. Tel.: (610) 409-3603; FAX: (610) 409-3733. Email: <>. Department of Media and Communication Studies. 1987.   Jay K. Miller.
The Media and Communication Studies Department offers an interdisciplinary course of study in which students examine the aesthetic, cultural, economic, legal, political and ethical implications of communication in society.  Based in the liberal arts and drawing upon social scientific and humanistic traditions, our program focuses on the creation, structure, criticism and impact of messages.  This course of study aims to increase awareness of the centrality of communication to identity, social order and democratic processes.  In an era of rapidly altering media technologies and delivery systems, this program specifically emphasizes the role of the media in contemporary American culture.  With a wide range of theoretical and applied courses, students are encouraged to work with their major adviser to develop a courses of study that best meets their individual goals and challenges them to consider the relationship between theory and practice.  A degree in Media and Communication Studies prepares students for graduate work in media and communication studies, for careers in the communication and information industries as well as for leadership positions in business, law, politics, and education

York College of Pennsylvania

MAC Center, Country Club Road, York, PA  17405-7199.  Tel.: (717) 815-1354, FAX: (717) 849-1602.  Email: <>.  Division of Communication.  PRSSA.  Brian Furio, chair.
SEQUENCES:  Majors in Public Relations and Mass Communication.
FACILITIES:  PRA, CN, AM/FM, DR, TV production center


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Ohio


Akron, University of

Akron, OH 44325-1003. Tel: (330) 972-7600, FAX: (330) 972-8045. Email: <>; Web: <>. School of Communication. PRSSA, AWC. Kathleen Endres, interim dir.
B.A. degrees in Mass Media-Communication (includes News, Radio/Television, Production), Business and Organization Communication (includes Public Relations), and Interpersonal and Public Communication; M.A. degree in Communication.

• Bowling Green State University

302 West Hall, Bowling Green, OH 43403. Tel: (419) 372-8349, FAX: (419) 372-0202. Email: <>. Web: <http://www.>. Department of Journalism and Public Relations, 1941. KTA, PRSSA, SPJ, NABJ. Katherine Bradshaw, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: J. Oliver Boyd-Barrett, Terry Rentner; Assoc. Profs.: Katherine Bradshaw, Nancy Brendlinger, Catherine Cassara, James Foust; Lects: Kelly Taylor; Instrs.: Julie Hagenbuch, Dave Sennerud; Profs. Emer.: Joseph Delporto, James Gordon, John Huffman, James Bissland, Laurence Jankowski, Raymond Laakaniemi.
SEQUENCES: Broadcast, Public Relations, Print.
DEGREES: BS in Journalism; MA, PhD in Media and Communication

Cincinnati, University of

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0003. Tel: (513) 556-9488, FAX: (513) 556-0202. Email: <>. Division of Electronic Media. Manfred K. Wolfram, chair; Marjorie Fox, jour. coord; Email: <>.
Journalism Program: Degree is in Electronic Media; students may concentrate in electronic journalism. Journalism courses offered are Introduction to Broadcast Journalism, Broadcast News Writing, and Uptown, a class dedicated to production of the campus television news program. There are also opportunities to do news for Bearcast, the university’s internet radio station. Students interested in journalism are encouraged to earn a Writing Certificate through the Department of English. The Electronic Media Division facilities include the NewsKing automated newsroom, digital cameras and editing systems. Local internships with television and radio news operations are widely available. A fully paid summer internship with CNN/Atlanta is granted each year to an outstanding journalism student.

Cleveland State University

2121 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115-2214. Tel: (216) 687-4630, FAX: (216) 687-5435.  Website: Division of Journalism and Promotional Communication (JPC), School of Communication; 1972, 2004.  SPJ, PRSSA, AAF.  Richard Perloff, school director; Jae-won Lee, division director (
SEQUENCES: Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising.
FACILITIES: FM, CATV, CCTV, JN (The Cleveland Stater), VDT (writing labs, television studio, digital editing suites, audio production rooms, screening rooms, satellite downlink), CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) Lab.
DEGREES: BA in Journalism and Promotional Communication; Master of Applied Communication Theory and Methodology.

Dayton, University of

300 College Park, Dayton, OH 45469-1410. Tel: (937) 229-2028; FAX (937)229-2055.  Email: <>. Department of Communication. Jonathan Hess, chair.
Journalism Program: Undergraduate concentration areas include news-editorial, broadcasting, PR and communication management. Largest department at university.

• Findlay, The University of

1000 North Main Street, Findlay, OH  45840.  Tel.: (419) 434-4445.  FAX: (419) 434-4616.  Email: <>. Website: <>. Communication Department. Dennis Stevens, Ph.D., director.
Communication Department: BA degrees in Digital Media, Health Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Journalism and Public Relations.

Franciscan University of Steubenville

G-8 Egan Hall, 1235 University Boulevard, Steubenville, OH 43952. Tel: (740) 283-3771, FAX: (740) 283-6452. Email: <>. Communication Arts Department. Wayne Lewis, chair.
Communication Program: BA degree in Mass Communications with concentrations in Journalism and Radio/TV.

• John Carroll University

20700 North Park Blvd., University Heights, OH 44118. Tel: (216) 397-4378, FAX: (216) 397-1738. Email: <>.  Department of Communications. Mary Ann Flannery, chair.
FACULTY: Prof.: Jacqueline J. Schmidt, Alan Stephenson; Assoc. Profs.: Mary Beadle, Mary Ann Flannery; Asst. Profs.: Margaret Algren, Richard Hendrickson, Robert Prisco; Instrs.: Bob Noll, David Reese; Part-time Instrs.: Fred Buchstein, Mark Eden, Bill Nichols.
FACILITIES: Electronic newsroom, television studio, editing booths, screening rooms, audio production booth, satellite downlink, graphics laboratory. Department members advise student newspaper, FM radio station, TV-news.
DEGREE: BA and MA in Media Management.

• Kent State University

201 Franklin Hall, Kent, OH 44242. Tel.: (330) 672-2572, FAX: (330) 672-4064. Email: URL: <>. School of Journalism and Mass Communication, 1932. AAF, ASJMC, BEA, KTA, NABJ, PRSSA, SPJ. Thor Wasbotten, Director; Greg Blase, Assoc. Director.
FACULTY: Profs.: Jeff Fruit, Mark Goodman (Knight Chair), Gary Hanson, Ann Schierhorn, Thor Wasbotten (Director); Assoc. Profs.: Candace Perkins Bowen (Dir., Ctr. for Scholastic Jour.), Frances Collins (coord., Adv.), Michele Ewing, Barbara Hipsman, Karl Idsvoog, Jan Leach (coord., Journalism), Jacqueline Marino, Joe Murray, William Sledzik (coord., Public Relations), David Smeltzer (coord., Electronic Media); Asst. Profs.: Luke Armour, Evan Bailey, Robert Batchelor, Greg Blase (Assoc. Dir.), Beth Butler, Danielle Coombs, Cheryl Kushner, Hyangsook Lee, Mitch McKenney, Stefanie Moore, Eugene Shelton, Bennett Whaley; Associate Lecturer: Traci Williams; Lecturers: David LaBelle, Tim Roberts, Eugene Sasso, Wendy Wardell, Susan Kirkman Zake; Practitioner in Residence: John Butte.
SEQUENCES: Journalism (Broadcast News, Magazine, Multimedia News concentrations), Advertising, Public Relations, Visual Journalism (Information Design, Photojournalism concentrations) Electronic Media (Management, Production, Sports Production concentrations).

Marietta College

215 Fifth Street, Marietta OH 45750. Tel: (740) 376-4802, FAX: (740) 376-4807. Email: <>.  Communication and Media Studies Department, 1975. AER, SCJ. Suzanne Walker, chair.
Department offers majors in Advertising/Public Relations, Communication Studies, Organizational Communication/Public Relations, Journalism and Broadcasting. Degree: BA.

• Ohio State University

3016 Derby Hall, 154 N. Oval Mall, Columbus, OH 43210-1339.  Tel: (614) 292-3400: FAX: (614) 292-2055, Email: <> School of Journalism 1914; School of Journalism and Communication 1997; School of Communication 2004.  AAMA, KTA, PRSSA, SPJ.  Carroll J Glynn (Director).
FACULTY:  Profs.: Don Cegala (Emeritus), Brad Bushman, Brenda Dervin (Emeritus), William (Chip) Eveland, David Ewoldsen, Carroll Glynn, Sylvia Knobloch-Westerwick, Daniel McDonald, Michael Slater; Assoc. Profs.: Osei Appiah, John Dimmick (Emeritus), Andrew Hayes, Lance Holbert, Susan Kline, Gerald Kosicki, Amy Nathanson, Felecia Ross, Thomas Schwartz, Sharon West (Emeritus); Asst. Profs.: David DeAndrea, Jesse Fox, Kelly Garrett, Jong-Eun “Roselyn” Lee, Michael McCluskey, Emily Moyer-Gusé, Erik Nisbet, Michelle Ortiz, Ray Pingree, Stacie Renfro Powers, Janice Raup-Krieger, Brandon Van der Heide, Zheng (Joyce) Wang; Clinical Profs.: Dan Caterinicchia, Nichole Kraft, Axel Westerwick; Lectrs.: Kaylea Annen, Leonardo Carrizo, Tonya Forsythe, Nancy Fisher, Alyson Moses, Ashley Peterson, Kristie Sigler, Mary Sterenberg (PRSSA Advisor).
SEQUENCES: BA in Public Affairs Journalism; Communication Analysis & Practices; Communication Technology; Strategic Communication

• Ohio University

Scripps Hall 105, Court St. and Park Place, Athens, OH 45701. Tel: (740) 593-2590, FAX: (740) 593-2592, Email: <>. Website: <>. E. W. Scripps School of Journalism, 1924. AAF, AWC, BSCC, KTA, OJSS, PRSSA, RTNDA, SPJ. Robert Stewart, Director.
FACULTY: Profs.: Joseph Bernt (Associate Director for Graduate Studies and Research, 593-2589), Anne Cooper-Chen (593-2598), Hong Cheng (593-2619), Bernhard Debatin (Director of Studies, Honors Tutorial College, 593-9809), Marilyn Greenwald (593-4387), Robert Stewart (Director, 593-2601), Michael Sweeney (Associate Director for Graduate Studies, 593-2589), Patrick Washburn (593-2593), Patricia Westfall (593-2595); Assoc. Profs.: Bojinka Bishop (593-2675), Ellen Gerl (597-3136), Thomas Hodson (593-2550), Hugh Martin (Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies, 597-2199), Ronald Pittman (593-2612), Bill Reader (597-1294), Mary Rogus (593-2606); Asst. Profs.: Patricia Cambridge (593-0899), Craig Davis (593-2605), Aimee Edmondson (597-3336), Cary Frith (593-9851), Kevin Grieves (593-2616), Yusuf Kalyango (Director, Institute for International Journalism, 597-3335), Hans Meyer (597-3084), Jatin Srivastava (593-2675), Carson Wagner (593-9808); Profs. Emer.: Hugh Culbertson (597-3086), Dru Riley Evarts, Ralph Izard (593-2603), Sandra Haggerty (593-2604), Thomas Hodges, Donald Lambert, Ralph Kliesch (593-2615), Thomas Peters (593-2588), Jerry Sloan, Guido H. Stempel III (593-2609); Asst. Instrs.: Douglas Nohl (mgr., Broadcast Studio, 593-2587); Visiting Professionals: Mark Tatge (Scripps Howard Visiting Professional, 593-2471); Tom Suddes (593-0012), Part-Time Instrs.: Tim Sharp (593-4938).
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Broadcast News, Magazine, Newswriting and Editing, Online Journalism, Public Relations.
FACILITIES: AP, NYTS, UPI, AM, FM, AdA, CATV, Bloomberg terminal, CCTV, CN, CNN, ComN, ComR, DirecTV, DR, ETV, JM, PRA, VDT.

• Ohio Wesleyan University

Delaware, OH 43015. Tel: (740) 368-3650, FAX: (740) 368-3649. Email: <>. Department of Journalism, 1945. Trace Regan, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Trace Regan; Assoc. Prof.: Paul Kostyu; Lectr.: Richard McClure, Jim Underwood; Vstg. Asst. Prof.: Afi-Odelia Scruggs.
SEQUENCES: News-Editorial.

Otterbein College

1 S. Grove St., Westerville, OH 43081. Tel: (614) 823-3380; FAX: (614) 823-3367. Email: <>. Department of Communication. PRSSA. Susan Millsap, chair.
Converged BA program in Journalism and Media Communications.   BA in PR and in Broadcasting. Courses in media writing, news writing, broadcast production, public relations, print and multimedia production, advanced reporting, media ethics and regulations. Facilities include CN, FM, CATV, DR, VDT

Toledo, University of

2801 West Bancroft St., University Hall, Room 4600, Toledo, OH 43606-3390. Tel: (419) 530-2005; FAX: (419) 530-4771. Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1945. PRSSA, SPJ. Jim Benjamin, chair.
Communication Program: Offers BA in communication with concentrations in journalism, broadcasting, and public relations. Journalism concentration combines professional skills approach (writing, reporting, editing) with liberal-arts approach (law, history, ethics).

Wright State University

Dayton, OH 45435-0001. Tel: (937) 775-2602; FAX: (937) 775-2146. Department of Communication, l966. Melissa M. Spirek, Ph.D., chair. Email: <>.
Journalism Program: Offers coursework and experience in broadcast and print journalism, public relations, and visual communication.

Xavier University

3800 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45207-5171. Tel: (513) 745-3087, FAX: (513) 745-3705.  Email: <>.  Department of Communication Arts. Indra De Silva, chair.
Communication Program: Multi-track program with 36 hour majors in Public Relations, Advertising, Electronic Media and Organizational Communication leading to a BA in Communication Arts.

Youngstown State University

One University Plaza, Youngstown, OH 44555-3415. Tel: (330) 941-1647; Email: <>. Department of English. Gary Salvner, chair, English; Alyssa Lenhoff, director, Journalism;  <>.
Journalism Program: Offers a Journalism major through writing courses and lab experience in newspaper journalism. Students complete hands-on internships in newsrooms and are assisted with the process of landing first journalism jobs.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – New York

New York

Albany, State University of New York at

1400 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12222. Tel: (518) 442-4884 Email: <>; Web: <>;. Department of English. 1973. Nancy L. Roberts, professor & director, Journalism Program.
Journalism Program: B.A. in Journalism with active internship program in new media, print, radio, television, public relations/advocacy communications, book publishing, and more. 4 Fulltime faculty; Professors: Thomas Bass, Nancy L. Roberts; Associate Professor: William L. Rainbolt; Assistant Professor: Rosemary Armao; 10 part-time Professional Media Lecturers

Buffalo State College

1300 Elmwood Ave., Bishop 210, Buffalo, NY 14222. Tel.: (716) 878-6008, FAX:  (716) 878-4697. Email: <>; Web: <>.  Department of Communication, 1975. PRSSA, SPJ. Ronald D. Smith, chair.
FACULTY: Professor: Ron Smith, Marian Deutschman. Associate Professor: Bryce  Bryski, Paul DeWald, Jeff Hirschberg, Joe Marren, Tom McCray, Mike Niman, Ron  Rabin, Bill Raffel. Assistant Professor: Annemarie Franczyk, Meg Knowles, Ann Liao, Lou Rera, Deborah Silverman. Part-time Lecturer: 20 media professionals in  Western New York.
SEQUENCES: Journalism (print/online news and /broadcast news) ACEJMC accredited; Broadcasting (Television Production and radio production; Media Production  (audio/video/digital production) ACEJMC accredited; Public Communication (public  relations/ and advertising) ACEJMC accredited; Communication Studies. Plus  graduate-level courses in public relations management within Multidisciplinary  MS program.
FACILITIES: FM, AdA, CCTV, CN, ComN, ComTV, PRA, VDT. Facilities include four  dedicated computer labs with 68 work stations, each using both Mac and Windows  platforms; five video edit suites; two audio production/edit suites; TV studio &  control center. Specialized software includes ProTools, Final Cut, EZ-News. Plus  separate facilities for student-operated radio, television and newspaper.

Canisius College

2001 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14208. Tel: (716) 888-2115, FAX: (716) 888-3118.  Department of Communication Studies. Barbara Irwin, PhD, chair. Email:  <>.
Communication Studies: with concentrations in Media Studies; Advertising and Public Relations; and Interpersonal and Organization Communication. Digital Media Arts, offering concentrations in Graphic Design/Web Design; Video/Audio Production; 3-D Animation/Game Design.  Journalism program focusing on multimedia journalism.   Offers three undergraduate degrees:  BA in Communication Studies; BS in Digital Media Arts; BS in Journalism. 

City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate School of Journalism

219 W. 40th St., New York, NY 10018; Tel: (646) 758-7800; FAX: (646) 758-7809; Web:; Stephen B. Shepard, dean.
The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, located in midtown Manhattan adjacent to The New York Times, is the only publicly supported graduate school of journalism in the Northeast.  The School offers an intensive 16-month Master of Arts program that includes a required paid professional summer internship.  Through its converged curriculum, all students learn to tell stories using print, broadcast, and interactive formats while also undergoing rigorous instruction in the traditional skills, standards, and ethics of journalism. In the second semester, students choose one of five subject specialties: arts & culture, business & economics, health & medicine, international, or urban reporting. The faculty is made up of experienced journalists from top media organizations and includes six Pulitzer Prize winners as well as winners of National Magazine Awards, Overseas Press Club Awards, Emmy Awards, and many online journalism honors.
DEGREE: M.A. in Journalism

• Columbia University

2950 Broadway, Mail Code 3800, New York, NY 10027. Tel: (212) 854-8608, FAX: (212) 854-2352. Email: <>;   Graduate School of Journalism, 1912. NABJ, SAJA, SPJ.
FACULTY: Profs.: Helen Benedict, Ann Cooper, Sheila Coronel, Tom Edsall, Samuel G. Freedman, Todd Gitlin, Ari Goldman,  Stephen Isaacs, Michael Janeway, David Klatell, Nicholas Lemann, Sylvia Nasar, Victor Navasky, Michael Schudson, Michael Shapiro, James Stewart, Alexander Stille, Richard Wald, Jonathan Weiner.  Assoc. Profs.: John Dinges, LynNell Hancock, Dale Maharidge, Addie Rimmer, Alisa Solomon, Sreenath Sreenivasan; Asst. Profs.: Marguerite Holloway, Mirta Ojito.  Visiting and Special Faculty: Floyd Abrams, Wayne Barrett, Evan Cornog, Joshua Friedman, Sig Gissler, Julie Hartenstein,  Anthony Lewis, Frank Moretti, Arlene Morgan, Sandy Padwe, Bruce Porter, Terri Thompson, Elizabeth Fishman.  Profs Emer.: Elie Abel, Barbara Belford, W. Phillips Davidson, Osborn Elliott, John Foster Jr., Kenneth K. Goldstein, Luther Jackson, Penn T. Kimball, Joan Konner (Dean Emerita), Melvin Mencher, Donald Shanor, Seymour Topping, Frederick T. C. Yu; Adjunct Fac: Carla Baranauckas, Sara Barrett, John Bennett, Bill Berkeley, Gwenda Blair, Vincent Blasi, Mervin Block, David Blum, Alex Blumberg, Patricia Bosworth, Lenny Bourin, Sam Boyle, J.R. Brandstrader, Marie Brenner, Al Brigante, Kevin Buckley, Eve Burton, Elena Cabral, Russell Chun, Lisa Cohen, Kevin Coyne, Judith Crist, Brent Cunningham, Tom Curran, Joe Cutbirth, Paul Davies, Anthony Dec, Heidi Dehncke-Fisher, Kerry Donahue, Doug Dutton, Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, Jose M. Ferrer, Pamela Frederick, Annette Fuentes, Barbara Giudice, Christine Glancy, Marty Gottlieb, Jeff Gralnick, Kevin Granville, Gil Griffin, Robert Haberl, David Hajdu, Neil Hickey, Matthew Hirshberg, Ruth Hochberger, Michael Hoyt, Robe Imbriano, Elizabeth Kadetsky, Rick Karr, Kostya Kennedy, Thomas Kent, Jeffrey Kittay, Patricia LaDuca, Vincent Laforet, Peter Landis, Monica Langley, Adrian Nicole LeBlanc, Vivian Lingard, Robert Love, Tami Luhby, John Martin, Judith Matloff, Sheryl McCarthy, David McCormick, Melvin McCray, Cathleen McGuigan, Betty Medsger, Laura Muha, Kimberly Nauer, Nicole Neroulias, Roger Newman, Joseph Nocera, Rob Norton, Ruth Padawer, Alexandra Peers, Rebecca Perl, Merrill Perlman, Shirley Perlman, Marquita Pool-Eckert, J. Robert Port, Barbara Presley-Noble, Lynda Richardson, Joe Richman, George Rivera, Robin Schatz, Philip Scheffler, Arlene Schneider, Nancy Sharkey, Lloyd Siegel, Diane Solway, Paula Span, Peter Spielmann, Tom Sullivan, James Taranto, Tom Torok, Judy Triedman, Duy Linh Tu, Jonathan Wald, Hannah Wallander, Julianne Welby, Betsy West, David Westin, Beth Whitehouse, Kelly Whiteside, Terence Wrong, Cynthia Zarin, William Zinsser, Kristal Brent Zook, John Zucker.
SEQUENCES:  Newspaper Journalism, Magazine Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, New Media.

Cornell University

337 Kennedy Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853-4203. Kennedy Hall, Tel: (607) 255-2601, FAX: (607) 254-1322; Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1945. PRSSA, WICI. Geraldine K. Gay, chair.
Communication Program: Comprehensive communication program with emphases in communication in the life sciences, communication planning and evaluation, and communication and technology at the undergraduate level, with social psychology of communication, uses and effects of media, communication and technology, and environmental and science communication at the graduate level.

CUNY — Graduate School of Journalism

230 West 41st Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY  10036. Tel: (646) 758-7800, FAX: (646) 758-7809. Web: <>. School of Journalism, 2006. Stephen Shepard, dean.
The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism opened its door in September, 2006.  The only publicly funded graduate school of journalism in the northeastern U.S., it offers a three-semester Master of Arts program that equips students to work in multi-media newsrooms and to report in the specialty areas.  The Master of Arts degree in journalism at CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism is a new, intensive, three-semester program design to train gifted graduate students for a wide variety of careers in the field of journalism.  This full-time program offers students a course of study that is both broad and deep emphasizing the eternal verities of the journalistic profession while providing ample opportunities for specialization.

Fordham University

Rose Hill Campus, Bronx, NY 10458. Tel: (718) 817-4863, FAX: (718) 817-4868. Email: <>.  Department of Communications and Media Studies. Paul Levinson, chair.
Journalism Program: A comprehensive Liberal Arts program including communications theory and practice, leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees (MA).

• Hofstra University

111 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549-1000, Tel: (516) 463-4873; FAX: (516) 463-4866. Email:  School of Communication, Department of Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations, 1995, SPJ, NABJ, RTDNA, ED2000, PRSSA, Bob Papper, Chair.
FACULTY: Profs: Susan Drucker (Media Studies track coordinator); Bob Papper (Chair); Assoc. Profs: Suzanne Berman, Carol Fletcher, Joe Peyronnin, Victoria Semple (PR track coordinator), Gregg Smith (Journalism track coordinator), Kristal Zook (Graduate program director); Asst. Profs: Mary Ann Allison, Kelly Fincham, Peter Goodman, Jeff Morosoff, Dan Van Benthuysen.
SEQUENCES: Journalism, Mass Media Studies, Public Relations.  The Journalism sequence is a converged program with a central core, then allowing students to specialize in TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, online, information graphics or customize a program for their specific interests.  There is also a 5-year BA/MA program in Journalism.

• Iona College

715 North Ave., New Rochelle, NY 10801-1890. Tel: (914) 633-2230, FAX: (914) 637-2797. Email: <>. Department of Mass Communication. AAF, PRSSA, SPJ. Orly Schachar, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: John Darretta, George Thottam; Assoc. Prof.: Nancy-Jo Johnson; Asst. Profs.: Mike McDermott, Ann Rodriguez, Orly Schachar (undergraduate coordinator), Ray Smith, Susan Vaughn; Instrs.; Virginia Hill, Natalie Ryder; Adjunct Fac.: Ivette Allen, Tom Callahan, Bill Corbett, Nancy Cutler, Jim Eggensperger, Minaz Fazal, Marybeth Kissane, Woody Klein, Nancy Kriz, Drew Kulakovich, Tami McLaughlin, Berton Miller, Joseph MoCarski, James Parker, Jerome Silber, Allison Smolin, Susan Stacey, Pam Westhoff, Christopher Willcox, Agnetta Zachrisson.
SEQUENCES: Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, TV and Video.
FACILITIES: Film/Video Tape Library, Film Theater, Radio Labs, Ad&PR Library, Television Studio, Video Studio, Journalism Lab.

• Ithaca College

Ithaca, New York 14850. Tel.: (607) 274-1021; FAX: (607) 274-1108; Web: <>. Roy H. Park School of Communications, 1948. Diane Gayeski, Dean. Virginia Mansfield-Richardson, Associate Dean (Interim Chair, Journalism).
FACULTY: Profs.: Nancy Cornwell (Chair, Television-Radio) Janice Levy, Gordon Rowland, Steven Skopik, Wenmouth Williams, Patricia Zimmermann; Assoc. Profs.: Mara Alper, Changhee Chun, Jeff Cohen (Dir., Park Center for Independent Media), Ben Crane, Cathy Crane, Raymond Gozzi, Scott Hamula (Chair, Strategic Communication), Peter Johanns, Ron Jude, Howard Kalman (Chair, Grad. Pgm.), Mead Loop, Matt Mogekwu, Barbara L. Morgenstern, Nicholas Muellner, Tom Nicholson, Elisabeth Nonas (Chair, Cinema, Photography & Media Arts), Megan Roberts; Asst. Profs.: Barbara A. Audet, Julie Blumberg, Joshua Bonnetta, Dennis Charsky (Communication, Management & Design Pgm Dir.), Jerry Gambell, Steven Gordon, Jason Harrington, Jon Hilton, Kati Lustyik, Karen Rodriguez, Todd Schack, Arhlene Flowers, Ari Kissiloff, Kurt Komaromi, Adam Peruta, Jack Powers, William Ressler, Cory Young, John Scott, Arturo Sinclair, Eric Sterbenk, Gossa Tsegaye, Marlena Grzaslewicz (Pendleton Endowed Chair)
SEQUENCES: Television-Radio; Journalism; Communication Management and Design; Integrated Marketing Communications, Cinema & Photography; Film, Photography & Visual Arts; Documentary Studies and Production
FACILITIES: Four general purpose computer labs, three Windows platform, one Apple platform, film sound stage, two television studios with associated control rooms and master control facility, cablecast origination facilities, still photography studio, color and B & W print photography developing and processing lab, two digital photography labs with standard and large scale printing, two ProTools HD Audio control rooms, 13 Protools LE audio workstation systems – eight in a basic audio instruction lab, stereo audio production studio, two live radio broadcast studios, 30 non-linear digital editors for film, and television, AP ENPS Software shared by both radio and television news production, and a 210-seat auditorium with HD, SD and 16mm projection and 7.1 surround sound.

Long Island University—The Brooklyn Campus

1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11201-5372; Tel: (718) 488-1153, FAX: (718) 246-6365. Kalman Seigel Newslab (718) 488-1534; Email: <>. Department of Journalism, 1945, KTA, SPJ, George Polk Awards; Ralph Engelman, Department Chair.
FACULTY:  Profs.:  Donald A. Bird, Hal Bock (George Polk Journalist-in-Residence), Ralph Engelman (Dept. Chair); Asst. Prof.:  Jennifer Rauch; Adjunct Instrs.:  Robert Anthony, Plathel Benjamin, Claudia Caruana, Dan Colarusso, Janell Crispyn, Ed Downe, Megan Donis, Jill Grossman, Jill Grossman, Michael Jordan, Leonard J. Hollie, Sylvia King-Cohen, David Liu, Errol Louis, Bebeto Matthews, Thomas Pison, Eugenia Woody; Staff:  Zena Kennedy.
SEQUENCES: Newspaper, Advertising, Magazine, New Media, Public Relations, Radio-Television News; Video Journalism.

• Marist College

3399 North Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. Tel: (845) 575-3650, FAX: (845) 575-3645.   Email: <>. School of Communication and the Arts, 1980.   AAF, BEA, NATAS, PRSSA, SPJ, NCA.
FACULTY: Profs.: John Ritschdorff (Dean); Assoc. Profs.: James Fahey, Laura Linder, Subir Sengupta (Assistant Dean), Mark Van Dyke, Paula Willoquet; Asst. Profs.: Missy Alexander, Cochece Davis, Joe Ross, Sue Lawrence, Carol Pauli, Shannon Roper, James Maritato, Keith Strudler; Instrs.: Jeff Bass, Marcia Christ, Dennis Conway, Keith Hamel, Brett Phares Director of Internship Program: Gerald McNulty.
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Communication Studies, Gaming/Interactive Media, Public Relations/ Organizational Communication, Radio/Television/Film, Sports Communication.

New York University

The Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, 20 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003. Tel: (212) 998-7980, Fax: (212) 995-4148. Website: Brooke Kroeger, director.
Our dedication to challenging our students to go well beyond traditional skills training has evolved naturally from the Institute’s residence in NYU’s distinguished Faculty of Arts and Science. Thus, we emphasize the kind of critical thinking skills so important in covering a complex, interrelated world. Our faculty comprises an active community of writers who turn out books on important contemporary topics, publish in the most prestigious papers, magazines, and reviews, and produce serious documentaries for such venues as National Public Radio and the network news magazines.
FIELDS OF GRADUATE STUDY: Business and Economic Reporting; Cultural Reporting and Criticism; Global and Joint Program Studies; Literary Reportage; Magazine Writing; News and Documentary; Reporting the Nation; Reporting New York; Science, Health and Environmental Reporting; Studio 20.
FACILITIES: AP, FM, CCTV, CN, DR, broadcast studios and editing facilities, computer labs, news service.

• Niagara University

338 Dunleavy Hall, Niagara University, NY 14109. Tel: (716) 286-8460. Email:  <>. Web site: Communication Studies Program, 1973. ASJMC, ICA. Mark R. Barner, chair.
FACULTY: Assoc. Prof.: Mark R. Barner (chair); Assoc. Prof.: Brian M. Murphy; Asst. Prof.: Kalen Churcher; Asst. Prof.: Doug Tewksbury.
SEQUENCES: Print Journalism, Mass Communication, Broadcasting.

Pace University (Pleasantville)

861 Bedford Road, Pleasantville NY 10570. Tel.: (914) 773-33790; FAX (Need). Email: <>. Department of Communications, 1975. Robert Klaeger, chair.
SEQUENCES: Special sequences in Print Journalism, Broadcast Journalism. Journalism major and minor.

Rochester Institute of Technology

92 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, NY 14623-5604. Tel: (585) 475-6649; FAX:  (585) 475-7732; Email: <>. Department of Communication, 2006.  Bruce Austin, chair.
B.S. degree-Journalism; B.S. degree-Professional & Technical Communication; B.S.  degree-Advertising & Public Relations; M.S. degree-Communication & Media  Technologies.

70 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, NY 14623. Tel: (585) 475-2780; FAX:  (585) 475-5804; Email: <>. Photojournalism: BFA Photography Department, 1985.  NPPA student chapter.  William Snyder, chair.
Photojournalism Program: Two-year broad photo foundation, leading to third and fourth year concentration in photojournalism/documentary/editorial and BFA degree.
Concentrations: News/Editorial Photography, Documentary, Multimedia/Video, Picture Research and Editing. 


Stony Brook University

Melville Library N4004, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3384. Tel: (631) 632-7403; FAX: (631) 632-7550. Email: <>. Web: <>  School of Journalism, 2006. Howard Schneider, Dean.
Stony Brook University’s School of Journalism is the first and only undergraduate school of journalism in New York State’s public university system. The school was launched in 2006 with two missions: to train the next generation of journalists and the next generation of news consumers. The School of Journalism currently houses the Center for News Literacy, which teaches news consumers to think critically about what they read, watch, and hear. Its pioneering course in News Literacy is taught to thousands of non-journalism majors at Stony Brook and at more than a dozen other universities. In 2008, it took on another distinct mission: to train scientists on how to communicate more effectively with the public. In 2011, the school began offering a Master of Science in Journalism focusing on covering health, science, technology and the environment, as well as graduate level courses for non-journalism masters’ and doctoral students in communicating with the public and the press.

•  St. Bonaventure University

3261 W. State Road, PO Box J, St. Bonaventure, NY 14778-2289. Tel: (716) 375-2520, FAX: (716) 375-2588, Email: <>. Russell J. Jandoli School of Journalism and Mass Communication, 1949. AAF, BEA, KTA, PRSA, RTNDA, SPJ. Lee Coppola, dean.
FACULTY: Assoc. Profs.: Christopher Mackowski, John Hanchette, Denny Wilkins (coord., Print); Asst. Profs.: Pauline Hoffmann; Carole McNall; Bro. Basil Valente, o.f.m. (coord., PR, Advtg.), Lectrs: Patrick Vecchio, Paul Wieland (coord., Brdct.); Vstg. Prof.: Breea Willingham; Integrated Marketing Communications Grad Prog. Dir.: Kathleen Mason; Broadcast Journalism Lab Supervisor: Mary Beth Garvin; Adjunct Fac.: John Bartimole, Robert Carr, John Eberth, James Eckstrom, Jean Trevarton Ehman, Donald Gilliland, Darrell Gronemeier (Photojournalism), Kelly Hendrix, Alenka Lawrence, Honorable Salvatore R. Martoche, Steve Mest,  Tom Vetter (Video Production).
SEQUENCES: News-Editorial, Broadcasting, PR-Advertising.

St. John Fisher College

3690 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618-3597. Tel: (585) 385-8205, FAX: (585) 385-7311; Email: <>. Website: <> Communication/Journalism, 1975. Dr. Lauren Vicker, Professor, Chair.
A writing-based program in a liberal arts environment. Concentrations offered in Advertising, Broadcasting/Telecommunications, Print Journalism, Production, and Public Relations, as well as programs which combine two or more concentrations. Campus newspaper, The Cardinal Courier, has received Gold Awards from Columbia and First Place from the New York Press Association. Cardinal Courier Media also has an online newspaper and C Magazine.  Cardinal Television produces four programs each week on Cardinal Televison and broadcasting Division III athletics supported by the Empire 8. Student chapter of PRSSA, Fisher Audio Network and Ad Club. PRIMA Connections is the student-run IMC firm with non-profit clients in the community. Extensive internship program and career preparation opportunities. Strong alumni network supports students in the Rochester area and beyond.

SUNY College at New Paltz

Coykendall Science Building, New Paltz, NY 12561. Tel: (845) 257-3450; FAX: (845) 257-3461. Email: <>. Communication and Media Department. Pat Sullivan, chair.
SEQUENCES: Journalism Program with wide range of practical and theoretical courses. Requires an internship. Electronic Media Production and Media Management Programs with advanced television and radio production courses. Facilities include: WNPC-TV, AM/FM, Graphics Lab, Avid editing and ProTools; TV Studios.

• Syracuse University

215 University Place, Syracuse, NY 13244-2100. Tel: (315) 443-3627, FAX: (315) 443-9528. Email: <>. S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, 1934. KTA, NATAS, NPPA, PRSSA, SPJ, WICI. Lorraine Branham, dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Richard Breyer, Frank Biocca, Fiona Chew, Charlotte Grimes, Sharon Hollenback,  Carla Lloyd, Patricia Longstaff, Lawrence Mason Jr., Peter Moller, David Rubin, Maria Russell, Pamela Shoemaker, Evan Smith, Robert Thompson, James Tsao; Assoc. Profs.: Shannon Bowen, Hubert Brown, Melissa Chessher, Makana Chock, Michael Cremedas, Steve Davis, Joan Deppa, Larry Elin, Amy Falkner, Barbara Fought, Tula Goenka, Guy Golan, Anthony Golden, Brad Gorham, Roy Gutterman, Dona Hayes, Joel Kaplan, Johanna Keller, Thomas Kennedy, Dennis Kinsey, Carol Liebler, Steve Masiclat, Gustav Niebuhr, Mark Obbie, David Sutherland, Donald Torrance, Chris Tuohey, Douglas Quin, Edward Russell, Michael Schoonmaker, James Shahin, Brian Sheehan, Bruce Strong, Brenda Wrigley, Roosevelt Wright Jr., SungUn Yang; Asst. Profs.: Courtney Barclay, Harriet Brown, Aileen Gallagher, Keith Giglio, Seth Gitner, Ken Harper, Jung Jong-Hyuak, Suzanne Lysak, Jasmine McNealy, Simon Perez; Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Frank Currier, Richard Dubin, Barbara Jones, Bob Kucharavy, Bob Lloyd, John Nicholson, Kevin O’Neill, William Ward; Profs. Emer.: Stan Alten, Richard Barnhill, Frederic A. Demarest Jr., Don Edwards, William Ehling, Elizabeth Flocke, Sheldon Gilbert, W. John Hottenstein, W. John Hubbard, John P. Jones, Samuel V. Kennedy III, Bob Lissit, Marshal Matlock, Lawrence Myers Jr., David Norton, Thomas Richards, Nancy Sharp, Vernone Sparkes, Edward Stephens, Francis Ward.
SEQUENCES: Undergraduate: Advertising, Broadcast and Digital Journalism, Graphic Design,  Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism, Photography, Public Relations, Television-Radio-Film. Graduate: Advertising, Arts Journalism, Broadcast and Digital Journalism, Documentary Film & History, Magazine Newspaper & Online Journalism, Multimedia Photography & Design, New Media Management, Public Diplomacy, Public Relations, Television-Radio-Film; PhD: Mass Communications.

Utica College of Syracuse University

1600 Burrstone Rd., Utica, NY 13502. Tel: (315) 792-3241. FAX: (315) 792-3173. Email: <>. Department of Public Relations and Journalism. PRSSA, SPJ. Paul MacArthur, chairman.
SEQUENCES: Journalism, Public Relations, Public Relations-Journalism.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – New Mexico

New Mexico

Eastern New Mexico University

Portales, NM 88130. Tel: (505) 562-2130, FAX: (505) 562-2847, Email: <>; Web: <www.unm.ed/~cjdept>. Department of Communicative Arts and Sciences, 1972.
Journalism Program: Offers a major and a minor degree in journalism. Stresses reporting, editing, visual communication, online communication, and law and ethics.

New Mexico, University of

MSC03 2240, Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001. Tel: (505) 277-5305, FAX: (505) 277-2068. Email: <>.  Department of Communication and Journalism, 1948. SPJ. Glenda Balas, chair, <>.
SEQUENCES: Multimedia Journalism, Strategic Communication.

New Mexico Highlands University

Box 9000, Las Vegas, NM 87701. Tel: (505) 425-7511; FAX: (505) 454-3389; Email: <>. Department of English, Speech and Journalism of the Humanities Div. Peter Linder, chair.
Journalism Program: Offers major course work with emphasis on news-editorial.

• New Mexico State University

Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001. Tel: (505) 646-1034, FAX: (505) 646-1255, Email: Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, Dept. 3J, Box 30001, 1963. NAB, BEA, NPR, PBS, NPPA, NMPA, AAF, NMBA, SPJ. Hwiman Chung,  Interim Head.
FACULTY: Prof.: J. Sean McCleneghan; Assoc. Prof.: Hwiman Chung; Asst Profs.: Bruce Berman, Mary Lamonica, Roger Mellen, Frank Thayer; College Faculty: Pam Porter; Instr: Charles Scholz; News22 Director: Nick Miller
CONCENTRATIONS: Advertising, Broadcasting, News-Editorial, Photojournalism, Public Relations.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Nevada


• Nevada, Las Vegas, University of

4505 Maryland Parkway, Box 455007, Greenspun Hall, Rm. 2147, Las Vegas, NV 89154-5007. Tel: (702) 895-2028, FAX: (702) 895-5189; Email: <> Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies, 1976. IABC, SPJ, KTA.   Ardyth Sohn, Director; Larry Mullen, Assistant director.
FACULTY: Prof.: Anthony J. Ferri, Lawrence Mullen (Assistant Director),  Susanna Priest, Ardyth Sohn (Director),  Dan Stout (Graduate Program Coordinator); Assoc. Profs.: Gregory Borchard, Julian Kilker, Gary Larson (Undergraduate Program Coordinator),  Paul J. Traudt;  Asst. Profs.: Stephen Bates; Assoc. Affiliate Prof.: Mary Hausch; Asst. Affiliate Prof.: John Naccarato (IMC Coordinator); Kathy Espin (Internship Coordinator);  David Reese (General Manager KUNV); Laurel Fruth (General Manager UNLV-TV).
Areas of CONCENTRATION: News and Media Studies and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC).
FACILITIES: AdA, KUNV Radio (NPR), CN, PRA, VDT, Computerized Writing Labs (Mac & PC), TV Studios, Cable Channel.

• Nevada-Reno, University of

Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism and Center for Advanced Media Studies, 1921.  AAF, BEA, ONA, PRSSA, KTA. Mail Stop 310; Reno, NV 89557-0310. Tel: (775) 784-6531, FAX: (775) 784-6656; E-mail: <rsjinfo>. Alan G. Stavitsky, dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Caesar Andrews (Leonard Chair in Ethics and Writing), Larry Dailey (Reynolds Chair in New Media Technology), Alan Deutschman (Reynolds Chair in Business Journalism), Michael Marcotte (Reynolds Chair in Entrepreneurial Journalism), Alan G. Stavitsky (Dean and Fred W. Smith Chair); Assoc. Profs.:, Howard Goldbaum, Ben Holden, Donica Mensing (Director, Graduate Studies), David Ryfe (Academic Chair); Assist. Profs.: Stewart Cheifet, Bob Felten, Todd Felts, Rosemary McCarthy; Profs. Emer.: Jim Ellis, Jake Highton, Warren Lerude, Bourne Morris; Adm. Fac.: Kristin Burgarello (Dir. Of Dev.), Paul Mitchell (Coord. Recruit./Retent.)
Emphases: News, Strategic Communication, Interactive Media MA Program
Facilities: AP, FM, AdA, CN, ComN, ComTV, PRA, VDT.
Degrees: BA, MA


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Missouri


Central Missouri, University of

Warrensburg, MO 64093. Tel: (660) 543-4840, FAX: (660) 543-8006; Web: <>. Department of Communication, BEA, PRSSA, SPJ, Missouri Broadcasters Assoc., Missouri Press Assoc., UFVA. Charles Fair, Chair.
SEQUENCES: Mass Communication, Broadcasting and Film, Public Relations, Print Journalism (News Editorial)
DEGREES: BA, BS, BSE (teacher certification), MA.

College of the Ozarks

Point Lookout, MO, 65726. Tel: (417) 690-3458. E-mail: Department of Mass Communication. Program offers emphases in journalism, video production and radio/sound production. DEGREES: BA, BS

Culver-Stockton College

1 College Hill, Canton, MO 63435. Tel: (573) 288-6349, FAX: (573) 288-6611. Communication Department. Webpage: <>. Joy Daggs, Interpersonal and Public Relations head. Tyler Tomlinson, Journalism head.
Communication Program: A general communication education in a liberal arts setting. Students may choose between three interdisciplinary tracks, which include interpersonal communication, journalism, and public relations.

Evangel University

1111 N. Glenstone, Springfield, MO 65802. Tel: (417) 865-2815 (Ext. 7383), FAX: (417) 520-0545. Department of Communication (with an emphasis either in journalism, communication studies, or electronic media). Shirley Shedd, chair.
Journalism Program: Includes a major, minor and concentration in the field.

• Lincoln University

Jefferson City, MO 65102. Tel: (573) 681-5280, FAX: (573) 681-5438. Email: <>. Department of Humanities, Fine Arts and Journalism Program: 1942. Don Govang, Dept. Head.
FACULTY: Assoc. Prof.: Don Govang; Asst. Prof.: Ted Jacobs, Art Fulcher; Part-time Faculty; Leslie Cross, Tom Cwynar.

Lindenwood University

209 S. Kingshighway, St. Charles, MO 63301. Tel: (314) 949-4880; Email: <>. School of Communications, 1948. Mike Wall, dean.
Majors offered in Advertising, Interactive Media and Web Design, Corporate Communication, Journalism, Digital Cinema Arts and Mass Communication (emphases in Radio/TV, PR, Media Management and Sales, or Sports Information).  MA in Communications.

Maryville University

13550 Conway Rd., St. Louis, MO 63141. Tel: (314) 529-9473, FAX: (314) 542-9085; Email: <>. Communications Program. Gerald Boyer, PhD.
Communications Program: Students specialize in one of three areas offered through courses and/or internships: Public Communication, Business/Marketing Communication, or Broadcasting.

• Missouri, University of

120 Neff, Columbia, MO 65211. Tel.: (573) 882-6686: FAX (573) 884-5400. Missouri School of Journalism, 1908. ORGANIZATIONS: AAF, AAJA, ACES, ACT, APSE, BEA, CPoY, KAM, KTA, NABJ, NAHJ, NATAS, NLGJA, NPPA, ONA, RTDNA, SND, SPJ. R. Dean Mills, dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Jacqui Banaszynski (Knight Chair in Editing), Brian Brooks (Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies and Administration), Glen Cameron (Maxine Wilson Gregory Chair in Journalism Research), Mark Carter (Goldenson Chair in Community Broadcasting), Barbara Cochran (Hurley Chair in Public Affairs Journalism), Suzette Heiman, Michael Jenner (Houston Harte Chair in Journalism), Lynda Kraxberger, (Chair, Convergence Journalism), Glenn Leshner, Debra Mason, Amy McCombs (Lee Hills Chair in Free-Press Studies), Daryl Moen, Randall Smith (Donald W. Reynolds Endowed Chair in Business Journalism), Martha Steffens (Society of American Business Editors and Writers Chair in Business and Financial Journalism), James Sterling (Missouri Community Newspaper Management Chair), Esther Thorson (Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research), Lee Wilkins; Assoc. Profs.: Jeanne Abbott, Jacquelyn Bell, Elizabeth Brixey, Clyde Bentley, Mary Kay Blakely, Paul Bolls, Greg Bowers, Phill Brooks, Len Bruzzese, Jan Colbert (Chair, Magazine Journalism), Kent Collins (Chair, Radio-Television Journalism), Stephanie Craft (Chair, Journalism Studies), Fritz Cropp, Sandra Davidson, Charles Davis, Margaret Duffy (Chair, Strategic Communication), John Fennell (Meredith Chair in Service Journalism), Cynthia Frisby, Gary Grigsby, Michael Grinfeld, David Herzog, Mark Horvit, Berkley Hudson, Greeley Kyle, Maria Len-Rios, Mike McKean, Joy Mayer, Earnest Perry, Wes Pippert, Katherine Reed, Rita Reed, David Rees (Chair, Photojournalism), Jennifer Reeves, Randy Reeves, Shelly Rodgers, Anna Romero, Jennifer Rowe, John Schneller, Scott Swafford, Margaret Walter, Stacey Woelfel, Tom Warhover (Chair, Print and Digital News), Kevin Wise; Asst. Profs.:  Bill Allen, Frank Corridori, Nathan Estep, Elizabeth Frogge, Keith Greenwood, Andrea Heiss, Amanda Hinnant, Barbara Ifshin, Laura Johnston, Brian Kratzer, Karen Mitchell, Jeimmie Nevalga, Stephanie Padgett, Rhonda Prast, Steve Rice, Janet Saidi, Amy Simons, Mark Swanson, Yong Volz, Tim Vos; Instr.: Edward Cook, Grant Hodder, Ronald Jenson; Adjunct Fac.: Angie Bailey, Brad Best, Eric Blumberg, William Book, Dorothy Carner, Sarah Hill, Walter Denny, Carolina Escudero, Roger Fidler, Lisa Fischer, Nathaniel Fleishmann, John Feunfhausen, Christopher Fuller, Terry Ganey, Jong Woo Han, Gareth Harding, Holly Higginbotham, Patricia Hoddinott, Beverly Horvit, Mark Johnson, Tsugio Kato, Kristin Kellogg, George Kennedy, Sanford Kornberg, Stephanie Makosky, Kyle McConaghy, Bruce Moe, James Muench, Michael Odneal, Dan Potter, David Reed, Jenilee Russell, Scott Schaefer, Rick Shaw, Alan Scher Zagier, Judd Slivka, Patricia Smith, Karon Speckman, Brian Steffens, Reuben Stern, Russell Todd, Melinda Van Eaton, Steve Veile, Matthew Veto; Profs. Emer.: Roger Gafke, Rod Gelatt, Henry Hager, George Kennedy, Stephen Kopcha, Ed Lambeth, Stuart Loory, John Merrill, Don Ranly, Keith Sanders, Byron Scott, Zoe Smith, Steve Weinberg, Betty Houchin Winfield.
UNDERGRADUATE INTEREST AREAS: Arts and Culture Journalism, Business and Economics Journalism, Convergence Photojournalism, Convergence Radio Reporting and Producing, Convergence Television Reporting, Emerging Media, Entrepreneurial Journalism, Individually Designed Interest Area, International Journalism, International Strategic Communication, Magazine Design, Magazine Editing, Magazine Publishing and Management, Magazine Writing, Multimedia Producing, News Design, News Editing, News Reporting, Photojournalism, Radio-Television Producing, Radio-Television Reporting and Anchoring, Science and Health Journalism, Sports Reporting, Strategic Communication Account Management, Strategic Communication Art Direction, Strategic Communication Copywriting, Strategic Communication Interactive, Strategic Communication Media Planning, Strategic Communication Public Relations, Strategic Communication Research, Visual Editing and Management, Watchdog Journalism.
GRADUATE: Master’s: Two-year and BJ/MA programs in Advertising, Broadcast, Convergence, International Journalism, Investigative Journalism, Law and Conflict Resolution, Magazine, News, Photojournalism, Public Policy, Strategic Communication. Online master’s programs in Media Management, Strategic Communication. Joint  MA Strategic Communication-Master Public Health. Doctoral: Communication Theory, History, Health Communication, History, Law and Ethics, Media and Society, Political Communication.

• Missouri-Kansas City, University of

202 Haag Hall, 5120 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO 64110. Tel: (816) 235-1337, FAX: (816) 235-5539. Email: <>. Department of Communication Studies, 1972. SCA, PRSA. Carol Koehler, chair.
 Communication Studies program offers emphasis in Journalism & Mass Communication, Interpersonal & Public Communication or Film and Media Arts.
FACULTY: Profs.: Michael R. Neer, Robert Unger; Assoc. Profs.: G. Thomas Poe, Carol Koehler, Peter Morello, Greg Gutenko; Asst. Profs.: Caitlin Horsmon; Michael McDonald; Instructors: Linda H. Kurz, Judith K. McCoromick;  Angela Elam (Radio) Emer.: Gaylord Marr; Gregory D. Black, Joan E. Aitken, Larry G. Ehrlich; Robin League.

Missouri-Saint Louis, University of

One University Boulevard, 236 Arts Administration Building, St. Louis, MO 63121. Tel: (314) 516-5496. FAX: (314) 516-5816. Email: <>. Mass Communication / Media Studies, 1982 / 2004. Contact: Dr. Michael D. Murray, University of Missouri Board of Curators’ Distinguished Professor. Journalism Program: Undergraduate degree (B.S. in Media Studies), 2007. Minor in Public Affairs Reporting.

Missouri Southern State University

3950 E. Newman Road, Joplin, MO 64801-1595. Tel.: (417) 625-9580; FAX: (417) 625-9585; Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1980. J. R. Moorman, Head.
Communications Program: offers B.A. and B.S. majors with options in mass communications, public relations, and speech communication. The department publishes a weekly student newspaper and alumni magazine and operates a cable television station and a classical music radio station.

• Missouri State University

901 S. National Ave., Springfield, MO 65804. Tel: (417) 836-5218, FAX: (417) 836-4637. Email: <>. Department of Media, Journalism and Film, 1971. AER, AWC, IABC, PR Club. Mark Biggs, head.
FACULTY: Profs.: Karen Buzzard, Arlen Diamond, Thomas Dickson, Mark Paxton; Assoc. Profs.: Mark Biggs, Andrew Cline, Jaime Bihlmeyer, Mary Jane Pardue; Weiyan Wang, Timothy White; Asst. Profs.: Diana Botsford; Deborah Larson; Lecturers: Jack Dimond; Shawn Maxfield.
SEQUENCES: Journalism (Print and Broadcast); Film Studies, Media Operations, Media Production, Digital Film Production, Screen-writing and Electronic Arts.

Missouri Western State College

Eder 222, St. Joseph, MO 64507. Tel: (816) 271-4310, FAX: (816) 271-4543. Email:  <>. Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Journalism, 1973. Michael Cadden, chair.
SEQUENCES: Convergent Journalism major, English major with emphases in  journalism and technical communication, Master of Arts in Integrated Media with  Convergent Media option.
DEGREES: BA, BS, MA We produce a weekly newspaper, a yearbook and an annual literary publication.

Northwest Missouri State University

800 University Drive, Wells Hall #237, Maryville, MO 64468-6001. Tel: (660) 562-1361, FAX: (660) 562-1947.  Email: <>. Department of Mass Communication. Jerry Donnelly, chair.
Journalism Program: Programs in Mass Media, Broadcast Journalism, Media Advertising, Public Relations and Print Journalism.

• Saint Louis University

3733 West Pine Blvd., Xavier Hall 300, St. Louis, MO 63108. Tel: (314) 977-3191. FAX: (314) 977-3195. Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1976. AAF, PRSSA. Kevin B. Wright, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Rob Anderson, Richard Burgin (ed., Boulevard Magazine), Kathleen Farrell, Avis Meyer (dir., Political Jour.), William Tyler, Kevin B. Wright; Assoc. Profs.: Robert Krizek, Karla Scott, April Trees, Paaige Turner; Asst. Profs.: Jamel Bell, Matt Carlson, Chris Chavez, Mary Gould, Amber Hinsley, Dan Kozlowski, Hyunmin Lee, Jennifer Ohs, Katie Place, Elizabeth Richard, Gary Seibert, S.J.; Instr: Cynthia Graville-Smith.
CONCENTRATIONS: Advertising & Public Relations; Communication, Culture & Community; Journalism & Media Studies; Leadership, Organizing & Relating; Communication Studies
DEGREES: BA, MA, MA (Research)

• Southeast Missouri State University

Cape Girardeau, MO 63701-2750. Tel: (573) 651-5142, FAX: (573) 651-5907. <> Department of Mass Media, 1983. AAF, PRSSA, SPJ, MCA-I/ITVA, NBS, NABJ, Missouri Press Assoc., Missouri Broadcasters Assoc.
FACULTY: Profs.: Jack Zibluk (chair), James Dufek, Susan Gonders, Bruce Mims, Karie Hollerbach, Fred Jones; Assoc. Prof: Don Jung; Asst. Profs.: Tamara Zellars Buck, Ann White; Instrs.:  Mike Simmons, Cindie Yanow; Adjunct Fac.: David Andrews SEQUENCES: Advertising, Multimedia Journalism, PR,  TV/Film.

Stephens College

1200 E. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65215. Tel: (573) 876-7133, FAX: (314) 876-7248.  Email: <>. Mass Communication Department (TV-Radio-Journalism-Public Relations). John S. Blakemore, APR, chair.
Journalism Program: Mass Communication major with choice of three emphases: Broadcast Media Production, Journalism or Public Relations. Mass Communication minors in Broadcast Media Production, Journalism, Public Relations.

Truman State University

Kirksville, MO 63501. Tel: (660) 785-4481, FAX: (660) 785-7486; Email: <>. Language and Literature Division, 1974. IABC, SPJ. Heinz D. Woehlk.
SEQUENCES: Journalism, Speech Comm.

Webster University

470 E. Lockwood Ave., St. Louis, MO 63119. Tel: (314) 968-6975, FAX: (314) 968-7077. Email: <>. Department of Journalism/Media Communications Dept., 1977. Don Corrigan, journalism sequence.
Journalism Program: Department is heavy on print/community newspaper orientation. Media program offers photojournalism, audio recording, video production, radio, and cable television access. Also offers media courses on Vienna and Leiden campuses.Graduate school program is for evening media students.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Indiana


Anderson University

1100 East Fifth Street, Anderson, IN 46012. Tel: (765) 641-4340. Department of Communication, 1977. Donald G. Boggs, chair.
Journalism Program: Forty-Five hour Mass Communication major with specializations in Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Broadcast Production and Public Relations. SCJ, ICVM.

• Ball State University

Letterman Building, 102, Muncie, IN 47306. Tel: (765) 285-6000, Fax: (765) 285-6002, College of Communication, Information, and Media. Roger Lavery, dean. Art and Journalism Building, 300, Tel: (765) 285-8200, Fax: (765) 285-7997, Department of Journalism, <>, <> AAF, JEA, NABJ, NPPA, PRSSA, SND, SPJ. Dan Waechter, interim chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Roger Lavery, Mark Massé (graduate advising), David Sumner (coord., Magazine); Assoc. Profs.: Jennifer George-Palilonis (coord., Graphics), Michael Hanley (coord., Advertising), Alfredo Marín-Carle, Mary Spillman (coord., News); Asst. Profs.: Donna Gray, Kenneth Heinen, Minjeong Kang, Brad King, Adam Kuban, Becky McDonald, Thomas Price (coord., Photo), Dan Waechter (interim chair, curricular advising); Instrs.: Debbie Davis, Pamela Farmen, Brian Hayes (coord., Secondary Education), Annie Hammock, Juli Metzger (interim dir., Unified Media), Jeff Newton, Michelle O’Malley, Richard Shoemaker (coord., Public Relations), Ryan Sparrow, John Strauss (coord., Daily News operations), Sheryl Swingley (coord., Internship); Part-time Instrs.: John Ginter, Megan McNames, Donna Penticuff, Colleen Steffen; Profs. Emer.: Robert Gustafson, Robert Heintzelman, David Knott, Tendayi Kumbula, Mark Popovich, Melvin Sharpe. Marilyn Weaver.
MAJORS: Advertising, Journalism (Graphics, Magazine, News, Photo), Public Relations, Secondary Education.

Butler University

4600 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46208. Tel: (317) 940-9708, FAX: (317) 940-9020; Email: <>. Eugene S. Pulliam School of Journalism, Kwadwo Anokwa, director.
Program: The journalism major has course sequences in news-editorial, public relations, and integrated communication: public relations and advertising. The department also coordinates an interdisciplinary major in public and corporate communication (PCC) designed for students interested in communication-related careers.

Calumet College

2400 New York Avenue, Whiting, IN 46394. Tel: (219) 473-7700. Division of Communication and Fine Arts. Dawn Muhammad, program director.
Journalism Program: News-Editorial sequence. BA in Communication Arts with journalism emphasis.

DePauw University

313 S. Locust Street, PO Box 37, Greencastle, IN 46135-00037. Tel: (765) 658-4495, FAX: (765) 658-4499.  Email: <>. Department of English and Department of Communication Arts and Sciences. Jeffrey M. McCall, chair.
Mass Communication Program: Coursework offered in news writing and editing, magazine writing, broadcast journalism, media law, media criticism and organizational communication.

• Evansville, University of

1800 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville, IN 47722. Tel: (812) 488-2341, FAX: (812) 488-2717. Email: <>; Web Page: <>. Department of Communication, 1955. Mark L. Shifflet, Chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Hope Bock, Michael J. Stankey, T. Dean Thomlison; Mark L. Shifflet; Instrs.: Lori Smith.
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Public Relations/Media Writing, Video Production, Online Media Development.

Franklin College

501 E. Monroe St., Franklin, IN 46131. Tel: (317) 738-8200, FAX: (317) 738-8234. URL: <>. Email: <>. Pulliam School of Journalism, 1940. SPJ. Ray Begovich, director.
SEQUENCES: News/Editorial, Advertising/Public Relations, Broadcast Journalism, Secondary-School Teaching, Visual Communications.

Goshen College

Goshen, IN 46526-4798. Tel: (574) 535-7008, FAX: (574) 535-7660. Email: <>; Web Page: Department of Communication. Duane Stoltzfus, assoc. prof.
Journalism Program: Communication major includes courses in broadcasting, journalism, public relations, photography, video, and web-site production. Internship required.

• Indiana State University

Terre Haute, IN 47809. Tel: (812) 237-3221, FAX: (812) 237-3217; Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1952. SPJ.
FACULTY: Prof.: Paul D. Hightower; Assoc. Prof.: Michael O. Buchholz.
SEQUENCES: News/Editorial, Photojournalism and Magazine Writing.

• Indiana University

BLOOMINGTON CAMPUS: 940 E. Seventh St., Ernie Pyle Hall, Room 200, Bloomington, IN 47405. Tel: (812) 855-9247, FAX: (812) 855-0901. Web: School of Journalism, 1911. NPPA, PRSSA, SPJ. Bradley J. Hamm, Dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Claude Cookman, John E. Dvorak, Bradley J. Hamm (dean), Shannon Martin (assoc. dean for research and graduate studies), David P. Nord, Radhika Parameswaran, David H. Weaver (Roy W. Howard Research Prof.), Lars Willnat; Assoc. Profs.: David E. Boeyink, Bonnie J. Brownlee, Mike Conway, Michael Evans (assoc. dean for undergraduate studies), Tony Fargo, Owen V. Johnson, Jim Kelly; Asst. Profs.: Hans Ibold, Jae Kook Lee, Lesa Hatley Major, Emily Metzgar, W. Joann Wong; Lectr.: Nancy Comiskey, Dennis Elliott, Ron Johnson (director, student media), Bonnie Layton, Steve Layton, Teresa White (director, High School Journalism Institute), Craig Wood; Profs. Emer.: John W. Ahlhauser, Trevor R. Brown, Jon Dilts, Dan G. Drew, Peter P. Jacobi, Christine Ogan, Carol Polsgrove, Holly Stocking, G. Cleveland Wilhoit.

INDIANAPOLIS CAMPUS: 535 West Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Tel: (317) 278-5328, FAX: (317) 278-5321. Web: <>.
FACULTY: Profs.: Jonas Bjork, Dan Drew (interim executive associate dean), Sherry Ricchiardi; Asst. Prof.: Pamela Laucella; Lectr.: Julie Vincent; Prof. Emer.: Jim Brown, Shirley Quate.
SEQUENCES: News-Editorial, Broadcast News, Photojournalism, Advertising, PR, Magazine, Media Management, Journalism Education.
DEGREES: BAJ, MA Prof., MA Res., PhD.

Indiana Wesleyan University

4201 South Washington Street, Marion, IN  46953. Tel: (765) 677-1818. FAX: (765) 677-1755. Email: <>.  Website: <http:  Division of Communication, Denise P. Ferguson, chair; Kyle D. Huckins, journalism coordinator.
Communication programs: Majors in Communication Studies, Journalism, Media Communication, Public Relations, Theatre. Integrated theory and practical application program, and with award-winning weekly university newspaper (The Sojourn), television station, radio station, PRSSA chapter,  and theatre guild.

Indianapolis, University of

1400 East Hanna Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46227. Tel: (317) 788-3280. FAX: (317) 788-3490. Email: <>. Website: <>. Department of Communication, 1985.  Billy Catchings, chair.
Communication Program: Program includes skills and theory courses in journalism, electronic media, and public relations in a liberal arts Methodist-affiliated university, biweekly newspaper, radio station, television channel, and public relations agency.

Notre Dame, University of

Notre Dame, IN 46556. Tel: (219) 631-7316, FAX: (219) 631-4268; Email: <>. Department of American Studies. Robert Schmuhl, director, John W. Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics & Democracy.
Journalism Program: Students take courses on journalism and the media, as well as writing courses, within the context of American Studies or they participate in the John W. Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy, a five-course concentration, that can be completed with any major.

Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN 47907-1366. Tel: (765) 494-3429, FAX: (765) 496-1394. Email: <>. Department of Communication. Howard E. Sypher, head.
Journalism Program: Undergraduate majors in Journalism, Telecommunication, Public Relations and Mass Communication. MA and PhD programs in Mass Communication.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Room 011 Hulman Hall, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN 47876. Tel: (812) 535-5132; FAX: (812) 535-5228; Email: <>. Department of English, Journalism and Languages. Nancy Pieters Mayfield, chair.
Journalism Program: Stresses professional preparation of women in journalism in a liberal arts context. Classroom and External Degree formats. News/Editorial/Computer Layout and Design.

• Southern Indiana, University of

8600 University Blvd., Evansville, IN 47712-3596. Tel: (812) 461-5220, FAX: (812) 465-7152. Email: <>. Web: <>;;. Department of Communications, 1985. SPJ, AAF, PRSSA. J. Wayne Rinks, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Karen H. Bonnell, Gael L. Cooper; Assoc. Profs.: Wesley T. Durham, Leigh Anne Howard, J. Wayne Rinks, Chad R. Tew, Asst. Profs.: David N. Black, Zachary Henning, Yoon-Joo Lee, Stephanie Young,  Robert E. West, Jr., Instrs.: Erin Gibson, Jo Hamm, Robert W. Jeffers, , John M. Morris, Mary B. Reese; Profs. Emer.: Seymour Brodsky, Dal M. Herring, Helen R. Sands, Mary A. Schroeder, Kenneth G. Vance.
MAJORS: Public Relations and Advertising (sequence in each), Journalism, Communication Studies, Radio and Television.

Taylor University, Fort Wayne Campus

1025 W. Rudisill Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46807-2197; Tel.: (260) 744-8647, FAX: (260) 485-9891; Web: <>. Dennis E. Hensley, professor of English, director of the Professional Writing major; Email: <>.

Valparaiso University

1809 Chapel Drive, Valparaiso, IN 46383. Tel: (219) 464-5271, FAX: (219) 464-6742, Email: <jennifer.ziegler>. Department of Communication.   Jennifer Ziegler, chair.
Communication Program:  Undergraduate B.A. majors: Communication (including  concentrations in Communication Law and Public Relations) and Digital Media.  Practical experience stressed; internship required; co-op education available.   M.S. degrees in Digital Media and Sports Media.

Vincennes University

1002 North First Street, Vincennes, IN 47591-5201. Tel: (812) 888-4551/4554; FAX: (812) 888-5531. Email: <>. The Journalism Program. Mark Stalcup, director.
Journalism Program: Newspaper-oriented curriculum with two sequences, news-editorial and print media advertising. Five lecture courses, production laboratories for each sequence, and two inter-departmental photography courses. Weekly laboratory newspaper.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Illinois


Augustana College

639 38th Street, Rock Island, IL  61201.  Tel: (309) 794-7724, Email: <>.  Department of Communication Studies.  Ellen Hay, Chair.
MAJORS: Communication Studies, Meltimedia Journalism and Mass Communication

• Bradley University

Peoria, IL 61625. Tel: (309) 677-2354, FAX: (309) 677-3446, Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1947. AAF, PRSSA, SPJ, WICI. Paul Gullifor, Chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Paul Gullifor, Bob Jacobs, Ali Zohoori; Assoc. Profs.: Olatunji Dare, Chris Kasch, Ron Koperski, Ed Lamoureux, Gregory Pitts; Asst. Profs.: Sara Netzley, Stephen Banning, Maha Bashri, Elena Gabor, Margaret Young; Lectrs.: B.J. Lawrence, Linda Strasma, Laura Garfinkel; Instrs.: Jan Frazier, Tyler Billman; Director of Forensics: Dan Smith; Asst. Director of Forensics: Tyler Billman; Profs. Emer.: E. Neal Claussen, Donald Koller, Sharon M. Murphy, Paul B. Snider, John Schweitzer, Karni Tiernan, Henry Vanderheyden.
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Electronic Media, Journalism, Organizational Communication, Public Relations.

Columbia College Chicago

600 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60605-1996. Tel: (312) 369-7687, FAX: (312) 369-8059. Department of Journalism. Email: <>. Barry Rice, acting chair.
Sequences: Undergraduate majors in News Reporting and Writing, Magazine, Broadcast Journalism (Radio & TV), Reporting on Health, Science & Environment; undergraduate minor in Publication Production; graduate program (MA) in Public Affairs Reporting.

DePaul University

2320 N. Kenmore Ave., Chicago, IL 60614. Tel: (773) 325-7585, FAX: (773) 325-7584. Email: <>. Department of Communication. Barbara L. Speicher, chair.
Undergraduate course offerings in Public Relations and Advertising; Radio, Television & Film; Journalism; Social & Political Discourse; Relational Group & Organizational Communication. Graduate coursework in Corporate Communication, Multicutural Communication and Public Relations & Advertising. Degrees offered are B.A. and M.A.

• Eastern Illinois University

600 Lincoln Ave., 2521 Buzzard Hall, Charleston, IL 61920-3099. Tel: (217) 581-6003, FAX: (217) 581-7188. Email: <>. Department of Journalism, 1975. KTA, NABJ, PRSSA, SCJ, ACES, SPJ, CMA. James Tidwell, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: L.R. Hyder, Brian Poulter (photo adviser), John Ryan (dir. stud. pubs.), James Tidwell; Assoc. Profs.: Joe Gisondi, Terri Johnson (adviser, student pr agency, KTA, PRSSA), Sally Renaud (adviser, yearbook, director high school outreach); Asst. Profs.: Janice Collins (broadcast adviser, adviser, minority nwsp), Eunseong Kim, Lola Burnham (adviser, nwsp), Bryan Murley( online adviser); Instrs.: Dan Hagen, Doug Lawhead, Elizabeth Viall.
SEQUENCE: Major: Journalism. Minors: Journalism, Public Relations.
CONCENTRATIONS: Writing and Reporting, Editing, Design, Photojournalism, Public Relations, New and
Emerging Media, Broadcast News.
FACILITES: AP, FM, CN ComN, DR, ETV, HS (sponsors high school press assn., hosts state high school journalism assn.), hosts state community college press assn., headquarters Mid-America Press Institute, JM, PRA, VDT.

Governors State University

1 University Parkway, University Park, IL 60466-0975. Tel: (708) 534-4578, FAX: (708) 534-7895.  Email: <>. Website: <> Department of Communications, Michael Purdy, Program Coordinator.
BA Sequences: Film/Video Production, Journalism, Multi Media Production, Public Relations, Speech.
MA Sequences: Communication Studies, Human Performance and Training, Media Communications. Facilities: VDT. Degrees: BA, MA.

Illinois College

1101 West College Avenue, Jacksonville, IL 62650. Tel: (217) 245-3000. Journalism, 1970. Jim Kerbaugh, chair, English; Peter Verkruyse, chair, Communications & Theatre.
Journalism Program: Students interested in a career in journalism may major in communications or English. The college offers writing and communication courses and various internships. Local newspapers also employ students.

Illinois at Chicago, University of

1007 West Harrison St., 1140 BSB, MC 132, Chicago, IL 60607-7137. Tel.: (312) 996-3187; Fax: (312) 413-2125; Email: <>. Department of Communication. Zizi Papacharissi, Head.
The Department of Communication provides undergraduate students with a broad liberal education that covers communication from the personal through the international levels and builds responsible citizenship. Students gain depth in understanding communication processes in a diverse metropolitan setting. The department approach is conceptual, helping students build critical thinking and research skills to face challenges from the multiple careers they will pursue.

• Illinois, University of

810 S. Wright St., 119 Gregory Hall, MC-462, Urbana, IL 61801. Tel: (217) 333-2350, Fax: (217) 333-9882. Web site: <>. College of Media, 1927. ACT, AAF, ADS, AHJ, BEA, KTA, NABJ, NAHJ, SPJ. Interim Dean: Janet Slater. Assoc. Dean: Christopher Benson (Faculty); Marlah McDuffie (Advancement/Development); Julian Parrott (Student Services); Asst. Deans: Jennifer Jorstad (Administration).
FACULTY: Profs.: C.L. Cole (Assoc. Head, Media and Cinema Studies); Leon D. Dash, (Swanlund Chair); Matthew C. Ehrlich; Walter G. Harrington; James W. Hay; Brant Houston (Knight Chair), Brian K. Johnson; Cameron McCarthy; Jay M. Rosenstein; Angharad N. Valdivia (Interim Dir., Inst. of Comm. Research; Head, Media and Cinema Studies); Assoc. Profs.: Christopher D. Benson; Nancy J. Benson (Dir., Grad. Studies, Journalism); Jason P. Chambers; Fernando Elichirigoity; Lovich R. Martin (Head, Dept. of Journalism), Eric K. Meyer; Isabel Molina-Guzman; Michelle R. Nelson (Interim Head, Dept. of Advertising); Ann Reisner; Mirjana Sotirovic; Patrick T. Vargas; Asst. Profs.: Anita Say Chan; Brittany R. L. Duff; Ivy Glennon; Chang-Dae Ham; Charles Ledford; Julie Turnock; John Wirtz; Visiting Asst. Profs.: Katie Abrams (Ag. Communications); Amanda Ciafone; Michael D. Giardina; Jameson Hayes; Byonung H. Kim; Changhyan Lee; Diana Mincyte; Lectrs.: Jennifer E. Follis; Steven R. Hall (Dir., Career Serv., Advertising); Geralyn K. Holley (Dir., Career Serv., Journalism); Mike Howie; Jean A. McDonald; John Paul; Peter Sheldon; Adjunct Lectrs.: Rhiannon Clifton (Program Director, Dept. of Advertising); Pam Dempsey; Mike Howie; Katrina Olson; Alexis M. Tate; David Thigpen; Jeffry S. Unger; Alison Davis Wood; Adjunct Profs.: Karin Dovring; Roger J. Ebert; John R. Foreman; Richard N. Kaplan; Profs. Emer.: William E. Berry; Clifford G. Christians; Norman K. Denzin; James F. Evans; Martin Fishbein; William C. Gaines; Gene S. Gilmore; Thomas H. Guback; Bob Hayes; Steve Helle; Jerry M. Landay; Louis Liebovitz; Howard S. Maclay; Paula Treichler; Ronald Yates.
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Broadcast Journalism, Media and Cinema Studies, News-Editorial Journalism.

• Illinois State University

Campus Box 4480, Normal, IL 61790-4480. Tel: (309) 438-3671, FAX: (309) 438-3048. Email: <>. School of Communication. Larry W. Long, Executive Director.
FACULTY: Profs.: Sandra Metts, William Cupach, Jong Kang, John Baldwin, Mary Anne Moffitt, Stephen Perry (Editor: Mass Communication and Society), Cheri Simonds (Editor: Communication Teacher), Stephen Hunt (Editor: Basic Communication Course Annual) and Joseph Blaney (Editor: Journal of Radio and Audio Media); Assoc. Profs.: Jeff Courtright, Jack Glascock, Lance, Lippert, Patrick, O’Sullivan, Joseph Zompetti, John McHale, and Brent Simonds; Asst. Profs.: Phil Chidester, Kevin Meyer, John Huxford, Maria Moore, Megan Hopper, and John Hooker.
Majors in Communication Studies (sequences in Political Communication, Interpersonal, Organizational and Leadership Communication, and Communication Studies Education), Journalism (sequences in Broadcast Journalism, News Editorial, and Visual Communication), Mass Media (sequences in Radio, Television Production, Interactive Media, and Management, Promotion, and Sales), and Public Relations. Television studio (with live daily broadcasts M-F), two radio stations, daily newspaper, computer labs, converged newsroom, and digital photography facilities.
MAJORS: Journalism, Mass Media, Public Relations, Communication Studies, Communication Education.

• Loyola University Chicago

Water Tower Campus, 820 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago IL 60611 Tel: (312) 915-6548, FAX: (312) 915-8593. Email: <>. School of Communication, 2008. Don Heider, PhD, Dean; Hannah Rockwell, Assoc. Dean; Shawna Cooper-Gibson, Asst. Dean.
FACULTY:  Profs.: Sammy Danna; Assoc. Profs.: Elizabeth Coffman, Kay Felkins, Connie Fletcher, Jeffery harder, Elizabeth Lozano, Bren A.O. Murphy, Gilda Parrella, Mark Pollock, Hannah Rockwell; Asst. Profs.: Aaron Greer, Marjorie Kruvand, Julia Lieblich, Pamela Morris, Bastiaan Vanacker; Instrs.: Adrienne Massanari, David Romanelli; Professionals in Residence: Jessica Brown (Layout & Editing), Beth Konrad (Broadcast), Patricia Lamberti (Jour. & New Media), Phil Ponce; Herbert Ritchell (Advertising), Prog. Dir., Ad/PR; Internship Coord., AD/PR; Frank Wirth (Advertising); Distinguished Journalist n Residence: Don Wycliff.
Programs within the School of Communication are: Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations and Communication Studies.
BA in Journalism: Loyola University Chicago’s journalism major leading to a bachelor of arts degree provides students with a comprehensive education focusing on both the traditional and advanced skills needed for various media outlets. The curriculum combines hands-on learning with a focus on ethics, values and social concerns.
BA in Advertising and Public Relations: Today, advertising and public relations are part of an integrated process with a consistent and targeted message across media, campaigns and events. The focus of the profession has expanded from a concentration on increasing sales and media coverage to a more strategic process that includes building the image, reputation and brand of an organization; developing an integrated communication strategy; supporting cause-related marketing; influencing policy and decision making; and establishing engaging relationships with multiple stakeholders.
Communication Studies: The Communication Studies major proudly places itself at the intersection of theory and practice. Its students are led both to understand and to use, to critique and to appreciate, to embrace communication as it is presently practiced in society and to hone it for more effective service to the human community.

Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, IL 60115. Tel: (815) 753-1563, FAX: (815) 753-7109; Email: <>. Department of Communication, Journalism Area,1959. Web: < comm/>; KTA, PRSSA, NABJ, SPJ, WICI. Gary Burns, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Orayb Najjar, Assoc. Profs.: Bill Cassidy (Journalism Area Coordinator), Mehdi Semati, Craig Seymour, Asst. Profs.: Sabryna Cornish, Induk Kim, Thomas Oates, Instr.: Jason Akst; Supportive Professional Staff: Allen May (Gen. Mgr., Brdct. News), Alex Wiertelak (News Director).
SEQUENCES: Journalism; students select courses in news-editorial, broadcast news, photojournalism, and public relations.
DEGREES: BA, BS, MA (journalism area participates in the department’s graduate program).

• Northwestern University

Medill School, 1845 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208-2101. Tel: (847) 467-1882. Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications (847) 491-5665; Chicago facility (312) 503-8415; Washington program (202) 347-8700; Evanston Administrative FAX: (847) 491-5565. Affiliated with the Media Management Center (847) 491-4900l; John Lavine, dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: David Abrahamson Martin Block, Jack Doppelt, Loren Ghiglione, Alec Klein, Donna Leff, Frank Mulhern, Jon Petrovich, David Protess, Don Schultz, Ellen Shearer; Assoc. Profs.: Clarke Caywood, Mary Coffman, Tom Collinger, Doug Foster, Jeremy Gilbert, Rich Gordon, John Greening, Ava Greenwell, George Harmon, Ashlee Humphreys, Craig LaMay ,Edward Malthouse, Matt Mansfield, Rachel Davis Mersey, David Nelson, Kalyan Raman, Richard Roth, Paul Wang, Jon Ziomek; Asst. Profs.: Michele Bitoun, Janice Castro, Susan Mango Curtis, Deborah Mathis, Larry Stuelpnagel, Gary Swanson, Michele Weldon, Charles Whitaker, Patti Wolter; Sr. Lectrs.: Stephan Garnett, Sharon Kornely, Alex Kotlowitz, Joe Mathewson, Arsenio Oloroso, David Standish and Karen Brown.

Roosevelt University

430 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60605. (offices): 18 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60603. Tel: (312) 281-3238 or (312) 281-3337, FAX: (312) 281-3231. Email: <>. Department of Communication. Marian Azzaro, chair.
FACULTY: John Wesley Fountain, Charles Madigan, Linda Jones, Michael Ensdorf, Anne-Marie Cusac, Mary Ellen Schiller, Peter Fallon, Marian Azzaro, Lee Earle, Mickey Brazeal, Lawrence Fisher, Pamela Davies, Billy Montgomery.
PROGRAMS: Journalism, graduate and undergraduate; Integrated Marketing Communications, graduate and undergraduate; Communications, undergraduate only.

• Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Carbondale, IL 62901-6606. Tel: (618) 453-4308, Fax: (618) 453-7714, Email: <>. College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, 1100 Lincoln Drive, Carbondale, IL 62901, 1993. AAF, BEA, BICA, 1TVA, KTA, NABJ, NAEB, NBS, SCJ, SINBA, SIRIS, SPE, UFVA, WIC1. Gary P. Kolb, Dean.
FACULTY:  Profs: William Babcock, Katherine Frith, John Hochheimer, Gary P. Kolb, Dafna Lemish (chair, radio-television, Dennis T. Lowry, Eileen Meehan, Walter Metz (chair, cinema & photography), Daniel Overturf; Assoc. Profs.: Lilly A. Boruszkowski, Lisa Brooten, David Burns, Cade Bursell, Susan Felleman, William Freivogel, (director, journalism), Phylis West, Jyotsna Kapur, Kavita Karan, Novotny Lawrence, Jay Needham, Cinzia Padovani , Jake Podber, Jan Peterson Roddy (Associate Dean for Graduate Studies), R. William Rowley, Jan Thompson, Deborah Tudor (Associate Dean), Dru Vratil; Asst. Profs: Angela Aguayo, Linda Conway-Correll, Mark Dolan, Narayanan Iyer, Wago Kreider, Sarah Lewison, Beverly Love, Antonio Martinez, Howard Motyl, Uche Onyebadi, Roger Spahr, Michele Torre, Paul Torre, Aaron Veenstra, Wenjing Xie, Hong Zhou; Assistant Instructors:Phillip Greer; Visiting Assistant Profs.: Laura Hlavach, Alison Smith, Anita J. Stoner; Senior Lecturers: Joey Helleny, Todd Herreman, Vicki Kreher, Bill Recktenwald, Eileen Waldron, James Wall; Lecturers: Carolyn Kingcade; Profs. Emer.: L. Erwin Atwood, George C. Brown, Loren Cocking, John Downing, Homer E. Dybig, Leo Gher, David Gilmore, William Harmon, Walter Jaehnig,  Ken Keller, University Prof. Mike Lawrence, Fern Logan, Manjunath Pendakur, W. Manion Rice, Jon A. Shidler, Charles W. Shipley, Robert L. Spellman, Gerald C. Stone, Charles Swedlund.
SEQUENCES: Cinema & Photography (cinema production, cinema studies, fine arts photography, professional photography, scriptwriting for cinema, documentary photography), Journalism (advertising/IMC, news editorial, photojournalism, new media news production), Radio-Television (electronic journalism, media industries, tv/video production, audio/radio production, digital media arts, animation).
DEGREES: BA in Cinema & Photography, BA in Radio-Television, BS in Journalism, MA in Mass Communication and Media Arts with concentrations in Interactive Multimedia, Media Management, Media Theory and Research, Professional Media Practice, and Telecommunications, MFA in Mass Communication and Media Arts with concentrations in Cinema and Photography, Ph.D. in Mass Communication and Media Arts.

• Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Edwardsville, IL 62026-1775. Tel: (618) 650-2230, FAX: (618) 650-3716. Email:  <>. Web: < MASSCOMM/ Department of Mass  Communications, 1969. SPJ, AAF, MCAI. Gary R. Hicks, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Ralph R. Donald, Gary R. Hicks (chair), Riley Maynard, John A.  Regnell (emeritus), John R. Rider (emeritus), Jack Shaheen (emeritus), William  G. Ward (emeritus); Assoc. Profs.: Nora Baker (emeritus),Elza Ibroscheva (grad.  director), Barbara Regnell (emeritus); Asst. Profs.: Donna Hale, Musonda  Kapatamoyo, Suman Mishra, Jason Yu; Instrs.: Tom Atwood, Cory Byers, Shawn  Maxfield, Tammy Merrett-Murry.
SEQUENCES: Television and Radio, Corporate and Institutional Media, Media  Advertising and Print and Electronic Journalism.
FACILITIES: FM, AdA, CCTV, CN, ComN, ComTV, DR, JM VDT, ComR, CNN News Source,  AP.

University of St. Francis

500 Wilcox Street, Joliet, IL 60435. Tel: (815) 740-5064, FAX: (815) 740-4285. Email: <>. Mass Communication Department, 1976. Terre Layng Rosner, chair.
Mass Communication Program: Two concentrations: Media Arts/Broadcasting and Public Relations/ Advertising/Journalism, Internships in all areas.

Western Illinois University

Department Of English and Journalism, 1 University Circle, Macomb, IL 61455. Tel: (309) 298-1324, 298-1216, 298-1103 FAX: (309) 298-2974. Email: <>. Website:
Faculty: Profs.: Bill Knight, Mohammad Siddiqi (Director of Journalism Program, Adviser, PRSSA); Assoc. Profs.: Teresa Simmons (Adviser WAF), Pearlie Strother-Adams (Adviser, NABJ); Asst. Profs.: Lisa Kernek (Adviser, SPJ); Yong Tang;  Adjunct: Rich Moreno (Adviser, Western Courier, the student newspaper).
Degree: BA in Journalism; Major: Journalism. Minor: Journalism; Concentrations:  News-Editorial, Public Relations, Advertising.  Facilities and opportunities: Computer and electronic class rooms; digital photography class room; internships in newspaper, public relations, and advertising firms.