AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Indiana


Anderson University

1100 East Fifth Street, Anderson, IN 46012. Tel: (765) 641-4340. Department of Communication, 1977. Donald G. Boggs, chair.
Journalism Program: Forty-Five hour Mass Communication major with specializations in Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Broadcast Production and Public Relations. SCJ, ICVM.

• Ball State University

Letterman Building, 102, Muncie, IN 47306. Tel: (765) 285-6000, Fax: (765) 285-6002, College of Communication, Information, and Media. Roger Lavery, dean. Art and Journalism Building, 300, Tel: (765) 285-8200, Fax: (765) 285-7997, Department of Journalism, <>, <> AAF, JEA, NABJ, NPPA, PRSSA, SND, SPJ. Dan Waechter, interim chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Roger Lavery, Mark Massé (graduate advising), David Sumner (coord., Magazine); Assoc. Profs.: Jennifer George-Palilonis (coord., Graphics), Michael Hanley (coord., Advertising), Alfredo Marín-Carle, Mary Spillman (coord., News); Asst. Profs.: Donna Gray, Kenneth Heinen, Minjeong Kang, Brad King, Adam Kuban, Becky McDonald, Thomas Price (coord., Photo), Dan Waechter (interim chair, curricular advising); Instrs.: Debbie Davis, Pamela Farmen, Brian Hayes (coord., Secondary Education), Annie Hammock, Juli Metzger (interim dir., Unified Media), Jeff Newton, Michelle O’Malley, Richard Shoemaker (coord., Public Relations), Ryan Sparrow, John Strauss (coord., Daily News operations), Sheryl Swingley (coord., Internship); Part-time Instrs.: John Ginter, Megan McNames, Donna Penticuff, Colleen Steffen; Profs. Emer.: Robert Gustafson, Robert Heintzelman, David Knott, Tendayi Kumbula, Mark Popovich, Melvin Sharpe. Marilyn Weaver.
MAJORS: Advertising, Journalism (Graphics, Magazine, News, Photo), Public Relations, Secondary Education.

Butler University

4600 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46208. Tel: (317) 940-9708, FAX: (317) 940-9020; Email: <>. Eugene S. Pulliam School of Journalism, Kwadwo Anokwa, director.
Program: The journalism major has course sequences in news-editorial, public relations, and integrated communication: public relations and advertising. The department also coordinates an interdisciplinary major in public and corporate communication (PCC) designed for students interested in communication-related careers.

Calumet College

2400 New York Avenue, Whiting, IN 46394. Tel: (219) 473-7700. Division of Communication and Fine Arts. Dawn Muhammad, program director.
Journalism Program: News-Editorial sequence. BA in Communication Arts with journalism emphasis.

DePauw University

313 S. Locust Street, PO Box 37, Greencastle, IN 46135-00037. Tel: (765) 658-4495, FAX: (765) 658-4499.  Email: <>. Department of English and Department of Communication Arts and Sciences. Jeffrey M. McCall, chair.
Mass Communication Program: Coursework offered in news writing and editing, magazine writing, broadcast journalism, media law, media criticism and organizational communication.

• Evansville, University of

1800 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville, IN 47722. Tel: (812) 488-2341, FAX: (812) 488-2717. Email: <>; Web Page: <>. Department of Communication, 1955. Mark L. Shifflet, Chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Hope Bock, Michael J. Stankey, T. Dean Thomlison; Mark L. Shifflet; Instrs.: Lori Smith.
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Public Relations/Media Writing, Video Production, Online Media Development.

Franklin College

501 E. Monroe St., Franklin, IN 46131. Tel: (317) 738-8200, FAX: (317) 738-8234. URL: <>. Email: <>. Pulliam School of Journalism, 1940. SPJ. Ray Begovich, director.
SEQUENCES: News/Editorial, Advertising/Public Relations, Broadcast Journalism, Secondary-School Teaching, Visual Communications.

Goshen College

Goshen, IN 46526-4798. Tel: (574) 535-7008, FAX: (574) 535-7660. Email: <>; Web Page: Department of Communication. Duane Stoltzfus, assoc. prof.
Journalism Program: Communication major includes courses in broadcasting, journalism, public relations, photography, video, and web-site production. Internship required.

• Indiana State University

Terre Haute, IN 47809. Tel: (812) 237-3221, FAX: (812) 237-3217; Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1952. SPJ.
FACULTY: Prof.: Paul D. Hightower; Assoc. Prof.: Michael O. Buchholz.
SEQUENCES: News/Editorial, Photojournalism and Magazine Writing.

• Indiana University

BLOOMINGTON CAMPUS: 940 E. Seventh St., Ernie Pyle Hall, Room 200, Bloomington, IN 47405. Tel: (812) 855-9247, FAX: (812) 855-0901. Web: School of Journalism, 1911. NPPA, PRSSA, SPJ. Bradley J. Hamm, Dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Claude Cookman, John E. Dvorak, Bradley J. Hamm (dean), Shannon Martin (assoc. dean for research and graduate studies), David P. Nord, Radhika Parameswaran, David H. Weaver (Roy W. Howard Research Prof.), Lars Willnat; Assoc. Profs.: David E. Boeyink, Bonnie J. Brownlee, Mike Conway, Michael Evans (assoc. dean for undergraduate studies), Tony Fargo, Owen V. Johnson, Jim Kelly; Asst. Profs.: Hans Ibold, Jae Kook Lee, Lesa Hatley Major, Emily Metzgar, W. Joann Wong; Lectr.: Nancy Comiskey, Dennis Elliott, Ron Johnson (director, student media), Bonnie Layton, Steve Layton, Teresa White (director, High School Journalism Institute), Craig Wood; Profs. Emer.: John W. Ahlhauser, Trevor R. Brown, Jon Dilts, Dan G. Drew, Peter P. Jacobi, Christine Ogan, Carol Polsgrove, Holly Stocking, G. Cleveland Wilhoit.

INDIANAPOLIS CAMPUS: 535 West Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Tel: (317) 278-5328, FAX: (317) 278-5321. Web: <>.
FACULTY: Profs.: Jonas Bjork, Dan Drew (interim executive associate dean), Sherry Ricchiardi; Asst. Prof.: Pamela Laucella; Lectr.: Julie Vincent; Prof. Emer.: Jim Brown, Shirley Quate.
SEQUENCES: News-Editorial, Broadcast News, Photojournalism, Advertising, PR, Magazine, Media Management, Journalism Education.
DEGREES: BAJ, MA Prof., MA Res., PhD.

Indiana Wesleyan University

4201 South Washington Street, Marion, IN  46953. Tel: (765) 677-1818. FAX: (765) 677-1755. Email: <>.  Website: <http:  Division of Communication, Denise P. Ferguson, chair; Kyle D. Huckins, journalism coordinator.
Communication programs: Majors in Communication Studies, Journalism, Media Communication, Public Relations, Theatre. Integrated theory and practical application program, and with award-winning weekly university newspaper (The Sojourn), television station, radio station, PRSSA chapter,  and theatre guild.

Indianapolis, University of

1400 East Hanna Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46227. Tel: (317) 788-3280. FAX: (317) 788-3490. Email: <>. Website: <>. Department of Communication, 1985.  Billy Catchings, chair.
Communication Program: Program includes skills and theory courses in journalism, electronic media, and public relations in a liberal arts Methodist-affiliated university, biweekly newspaper, radio station, television channel, and public relations agency.

Notre Dame, University of

Notre Dame, IN 46556. Tel: (219) 631-7316, FAX: (219) 631-4268; Email: <>. Department of American Studies. Robert Schmuhl, director, John W. Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics & Democracy.
Journalism Program: Students take courses on journalism and the media, as well as writing courses, within the context of American Studies or they participate in the John W. Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy, a five-course concentration, that can be completed with any major.

Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN 47907-1366. Tel: (765) 494-3429, FAX: (765) 496-1394. Email: <>. Department of Communication. Howard E. Sypher, head.
Journalism Program: Undergraduate majors in Journalism, Telecommunication, Public Relations and Mass Communication. MA and PhD programs in Mass Communication.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Room 011 Hulman Hall, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN 47876. Tel: (812) 535-5132; FAX: (812) 535-5228; Email: <>. Department of English, Journalism and Languages. Nancy Pieters Mayfield, chair.
Journalism Program: Stresses professional preparation of women in journalism in a liberal arts context. Classroom and External Degree formats. News/Editorial/Computer Layout and Design.

• Southern Indiana, University of

8600 University Blvd., Evansville, IN 47712-3596. Tel: (812) 461-5220, FAX: (812) 465-7152. Email: <>. Web: <>;;. Department of Communications, 1985. SPJ, AAF, PRSSA. J. Wayne Rinks, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Karen H. Bonnell, Gael L. Cooper; Assoc. Profs.: Wesley T. Durham, Leigh Anne Howard, J. Wayne Rinks, Chad R. Tew, Asst. Profs.: David N. Black, Zachary Henning, Yoon-Joo Lee, Stephanie Young,  Robert E. West, Jr., Instrs.: Erin Gibson, Jo Hamm, Robert W. Jeffers, , John M. Morris, Mary B. Reese; Profs. Emer.: Seymour Brodsky, Dal M. Herring, Helen R. Sands, Mary A. Schroeder, Kenneth G. Vance.
MAJORS: Public Relations and Advertising (sequence in each), Journalism, Communication Studies, Radio and Television.

Taylor University, Fort Wayne Campus

1025 W. Rudisill Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46807-2197; Tel.: (260) 744-8647, FAX: (260) 485-9891; Web: <>. Dennis E. Hensley, professor of English, director of the Professional Writing major; Email: <>.

Valparaiso University

1809 Chapel Drive, Valparaiso, IN 46383. Tel: (219) 464-5271, FAX: (219) 464-6742, Email: <jennifer.ziegler>. Department of Communication.   Jennifer Ziegler, chair.
Communication Program:  Undergraduate B.A. majors: Communication (including  concentrations in Communication Law and Public Relations) and Digital Media.  Practical experience stressed; internship required; co-op education available.   M.S. degrees in Digital Media and Sports Media.

Vincennes University

1002 North First Street, Vincennes, IN 47591-5201. Tel: (812) 888-4551/4554; FAX: (812) 888-5531. Email: <>. The Journalism Program. Mark Stalcup, director.
Journalism Program: Newspaper-oriented curriculum with two sequences, news-editorial and print media advertising. Five lecture courses, production laboratories for each sequence, and two inter-departmental photography courses. Weekly laboratory newspaper.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Illinois


Augustana College

639 38th Street, Rock Island, IL  61201.  Tel: (309) 794-7724, Email: <>.  Department of Communication Studies.  Ellen Hay, Chair.
MAJORS: Communication Studies, Meltimedia Journalism and Mass Communication

• Bradley University

Peoria, IL 61625. Tel: (309) 677-2354, FAX: (309) 677-3446, Email: <>. Department of Communication, 1947. AAF, PRSSA, SPJ, WICI. Paul Gullifor, Chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Paul Gullifor, Bob Jacobs, Ali Zohoori; Assoc. Profs.: Olatunji Dare, Chris Kasch, Ron Koperski, Ed Lamoureux, Gregory Pitts; Asst. Profs.: Sara Netzley, Stephen Banning, Maha Bashri, Elena Gabor, Margaret Young; Lectrs.: B.J. Lawrence, Linda Strasma, Laura Garfinkel; Instrs.: Jan Frazier, Tyler Billman; Director of Forensics: Dan Smith; Asst. Director of Forensics: Tyler Billman; Profs. Emer.: E. Neal Claussen, Donald Koller, Sharon M. Murphy, Paul B. Snider, John Schweitzer, Karni Tiernan, Henry Vanderheyden.
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Electronic Media, Journalism, Organizational Communication, Public Relations.

Columbia College Chicago

600 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60605-1996. Tel: (312) 369-7687, FAX: (312) 369-8059. Department of Journalism. Email: <>. Barry Rice, acting chair.
Sequences: Undergraduate majors in News Reporting and Writing, Magazine, Broadcast Journalism (Radio & TV), Reporting on Health, Science & Environment; undergraduate minor in Publication Production; graduate program (MA) in Public Affairs Reporting.

DePaul University

2320 N. Kenmore Ave., Chicago, IL 60614. Tel: (773) 325-7585, FAX: (773) 325-7584. Email: <>. Department of Communication. Barbara L. Speicher, chair.
Undergraduate course offerings in Public Relations and Advertising; Radio, Television & Film; Journalism; Social & Political Discourse; Relational Group & Organizational Communication. Graduate coursework in Corporate Communication, Multicutural Communication and Public Relations & Advertising. Degrees offered are B.A. and M.A.

• Eastern Illinois University

600 Lincoln Ave., 2521 Buzzard Hall, Charleston, IL 61920-3099. Tel: (217) 581-6003, FAX: (217) 581-7188. Email: <>. Department of Journalism, 1975. KTA, NABJ, PRSSA, SCJ, ACES, SPJ, CMA. James Tidwell, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: L.R. Hyder, Brian Poulter (photo adviser), John Ryan (dir. stud. pubs.), James Tidwell; Assoc. Profs.: Joe Gisondi, Terri Johnson (adviser, student pr agency, KTA, PRSSA), Sally Renaud (adviser, yearbook, director high school outreach); Asst. Profs.: Janice Collins (broadcast adviser, adviser, minority nwsp), Eunseong Kim, Lola Burnham (adviser, nwsp), Bryan Murley( online adviser); Instrs.: Dan Hagen, Doug Lawhead, Elizabeth Viall.
SEQUENCE: Major: Journalism. Minors: Journalism, Public Relations.
CONCENTRATIONS: Writing and Reporting, Editing, Design, Photojournalism, Public Relations, New and
Emerging Media, Broadcast News.
FACILITES: AP, FM, CN ComN, DR, ETV, HS (sponsors high school press assn., hosts state high school journalism assn.), hosts state community college press assn., headquarters Mid-America Press Institute, JM, PRA, VDT.

Governors State University

1 University Parkway, University Park, IL 60466-0975. Tel: (708) 534-4578, FAX: (708) 534-7895.  Email: <>. Website: <> Department of Communications, Michael Purdy, Program Coordinator.
BA Sequences: Film/Video Production, Journalism, Multi Media Production, Public Relations, Speech.
MA Sequences: Communication Studies, Human Performance and Training, Media Communications. Facilities: VDT. Degrees: BA, MA.

Illinois College

1101 West College Avenue, Jacksonville, IL 62650. Tel: (217) 245-3000. Journalism, 1970. Jim Kerbaugh, chair, English; Peter Verkruyse, chair, Communications & Theatre.
Journalism Program: Students interested in a career in journalism may major in communications or English. The college offers writing and communication courses and various internships. Local newspapers also employ students.

Illinois at Chicago, University of

1007 West Harrison St., 1140 BSB, MC 132, Chicago, IL 60607-7137. Tel.: (312) 996-3187; Fax: (312) 413-2125; Email: <>. Department of Communication. Zizi Papacharissi, Head.
The Department of Communication provides undergraduate students with a broad liberal education that covers communication from the personal through the international levels and builds responsible citizenship. Students gain depth in understanding communication processes in a diverse metropolitan setting. The department approach is conceptual, helping students build critical thinking and research skills to face challenges from the multiple careers they will pursue.

• Illinois, University of

810 S. Wright St., 119 Gregory Hall, MC-462, Urbana, IL 61801. Tel: (217) 333-2350, Fax: (217) 333-9882. Web site: <>. College of Media, 1927. ACT, AAF, ADS, AHJ, BEA, KTA, NABJ, NAHJ, SPJ. Interim Dean: Janet Slater. Assoc. Dean: Christopher Benson (Faculty); Marlah McDuffie (Advancement/Development); Julian Parrott (Student Services); Asst. Deans: Jennifer Jorstad (Administration).
FACULTY: Profs.: C.L. Cole (Assoc. Head, Media and Cinema Studies); Leon D. Dash, (Swanlund Chair); Matthew C. Ehrlich; Walter G. Harrington; James W. Hay; Brant Houston (Knight Chair), Brian K. Johnson; Cameron McCarthy; Jay M. Rosenstein; Angharad N. Valdivia (Interim Dir., Inst. of Comm. Research; Head, Media and Cinema Studies); Assoc. Profs.: Christopher D. Benson; Nancy J. Benson (Dir., Grad. Studies, Journalism); Jason P. Chambers; Fernando Elichirigoity; Lovich R. Martin (Head, Dept. of Journalism), Eric K. Meyer; Isabel Molina-Guzman; Michelle R. Nelson (Interim Head, Dept. of Advertising); Ann Reisner; Mirjana Sotirovic; Patrick T. Vargas; Asst. Profs.: Anita Say Chan; Brittany R. L. Duff; Ivy Glennon; Chang-Dae Ham; Charles Ledford; Julie Turnock; John Wirtz; Visiting Asst. Profs.: Katie Abrams (Ag. Communications); Amanda Ciafone; Michael D. Giardina; Jameson Hayes; Byonung H. Kim; Changhyan Lee; Diana Mincyte; Lectrs.: Jennifer E. Follis; Steven R. Hall (Dir., Career Serv., Advertising); Geralyn K. Holley (Dir., Career Serv., Journalism); Mike Howie; Jean A. McDonald; John Paul; Peter Sheldon; Adjunct Lectrs.: Rhiannon Clifton (Program Director, Dept. of Advertising); Pam Dempsey; Mike Howie; Katrina Olson; Alexis M. Tate; David Thigpen; Jeffry S. Unger; Alison Davis Wood; Adjunct Profs.: Karin Dovring; Roger J. Ebert; John R. Foreman; Richard N. Kaplan; Profs. Emer.: William E. Berry; Clifford G. Christians; Norman K. Denzin; James F. Evans; Martin Fishbein; William C. Gaines; Gene S. Gilmore; Thomas H. Guback; Bob Hayes; Steve Helle; Jerry M. Landay; Louis Liebovitz; Howard S. Maclay; Paula Treichler; Ronald Yates.
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Broadcast Journalism, Media and Cinema Studies, News-Editorial Journalism.

• Illinois State University

Campus Box 4480, Normal, IL 61790-4480. Tel: (309) 438-3671, FAX: (309) 438-3048. Email: <>. School of Communication. Larry W. Long, Executive Director.
FACULTY: Profs.: Sandra Metts, William Cupach, Jong Kang, John Baldwin, Mary Anne Moffitt, Stephen Perry (Editor: Mass Communication and Society), Cheri Simonds (Editor: Communication Teacher), Stephen Hunt (Editor: Basic Communication Course Annual) and Joseph Blaney (Editor: Journal of Radio and Audio Media); Assoc. Profs.: Jeff Courtright, Jack Glascock, Lance, Lippert, Patrick, O’Sullivan, Joseph Zompetti, John McHale, and Brent Simonds; Asst. Profs.: Phil Chidester, Kevin Meyer, John Huxford, Maria Moore, Megan Hopper, and John Hooker.
Majors in Communication Studies (sequences in Political Communication, Interpersonal, Organizational and Leadership Communication, and Communication Studies Education), Journalism (sequences in Broadcast Journalism, News Editorial, and Visual Communication), Mass Media (sequences in Radio, Television Production, Interactive Media, and Management, Promotion, and Sales), and Public Relations. Television studio (with live daily broadcasts M-F), two radio stations, daily newspaper, computer labs, converged newsroom, and digital photography facilities.
MAJORS: Journalism, Mass Media, Public Relations, Communication Studies, Communication Education.

• Loyola University Chicago

Water Tower Campus, 820 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago IL 60611 Tel: (312) 915-6548, FAX: (312) 915-8593. Email: <>. School of Communication, 2008. Don Heider, PhD, Dean; Hannah Rockwell, Assoc. Dean; Shawna Cooper-Gibson, Asst. Dean.
FACULTY:  Profs.: Sammy Danna; Assoc. Profs.: Elizabeth Coffman, Kay Felkins, Connie Fletcher, Jeffery harder, Elizabeth Lozano, Bren A.O. Murphy, Gilda Parrella, Mark Pollock, Hannah Rockwell; Asst. Profs.: Aaron Greer, Marjorie Kruvand, Julia Lieblich, Pamela Morris, Bastiaan Vanacker; Instrs.: Adrienne Massanari, David Romanelli; Professionals in Residence: Jessica Brown (Layout & Editing), Beth Konrad (Broadcast), Patricia Lamberti (Jour. & New Media), Phil Ponce; Herbert Ritchell (Advertising), Prog. Dir., Ad/PR; Internship Coord., AD/PR; Frank Wirth (Advertising); Distinguished Journalist n Residence: Don Wycliff.
Programs within the School of Communication are: Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations and Communication Studies.
BA in Journalism: Loyola University Chicago’s journalism major leading to a bachelor of arts degree provides students with a comprehensive education focusing on both the traditional and advanced skills needed for various media outlets. The curriculum combines hands-on learning with a focus on ethics, values and social concerns.
BA in Advertising and Public Relations: Today, advertising and public relations are part of an integrated process with a consistent and targeted message across media, campaigns and events. The focus of the profession has expanded from a concentration on increasing sales and media coverage to a more strategic process that includes building the image, reputation and brand of an organization; developing an integrated communication strategy; supporting cause-related marketing; influencing policy and decision making; and establishing engaging relationships with multiple stakeholders.
Communication Studies: The Communication Studies major proudly places itself at the intersection of theory and practice. Its students are led both to understand and to use, to critique and to appreciate, to embrace communication as it is presently practiced in society and to hone it for more effective service to the human community.

Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, IL 60115. Tel: (815) 753-1563, FAX: (815) 753-7109; Email: <>. Department of Communication, Journalism Area,1959. Web: < comm/>; KTA, PRSSA, NABJ, SPJ, WICI. Gary Burns, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Orayb Najjar, Assoc. Profs.: Bill Cassidy (Journalism Area Coordinator), Mehdi Semati, Craig Seymour, Asst. Profs.: Sabryna Cornish, Induk Kim, Thomas Oates, Instr.: Jason Akst; Supportive Professional Staff: Allen May (Gen. Mgr., Brdct. News), Alex Wiertelak (News Director).
SEQUENCES: Journalism; students select courses in news-editorial, broadcast news, photojournalism, and public relations.
DEGREES: BA, BS, MA (journalism area participates in the department’s graduate program).

• Northwestern University

Medill School, 1845 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208-2101. Tel: (847) 467-1882. Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications (847) 491-5665; Chicago facility (312) 503-8415; Washington program (202) 347-8700; Evanston Administrative FAX: (847) 491-5565. Affiliated with the Media Management Center (847) 491-4900l; John Lavine, dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: David Abrahamson Martin Block, Jack Doppelt, Loren Ghiglione, Alec Klein, Donna Leff, Frank Mulhern, Jon Petrovich, David Protess, Don Schultz, Ellen Shearer; Assoc. Profs.: Clarke Caywood, Mary Coffman, Tom Collinger, Doug Foster, Jeremy Gilbert, Rich Gordon, John Greening, Ava Greenwell, George Harmon, Ashlee Humphreys, Craig LaMay ,Edward Malthouse, Matt Mansfield, Rachel Davis Mersey, David Nelson, Kalyan Raman, Richard Roth, Paul Wang, Jon Ziomek; Asst. Profs.: Michele Bitoun, Janice Castro, Susan Mango Curtis, Deborah Mathis, Larry Stuelpnagel, Gary Swanson, Michele Weldon, Charles Whitaker, Patti Wolter; Sr. Lectrs.: Stephan Garnett, Sharon Kornely, Alex Kotlowitz, Joe Mathewson, Arsenio Oloroso, David Standish and Karen Brown.

Roosevelt University

430 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60605. (offices): 18 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60603. Tel: (312) 281-3238 or (312) 281-3337, FAX: (312) 281-3231. Email: <>. Department of Communication. Marian Azzaro, chair.
FACULTY: John Wesley Fountain, Charles Madigan, Linda Jones, Michael Ensdorf, Anne-Marie Cusac, Mary Ellen Schiller, Peter Fallon, Marian Azzaro, Lee Earle, Mickey Brazeal, Lawrence Fisher, Pamela Davies, Billy Montgomery.
PROGRAMS: Journalism, graduate and undergraduate; Integrated Marketing Communications, graduate and undergraduate; Communications, undergraduate only.

• Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Carbondale, IL 62901-6606. Tel: (618) 453-4308, Fax: (618) 453-7714, Email: <>. College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, 1100 Lincoln Drive, Carbondale, IL 62901, 1993. AAF, BEA, BICA, 1TVA, KTA, NABJ, NAEB, NBS, SCJ, SINBA, SIRIS, SPE, UFVA, WIC1. Gary P. Kolb, Dean.
FACULTY:  Profs: William Babcock, Katherine Frith, John Hochheimer, Gary P. Kolb, Dafna Lemish (chair, radio-television, Dennis T. Lowry, Eileen Meehan, Walter Metz (chair, cinema & photography), Daniel Overturf; Assoc. Profs.: Lilly A. Boruszkowski, Lisa Brooten, David Burns, Cade Bursell, Susan Felleman, William Freivogel, (director, journalism), Phylis West, Jyotsna Kapur, Kavita Karan, Novotny Lawrence, Jay Needham, Cinzia Padovani , Jake Podber, Jan Peterson Roddy (Associate Dean for Graduate Studies), R. William Rowley, Jan Thompson, Deborah Tudor (Associate Dean), Dru Vratil; Asst. Profs: Angela Aguayo, Linda Conway-Correll, Mark Dolan, Narayanan Iyer, Wago Kreider, Sarah Lewison, Beverly Love, Antonio Martinez, Howard Motyl, Uche Onyebadi, Roger Spahr, Michele Torre, Paul Torre, Aaron Veenstra, Wenjing Xie, Hong Zhou; Assistant Instructors:Phillip Greer; Visiting Assistant Profs.: Laura Hlavach, Alison Smith, Anita J. Stoner; Senior Lecturers: Joey Helleny, Todd Herreman, Vicki Kreher, Bill Recktenwald, Eileen Waldron, James Wall; Lecturers: Carolyn Kingcade; Profs. Emer.: L. Erwin Atwood, George C. Brown, Loren Cocking, John Downing, Homer E. Dybig, Leo Gher, David Gilmore, William Harmon, Walter Jaehnig,  Ken Keller, University Prof. Mike Lawrence, Fern Logan, Manjunath Pendakur, W. Manion Rice, Jon A. Shidler, Charles W. Shipley, Robert L. Spellman, Gerald C. Stone, Charles Swedlund.
SEQUENCES: Cinema & Photography (cinema production, cinema studies, fine arts photography, professional photography, scriptwriting for cinema, documentary photography), Journalism (advertising/IMC, news editorial, photojournalism, new media news production), Radio-Television (electronic journalism, media industries, tv/video production, audio/radio production, digital media arts, animation).
DEGREES: BA in Cinema & Photography, BA in Radio-Television, BS in Journalism, MA in Mass Communication and Media Arts with concentrations in Interactive Multimedia, Media Management, Media Theory and Research, Professional Media Practice, and Telecommunications, MFA in Mass Communication and Media Arts with concentrations in Cinema and Photography, Ph.D. in Mass Communication and Media Arts.

• Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Edwardsville, IL 62026-1775. Tel: (618) 650-2230, FAX: (618) 650-3716. Email:  <>. Web: < MASSCOMM/ Department of Mass  Communications, 1969. SPJ, AAF, MCAI. Gary R. Hicks, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Ralph R. Donald, Gary R. Hicks (chair), Riley Maynard, John A.  Regnell (emeritus), John R. Rider (emeritus), Jack Shaheen (emeritus), William  G. Ward (emeritus); Assoc. Profs.: Nora Baker (emeritus),Elza Ibroscheva (grad.  director), Barbara Regnell (emeritus); Asst. Profs.: Donna Hale, Musonda  Kapatamoyo, Suman Mishra, Jason Yu; Instrs.: Tom Atwood, Cory Byers, Shawn  Maxfield, Tammy Merrett-Murry.
SEQUENCES: Television and Radio, Corporate and Institutional Media, Media  Advertising and Print and Electronic Journalism.
FACILITIES: FM, AdA, CCTV, CN, ComN, ComTV, DR, JM VDT, ComR, CNN News Source,  AP.

University of St. Francis

500 Wilcox Street, Joliet, IL 60435. Tel: (815) 740-5064, FAX: (815) 740-4285. Email: <>. Mass Communication Department, 1976. Terre Layng Rosner, chair.
Mass Communication Program: Two concentrations: Media Arts/Broadcasting and Public Relations/ Advertising/Journalism, Internships in all areas.

Western Illinois University

Department Of English and Journalism, 1 University Circle, Macomb, IL 61455. Tel: (309) 298-1324, 298-1216, 298-1103 FAX: (309) 298-2974. Email: <>. Website:
Faculty: Profs.: Bill Knight, Mohammad Siddiqi (Director of Journalism Program, Adviser, PRSSA); Assoc. Profs.: Teresa Simmons (Adviser WAF), Pearlie Strother-Adams (Adviser, NABJ); Asst. Profs.: Lisa Kernek (Adviser, SPJ); Yong Tang;  Adjunct: Rich Moreno (Adviser, Western Courier, the student newspaper).
Degree: BA in Journalism; Major: Journalism. Minor: Journalism; Concentrations:  News-Editorial, Public Relations, Advertising.  Facilities and opportunities: Computer and electronic class rooms; digital photography class room; internships in newspaper, public relations, and advertising firms.


AEJMC Programs Directory Update – Arkansas


• Arkansas, University of

116 Kimpel Hall, Fayetteville, AR 72701. Tel: (479) 575-3601, FAX: (479) 575-4314. Email: <>. Web: <>;. Walter J. Lemke Department of Journalism, 1930. AAF, PRSSA, SPJ, UAABJ. Dale Carpenter, chair.
FACULTY: Profs.: Dale Carpenter, Larry Foley, Hoyt Purvis, Jan LeBlanc Wicks; Assoc. Profs.: Carmen Coustaut, Gerald Jordan, Phyllis Miller, Rick Stockdell, Patsy Watkins; Asst. Profs.: Ignatius Fosu, Dennis Kirkpatrick, Bret Schulte; Instrs.: Eric Gorder, Robyn Ledbetter, Kim Martin, Katherine Shurlds; Prof. Emer.: Roy Reed; Assoc. Prof. Emer.: Louise Montgomery.
SEQUENCES: News/Editorial, Advertising/Public Relations, Broadcasting.

• Arkansas at Little Rock, University of

2801 South University, Little Rock, AR 72204. Tel: (501) 569-3250, FAX: (501) 569-8371; URL: <>. School of Mass Communication, 1971. KTA, NABJ, NBS-AERho, PRSSA, SPJ. Jamie Byrne, director.
FACULTY: Prof.: Jamie M. Byrne, Bruce L. Plopper; Assoc. Profs.: Mark Giese, Tim Edwards, Carlton Rhodes, Jeanne Rollberg,; Asst. Profs.: Amy O. Barnes, Kwasi Boateng, Dale Zacher; Instr.: David Weekley; Part-Time Lectrs.: Yu-Li Chang, Frank Fellone, Ben Fry, Brad Pierce; Fac. Emer.: Edward Jay Friedlander, David M. Guerra, Luther W. Sanders, Lynda E. Wilson.
SEQUENCES: Strategic Communication, Media Production and Design, Mass Media, Journalism-Newspaper/Magazine, Journalism-Radio/TV.
DEGREES: BA, MA. Undergraduate certificates in journalism and media production and design, graduate certificate in Strategic Communication.

• Arkansas State University

PO Box 540, State University, AR 72467. 114 Cooley Dr., Rm. 331, Jonesboro, AR 72401. Tel: (870) 972-2468, FAX: (870) 972-3856. Website:  College of Communications, 1936. AAF, NBS/AER, KTA, PRSSA, SPJ, AWC, ABC, BEA, NPPA, NABJ, Arkansas Press Association, Arkansas Broadcasters Association. Brad Rawlins, dean; <>.
FACULTY: Profs.: Osabuohien Amienyi (chair, RTV), Lillie Fears, Gilbert L. Fowler Jr. (chair, Jour), Mary-Jackson Pitts, Brad Rawlins (dean, College Comms); Assoc. Profs.:  Marcilene Thompson-Hayes (interim chair, Com Studies), Myleea Hill, Lily Zeng; Asst. Profs.: Mike Bowman, Linda Clark, Sandra Combs, Holly Hall, Chris Harper, Po-Lin Pan, Mathew Thatcher, ; Instrs.: Alex Brown, Michael B. Doyle, Pradeep Mishra, Lisa Moskal, Collin Pillow, Brenda Randle, Sarah Scott, Larz Roberts, Bonnie Thrasher.
SEQUENCES: Radio-Television Department (Broadcast Journalism, Audio-Video Production, New Media); Journalism Department (News-Editorial, Advertising, Public Relations, Photo-journalism, Graphic Communications); Communications Studies Department.
DEGREES: BS in Journalism, Radio-TV, Graphic Communications; BA in Communication Studies; MSMC in Journalism, Radio-TV; MA in Communication Studies.

• Arkansas Tech University

T-1, 1209 N. Fargo Avenue, Russellville, AR 72801. Tel: (479) 964-0890, FAX: (479) 964-0899. Email: <>. Department of Speech, Theatre and Journalism. Donna R. Vocate, head.
FACULTY: Prof.: Donna Vocate; Assoc. Profs.: Seok Kang, Hanna Norton; Asst. Prof.: Warren Byrd, Anthony Caton, Tommy Mumert; Instr.: Russ Hancock.
SEQUENCES: Print Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Public Relations and Multi-media Journalism.

Central Arkansas, University of

Conway, AR 72035. Tel: (501) 450-3162, FAX: (501) 450-3296. <>. Department of Speech, Theatre and Mass Communication, 1943. AER. Bob Willenbrink, chair.
Mass Communication Program: BA and BS degrees with emphasis in Telecommunications or Journalism. Courses offered in magazine/newspaper writing, photography, TV/radio production, desktop publishing/video, media theory/ethics/law.

• Harding University

Reynolds Center, 501 S. Burks Blvd., Searcy, AR 72143; mailing address: PO Box 10765, H.U., Searcy, AR 72149-0001. Tel: (501) 279-4445, FAX: (501) 279-4605. Email: <>. College of Communication, 1983. ABEA, AER, BEA, RTNDA. Michael L. James, Dean.
FACULTY: Profs.: Michael L. James, Jack R. Shock, Steven Frye, Dutch Hoggatt; Assoc. Profs.: Kelly Elander; Asst. Prof.; Jim Miller, Steve Shaner; Instr.: Jeremy Beauchamp, Bob Ritchie; Adjunct: Mark Prior, Ginger Blackstone.
SEQUENCES: Advertising, Print Journalism, Public Relations, Interactive Media, Broadcast Journalism, Electronic Media Production.
FACILITIES: TV studio, Cable TV Channel, FM Radio, 95.3Mhz KVHU, AM radio 1660, KHCA.

Henderson State University

1100 Henderson St., Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001. Tel: (870) 230-5182, FAX: (870) 230-5144. Email: Communication and Theatre Arts Department, 1989. Michael Miller, chair. Michael Ray Taylor, Dir. print jour.
SEQUENCES: News-Editorial, Mass Media, PR, Communication, Theater.

John Brown University

2000 W. University St., Siloam Springs, AR 72761. Tel: (501) 524-3131, (501) 524-7290; FAX: (50l) 524-9548. Department of Communication, Division of Communication and Fine Arts, 1983. <>. Carey Byars, chair.
Journalism Program: A full program leading to a BS in Broadcasting, Journalism or Public Relations.


AEJMC Members Update your Directory Information – Z


Zabaleta, Inaki; prof., Dpto. de Periodismo,  Universidad Pais Vasco; PhD, Basque Country U.,  1987; MS, Brooklyn Col., (CUNY), 1985;  Licenciate, Basque Country U., 1982; experience:  TV Documentary maker, former CNN (Atlanta, GA)  contributor in Basque Country, Basque lang. nwsp.  co-founder; teaching experience: brdct., Com.  policies, intl. Com., res. meth., lit.: novel,  short stories, poetry; divisions: E,H,K,P;  UPV-EHU Apartado 644, Bilbao, 48080 Spain;  office: +34-94-464-23-70; home: +34-94-473-4483;  Fax: 94-4648299; <>.

Zacher, Dale E.; asst. prof. and grad coord., Sch. Mass Com., U. Ark at Little Rock; PhD, OH U., 1999; MS, OH U., 1995; BA, U. ND, 1986; experience: 4 yrs. PR; 4 yrs. radio/TV rep.; teaching areas: brdct. news, hist.; division: D; 13516 Dynasty Dr., Alexander, AR 72002; office: (501) 569-8498; home: (501) 407-9499; <>.

Zaffirini, Judith;
owner, Zaffirini Coms.; PO Box 627, Laredo, TX 78042-0627; office: (956) 724-8379; Fax: (956) 727-4448.

Zaharopoulos, Thimios; Vice President for Global and Lifelong Learning, Park  University; PhD, So. IL U., 1985; MA, So. IL U., 1981; BA, So. IL U., 1979;  experience: TV dir., film prod.; teaching areas: brdct. meth., crit.; divisions:  B,E,H; 16288 W. 76th Ter., Shawnee, KS 66217; (913) 492-3422.

Zang, Barbara; prof. Com. Dept., Worcester St U; PhD, Indiana U, 1997; MA, Missouri U, 1988; 3 Paradox Dr., Worcester, MA 01602-1320; office: (508) 929-8015; <>.

Zatepilina, Olga; asst. prof., Dept. Com., App. St. U.; PhD, Syracuse U., 2010; MS, U.L. Lafayette, 2001; experience: 14 yrs. corp., govt. & nonprofit Com. internationally; division: J; 123 Walker Hall, ASU PO Box 32039, Boone, NC 28608; office: (828) 262-2406; <>.

Zavoina-Alcoze, Susan C.;
assoc. prof., dept. chairwoman & photojour. seq. adviser, Jour. Dept., U. No. TX; MFA, U. No. TX, 1983; BS, U. No. TX, 1980; experience: photo. 14 yrs.; teaching area: photojour.; division: C; 2801 Waverly, Flower Mound, TX 75028; home: (972) 355-2137.

Zboray, Mary Saracino; Dept. Com., U. Pittsburgh, 1117 Cathedral of Learning, Pittsburgh, PA  15260-6120; <>.

Zboray, Ronald J.; Dept. Com., U. Pittsburgh, 1117 Cathedral of Learning, Pittsburgh, PA  15260-6120; <>.

Zeldes, Geri Alumit; asst. prof., Sch. Jour., MI St. U.; PhD, MI St. U., 2000; MA, IN U., 1994; BA, U. MI, 1992; experience: 6 yrs. TV brdct. rep., videographer, freelance rep., NPR Radio & Nwsp.; teaching areas: intro. mass media, ethics & the news media, telecom. & mass media, news wrtg. & reptg., radio & TV news; Office: 358 CAS Bldg., East Lansing, MI 48824 (517) 432-1413; Fax: (517) 355-7710; Mobile: (248) 910-0687; <>.

Zelizer, Barbie;
prof. com., Annenberg Sch. Com., U. PA; PhD, U. PA; MA, Hebrew U. Jerusalem; BA, Hebrew U. Jerusalem; experience: rep.; teaching areas: crit. perspectives on jour., media crit.; divisions: C,D,O; 3620 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104; office: (215) 898-4964; Fax: (215) 898-2024; home: (215) 893-1155; <>.

Zeng, Fan-Bin; Sch. Jour. & Com., No. 61 Huangpu Dadao, W Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 510632; China; <>.

Zenor, Jason;
asst. prof. SUNY-Oswego.; JD/MPA, Univ. of S.Dak., 2010; MA, Syracuse U, 2004; BA, Utica C. of Syracuse U., 2001; experience: 2 yrs.  NPO communication; 3 yrs public relations- Anheuser-Busch, Inc.; teaching areas:  media law, media ethics, media theory, audience analysis, media economics, political communication; division: N, Q; 7 Lanigan Hall, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126; office: 315-312-2357; <>.

Zerba, Amy E.; Staff Editor, The New York Times; Ph.D., U. Texas at Austin,  2009; MA, U. FL, 2003; BA, U. FL, 2001; BS, U. FL, 1996; experience: copy  editor/page designer at Sun-Sentinel and Austin American-Statesman; associate  producer at; teaching areas: multimedia, online Jour., visual Jour.;  divisions: G,H,P; 160 W. 106th St. Apt. 6E, New York, NY 10025, 512-699-2347; <>.

Zhang, Jueman (Mandy); asst. prof., Dept. Com. Arts, NY Institute of Tech.; PhD, Syracuse U., 2009; MS, Syracuse U., 2009; MA, U.MO-Columbia, 2005; BA, Shanghai Intl. Studies U., 2001; experience: 2 yrs. reporter, Shanghai Daily; teaching areas: intro jour, multiplatform jour., intro digital imaging, multimedia prod. tools; Northern Blvd., P.O. Box 8000, Old Westbury, NY 11568; <>.

Zhang, Weiwu;
 asst. prof., Texas Tech U.; PhD, U. WI-Madison; MA, Cleveland St. U.; BA, Nanjing Normal U., China,; teaching areas: public relations, mass Com. theory, pol’t. Com., public opinion, res. meth.; divisions: B,J; Texas Tech U., Col. Mass Com., Box 43082, Lubbock, TX 79409; office: (806) 834-5967; Fax: (806) 742-1085; <>.

Zhang, Xiaoqun; 707 Sixth Street Apt. #6, Bowling Green, OH 43402-4151; <>.

Zhang, Yonghua; prof., Dept. Jour. & Com., Sch. Film & TV Art and Tech., Shanghai U.; PhD, Fudan U., China, 2003; Grad. Dipl., Canberra Col. Advanced Educ., Australia, 1988; MA, Shanghai Intl. Studies U., China, 1983; Dipl., Yunnan Normal U., China, 1977; experience: 31 yrs. eduator; sr.-level Fulbright research vstg. scholar; Rockfeller vstg. researcher; office: (8621) 56332070; Fax: (8621) 56333204; <>.

Zhang, Yuan; VCU, 901 W Main St., PO Box 842034, Richmond, VA 23284-2034; <>.

Zhao, Yanjun; PhD, asst. prof., Dept. Com., Cameron U.; division: K; office: 580.581.2927; <>.

Zhong, Bu; assoc. prof. College of Comm., Penn State; PhD, Maryland, 2006; MA, Missouri, 2000; BJ, China School of Journalism, 1992; experience: 10 yrs., China Daily, CNN; teaching areas: TV reporting, intl communication, social media research; division: A; 223 Carnegie, University Park, PA 16802; office: (814) 865-1023; Fax: (814) 863-8161; <>.

Zhou, Jianchuan Henry; 1817 Pineknoll Lane, Albany, GA 31707-3772; <>.

Zhou, Shuhua;
prof., Dept. Tele. & Film, U. AL; PhD, IN U., 2000; MA, IN U., 1997; BA, Jinan U., 1986; experience: 5 yrs. TV rep.; teaching areas: brdct.,  effects; divisions: IS, B; 4757 Cambridge Dr., Northport, AL 35473; office:  (205) 348-8653; <>.

Zimmer, Roxanne M.;
assoc prof. & chair, Dept. Mass Com., Col. New Rochelle; PhD, U. IA; MA, Purdue U.;107 Salisbury Ave., Garden City, NY 11530; office: (914) 654-5577; home: (516) 294-4964; <>; <>.

Zimmerman, Matthew H.; instructor, Sport Administration, Ball St. U.; MA, Missouri, 2008; BA, Indiana, 2000; experience: 6 yrs. rep.; teaching areas: sport communication, sport management, journalism; 2823 N. Everbrook Ln., Muncie, IN 47304; cell: (310) 503-0448;

Zoch, Lynn M.; dir., Sch. Coms., Radford U.; PhD, Syracuse U., 1993; MS, Syracuse U., 1986; experience: 6 yrs. PR, adv. wr.; teaching areas: PR, org. Com., res. meth.; division: J; 1253 Walton Rd., Christiansburg, VA  24073-6911; office: (540) 831-6047; <>.

Zoellner, Oliver; prof., Stuttgart Media U. & honorary prof., U Duesseldorf; Dr.phil., U. Bochum, 1996; MA, U. Bochum, 1993; experience: 12 yrs. jour., 8 yrs. brdct. res., 7 yrs. brdct. mgmt., acad. proceedings ed. & pub.; teaching areas: intl. brdct. & mass Com. res., methd., cult. studies, PR, media mrktg., radio prod.; division: J; Wortbergrode 15; 45149 Essen, Germany; office: +49 (711) 8923 2281; Fax: +49 (711) 8923 2206; Home: +49 (201) 8718810; <>; web site: <>, <>.

Zuegner, Carol;
Dept. Jour. & Mass Com., Creighton U., 2500 California Plaza, Omaha, NE 68178; <>.

Zuercher, Robert; doc. stud., U. of K.; MA, U. of K., 2009; BS, U. of K., 2007; teaching areas: telecom.; 14280 Old Greensboro Rd, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405; <>. 

Zurek, Jerome;
prof., Dept. chair, Cabrini Col.; PhD, Bryn Mawr Col.; teaching areas: Engl., Jour., social justice Jour., Adviser, Col. nwsp.; Cabrini Col., Dept. Com., 610 King of Prussia Rd., Radnor, PA 19087-2698; office: (610) 902-8360; <>


AEJMC Members Update your Directory Information – Y


Yadamsuren, Borchuluun; 3505 Bray Ave., Columbia, MO 65203-0794, Columbia, MO  65203-0794; <>.

Yamamoto, Masahiro; 188 Main Street Apt #3, New London NH, 03257.

Yamamura, Koiahi; Media Grain Co, Ltd, New Toranomon Bldg. 7F, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001 Japan, Tokyo.

Yang, Hongwei; asst. prof., Dept. Com., Appalachian St.; PhD, So. IL, 2006; teaching area: advtg.; division: A; 314 Meadowview Dr., Apt. 208, Boone, NC  28607; office: (828) 262-6972; home: (828) 783-8244; <>.

Yang, Jin; assoc. prof., Dept. Jour., U. Memphis; PhD, SIU at Carbondale; Master of Arts, Pittsburg State U., 1999; BA, Shanxi U., 1986; experience: 1 yr adio brdctg., 2 yrs. nwsp., 2 yrs. PR; teaching areas: new media, web develop., internet Jour., visual Jour., research method.; 3711 Veterans, Ave., Room 310, Meeman Jour. Building, Memphis, TN 38152. Tel: 901-678-5148; Fax: 901-678-4287; <>.

Yang, Jung Hwan;
 stud., Col. Jour. & Mass Com., U. WI-Madison; 407 S Paterson Str., Apt. #A, Madison, WI  53703; <>.

Yang, Sung-Un; 4806 Abington Circle, Manlius, NY 13104-2003; <>.

Yang, Yan; asst. prof., Sch. Com., High Point U.; Ph.D., Florida; MA, U. Nevada, Reno; BA, Comm. U. China; experience: TV news, new media, media management; teaching areas: TV news, news reporting, new media, programming, management; Drawer 33, 833 Montlieu Avenue, High Point, NC 27263; office: (336) 841-9432; <>.

Yang, Z. Janet; asst. prof., Dept. Com., U. at Buffalo; Buffalo, NY 14260; PhD, Cornell U. NY, 2009; MA, Marquette U. WI, 2005; BA, Fudan U., China, 2003; experience: survey res.; teaching areas: com. theory, meth., sci., env., health com., risk com.; division: B; 329 Baldy Hall, U. at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260; office: (716) 645-1169; Fax: (716) 645-2086; <>.

Yanity, Molly K.; 52 Madison Ave., Athens, OH 45701-1735.

Yanow, Cindie Jeter;
SE MO St. U., Dept. Com., One U. Plaza, MS 2750, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701-2750.

Yao, Qingjiang;
asst. prof., Dep. Com. Studies., FHSU, PhD, U. SC, 2008; MA, BNU, 1999; experience: 3 yrs rep., 5 yrs. media mgmt.; teaching areas: advertising, PR, media theory, research methd, public opinion, law and ethics; research areas: media and environment and health campaigns., public opinion; #202 Malloy Hall, Hays, KS 67601; office: (785) 628-4448; <>.

Yaros, Ronald A.;
 asst. prof, Col. Jour., U. MD, Col. Park; PhD, U. WI-Madison, 2005; MEd, Webster U., 1991; BA, U. WI-Madison, 1980; experience: 12 yrs. TV news, 12 yrs. mgmt., Yaros Com., 6 yrs. instr., Webster U., 8 yrs. TV brdct.; teaching areas: multimedia jour., mobile jour., sci & health com., internet, brdct. jour.; divisions: B,R; 16011 New Bedford Dr., Rockville, MD 20855; office: (301) 405-2425; Fax: (301) 314-9166; home: (301) 312-4102; <>.

Yaschur, Carolyn; PhD candidate., asst. instructor., Jour. U. TX Austin, TX; MA, U. MO Columbia; BA, Gettysburg Col.; experience: 10 yrs. newsp. photojournalist; 4 yrs. book editor; instructor U. MO, photojournalism; research areas: visual communication, multimedia, agenda setting, audience psychology; 300 W. Dean Keeton, Austin, TX 78712-1073; (360) 620-5710; <>.

Yates, Bradford; prof., U. West GA; Dept. Mass Com.; PhD, U. FL, 2000; MS, Syracuse U., 1991; MEd, Lynchburg Col., 1993; BA, Lynchburg Col., 1989; experience: 2 yrs. prof., mass com; 5 yrs. assoc. prof., mass com.; 6 yrs. asst. prof., mass com.; 4 yrs. grad. techg. asst./instr., 3 yrs. instr. Com. studies, 2 yrs. audio-vis. prod.; teaching areas: media ethics; media law, radio prog. prod., radio practicum, intro. to mass com., fundamentals of film prod., fundamentals of video prod., advanced TV prod., media programming & mgmt., announcing, telecom. & elec. media industries; advisor National Broadcasting Society-UWG Chapter; founder The WOLF Internet Radio <>;; U. West GA, Dept. Mass Com., 1601 Maple St., Carrollton, GA 30118-8400; office: (678) 839-4938; Fax: (678) 839-4926; <>

Yednock, Ken E.;
sr. lectr., PA St. U.; MS, Northwestern U., 1970; BS, U. IL, 1969; experience: 35 yrs. ad agency; teaching areas: adv., mgmt; division: A; 119 Carnegie Bldg., University Park, PA  16801; office: (814) 865-3481; home: (814) 861-3384; <>.

Yin, Jiafei; prof., Dept. Jour., Cent. MI. U.; PhD, Sch. Jour., U. MO-Columbia,  1997; MA, U. MO 1987; BA, Nanjing U., 1982; experience: 10 yrs. ed., China  Daily; teaching areas: international communication, data journalism, information  gathering for the media, media writing; 414 Moore Hall, Dept. Jour., Central MI  U., Mt. Pleasant MI 48859-0001; office: (989) 774-3695; Fax: (989) 774-7114;  home: (989) 773-9818; <>.

Yin, Weizhi; assoc. prof. Sch. Jour., Chinese U. of Pol. Sci. & Law; PhD, Renmin U. (Beijing, China) 2006; MA, Renmin U., 2002; BA, Col. Art & Sci. of Beijing Union U., 1992; experience: 2 yrs. CCTV (China Central TV) rep., 1 yr. rep. Beijing Evening News; teaching areas: media ethics; 27 Fuxue Road, Changping District, Jour. & Com. Sch., Beijing, China 102249; office: (8610) 59915574; Fax: 59915574; home: (8610) 6210-5553; <>.

Yoder, Sharon L.; ret., Dept. Jour., CA St. U. Chico; PhD, U. MO, 1987; AM, U. MI, 1970; AB, U. MI, 1963; 1675 Timber Hollow Dr., Wildwood, MO  63011; <>.

Yoo, Woohyun; 4704 Regent St Apt #44A, Madison, WI 53705-4853; <>.

Yoon, Kisung; Ph.D. cand., Sch. Media & Com., Bowling Green St. U.; MA, Seton Hall U., 2007; MA, Catholic U. Pusan, 2001; MA, Sogang U., 1998; BA, Catholic U. Pusan, 1995; 425 Thurstin Ave., Bowling Green, OH 43402; <>.

, Chance; Doct. Stud. in Poli. Com., Manship Sch. Mass Com., LSU; 252 Hodges Hall, Baton Rouge, LA, 70803.

Youm, Kyu Ho; Jonathan Marshall First Amendment Chair Prof., U. OR; Master in Law, Oxford, 2011; MSL, Yale, 1998; PhD, S. IL U., 1985; experience: rep. dly. &  wkly., ed. wkly.; teaching areas: law; divisions: D,E,H,N; 2123 Ashbury Dr.,  Eugene, OR 97408; office: (541) 346-2178; Fax: (541) 346-0682; home: (541)  242-6846; <>.

Young, Rachel; doct. stud., Sch. Jour., U. MO; MA, MU, 2001; BA, Beloit Col., 1995; experience: 10 yrs. sci. rep. and edit.; <>.

Yssel, Johan C.; assoc. prof. Sch. Com., Point Park U.; DLitt et Phill, UNISA 1995; MSJ, WVU 1988; BA (Hons), RAU 1984; BA, PU for CHE 1971.  Experience: 15 yrs adv.; teaching areas: creative, mktg, IMC, PR; division: A; 201 Wood St. Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1984; office (412) 392-4315; Fax: (412) 392-3917; home (804) 869-8129 <>

Yu, Frederick T.C.;
CBS prof. emer., Intl. Jour., Sch. Jour., Columbia U.; PhD, IA, 1951; MA, IA, 1948; BA, Nanking, 1944; Columbia U., New York, NY 10027; Apt. 9J-S, 100 Winston Dr., Cliffside Park, NJ 07010-3243; <>.

Yu, Jason Jusheng; 7218 Pershing Ave., Apt D., St. Louis, MO 63130-4247.

Yu, Nan; 1453 6th St, E. West Fargo, ND 58078-4014; <>.

Yun, Gi Woong;
507 Van Buren Ct., Bowling Green, OH  43402-1555.

Yungmann, Cathy;
assoc. prof. Com., Cabrini Col.; MA OH U.; BA Kent State U.; 610 King of Prussia Rd., Radnor, PA  19087-3698; <>.

Yunis, Alia; asst. prof., Zayed University; MA, American University; BA, U.of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN; experience: 10 yrs. film prod/screenwriting/film mktg, 10 yrs. journalism; teaching areas: TV news;  doc. prod.; media criticism;  PO Box 144534, Abu Dhabi, UAE; office: (971)50 912-8097; <>.

Yuran, Dzmitry; 1434-G Agawela Ave. Knoxville, TN 37919-8309; <>.


AEJMC Members Update your Directory Information – W


Wagner, Elaine L.; prof., Dept. Adv., U. FL; MA, U. TX-Austin, 1978; BA, U. TX-Austin, 1972; BFA, U. TX-Austin, 1970; experience: graph. des.-prod., art.-des. consult.; teaching areas: graph. des., adv. copy-layout; divisions: A,C; On Leave 2010 – 2011; cell: (352) 281-1081; <>; <>; <>.

Wagner, Venise;
asst. prof., jour., San Francisco St. U.; MA, Monterey Inst. Intl. Studies, 1987; BS, U. IL Urbana-Champaign, 1985; experience: 12 yrs. nwsp. rep.; teaching areas: mass Com., nwsp., mag.;342 Ohio St., Vallejo, CA  94590; office: (415) 338-2094; home: (707) 552-7430; <>.

Walden, Justin A.; PhD stud., Col. Com., Penn State U.; PhD expected in 2012; MA in media studies from Newhouse school at Syracuse; experience: 5.5 years reporting for newspapers, 3 years of PR for health system; teaching/research areas: telecomm industry, strategic comm, journalism/PR writing, health comm. Office: 115 Carnegie Bldg., University Park, PA 16802; <>.

Walden, Ruth C.;
prof., Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., U. NC; PhD, U. WI, 1981; MA, U. WI, 1978; BA, U. WI, 1970; experience: 5 yrs. rep.; teaching areas: law, ethics; divisions: N,Q; 4425 Highgate Dr., Durham, NC 27713; office: (919) 962-4088; Fax; (919) 962-0620; home: (919) 493-1583; <>.

Waldron, Eileen;
SIU, RTV, Com. Bldg., Mailcode 6609, Carbondale, IL  62901-6609; <>.

Walklin, Larry;
prof., Brdct. Dept., Col. Jour., U. NE-Lincoln; PhD U. IA, 1968; MA, MI St. U., 1962; BA, KS St. U., 1961; experience: 9 yrs. brdct. news and prod.; current sr. prod. KUON-TV (U NE sta.); teaching areas: brdct. jour./mgmt., Com., law, policy; divisions: A,B,D,E,G,H,K,N; PO Box 81334, Lincoln, NE 68501; office: (402) 472-3050; Fax: (402) 472-8597; home: (402) 488-4737; <>.

Wall, Melissa; prof., Dept. Jour., CSU Northridge; PhD, MA, WA; BA, VA; experience: 6 yrs. rep; teaching areas: rep., intl., qual. res. meth.; 18111 Nordhoff St., mail drop 8311, Northridge, CA 91330-8311; office: (818) 677-3135;; <>.

Walton, Susan;
Dept. Jour., BYU, 360 BRMB, Provo, UT  84602-2501; <>.

Walton, Laura Richardson;
APR; asst. prof., PR, MS State U.; PhD., U. Southern MS; MA & BA, AR Tech U.; teaching areas: Principles of PR, PR Case Problems, PR in Organizations, media hist.; division J; 105 McMinn Circle Louisville, MS 39339; office: (662) 325-5163; home: (662) 773-4436; Fax (662) 325-3210; <>.

Wan, Hua-Hsin;
3327 San Marino Ave., San José, CA 95127-1138; <>.

Wang, Weirui;
FIU, Sch. Jour. Mass Coms., Dept. Advtg. & PR, 3000 NE 151 ST. ACII-328A, North Miami, FL 33181.

Wang, Xiaopeng; asst. prof. Dept. Jour & Media Studies, U. So. FL St. Petersburg; PhD, Ohio, 2007; teaching areas: viscom., web, graphic design, layout; 140 7th Ave., South, FCT204, St. Petersburg, FL  33701-5016; office: (727) 873-4856; Fax: (727) 873-4034; <>.

Wang, Ye; 6812 West 146th Terrace #9202, Overland Park, KS 66223-3844; <>.

Wanjohi, Elsie; Prof., Dept. Head, Mass Com., OSU: Ed.D, 1996; MS, 1994; BS, 1992; teaching areas pr, adv, res, internship, 3537-A Forest Branch Dr., Port  Orange, FL 32129-8952; office (386)481-2708; Fax: (386)481-2701; home  (386)788-9546; <>.

Wanta, Wayne M.;
prof. and chair, Dept. Jour., U. FL; PhD, U. TX-Austin, 1989; MA, U. TX, 1986; JBA, U. WI, 1982; experience: 8 yrs. nwsp. rep./ed.; teaching areas: rep., ed., theory, res. methods, pol. com., pub. op.; international com.; internet res.; divisions: B,C,G,H; office: (352) 392-0500; Fax: (352) 846-2673; home: (573) 639-0314; <>.

Ward, Richard L.; assoc. prof., Com. Dept., U. South AL; 106 Hursey Ave., Pass Christian, MS 39571-4814.

Ward, Stephen J. A.;
prof., jour., Sch. Jour., U. WI-Madison; PhD, U. Waterloo, 1988; MA, U. Toronto, 1975; BA, St. Thomas U., 1973; experience: Bureau Chief, Canadian Press News Agency, Vancouver, 3 yrs.; European foreign rep., London, 5 yrs.; teaching areas: media ethics, issues in jour., phil. of jour.; 5115 Vilas Hall, 821 University Ave., Madison, WI 53706-1497; office: (608) 263-2845; home: (608) 235-7004; <>.

Warden, Michael L.;
APR; assoc. vice chancellor, Strategic Coms., U. CO-Boulder; former clinical assoc. prof., Dept. Adv.(PR), Col. Com., U. TX at Austin; experience: PR, public affairs, govt., higher educ. admin., teaching; divisions: J,N; 914 Broadway, Rm. 170, 17 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309-0017; (303) 492-4504; Fax: (303) 492-8866; cell: (303) 653-8153; <>.

Ward-Johnson, Frances M.;
assoc. prof., Elon U.; PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2002; experience: 10 yrs. reptg., 8 yrs. PR, 10 yrs. educ.; teaching areas: PR, nwsp., jour.; divisions: D,J,M; 6731 River Hills Dr., Greensboro, NC  27410; office: (336) 580-1521.

Warhover, Tom;
assoc. prof., Chair, Print and Digital News, MO, Sch. Jour.; exec. ed. for Innovation, Columbia Missourian; PO  Box 917, Columbia, MO  65205-0917; office 573-882-5734; <>; <>.

Wassmuth, Birgit L.;
prof., chair, Dept. Com., Col. Humanities & Social Sciences, Kennesaw St. U.; PhD, U. MN, 1983; MA, U. MN, 1976; BA, U. Kassel, Germany 1973; experience: 2 yrs. adv., 30 yrs. educ., 1 yr. PR; teaching areas: adv., gender/race/media, IMC, vis Com.; divisions: A,C,J,M; Dept. Com., Kennesaw St. U., 1000 Chastain Rd., Box #2207, Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591; office: (770) 423-6298; <>.

Waters, Ken; Pepperdine U., Com. Division, Malibu, CA 90263-0001; <>.

Waters, Richard D; U. San Francisco, Sch. Mgmt., 208 Malloy Hall, 2130 Fulton St., San Francisco, CA 94117-1050; <>.

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Watson, Brendan R.; asst. prof., School of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; M.A., Jour., University of Missouri, 2007; Ph.D., Mass. Comm., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 2012; former professional multimedia journalist; teaches online,multimedia, and mobile journalism; (612) 625-0576; College of Liberal Arts, 111 Murphy Hall, 206 Church St. SE; Minneapolis, MN 55455.

Watson, John C.; assoc. prof., Sch. Com., American U., Washington, DC; PhD, Jour. & Mass Com., U. NC, Chapel Hill, 2006; JD, Rutgers-Newark, 1980; BA, Rutgers, 1975; experience: 21 yrs. dly. nwsp. rep.,city ed., news ed.; graduate and undergrad teaching 17 yrs.; teaching areas: reptg., media law, jour. ethics; American U., 4400 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20016-8017; office: (202) 885-2083; <>.

Watson, Judith; City University of New York, Grad. Sch. Jour., 219 West 40th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018-1507; <>.

Weaver, David H.;
Roy W. Howard Prof., Sch. Jour., IN U.; PhD, U. NC, 1974; MA, IN U., 1969; AB, IN U., 1968; experience: nwsp. rep., ed., Army info. off.; teaching areas: pol. Com., res. meth., pub. op.; division: B; office: (812) 855-1703; <>.

Webb, Lynne M.;
prof., Com. Dept., U. AR; PhD, U. OR, 1980; MS, U. OR, 1975; BS, PA St. U., 1972; experience: assoc. prof., U. Memphis, U. FL; vstg. assoc. prof., U. Hawaii; assoc. prof., U. FL; teaching areas: Com. theory, interpersonal Com., Com. & aging, family Com.; divisions: B,J; 417 Kimpel Hall, Fayetteville, AR 72701; office: (479) 575-3046; home: (479) 442-0284; <>.

Webb, Sheila M.; assoc. prof., Dept. Jour., Western WA U.; PhD, U. WI, 2001; MFA,  U. WI, 1980; experience: 10 yrs. educ.; 10 yrs. educ./curator, museum; teaching  areas: vis. Com., photo., mag., mass Com., media ethics; divisions: D,F,CSW;  Comm. Facility 269, 516 High St., MS 9161, Bellingham, WA 98225-9161;  <>.

Weber, Joseph;
U. NE, Col. Jour & MC, 307 Andersen Hall, Box 880474, Lincoln, NE 68588-0474; <>.

Webster, John B.; prof. emer., Purdue U.; PhD, U. MN, 1971; MJ, U. TX, 1958; BA, AR St., 1949; 1304 Mallard Ln., Rogers, AR 72756; home: (479) 631-9324.

Webster, Linda J.; LSU, Shreveport, One University Place, Shreveport, LA 71115-2301; <>.

Wee, Charlene;
Coms. New Media Prog., National U. Singapore; M. Mass Com., Nanyang Tech. U., 2006; BA, National U. Singapore, 2001; experience: 4 yrs. adv. & PR; teaching areas: PR, pub. design, adv.; divisions: A,H,J; BLK-21 Holland Dr., #11-413, Singapore  271021 Singapore; office: +65 6516 3019; Fax: + 65 6779 4911; home: +65 9817 4725; <>.

Weed, Amanda J.; Ph.D. stud, EW Scripps Sch. Jour., Scripps Col. Com., Ohio U.; BA, Otterbein U., 2011; EW Scripps Sch. Jour., Scripps Col. Com., Ohio U., 110 Sing Tao, Athens, OH 45701; <>.

Weeks, Brian; 77 Smith Pl #3A, Columbus, OH 43201-3242.

Weerakkody, Niranjala D.;
PhD, Rutgers U., 1999; sr. lectr. of assoc. head of Sch. Com. & Creative Arts, Deakin U. Geelong, VIC 3217, Australia; MA, Temple U., 1991; Post-grad. Dip. in Int’l Affairs, Sri Lanka, 1984; BS, U. Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka, 1977; experience: TV prog. Prod. 5 yrs., teaching/res. 15 yrs.; teaching areas: mass Com., TV prod./wrtg., Com. res./theory, human com.u., Com./cultural studies, org. Com.; divisions: B,H; 120 Church St., Grovedale, VIC 3216, Australia; office: +613 5227 1340; home: +613 5243 0552; <>.

Wei, Fang-Yi Flora; U. Pittsburgh-Bradford, Div. Com. & the Arts, 300 Campus Dr., Bradford, PA  16701-2898; <>.

Wei, Ran; Gonzales Brothers Prof. of Jour., Col. Mass Com., & Info. Studies, U. SC; PhD, IN U., 1995; MA, U. Wales, 1990; experience: 3 yrs. TV rep.; teaching areas: adv., new media, res. methds.; division: Mass Com.; Col. Mass Com. & Info. Studies, U. SC, Columbia, SC 29208; office: (803) 777-5762; Fax: (803) 777-4103; home: (803) 749-0783; <>.

Weidman, Lisa M.; asst. prof., Dept. Mass Com., Linfield Col.; PhD, Syracuse U., 2001; MS, Syracuse U., 1994; BA, U. CA, Davis, 1984; experience: 6 yrs. at mag., 3 yrs. arts wr. at nwsps., 6 yrs. mktg. and PR; teaching areas: mass Com., mag. wrtg, PR principles, PR wrtg.; divisions: B,F,G,H,I,N; 900 SE Baker St., Unit A588, McMinnville, OR 97128-6894; office: (503) 883-2219; home: (503) 864-4266; <>.

Weiland, Morgan A.; doct. stud., Stanford Grad. Fellow, Comm. Dept. Stanford U.; BA, Carleton College, 2002; experience: 2 yrs. rep./wr. daily; 2 yrs. research and ed. Media Matters for America; research areas: jour., new media, media ethics, First Amdt.; Bldg. 120, Rm. 110, 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305; home: (202) 256-7480; <>.

Weinberg, Al;
dir., Com. Prog., Hood Col., Frederick, MD; MA, U. MO, 1976; BA, Hood Col., 1975; experience: 17 yrs. rep./ed., mag. ed., radio rep., publisher; teaching areas: news wrtg. and edtg., mass media, feat. wrtg., ethics, persuasion; Com. Prog., Hood Col., Frederick, MD 21701; <>.

Weinert, David J.; Fac., Dept. Com. Arts & Sci., Col. Lib. Arts, PSU-Univ. Park; 13+ yrs. univ. teaching exp.; 12+ yrs major-mkt. (L.A. & Detroit) commercial radio on-air broadcast exp.; PSU, 234 Sparks Bldg., University Park, PA 16802; <>.

Weinstock, David;
asst. prof., jour., Coms. Dept., U.TX at Tyler; MMPhD, MSU, 2001, BA, advtg., PSU, 1978; experience: 15 yrs. freelance journalist, 10 yrs. mag. maging. ed., rep. and photogr.; 3 yrs. legislative PR; teaching areas: jour., PR and photo.; research areas: online news recall, online news page design; divisions: P, SPIG; 3900 University Drive, 364 HPR, Tyler, TX 75799; office: (903) 566-7364; <>.

Weir, Gordon Tom; assoc. prof., Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., U. SC; PhD, U. MO, 1998; MS, U. MO, 1994; BS, U. KS, 1971; experience: 18 yrs. adv. sales & mgmt.; teaching areas: adv., res.; divisions: A,G; Carolina Coliseum, Columbia SC 29208 office: (803) 777-9572; Fax: (803) 777-4103; <>.

Weiss, Amy Schmitz;
asst. prof., Sch. Jour. & Media Studies, Col. Professional & Fine Arts, San Deigo St. U., 5500 Campanile Dr., San Diego, CA  92182-4561; <>.

Welch, Jr., Edward M.; assoc. prof., Grambling St. U.; PhD, Ohio U., M.S.J. Medill, Northwestern U., M.A. Speech, U. MI; BA, ED, U. MI; experience: 10 yrs. exp. brdt. jour.; P.O. Box 1078., Grambling, LA 71245; division: K; office: (318) 274-6015; Fax: (318) 274-3194; home: (318) 247-3785.

Wendelken, Dave; James Madison University, School of Media Arts & Design, MSC 2104, 800 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 22807-0002; <>.

Wenger, Debora (Deb) R.;
assoc. prof., Media Convergence & New Media, Sch. Mass Com., VA Com.onwealth U.; MA, UNC-Charlotte, 1995; experience: 10 yrs. news mgmt. TV; 6 yrs. prod. TV news; 1 yr. rep. TV news; teaching areas: brdct. wrtg., media & soc., Com. tech.; VCU Sch. Mass Com., 901 W. Main St., Richmond, VA 23284; office: (804) 827-0250; Fax: (804) 828-9175; <>.

Wennberg, Hans-Erik;
assoc. prof., Dept. Coms., Elizabethtown Col.; PhD, U. CT, 1986; MEd, Temple U., 1973; BS Ed, SUNY at Geneseo, 1969; experience: col. media mgmt., photo.; teaching areas: digital photo., media prod., mgmt., desktop publ., applied res.; divisions: C,E,I,J,K; E-Town Col., One Alpha Dr., Elizabethtown PA 17022-2298; office: (717) 361-1259; Fax: (717) 361-1180; home: (717) 367-2424; <>.

Wertz, Emma K.; asst. prof. Dept. Com., Kennesaw St. U.; PhD, U. TN, 2008; MS, U. TN, 2005; BS, U. TN, 1997; experience: health PR, gov. PR; teaching area: PR; 1000 Chastain Rd., Kennesaw GA 30144; office: (770) 423-0436; <>.

Westmoreland, Reginald C.;
prof., Dept. Jour., U. No. TX; PhD, U. MO, 1961; MA, N. TX St. U., 1956; BA, No. TX St. U., 1947; experience: 8 yrs. Dallas Times Herald, 9 yrs. PR No. TX St. U.-Abilene Christ. U., 14 yrs. Dept. of Jour. chair U. No. TX, 2 yrs. assoc. dean Pepperdine U.; 1 yr. president ASJSA, 1 yr. president AASDJ; teaching areas: law, news, PR, hist., PR; 2021 North Lake Tr., Denton, TX 76201; office: (940) 565-2205; home: (940) 387-7800.

Wharton-Michael, Patty;
asst. prof., Dept. Com., U. Pittsburgh at Johnstown; PhD, mass Com., PSU, 2007; MA, media studies, PSU, 2002; BA, U. Pittsburgh-Johnstown, 2000; teaching areas: public spkg., Com. theory, research mthds., media effects; Dept. Com., U. Pittsburgh at Johnstown, 450 School House Rd., 231 Biddle Hall, Johnstown PA 15902; office (814) 269-7983; Fax: (814) 269-7137; <>.

Wheat, Gillian; <>.

White, Alisa;
 prof., provost/vpaa, Midwestern State U.; PhD, U TN; MSLS, U TN; BA, Lee U; experience: 4 yrs. AD/PR, 15 yrs. radio, 15 yrs. part-time consult.; teaching areas: ad/pr; 3410 Taft Blvd, Wichita Falls, TX 76310; 940-397-4226; <>.

White, Candace;
assoc. prof., Sch. Adv. & PR, U. TN-Knoxville; PhD, U. GA, 1995; MPA, GA Col., 1989; BA, Winthrop Col., 1974; experience: instituional rels.; teaching areas: PR, info. tech.; division: P; 476 Coms. Bldg., U. TN-Knoxville 37996-0343; office: (865) 974-5112; home: (865) 983-0502; <>.

White, Kathryn Jenson; U. OK, College of Jour & MC, 395 W. Lindsey, Rm 2545, Norman, OK 73019-4201; <>.

White, Livingston; lectr., CARIMAC; PhD (FSU) 2009; MSc (FSU) 2001; BA (UWI), 1997; teaching areas: Com. Res. Methodology and Social Marketing; Caribbean Inst Media & Com. (CARIMAC), U. West Indies  (UWI) 3 Sherlock Dr, Mona Campus, Kingston 7 Jamaica; Office (876) 9706518; Fax:  (876) 9771597, <>.

White, Robert A.; Loyola Community; Box 21399, Ngong Road, Nairobi, 005005 Kenya; <>.

White, Teresa A.; dir., High Sch. Jour. Inst. & Fac., IN U., Ernie Pyle Hall, 212F, Bloomington, IN 47405; office: (812) 855-9822; <>.

Whitehouse, Virginia; assoc. prof, Com., Eastern Kentucky U.; PhD, U.MO, 1997; MA, U.MO, 1993; BA, Samford U., 1986; experience: 5 yrs rep.; division: past chair, Media Ethics; JLID fellow; 319 Combs Bldg., 521 Lancaster Ave., Richmond, KY 40475, office: 859-622-7324, home: 859-575-4155, cell: 509-220-9426, <>.

Whiteside, Erin; 505 Union Avenue, Apt. #109, Knoxville, TN 37902-2162; <>.

Whitmore, Nancy;
assoc. prof., dir., Eugene S. Pulliam Sch. Jour., Butler U., 4600 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46208-3485; office: (317) 940-8080; Fax: (317) 940-9252; home: (317) 841-9635; <>.

Whitney, D. Charles; assoc. dean., Sch. of Com. & prof., Com. studs., Northwestern U. Ph.D. U.MN, 1978, BA, Clemson U., 1964; divisions, B, O.  Dean’s ofc., Sch. of Com., 2240 Campus Dr., Northwestern U. Evanston IL 60208-3580; office: (847) 467-2164; Fax: (847) 467-1464; <>.

Whitney, Sara; 4278 39th Ave. S., Fargo, ND 58104-7524; <>.

Whitt, Jan;
prof., Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., U. CO; PhD, U. Denver, 1985; MA, Baylor U., 1980; BA, Baylor U., 1977; experience: 5 yrs. rep., ed., dly. nwsp.; 3 yrs. mag. ed.; teaching areas: literary jour., rept., media studies, women & media, hist.; divisions: D,O; Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., Campus Box 478, U. CO, Boulder CO 80309; office: (303) 492-0461; home: (303) 494-0435; <>.

Whitten, Pamela; MSU, Col. Com Arts & Sciences, 287 Com. Arts Bldg., East Lansing, MI 48824-1212; <>.

Whyte, Stephen L.; Utah Valley U., MS 142, 800 W University Parkway, Orem, UT 84058-5999; <>.

Wickham, Kathleen Woodruff;
assoc. prof. and dir. grad. studies, Sch. Jour. & New Media, U. MS; Ed.D., U. Memphis, 1999; MA, jour., U. Memphis, 1998; experience: 10 yrs. daily reptg. exp.; teaching area: rep., wrtg., ethics, res.; divisions: N,E; author, Math Tools for Journalists; divisions: G,Q; P.O. Box 6742, U., MS 38677; office: (662) 915-5501; Fax: (662) 915-7765; home (662) 513-2061; <>.

Wicks, Jan LeBlanc; prof., Adv., Dept. Jour., U. AR; PhD, MI St., 1989; MA, MI St., 1985; BA, U. LA at Lafayette, 1977; experience: adv. agencies, TV; teaching areas: adv., mgmt., ethics & policy; divisions: A,I; Jour. Dept., U. AR, 116 Kimpel Hall, Fayetteville AR 72701; office: (479) 575-6304; <>.

Wicks, Robert H.;
prof. and dir., Center for Com. and Media Research, Dept. Com., adjunct prof., Pol. Sci., U. AR; PhD, MI St., 1987; MA, U. MO-Columbia, 1980; BA, American U., 1974; 12 yrs. rep. ed., for television stations and nwsp., res., media effects, social cognition, pol. Com. and entertainment studies; teaching areas: Com. theory & methods; divisions: B,C,K; 1314 Hillcrest Ave., Fayetteville AR 72703; home: (479) 521-2319; Dept. Com., 417 Kimpel Hall, U. AR, Fayetteville AR 72701; office: (479) 575-5958; Fax: (479) 575-6734; <>.

Wilber, Rick; 801 Park St. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33710-4314; <>.

Wilcox, Carol; asst. prof., VA St. U., D, E, G, print/online jour., Petersburg, VA 23806; Park Fellow, PhD, U. NC-Chapel Hill, 2003. MA, U. TX, 1999; experience: rep., Denver Post, France, Mexico, Canada; CO nwsp. co-founder, ed./pub., 20+ yrs.; ISWNE life achieve. award, 1997; Nat’l Press Found. felshp. to Mexico,1993; Inst. for Intl. Educ./Freedom Forum felshp. to Mexico/Canada, 1995; teaching areas: hist., rptg., edtg.; intl.; divisions: D,E,G, CCJA, COMJIG; office (804) 524-5730; FAX (804) 524-5798; home (804) 720-2391; <>.

Wilcox, David L.; PhD stud., Sch. Jour. & Mass Com.; MS, U. WI at Whitewater 2010; BA Drake U, 1981; experience:  20 yrs. media strategy, DDB Worldwide advertising; research areas:  impact of social media on pol. com., civility and incivility in social media; <>.

Wilcox, Dennis L.;
prof. emer., Sch. Jour., San José St. U.; PhD, U. MO, 1974; MA, U. IA, 1967; BA, U. Denver; experience: 2 yrs. nwsp. rep., 10 yrs. PR; teaching areas: PR, intl. Com.; divisions: E,J; 1740 Marina Way, San José, CA 95125; home: (408) 265-0934; <>.

Wilhoit, G. Cleveland;
prof. emer., Sch. Jour., IN U.-Bloomington; PhD, MA, BA, U. NC-Chapel Hill, 1967, 1963, 1961; experience: brdctg.; teaching areas: intro. survey, ethics, political Com.; division: B; 926 S. Highland Ave., Bloomington, IN 47401-5064; <>.

Wilkins, Dennis M.; Prof., Russell J. Jandoli Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., St.  Bonaventure U.; PhD, U. CO-Boulder, 1996; MES, The Evergreen St. Col., 1990; BS,  U. MASS., 1970; experience: 7 yrs. nwsp. rep.; 11 yrs. copy ed.; 4 yrs. edit-pg.  ed.; teaching areas: nwsp rptg., wr.; nwsp. ed., opin. wr., online wr., ethics,  sci./tech./env. rptg., mass comm.; division: G; St. Bonaventure U., RJJ Sch.  Jour. & Mass Com., Box J, St. Bonaventure, NY 14778; office: (716) 375-2511;  Fax: (716) 375-2588; <>.

Wilkins, Lee C.; prof., Radio-TV Seq., U. MO; PhD, U. OR, 1982; MA, U. OR, 1976;  BJ-BA, U. MO, 1971; experience: 33 yrs. col. teach. U. CO, 4 yrs. rep. Eugene  Register-Guard, 3 yrs. rep. Ann Arbor News, 3 months asst. city ed. Boulder  Daily Camera, ed. Journal of Mass Media Ethics; teaching areas: ethics, pol.  Com., risk comm.; divisions: G,O,Q,SCIG; 3151 N. McGill Creek Rd., Rochport, MO  65279; office: (573) 882-9499; Fax: (573) 882-4823; home: (573) 446-2307;  <>.

Wilkinson, Jeff; prof., journalism and mass communication, Houston Baptist University, PhD, U. GA, 1992; MA, U. GA, 1987; BS, UF, 1979; experience: Radio/TV news 5 yrs.; teaching areas: writing and reporting, new tech., intl. Com., media & soc.; Houston Baptist University, 7502 Fondren Road, Houston, Texas, 77074;>.

Williams, Dan; PO Box 142, Lyndon, VT  05849-0142; <>.
Williams, John W.; assoc. prof.; chair, Pol. Sci.; co-dir. Asian Studies, Principia Col., Elsah, IL 62028; adjunct, Washington University, St. Louis; <>; JD, George Washington U., 1980; BA, Principia Col., 1976; experience: 3 yrs. rep. Alton, IL, Telegraph, 5 yrs. U.S. Dept Just., member, VA St. Bar; divisions: E,G,H,N,O; 304 E. Exchange St., Jerseyville, IL 62052; office: (618) 374-5230; home: (618) 498-6687.

Williams, Kevin D.;
assoc. prof., Dept. Com., MS St. U.; PhD, U. GA, 2005; MA, U. GA, 2002; BA, U. GA, 1996; experience: 3yrs. radio brdctg.; teaching area: media and soc., web design; divisions: H, P, ESIG; PO Box PF, MS St. U., MS 39762; office: (662) 325-8330; cell: (662) 617-4477; <>.

Williams, Lillian; 233 E Erie St, Unit 1408, Chicago, IL 60611-2902; <>.

Williams-Kirksey, Shirley; dean/assoc. prof., Sch. Arts & Sciences, Atlanta, GA. PhD 1991, OH U.; organizational Com.; 223 James P. Brawley Dr./103 Sage Bacote,  Atlanta, GA  30314; office: 404-880-6610; Fax: 404-880-6771; home: 404-315-5738; <>.

Williamson, Jennifer; 12237 Chestertowne Rd., Chester, VA 23831-1700; <>.

Willnat, Lars; prof., Sch. Jour., IN U.; PhD, IN U., 1992; MA, IN U., 1991; teaching areas: polit. Com., Com. theory, intl. Com., publ. opin.; 940 E. Seventh St., Bloomington, IN 47405-7108; office: (812) 855-9828; Fax: (812) 855-0901; <>.

Wilson, Camilla J.;
prof., MN St. U., Moorhead; PO Box 1064, Moorhead, MN  56561-1064; <>.

Wilson, Clint C.; prof emeritous, Dept. Jour., Howard U.; EdD, So. CA, 1977; MA, So. CA, 1970; BA, CA St.-Los Angeles; experience: nwsp. rep.-ed.; teaching areas: mass Com., hist., soc. resp., minorities Com.; divisions: H,M; 4000 Thistlebridge Way, Rockville, MD 20853; office: (202) 806-7860; home: (240) 342-2186; <>.

Wilson, Eric M.;
instr., undergrad adviser, Elliott Sch. Com., Wichita St. U.; MA, Wichita St. U., 2006; BA, Wichita St. U., 2004; experience: Adv., PR, jour., res., educ.; teaching areas: PR, Adv.; 1845 Fairmount, Box 31, Wichita, KS  67260-0031; office: (316) 978-6059; <>.

Wilson, III, Ernest J.; dean, Walter H. Annenberg chair in com.; USC, Annenberg Sch. Jour., 3502 Watt Way, Suite 304, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0281; office: (213) 740-9891.

Wilson, Kristopher;
U. TX at Austin; Radio-TV & Sci. Com.; Sch. Jour., Mail Code A1000, Austin TX 78712; <>.

Wilson, Margo; chair, Eng. Dept.; assoc. prof. jour./Eng., Calif. U of PA; MFA,  Goddard Col.; MA, UCLA; BA, U. WI; 20 yrs. rep./ed. exp.; L.A. Times, others;  teaching areas: wrtg; reptg; edtg; multimedia; ethics; crtve wrtng; divisions:  P,F,G,O,Q; Office: English Dept., 250 University Ave., California, PA 15419;  Home: 2001 Grand Blvd., Monessen, PA 15062-2513; office: (724) 938-1585; home:  (724) 684-7264; <>.

Wilson, Sherrie; assoc. prof., Sch. Com., U. NE-Omaha, 140 ASH, 6001 Dodge St., Omaha, NE 68182; 10829 Ellison Ave., Omaha, NE 68164; office: (402) 554-3677; home: (402) 964-1043; <>.

Winegar, Roy J.;
Sch. Coms., LSH 127/1 Campus Dr., Allendale, MI 49401-9403; <>.
Winfield, Betty H.; prof. emerita, Sch. Jour., U. MO; PhD, WA, 1978; MA, MI; BS, AR; experience: wkly. nwsp. ed./rep.; teaching areas: hist., pol. Com. res  meths; divisions: D,H,N; 81 Clay, #324, Seattle, WA 98121; home: (206) 720-4572;  cell: (206) 595-7696; <>.

Wirth, Eileen; Dept. Jour. & Mass Com., Creighton U., Omaha NE 68178; <>.

Wirth, Mike; dean, prof., Col Com. & Info, U. TN, Knoxville; PhD, MI St. U., 1977; MA, MI St. U., 1974; BS, U. NE-Lincoln, 1973; teaching/research areas: telecom/media econ., law, mgmt. and policy; divisions: I,P; 1345 Circle Park Dr., Suite 302, Knoxville, TN 37996; office: (865) 974-3565; Fax: (865) 974-3896; home: (865) 531-4085; <>.

Wirtz, John; asst prof., PR Dept.; C. Mass Com., TX Tech U.; PhD, U. MN, 2009; M.A., U. MN, 2004; experience: 10 yrs nonprofit PR,  marketing; teaching areas: PR strategy, res. meth., social media; division: PR,  CTM; Box 43082, Lubbock, TX 79409; office (806) 742-6500, ext. 310.  <> 

Wise, Kurt; assoc. prof. and chair, PR Dept., Quinnipiac U.; PhD, U MD, 2002; MA, IN U., 1989; BA, IN U., 1980; experience: brdct. news rep., and PR in politics, natural resources, gaming, and  medical device manufacturing; 275 Mount Carmel Avenue, Hamden, CT, 06518; office: 203-582-3807; Fax: 203-582-5310; <>.

Witte, Oliver;
PO Box 815, Murphysboro, IL 62966-0815; <>.
Wohn, Donghee Yvette; Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts, 409 Communication Arts Building, East Lansing, MI 48824-1212; <>.

Wojdynski, Bartosz (Bart) W.;
 asst. prof., Dept. Com., VA Tech;  PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2011; MA, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2008; teaching areas: mult. jour., media effects, interact. media, res. mthds; divisions: B, C, E; 146 Shanks Hall (0311), Blacksburg, VA 24061; office: (540) 231-3610; Fax: (540) 231-9817; Yorktown Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27516; <>.

Wolburg, Joyce M.;
assoc. dean; Marquette U., PhD, U. TN, 1995; MS, U. TN, 1992; BS, Old Dominion U.; teaching areas: adv. & soc., intl. adv.; divisions: A,B,H,O; Johnston Hall 111B, Marquette U., PO Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881; office: (414) 288-7309; home: (262) 250-1515; <>.

Wolfgang, Justin David; 1700 Forum Blvd #3109, Columbia, MO 65203-6342; <>.

Wood, Michelle L.M.; adjunct fac., Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., U. MN; PhD, U. WI, 2006; MA, U. WI, 2002; BA, ISU, 1995; experience: 5 yrs. PR agency; teaching areas: PR, persuasion, mass com. theory; <>.

Woolley, Julia; 817 W Whitehall Rd Apt D., State College, PA 16801-4348; <>.

Worsham, Anne Golden; 371 East 230 South, Orem, UT 84058-5427; <>.

Worthington, Nancy; 275 Mt. Carmel Ave, SB-MCM, Hamden, CT 06518-1905; <>.

Woytek, Dennis;
Duquesne U., 341 College Hall, 600 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15282-0001; <>.

Wright, Donald K.; Harold Burson prof. & chair in PR, Col. Com., Boston U.; PhD, U. MN, 1974; MA, CA St. U., 1971; BA, WA St. U., 1967; experience: 5 yrs. wr./ed. in print/brdct. news, 10 yrs. in PR/adv.; teaching areas: PR, mass Com., ethics, res., corp. Com., intl.; division: J; Boston U., Col. Com., 640 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215-2422.; Home: PO Box 673, Amesbury, MA 01913-0015; office (617) 353-5970; home (617) 306-4006; <>.

Wright, Leigh L; asst. prof, Dept. of Jou and Mass Comm., Murray (Ky.) State Univ.; B.A. Murray State 1993; MFA Murray State, 2010; experience: 16 years reporting and editing, The Paducah (Ky.) Sun; teaching areas: beg. newswriting, adv. newswriting, adv. reporting, newspaper reporting; 216A Wilson Hall, Murray State, Murray, KY 42071; office: 270-809-4741;

Wright, Shelly A.;
Chief of Staff, President’s Office, SUNY at New Paltz; MS, Columbia U., 1990; BA, Wartburg Col., 1987; experience: 8 yrs. PR; 3 yrs. rep., 10 yrs. educ.; division: PR; 1 Hawk Drive, New Paltz, NY 12561; office: (845) 257-3291; Fax: (845) 257-3389; home: (845) 256-1144; <>.

Wrigley, Brenda J.; assoc. prof. Dept. PR, S.I. Newhouse Sch. Public Coms., Syracuse U.; Ph.D., Syracuse U.; MS, Syracuse U., BJ, U. MO/Columbia; experience: 21 years broadcast jour. and advertising, and cor. PR; teaching areas: PR Theory, Management, Ethics, Intro to PR, Research; division: J; 4908 Memory Lane, Manlius, NY 13104-1521.; office: (315) 443-1911; Fax: (315) 443-5436; home: (315) 682-4138; <>.

Wu, H. Denis;
assoc. prof., Boston U; PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1998; MA, U. PA, 1993; BA, National Taiwan U.; 640 Commonwealth Ave., Col. Com., Boston U, Boston, MA 02215; office (617) 358-1305; <>.

Wulfemeyer, Tim; prof., coord., Jour. Degree Prog., Sch. Jour. & Media Studies., San Diego St. U.; EdD, UCLA, 1981; MS, IA St. U., 1974; BA, San Diego St. U., 1973; experience: newscaster/rep./photog. R-TV, prod./wr. R-TV; teaching areas: beg. rep., brdct., wr./rep., intro. jour., ethics; divisions: G,K; 1454 Burris Dr., El Cajon, CA 92019; office: (619) 594-2709; home: (619) 749-8015; <>.

Wyatt, Wendy N.; assoc. prof and chair, Dept. Com. & Jour., U. St. Thomas, teaching areas: media ethics; Mail #4372, 2115 Summit Ave., St. Paul, MN  55105-1096; office: (651) 962-5253; Fax: (651) 962-6360, <>.


AEJMC Members Update your Directory Information – V


Valenti, JoAnn M.; emerita prof./independent scholar; PhD, U. MI, 1983; MA, U. FL, 1969; BSJ, U. FL, 1967; experience: educ./prof., wr., ed., res., film&bk reviewer, communityrel., environmental jour., sci. com.; 824 S. Oregon Ave., Tampa, FL 33606; <>.

Valenzuela, Sebastian;
 asst. prof., Sch. Com., Catholic U of Chile; PhD, TX-Austin, 2011; MA, TX-Austin, 2007; BA, Catholic U of Chile, 2000; teaching areas: social media, comm. theory, pol. comm.; divisions: CTM, MC&S, Jour; experience: 5 yrs. nwsp.; School of Communications, Catholic University of Chile, Alameda 340, Santiago, Chile; office: +56 2 354 1959; fax: +56 2 354 2054;<>.

Van Dam, Brooke; Azusa Pacific U.,       Dept Com. Studies, 901 East Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702-2701; <>.

Van Maanen, Michelle M.; asst. prof., Chair; USD; Ed.D., USD, 2006; MA, USD, 1991; BA, UNI, 1982; experience 11 yrs TV producing, reporting & programming, 6 yrs radio reporting, 3 yrs TV program consulting, 3 yrs PR & development; teaching areas: mass comm. theory, multiplatform jour., ethics, media writing; 30994 434th Ave., Yankton, SD 57078; office: (605) 677-5478; cell: (605) 660-1356; <>.

Van Owen, Gordon; Ed.D. Teachers College, Columbia; MST Fordham, 2010; MA, U. FL, 2008; BS/BA, U. FL, 2006; experience: m.s. Eng. teach. & publ. adviser, 5 yrs. feats./news rep.; 735 W. 172nd Street, #A51, New York, NY 10032. (407) 375-7106;

van Tuyll, Debra (Debbie) R.;
prof., Dept. Coms. & Professional Wrtg., Augusta St. U.; PhD, U. SC, 2000; MA, U. AL, 1980; BA, U. Montevallo, 1978; experience: 2 yrs. rep. & ed., dly. & wkly.; 4 yrs. PR; 5 yrs. mag.,/journal ed.; teaching areas: law & ethics, PR, edtg., feat. & news wrtg., desktop publ., mag., edit. & wrtg., jour. hist.; divisions: D,Q; 110 Springlakes Cir., Martinez GA 30907; office: (707) 729-2183; home: (706) 228-5180; <>.

Van Witsen, Anthony; Dept. Life Sciences Com., U. WI-Madison; 33 Oakbridge Court #21 Madison WI 53717; (720) 341-7565; <>.

Vanacker, Bastiaan; asst. prof., Sch. Com., Loyola U. Chicago; PhD, U. MN, 2006; teaching and research areas: ethics, law and hist.; research chair MED division; 820 N. Michigan Ave., 60611 Chicago, (773) 329-5697  <>.

Vanc, Antoaneta M.; Sch. Comms., Quinnipiac U., 275 Mt Carmel Ave, FOB 21, Hamden        CT 06518-1908 <>.

Vance, Reid; instr. MS Col.; MS, MS Col., 2005; MA, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1999; BS, MS Col., 1995; experience:  22 yrs. in radio brdgt., 6 yrs. col. stud. affairs & campus ministry ; teaching areas:   Radio, Photoj, Sports Com.; 200 S. Capitol St Box 4019, Clinton, MS 39058; office:  601.925.7785; <>.

Vandegrift, Greg; U. St Thomas, Dept. Com. & Jour., Mail 5013, 2115 Summit Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105-1096.

Vanden Bergh, Bruce G.;
prof. emeritus, Dept. Adv. PR, & Ret., MI St. U., PhD, U. TN-Knoxville, 1978; MS, U. IL-Urbana, 1970; AB, Rutgers U., 1969; experience: nwsp. adv.; teaching areas: adv.; division: A; 966 Crimson Ct., East Lansing, MI 48823; office: (517) 351-6276.

Vardeman-Winter, Jennifer;
 asst. prof. Sch. Com, U.  Houston; PhD, UMD, 2008; MA, UMD, 2005; BS, U. of Texas-Austin, 2000; teaching areas: PR, risk/crisis com., women’s studies; 101 Coms. Bldg., Room 142, Houston, TX 77204; office: (713) 743-4294; <>.

Vargo, Chris J.; -2nd yr. Doctoral Fellow at UNC Chapel Hill. M.A. Advertising & Public Relations at The University of Alabama ’11, B.A. Advertising & Public Relations at The Pennsylvania State University. 1817 Village Crossing Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27517. (C) (724) 840-2973. (E) (W)

Veenstra, Aaron S.; asst. prof., Sch. Jour., Southern IL U.; PhD, U. WI-Madison, 2009; MA, U. WI-Madison, 2005; BA, MI Tech U., 1993; teaching areas: Com. tech., res. meth., design; division: B,H,P 1234 Com. Bldg, 1100 Lincoln Dr, Mail Code 6601, Carbondale, IL, 62901; cell: (608) 445-6472; <>.

Veglis, Andreas; Aristotle U. of Thessaloniki, Media Informatics Lab, Dept. Jour. & Mass Com., Thessaloniki, 54006 Greece; <>.

Veraldi, Lorna; assoc. prof., Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., FL Intl. U.; JD, NY Law Sch., 1981; MA, U. UT, 1976; BA, MT. St. U.-Billings, 1970; teaching areas: law and ethics, media mgmt.; division: N; 20565 NE Sixth Ct. Miami FL 33179; office: (305) 919-5523; home: (305) 653-1679; <>.

Veselenak, Davita;
School of Jour & Mass Com., U. WI-Madison; MA, U. DE, 2006; BA John Carroll U., 2004; 5115 Villas Hall, 821 University Ave., Madison, WI  53706; <>.

Viall, Elizabeth K.; instr. Dept. Jour., East. Ill. U.; PhD, IN U., 2009; MA, U. of ALA, 1993; BA, East. WA U., 1979; 6 yrs. rep./photo., 3 yrs. edit. com. news.; teaching areas: beg. rep., vis. jour., pub. design, pub. meth., adv. design; interest gr: CCJIG, Community; 804 S. 17th St., Mattoon, IL 61938; office: (217) 581-6003; <>.

Vincent, Harold “Hal”; instr., Sch. Mass Coms., U. So. FL, MS VCU Adcenter, 1999, BA U. Richmond, 1996; teaching experience: 4 yrs; industry experience 12 yrs Account Dir.; teaching areas: Advertising Management, Advertising Research, Media, Campaigns, Principles; 4202 E. Fowler Ave., CIS-1047, Tampa, FL, 33620; cell (813) 323-7514; <>.

Vivian, John;
prof., Winona State U.; MSJ, Northwest. U., 1968; AB, Gonzaga U., 1967; experience: 7 yrs. AP rep., corr.; 1 yr. UPI rep.; 1 yr. nwsp. rep.; 8  yrs. Marquette, NM St., U.N. Dakota, Army; teaching areas: rep., hist., law,  theory; divisions: D,G,H; 23148 Hwy. 14, Lewiston, MN 55952-9706; office: (507)  457-5231; home: (507) 523-2294; <>.

Vizcarrondo, Tom; 2045 North 3rd Street, Apt. #414, Baton Rouge, LA 70802-5184.

Vlad, Tudor;
365 Snapfinger Dr., Athens, GA  30605-4434; <>.

Voakes, Paul S.; former dean, Sch. Jour., U. CO-Boulder; PhD, U. WI-Madison, 1994; MJ-Jour., U. CA-Berkeley, 1974; BA, U. CA-Davis, 1972; experience: 7 yrs. nwsp. rep. & ed., 2 yrs. edit. wr., 6 yrs. edit. pg. ed.; teaching areas: news wrtg., reptg., edtg., media law, ethics, mass Com. & soc.; divisions: G,H,N; Sch Jour., U. CO-Boulder, Armory 119/478 UCB, Boulder, CO  80309-0478; office: (303) 492-4364; Fax: (303) 492-0969; <>.

Volz, Yong;
asst. prof. Sch. Jour., U. MO-Columbia; Ph.D., Minnesota, 2006; MA, CUHK, 2000; MA, People’s U of China, 1998; BA, People’s U of China, 1996; teaching areas: qual methods, hist. jour; divisions: H; office: (573) 882-2159;

Vos, Tim P.; asst. prof. Sch. Jour., U. MO-Columbia; Ph.D., Syracuse U, 2005; MA, U. IA, 1995; BA, Dordt Col., 1984; experience: 12 yrs. brdct. jour.; teaching areas: hist. jour.,media soc., qual methods; divisions: D,H,N,O; 181-B Gannett Hall, Columbia, MO 65202; office: (573) 882-0665; Fax: (573) 884-8989; home: (315) 254-1836; <>

Vraga, Emily; U. WI, Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., 821 University Ave., Madison, WI  53706-1497; <>.

Vu, Hong Tien; 2501 Lake Austin Blvd., Austin, TX  78703-4400; <>.

Vultee, Fred; asst. prof, Dept. Com., Wayne State U.; PhD, U. MO, 2007; office (313) 577-6302; <>.


AEJMC Members Update your Directory Information – U


Ugland, Erik; asst. prof., Col. Com., Marquette U.; PhD, U. MN, 2002; MA, U. MN, 1999; JD, U. MN, 1995; fellow, Silha Center for Media Ethics & Law, 1994-95 & 1998-99; res. assoc., Freedom Forum, 1995-97; teaching areas: law, ethics, policy; 400 Johnston Hall, P.O. Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881, (414) 288-3494, <>.

Underwood, Doug; prof. Dept. Com., U. WA; BA, Pomona Col., 1970; MA, OH St.,  1974; experience: 13 yrs. rep., Lansing St. Jour., Gannett News Service D.C.  bureau; Seattle Times; teaching areas: jour. and lit., jour. and trauma, media &  rel., jour. ethics, media mgmt. and econ.; 2614 W. Smith St., Seattle, WA 98199;  office: (206) 685-9377; home: (206) 283-3585; <>.

Upshaw, Jim; prof., Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., U. OR; BA, San Diego St., 1962; experience: corr., WRC-TV (NBC), Wash. DC, 1982-1992, Tokyo corr., NBC News, 1978-1982, corr., stations in Washington & Denver, 1973-78; teaching areas: brdct., jour.; divisions: K,O,P; c/o Sch. Jour./Com., 200 Allen Hall, U. Oregon, Eugene OR 97403-1275; office: (541) 346-3745; home: (541) 556-6314.

Urbanski, Stephen J.; WVU; PhD, Duq, 2004; MS, Duq, 1998; BS, WVU, 1978; experience: 27 yrs. jour., 8 yrs. adjunct; teaching areas: ethics, writing, edtng, design, pub. spkng, grad wrtg.; 506 South Lang Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15208; office: (304) 293-6797; home: (412) 423-8418; <>.

Urch, Kakie; Sch. Jour. & Telecom., 49 Grehan Bldg., Lexington, KY  40506-0042; <>.

Usher, Nikki; 460 L Street, NW Apt. 418, Washington, DC  20001-2551; <>.
Utsler, Dr. Max R.; assoc. prof. Sch. JMC, U. KS; PhD, MO, 1981;  M.A., MO, 1973; B.A. Knox 1970; experience: 5 yrs. TV rep./prod.; teaching  areas:  multimedia reporting;  bus. media;  sports, media and soc.; sports marketing; mgmt.; division: K, SPORTS; 2066 Dole Center, 1000  Sunnyside Drive, U. of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045; office (785) 864-0608;  <>.

Utt, Sandra H.; assoc. prof.; PhD, OH U., 1983; MA, W. VA U., 1974, BSJ, W VA U., 1968; teaching areas: vis. com., adv. res., media, mass com. theories; divisions: A,C,G; Dept. Jour., U. Memphis, 300 Meeman Jour.; office: (901) 678-4795; Fax: (901) 678-4287; cell: (901) 628-2553;  <>.

Uysal, Nurcihan; 4012 Grange Hill Way, Norman, OK 73072-6514; <>.


AEJMC Members Update your Directory Information – T


Ta, David; 3814 S. Rock Quarry Rd., Columbia, MO 65201-3850; <>.

Tag, Nancy R.;
asst. prof., Media & Com. Arts Dept., CCNY/CUNY; BA, U. PA, 1980; MA, New School Univ., 2003; professional experience: 15 yrs freelance, 3 yrs. CD Dentsu, 4 yrs. CD AC&R, 8 yrs. CW NWAyer; awards: AICP, Mobius, Adweek, Ace, London Festival; teaching areas: ad. copy, adv. ad. mgmt., ad/pr wrkshp.; One Show College Competition advisor; division: Ad/PR; Shepard Hall, Rm. 469, 160 Convent Ave., NY, NY, 10031; office: (212) 650-6562; <>.

Tahat, Khalaf; 1830 East Johnson Avenue, #50, Jonesboro, AR 72401-1311.

Tahsoh, Peter S.;
14200 McCabe Dr., Chester, VA 23831-7057; <>.

Tai, Zixue;
Sch. Jour. & Telecom., 107 Grehan Bldg., Lexington, KY  40506-0042; <>.

Tait, Alice A.;
full prof., Dept. Jour, Cent. MI U., PhD Bowl. Gr. U. 1985, MA, BA, Way. St. U. 1974; experience: 26 yrs. teach.; teaching areas: eth. med., hist., publ. spk. mas. med., ; 407 Moore Hall, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859-0001; office: (989) 774-6603/3196; Fax: (989) 774-7114; <>.

Takeichi, Hideo;
prof., Dept. Jour., Otsuma Women’s U.; BA, Sophia U., 1960; experience: 10 yrs.; teaching areas: intl. com., hist., law; divisions: D,E,G,N; 9-23-9, Sagami-ohno, Sagamihara, Kanagawa-ken, 228, Japan; office: (81) 3-5275-5849; home: (81) 42-742-3862; <>.

Takeshita, Toshio;
prof., Dept. Pol. Sci., Meiji U., Kanda Tokyo, 101-8301 Japan; <ttakeshi@kisc.meiji.>.

Tallent, Rebecca J.;
asst.. prof. Sch. Jour. & Mass Media, U ID; Ed.D. OK St. U 1995; M.Ed. Central St. U (OK) 1977; BA Central St. U (OK) 1975; experience 12 years rep./ed.; 18 years PR; teaching areas: media writing, rep., cultural diversity, PR, med. issues; P.O. Box 443178, Moscow, ID 83844-3178; office (208) 885-8872; fax 9208) 885-6450; home (208) 883-4562; <>.

Tampere, Kaja; 5 Lilleaia Street, Harjumaa, 76912 Estonia; <>.

Tan, Alexis S.;
Murrow Sch. Com., WA St. U., P.O. Box 642520, Pullman, WA 99164-2520; <>.

Tandoc Jr., Edson C.; 1413 Ross Street, Columbia, MO 65201-5942; <>.

Tang, Shuo; 3209 East 10th Street Apt. D-11, Bloomington, IN 47408-2492; <>.

Tang, Tang; U. Akron, Sch. Com., Kolbe Hall 105F, Akron, OH 44325-1003; <>.

Tang, Yong; asst. prof., English and Jour. Dept., Western Illinois U.; PhD, Com. U. of China; ABD, The Pennsylvania State U.; MA, The George Washington U.; BA, China Sch. Jour.; BA, Sichuan International Studies U.; Experience: more than 10 years as a reporter and editor, Washington-based correspondent of the People’s Daily; Teaching areas: news reporting and writing, mass media law; division: N; 1 University Circle, Macomb, Illinois 61455; Office: (309)298-1948; Fax: (309)298-2974; Home: (301)-880-1270; <>.

Tanner, Andrea; associate professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of South Carolina, experience: television news, freelance writing.; teaching areas: television news, science and health communication, writing, research, theory; 594 N. King’s Grant Dr., Columbia, SC 29209-0915; <>.

Tanner, Stephen; U. Wollongong, Sch Jour & Creative Writing, Faculty of Creative Arts, Wollongong,  NSW 2522 Australia; <Australia  >.

Tao, Weiting; PhD stud., Dept. Public Relations., Col. Jour. & Com., U.  Florida; MA, U. Florida, 2011; BA, SW U. , 2009; Weimer Hall, PO Box  118400, Gainesville, FL32611 Room G040; office: (352) 846-1154;  <>.

Tatge, Mark W.;  Eugene S. Pulliam Distinguished Professor of Journalism, DePauw University, Jour., OH U.; MBA, OU 2010; MA, OH St. 1983;  experience: 30 yrs, Wall Street Journal, Forbes,, Dallas Morning News, Denver Post,  Cleveland Plain Dealer, Wisconsin State Journal, management, edtg/investigative rptg; teaching areas: multimedia and TV, media studies, media law and economics, investigative rptg, public affairs rptg, bus and econ rptg; 2316 Fir Street, Glenview, IL 60025; office: (312) 550-5122;  home: (224) 616-3185; <

Tay, Kester; Pine Grove Blk 1E #01-17, Singapore, 594001; <>.

Taylor, Christine; assoc. prof., Col. Com., Butler U.; MA, 1988; BA, Mich St., 1982; experience: 7 yrs. CNN,  teaching areas:  multi-camera prod., edtg., directing; field prod.,  770 West Hampton, Indianapolis, IN 46208; office: (317)940-5967; Fax: (317) 940-9014; <>.

Taylor, Erica C.;
937 Ridgepoint Court, Baton Rouge, LA 70810-2877; <>.

Taylor, Larry S.; Appalachian State U., Dept. Com., 245 Walker Hall, Boone, NC 28608-0001; <>.

Taylor, Ronald E.;
prof., Sch. Advtg. & PR, U. TN; PhD, U. IL, 1983; MS, U. IL, 1971; AB, U. NC, 1970; experience: 5 yrs. adv.; teaching areas: adv., mass com.; divisions: A,B,N,O; 476 Com. Bldg., U. TN, Knoxville, TN 37996-0343; office: (865) 974-3048, <>.

Tchernev, John; 2173 Burgoyne Ct., Columbus, OH 43220-2391; <>.

Teague, Riva B.; clin. asst. prof. Dept. of MC, Jackson St. U.; PhD, Univ. So. Miss, 2013; MS, Univ. So. Miss, 1998; BA, Univ. So. Miss, 1993; experience: 8 yrs. rep., 2 yrs. copy edit., 2 yrs. PR writer; teaching areas: news. rep., PR writing, media writing, PR practice; P.O. Box 720801, Byram MS 39272 24209; office: (601) 979-8699; Fax: (601) 979-9208; home: (601) 672-8946; <>.

Team, Catherine;
1833 Ems Rd East, Fort Worth, TX 76116-2040; <>.

Tedrow, Matthew; 3607 Greystone Drive, Apt. 2322, Austin, TX 78731-2234; <>.

Teel, Leonard Ray;
prof., com., dir., Center for Intl Media Educ., GA St. U.; PhD, GA St. U., 1984; MA, U. Miami, 1974; BA, U. Miami, 1964; experience: nwsp. rep., ed., columnist 20 yrs; teaching areas: intl. com., hist., feat., news ed., crit.; divisions: D,E,G; 140 Mockingbird Ln., Decatur, GA 30030-1158; office: (404) 413-5654; home: (404) 377-8975; Fax: (404) 377-7882; <>.

Teeter, Jr., Dwight L.;
prof., Sch. Jour. & Electronic Media, U. TN; PhD, WI, 1966; MJ, 1959; AB, U. Cal, 1956; experience: 3 yrs. nwsp. rep.; teaching areas: law, hist., rep., feat. wrtg.; divisions: D,N; 1345 Circle Park Dr., Suite 430, CUEB, U. TN, Knoxville, TN  37996-0333; office: (865) 974-5139; Fax: (865) 974-5160; home: (865) 531-0274: <>.

Tefft, Sheila L.;
dir., Jour. Prog., Emory U.; MSc, London Sch. Econ., 1977; BA, U. WI-Madison, 1974; experience: corr., Christian Science Monitor; rep. Chicago Tribune & Atlanta Constitution; divisions: E,H,P,O; Jour. Prog., Emory U., Callaway Ctr/Rm S414, Atlanta, GA 30322-0001; office: (404) 727-6133; Fax: (404) 727-4276; home: (404) 638-6540; <>.

Telleen, Matthew; 8 Bradford Knoll, Columbia, SC 29223-7142; <>.

Temenugova, Aleksandra; Sch. Jour. & PR, Head Jour. Prog., Jurij Gagarin 17-1/1, Skopje, R. Macedonia; <>.

Temple, John;
1 Devon Road, Morgantown, WV 26505-2205; <>.

Tennant, J. Ian; PhD Journalism candidate at the U. of Texas at Austin; MA, UT Austin, 1999; experience: rep., photog., ed., copy ed., weeklies in Canada and England, Waco Tribune-Herald, Houston Chronicle; 502B West Live Oak St., Austin, TX 78704; <>.

Terilli, Sam; PO Box 16-1455, Miami, FL 33116-1455; <>.

Terracina Hartman, Carol; Visiting Asst Prof. Dept of Mass Communications, Bloomsburg U of PA; MA UW-Madison; BA U Illinois U-C; experience 12 years newspaper editor, designer reporter; 3 years radio; 4 years magazine; U.S. Peace Corps Honduras, Central America. teaching areas: mass comm., design, investigative reporting. P.O. Box 21 Clarion, PA 16214. office: (570) 389-4633; <>.

Terrell, Sharon; 30862 Pine Ct., Spanish Fort, AL 36527-8668.

Terry, Thomas C.; assoc. prof. & chair, James E. Rogers Dept. Mass Com., ID St. U., 921 South 8th Ave., Pocatello, ID  83209; 1636 Calico Circle, Pocatello, ID 83201; office: (208) 282-3044; home: (208) 237-2925; <>.

Tewksbury, David; assoc prof., head, Dept. Com., U. IL at Urbana-Champaign; 1207 W. Oregon St., Urbana, IL  61801; <>

Thai, Chan Le; 1555 Four Oaks Rd., San José, CA 95131-2662; <>.

Thayer, Frank D.;
asst. prof., Dept. Jour. Mass Com., NM St. U.; PhD, NM St. U., 1993; MA, NM St. U., 1986; BA, NM St. U., 1962; experience: nwsp., PR, photo., adv.; teaching areas: nwsp. gen.; division: L; Box 30001, Dept. 3J, Las Cruces NM 88003; office: (505) 646-5048; home; (505) 525-8485; <>.

Thelen, Gilbert; 16340 Heathrow Drive, Tampa, FL 33647-2641.

Thiele, Norma J.;
ret.; MA, IN U., 1957; AB, IN U., 1952; experience: rep., ed.; teaching areas: mass com., rep., hist.; divisions: H,L; 5008 Pinebrook Dr., Ft. Wayne IN 46804-1775;  home: (219) 432-7027; <>.

Thomas, Erwin K.;
ret. prof., Dept. Mass Com. & Jour., Norfolk St.; PhD, U. MO; MSC, Brooklyn Col.; BSC, U. OR; experience: rep. KOMU-TV MO; teaching areas: hist., intl., ethics, TV prod.; divisions: E,D,M; 5921 Woodstock Ct., Virginia Beach, VA  23464-2118; home: (757) 420-5234; <>.

Thomas, L. Lee;
assoc. prof., Dept. Com., Doane Col.; PhD, U. NE, 1993; MA, U. NE 1967; BSc., U. NE, 1964; experience: 33 yrs. brdct. mgmt., 6 yrs. instr. mktg., com.; teaching areas: mass com., org. com., cult. & crit. studies; division: H; 5827 LaSalle St., Lincoln NE 68516-1454; office: (402) 826-8594; home: (402) 483-5639; <lthomas@>.

Thomas, Otis E.; PO Box 2207, Bowie, MD  20718-2207; <>.

Thomas, Patricia; prof. Knight Chair hlth. med. jour., Grady Col., U. GA, 254 Jour. & Mass Com., Athens, GA 30602-3018; MA, Stanford, 1970; BA, UC Berkeley, 1969; experience: 29 yrs. rep., 6 yrs. edit. mnthly, 5 yrs. teach; teaching areas: hlth., med., and sci. rep. edit.; office: (706) 542-1210; fax: (706) 583-0572; <>; <>.

Thomas, Robert A.; Loyola U., Ctr. for Environ. Com., PO Box 199, 6363 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA  70118-6195; <>.

Thomas, Ryan J.; asst. prof. Sch. Jour., U. MO-Columbia; Ph.D., WA St. U., 2012; MA, WA St. U., 2008; BA, Swansea U., 2005; experience: music jour.; teaching areas: ethics, theory, qual. methods, cross-cultural; 76E Gannett Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211; office: (573) 882-1455; <>

Thomason, Tommy G.; prof., jour., dir., Texas Center for Community Jour., TX Christian U.; EdD, TX A&M-Commerce, 1984; MA, TX A&M-Commerce, 1973; BA, Ouachita, 1971; experience: 3 yrs. PR; 2 yrs. nwsp.; 1 yr. mag.; teaching areas: nwsp., PR; TCU Box 298060, Fort Worth, TX 76129; office: (817) 257-6551; Fax: (817) 257-7322; home: (817) 472-0708; <>.

Thornton, Brian; assoc. prof., Com. Dept., U. No. FL; PhD, U. UT, 1994; MA, Wichita St. U., 1986; BA, U. Hawaii, 1983; experience: 13 yrs. mag. nwsp. rep., 20 yrs. instr. jour. mass media law; teaching areas: mass media law, jour. hist., jour., media ethics, intro mass com., theory, ed.ial wrtg., edtg., rep., media mgmt., intl. com.; divisions: D,F,G,N,M; 1840 N. Sherry Dr., Atlantic Beach, FL 32233; office: (904) 620-3819; cell: (815) 762-0778-; <thornton.b@>.

Thompson, David R.;
prof., Dept. First-Year Progs., Kennesaw St. U.; PhD, U. TX-Austin, 1993; MA, U. TX-Austin, 1990; BM, Akron U., 1981; experience: pub., new media, res., internet adv.; 1000 Chastain Rd., Box 2402, Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591; office: (678) 797-2474; <>.

Thompson, Melissa Emily; 450 Massachusetts Ave NW Apt 909, Washington, DC 20001-6220; <>.

Thompson, William;
divisions: B,J; 1303 Highland, U. Louisville, Louisville, KY 40204; <>.

Thomsen, Steven R.;
prof., Dept. Com., BYU, Provo, Utah 84602; office: 801-422-2078;  <>.

Thorne, Ann E.; prof. emerita Dept. Eng, For. Lang. & Jour., MO Western St. U.; PhD, U. MO-Kansas City, 2002; MA, U. MO-Columbia, 1972; BA, U. MO-Columbia, 1970; experience: mag. ed., 3yrs.; graphic des., 3 yrs.; teaching areas: lit. jour., mass com., reptg. feats. Publication design; division: F; 4525 Downs Dr., St. Joseph, MO 64507; home: (816) 662-2157; <>

Thornton, Brian; assoc. prof., Com. Dept., U. No. FL; PhD, U. UT, 1994; MA, Wichita St. U., 1986; BA, U. Hawaii, 1983; experience: 12 yrs. mag. nwsp. rep., 20 yrs. instr. jour. mass media law; teaching areas: mass media law, jour. hist., jour., media ethics, intro mass com., theory, ed.ial wrtg., edtg., rep., media mgmt., intl. com.; divisions: D,F,G,N,M; 1840 N. Sherry Dr., Atlantic Beach, FL 32233; office: (904) 620-3819; cell: (815) 762-0778-; <thornton.b@>.

Thornton, Leslie-Jean;
assoc. prof. ASU, Cronkite Sch Jour & Mass Comm; PhD, U. NC Chapel Hill; MA, NY U.; teaching and research: new media, journalism practice & theory, social media, multimedia; divisions: N&ON, MME; 555 N. Central Ave., Phoenix AZ 85004-1248 <> <> Twitter & IG: @ljthornton.

Thorson, Bruce;
assoc. prof., Col. Jour. & Mass Coms., U. NE-Lincoln; MA, OH U., 1990; BS, U. OR, 1982; experience: 25 yrs. nwsp. photographer, photo ed., dir. photo.; divisions: C,G,Q; 234 Andersen Hall, UNL-Lincoln, NE  68588; office: (402) 472-8279; <>.

Thorson, Esther;
prof., assoc. dean, grad. studies, Sch. Jour., U. MO; PhD (psych.), MN, 1974; BA, Macalester Col., 1969, ad. adv. agency and edv. co. consult. since 1981; teaching areas: mass com. theory & res.; divisions: A,B; office: (573) 882-9590; home: (573) 442-9001; <>; <>.

Thorson, Kjerstin; 11210 Huntley Place, Culver City, CA 90230-4830; <>.

Thurber, Robert; 1419 Salt Springs Rd., Syracuse, NY 13214-1301; <>.

Thurwanger, Michael; assoc. prof., Humanities Div., Eureka Col.; PhD, SIU-Carbondale, 2003; MA, Ball St. U., 1996; BS, U.S. Naval Academy, 1976; experience: 17 yrs. PR and govt. info.; teaching areas: Human coms., strategic coms., mass coms. and com. law; 2111 Cody Drive, Eureka IL 61530; office: (309) 467-6679; home: (309) 678-5965; <>.

Tickton, Stanley (Stan);
coord., Grad. Prog. Media Coms., prof., Mass Coms. & Jour. Dept., Norfolk St. U.; PhD, U. MI-Ann Arbor, 1974; MA, U. WI-Madison, 1967; BA, Wayne St. U., 1965; experience: 53 yrs. brdct. TV mgmt., 42 yrs. educ.; teaching areas: law, mgmt., pgm, prod.; divisions: D,I,M,N; 700 Park Ave., Unit 2312, Norfolk, VA 23504-8060; office: (757) 823-2383; Fax: (757) 823-9119; home: (757) 497-8980; <>.

Tidwell, James; prof. and dept. chair, East. IL. U.; JD, U. Louisville; MA, U. OK; BA, OK Bapt. U.; experience: 3 yrs. rep. and ed. big city dly. and small dly.; teaching areas: mass com., news wrtg., sec. ed., law; divisions: G,N,L; Dept. Jour., East. IL U., Charleston, IL 61920-3099; office: (217) 581-7118; home: (217) 345-7938; <>.

Tiernan, Jennifer; South Dakota State University, Box 2235, Brookings, SD 57007-0001; <>.

Tilley, Jenny P; Communications Coordinator for Overseas Study, Indiana U.; MA, Indiana U., 2011; BS, Ball St. U, 2005; experience: 4.5 years higher ed marketing & comm., 1 year copy editor/page designer at daily newspaper; office: (812) 856-5266; home/cell: (812) 327-7892 <>.

Timmins, Lydia R.; asst. prof., Dept. Com., U. DE.; PhD, Temple U.2010 ; MJ, Temple U., 2001; BA, PA St. U., 1987; experience: 22 yrs. TV news producer, NBC, FOX, ABC; teaching areas: mass Com., brdct.; division: K; 373 West Chestnut Hill Rd., Newark, DE  19713; office: 302-831-3567; home: (302) 456-0630; <>.

Tims, Albert; dir., Sch Jour. & Mass Com., U. MN; PhD, WI, 1982; MA, WI, 1976; BA, KY, 1973; experience: public affairs, com. research; teaching areas: theory and meth., political com.; 111 Murphy Hall, Minneapolis, MN 55455-0418; office: (612) 625-0020; <>.

Tindall, Natalie T.J.;
 asst. prof., Dept. Com., Georgia State, PhD, Dept. Com., U. MD, 2007; MA, U So. FL, 2002; BA, FL A&M, 2000; experience: 1 yr. non-profit PR; 6 months agency; teaching area: PR, strategic com., social media, diversity in media; divisions: J,M; 662 One Park Place, GSU, Atlanta, GA 30302, <>, <>.

Tinic, Serra; University of Alberta, Department of Sociology, Edmonton, T6G 2H4 Canada; <>.

Tirumala, Lakshmi N.;
2902 3rd Place, Apt. # B-12, Lubbock, TX 79415-3249; <>.

Todd, Philip Stauffer;
9 North Gilpin Avenue, Shawnee, OK 74804-3239; <>.

Todd, Vicki; asst. prof. PR, Quinnipiac University; Ed.D., 2003; MA, 1990; BA,  1988, Texas Tech U.; experience: 14 yrs. teaching; teaching areas: PR  nonprofits, PR writing; 275 Mt. Carmel Ave., Hamden, CT 06518; office: (203)  582-8330; .

Topouria, Giorgi;
Sch. Jour., U. MO; 1538 Timber Creek Drive, Columbia, MO, 65202, Ph: 1.573.777-2472, E-mail:

Toppin, Monique;
14 Emory Street, Nassau, Bahamas; <>.

Toth, Elizabeth L.; prof. and chair, U. MD, College Park; PhD, Purdue U., 1975; MA, Purdue U., 1969; BS, Northwest., 1966; experience: PR, res. consult.; teaching areas: PR, meth., theory; division: J; 5920 Trumpet Sound Court, Clarksville, MD 21029; office: (301) 405-8077; Fax: (301) 314-9471; home: (443) 535-9844; <>.

Tovares, Raul D.; 125 Michigan Ave, NE, Washington, DC 20017-1094; <>.

Tracy, Christine M.; assc. prof, Eastern MI. PhD. RPI, 2005. BA Villanova, 1977; experience: 20 years reporting, copywriting, pr and consulting; Teaching areas: digital journalism, news writing, media ecology and civic literacy. 311 Mulholland Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Home 734-369-2057;

Trager, Robert;
prof. emeritus, Jour. & Mass Com., U. CO; PhD, U. MN, 1972; JD, Stanford U., 1982; MA, U. MN, 1971; BA, San Francisco St. Col., 1966; experience: 15 yrs. media atty.; teaching areas: law, free expr., media-soc.; 478 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309-0478; office: (303) 492-0502; home: (720) 720-242-7939; <>.

Trammell, James Y.;
asst. prof., Qubein Sch. Coms., High Point U., 833 Montlieu Ave., High Point, NC 27262; office: (336) 841-9000; <>.

Tran, Hai L.; PhD fellow. Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., UNC-CH; MSJ, WVU, 2004; BAs, Hanoi U., 1992 & 1996; experience: 6 yrs. news edit., 3 yrs. foreign corr., VNA; research areas: intl com., ad., political com., press theories; Carroll Hall, CB 3365, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3365; office: (919) 843-5859; fax: (919) 962-0620; <>

Traquina, Nelson;
assoc. prof., Dept. Com., U. Nova De Lisboa; PhD, U. Paris, 1980; MA, Denver U., 1974; BA, Assumption Col., 1970; experience: 3 yrs. rep. UPI, for. corr.; teaching areas: news wrtg., PR, soc. mass com.; division: E; 24 Avenid Bema, Lisbon 1000 Portugal; office: 7933519; Fax: 797-7759; <>.

Treaster, Joseph B.;
John S. and James L. Knight Chair, cross cult. com., Sch. Com., U. Miami; Sch. Com., U. Miami, 5100 Brunson Dr., Coral Gables, FL  33146; office: (305) 284-5246; <>.

Treise, Debbie M.;
prof., assoc. dean, Grad. Studies; U. FL., PhD, U. TN; 1992; MA, So. FL, 1988; BA, U. FL, 1974; experience: 7 yrs. creative dir., 4 yrs. agency, 15 yrs. freelance; teaching areas: adv., creative; division: O; research: science/health coms., DTC, PSA; PO Box 118400, Gainesville, FL 32611-2084; office: (352) 392-6557; home: (386) 418-8268.

Trejo, Adrian; 300 Center St Apt 19, El Segundo, CA 90245-4046; <>.

Tremblay, Wilfred;
prof., dean,  Nido R. Qubein Sch. Com., High Point University, 833 Montlieu Ave., Drawer 33, High Point, NC 27262-4221. Office: 336-841-9150,

Trilling, Damian;
Insulindeweg 1-I, Amsterdam, 1094NW Netherlands; <>.

Trowbridge, Kevin S.; instr., Public Relations Dept., Belmont U.; MA, The U. Memphis, 1999; BA, Union U., 1996; experience: PR, nonprofit, association mgmt.; teaching areas: social media, PR, research methods; 1900 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN 37212-3757; office: (615) 460-5705; fax: (615) 460-6997; mobile: (615) 200-0413; <>.

Trumpbour, Bob;
assoc. prof., com.; Coms. Prog., Penn State Altoona; Vice Chair, Council of Divisions; PSU-Altoona, 3000 Ivyside Park, Cypress 101C, Altoona, PA 16601; office: (814) 949-5769; Fax: (814) 949-5774. <>.

Tsai, Jiun-Yi; Ph.D. stud., Sch. Jour. & Mass Com. U. WI-Madison; 1751 Regency  St., Apt 203, Canton, MI 48188; office: (608) 692-1750; <>.

Tsay, Mina; Boston U., Dept of MC, Adv & PR, 640 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215-2422; <>.

Tsetsura, Katerina;
U. OK, Col. Jour. & Mass Com., 395 West Lindsey Ct., Norman, OK  73019-4201; <>.

Tucher, Andie; assoc. prof., dir., Coms. PhD prog., Columbia Grad. Sch. Jour.; PhD, American Civ., NYU, 1990; BA, Princeton, 1976; experience: 1 yr. mag. ed., 8 yrs. doc. prod., PBS, ABC News; teaching areas: jour. hist., media & soc., ethics & crit., longform wrtg.; 2950 Broadway, Rm. 201c, NY NY 10027-7004; office: (212) 854-6495; <>.

Tucker-McLaughlin, Mary; East Carolina U., Sch. Com., 122 Joyner East, Greenville, NC 27858-4353; <>.

Tuggle, C. A.;
Prof., Dept. Elec. Com., UNC-Chapel Hill.; PhD, U. AL, 1996; MA, U. FL, 1992; BS, U. FL, 1978; experience: 16 yrs. rep. prod.; teaching area: brdct. jour.; division: K; CB #3365 Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3365; office: (919) 962-5694; home: (919) 490-5204; <>.

Tully, Melissa
; assist. prof. U. Iowa, Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., 100 Adler Journalism Bldg. E332., Iowa City, IA 52242; <>.

Tunuguntla, Rama M.; Interim Dean, Col. of Professional Studies and Cleo Fields Endowed Prof. of Mass Com., Grambling St. U.; PhD, U. MN, 1982; MA, U. MN, 1978; BJ, Osmania U., 1963; experience: copy ed., The Times of lndia, deputy ed., The Deccan Chronicle, rep. United News of India; teaching areas: res. meth., intl. com., news ed.; divisions: E,M; 122 Jefferson Oaks Dr., Ruston, LA 71270; office: (318) 274-3234; home: (318) 255-4008; <>.

Tuorto, Kim; U. Central FL, Nicholson Sch. Com., PO Box 161344, Orlando, FL 32816-1344; <>.

Turk, Esin C.;
assoc. prof., Dept. Com., MS Valley St. U.; PhD, U. So. MS, 2000; MA, Syracuse U., 1973; BS, Ankora U., 1969; teaching areas: PR, com. theory., intercultural com.; division: J; 118 W. Jefferson Ave., Greenwood, MS  38930; office: (662) 254-3594 Fax: (662) 254-3630; home: (662) 455-4378; <>.

Turk, Judy VanSlyke; prof emerita, Sch. Mass Coms., VA Commonwealth U.; PhD, Syracuse U., 1985; MA, No. IL U., 1977; BSJ, Northwest., 1970; experience: 8 yrs. corp. PR, 2 yrs. AP wr.-ed.; teaching areas: PR, mass media wrtg., res. meth.; divisions: G,J; 3405 Stuart Ave., Richmond, VA  23221; office/mobile/home: (804) 319-6568; <>.

Turner, Karen M.;
assoc. prof., dir., Brdct. Jour. Seq., Dept. Jour., Sch. Media and Communication,  Temple U.; MS, Columbia U., 1985; JD, Northwestern U., 1979; AB, Dartmouth Col., 1976; experience: 15 yrs. brdct. journalist & talk show host, Mayor’s press sec.; teaching areas: brdct., race studies (online), media law & ethics, performance; divisions: D,K,M,N; 2020 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, PA 19122; office: (215) 204-8386; Fax: (215) 204-1974; <>.

Twardy, Charles; East Carolina U.,         101-A Joyner East, Greenville, NC 27858-4353; <>.


AEJMC Members Update your Directory Information – S


Sableman, Mark; adj. prof., Sch. Law, Washington U.; former adj. prof., Sch. Coms., Webster U.; JD, Georgetown U., 1979; MSJ, Northwestern U., 1973; BA, Grinnell Col., 1972; experience: 3 yrs. rep., Clearwater (Fla.) Sun & Washington Post; 30 yrs. atty., Thompson Coburn, LLP, St. Louis, MO; teaching areas: law; division: N; One U.S. Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63101; office: (314) 552-6103; home: (314) 567-0818; <>.

Sachsman, David B.;
prof., West Chair of Excellence in Com. & Public Affairs, Dept. Com., U. TN-Chattanooga; PhD, Stanford U., 1973; AM, Stanford U., 1968; BA, U. PA, 1967; experience: Fulbright Schol., tele. wrtg. coach, nwsp. spec. corr., copy ed., mag. wr.; teaching areas: jour., media-govt., mass com. & soc., environ. com., science & press; divisions: D,G,H,M, SCIg; 1002 Centennial Dr., Chattanooga, TN 37405; office: (423) 425-4219; Fax: (423) 425-4695 or 425-2199; home: (423) 265-8050; <>.

Sadri, Sean; 319 University Village Apt. #1, Gainesville, FL 32603-2044; <>.

Saewitz, Dana; Temple U., Dept. Jour., 2020 N 13th Street, AH Rm. 315, Philadelphia, PA 19122-6015; <>.

Safreno, Jennifer; 571 South Michelle Ave., Kerman, CA 93630-9351; <>.

Sah, Young June;
201-103 Dong yang Apt., Heugyung-dong, Seoul,   Korea; <>.

Saito, Shinichi;
prof., Tokyo Woman‘s Christian U.; PhD, U. PA, 1996; MA, U. PA, 1991; MA, Keio U. (Japan), 
1988; experience: adv. 2yrs.; division: B,H; 2-6-1 Zempukuji, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167, Japan; 
office: 03-3395-1211 ext. 2536; <>; <>.

Sakadolskis, Romas;
lect. Sch. Jour., Vilnius U., Lithuania; BA, UMCC, 1975; experience: 32 yrs. copy ed., service cf., corr., wrtr., prod., VOA; teaching areas: j. intro, interview tech., media lit.; home: +370(5)212-2508; <>, <> .

Salas, Lauren; Holcomb Hathaway Publishers, 6207 N Cattle Track Rd/Ste 5, Scottsdale, AZ 85250-4681; <>.

Saliba, Keith J.;
3333 Randall St., Jacksonville, FL  32205-7834; <>.

Salkin, Erica; asst. prof, Comm Studies, Whitworth U; BA, UW-Madison, 1992; MA, UW-Madison, 2007; PhD, UW-Madison, 2012; experience: 6 years PR, 6 years student services; teaching areas: media writing, PR, media law; 113 Lower Lindaman Hall, Whitworth University, Spokane, WA  99251; esalkin @

Sallot, Lynne M.;
prof., Col. Jour. & Mass Com., U. GA; PhD, U. FL, 1993; MA, U. Miami, 1990; BA, Kent St. U., 1970; experience: nwsp., mag. wr., rep. 10 yrs. U.S./Can., PR exec. 15 yrs; teaching areas: PR, mass com.; divisions: B,H,J; 630 Sandstone Dr., Athens GA 30605; office: (706) 542-4999; home: (706) 208-0941; <>.

Salsberry, Edward G.; 4123 SE 11th Place, Ocala, FL 34471-4830; <>.

Saltzman, Joe; prof., Annenberg Sch. Com., Dir., Image of the Journalist in Pop. Culture (IJPC) A project of the Norman Lear Center, USC-Annenberg (; MS, Columbia U., 1962; BA, USC, 1961; experience: jour., brdct., TV; teaching areas: jour., brdct., image of the journalist in pop. culture, TV; 2116 Via Estudillo, Palos Verdes, CA 90274; office: (213) 740-3918; Fax: (310) 377-7935; home: (310) 377-8883; <>.

Sampson, Joe; 7826 Tances Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45243-1914; <>.

Sanchez, John; PA St. U., 123 Carnegie Bldg., Col. Com., University Park, PA 16802-5100; <>.

Sanders, Amy Kristin; asst. prof., Sch. Jour., U. MN; PhD, FL, 2007; JD, IA, 2003; MA, Iowa, 2003; BS, Truman State, 2001; BA, Truman State, 2001; experience: editing/layout; teaching areas: law, editing, rptg.; divisions: L, N; 206 Church St. SE, 111 Murphy Hall, Minneapolis, MN 55455; office: 612.624.2438; <>

Sanders, Keith P.; exec. dir., Kappa Tau Alpha; prof. emer., Sch Jour., U. Mo; ; PhD IA; MS OH; BS, Bowling Green; 3 yrs. sports ed., 1 yr. TV sports news, instr. Bowling Green U. and U. IA; teaching areas: theory/meth., news ed., mass comm.; divisions: B,G,H; 6551 Creasy Springs Rd. Columbia MO 65202-8093; office: (573) 882-7685;;>.

Sanders, Meghan S.; LSU, Manship Sch. Mass Com.,        211 Journalism Bldg., Baton Rouge, LA 70803-7202; <>.

Sandstrom, Eric; PO Box 1868, Grand Junction, CO 81502-1868; <>.

Santana, Arthur D.; asst. prof., Sch. Com., U Houston; MS, Columbia U, 1996; BA, TX-Austin, 1993; experience: 14 yrs. dly. nwsps rep./ed.; teaching areas:  rep./wrtg, media studies, new media; division: G, M; 100 Comm. Bldg., Rm. 139,  Houston, TX, 77204; office: (713) 743-2867; home: (281) 651-5524;  <>.

Santos, Jody; 189 Savin Hill Avenue Unit #2, Dorchester, MA 02125-1019; <>.

Sar, Sela; assoc. prof., Greenlee Sch. Jour. & Com., IA State U.; PhD, U. MN, 2006, Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., U MN; MA U MA, 2002; experience: advtg., advtg. research, advtg. account planning and research technical at Time Warner Cable; teaching area: Advertising strategies, advtg. research methds, advtg. campaign, mass com., research methds., and Strategic Coms.; 201 Hamilton Hall, Ames, Iowa, 50011; <>.

Sarabia-Panol, Zeny; prof. & associate dean, MTSU; Ed.D., OK St. U., 1993; Col Mass Com., PO Box 51, Murfreesboro, TN 37132; office (615) 898-2695; <>.

Sarachan, Jeremy H.;
asst. prof., St. John Fisher Col.; MS, RIT, 1999; BA, U. Rochester, 1991; experience: web design; teaching areas: social media, digital media, web design; divisions: C,P; 330 Warrington Dr., Rochester, NY  14618; office: (585) 385-7277; <>.

Sarge, Melanie; 9 Buttles Ave Apt 212, Columbus, OH 43215-1460; <>.

Sarkio, Helena K.;
asst. prof., Dept. Com., Flagler Col.; PhD, U. MN, 2003; MS, IA St. U., 1998; BA, IA St. U., 1995; experience: videographer, video ed., TV news producer; teaching areas: electronic and print jour., media studies; PO Box 1027 St. Augustine, FL 32085-1027; office: (904) 819-6464; <>.

Sarow, Marilyn Stine; prof.; Dept. Mass Com., VP for Academic Affairs; Winthrop U.; PhD, U. SC, 2004; MA, So. IL U., 1975; BS, West. MI U., 1969; experience: 10 yrs. PR health care and higher educ., 25 yrs. col. teach.; teaching areas:, adv., PR, integrated mrktg. com.; Dept. Mass Com., 212 Johnson Hall, Rock Hill, SC 29730; office: (803) 323-4530; home: (704) 330-1125; cell (704) 578-5242; <>.

Sass, Gerald M.;
ret. exec. vice pres., The Freedom Forum; 13933 N. Running Brook Ln., Marana, AZ  85658-4502; <>.

Scanlan, Christopher;
The Poynter Inst., 801 Third St., South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701-4920; office: 727-821-9494; FAX: 727-821-0583.

Saxton, Loren; 3800 20th Street, NE, Washington, DC 20018-3040; <>.

Scanlan, Linda H.;
ret.; MA, George WA, 1976; MS, Columbia J. Sch., 1957; BA, Cornell U., 1956; experience: rep. feat., wr. Roch. NY T-U Newark, NJ News, Pensacola News-Journal, Corpus-Christi Tex Caller-Times, Carl Byoir; divisions: C,G,I,J,M; 301 46th St., Virginia Beach, VA 23451; home: (757) 422-9819; <>.

Schackman, Daniel; asst. prof., Dept. Com. & Media, SUNY New Paltz; PhD, Syracuse U. 2010; MS, Boston U., 1988; BA, Clark U., 1986; experience: 17 yrs. indie film distribution, doc. TV programming, communitytech. and media; teaching areas: media programming and mgmt., digital media, media studies; divisions: H,P; office: (845) 257-3458; <>.

Schaefer, Richard; U. NM, Com. & Jour., MSC03 2240, 1 U. NM, Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001; <>.

Schafer, Matthew;
609 East Peru Street, Princeton, IL 61356-1851; <>.

Scharlott, Bradford W.;
Northern KY U.; 22 Thompson Ave., Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017; <>.

Scharrer, Erica; Professor and Chair. Dept. of Communication,   UM-Amherst; Ph.D., Syracuse, 1998; MA, Syracuse, 1995; Machmer Hall,   Amherst MA 01003; office: (413) 545-4765; <>.

Scheufele, Dietram;
John E. Ross Chair. Dept. Life Sciences Com., UW-Madison; Ph.D., UW-Madison, 1999; MA, UW-Madison, 1997; 1545 Observatory Dr., Madison, WI 53706; office: (608) 262-1614; <>.

Schierhorn, Ann B.; prof., Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., Kent St. U.; MSJ, Northwest., 1973; BSJ, Northwest.,1972; experience: 12 yrs. ed./rep. dly. nwsp., Sun. mag. ed., wrtg. coach; teaching areas: mag. publig., beg. rep., beat rep., feat. wrtg., mag. wrtg., ed. and business media.; divisions: F,G; PO Box 5190, Kent St. U., Kent, OH44242-0001; office: (330) 672-8284; Fax: 330-672-4064; home: (330) 678-8670;

Schiff, Fred; assoc. prof., Valenti Sch. Comm., U Houston; PhD, UCLA, 1971; MA, UCLA 1966; BA, Reed College, 1964; experience: 10 yrs. rep. & corr, UPI, McGraw Hill World News; USA Today, Mutual Broadcasting System, Independent Radio News (London), Canadian Broadcstg Corp.; Fulbright, 2008, UFBA, Brazil; teaching areas: rptg, mass comm. theories, crit. cult. theories; research areas: nwsp, mgnt, news content; divisions: E,G,H,I,O; office: (713) 743-2864; Fax: (713) 743-2604; cell: (832) 409-9090;

Schiffman, James R.;
Chief Copy Editor, CNN International and PhD cand., Public Com., at GA St. U. experience: 30 yrs. full-time rep./wr./ed.  UPI, The Asian Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN; teaching areas: wrtg. across platforms, rptg. in China; division: A: 3435 Kingsboro Rd., #1802, Atlanta, GA 30326; <>.

Schild, Steven;
assoc. prof., Dept. Media Coms., Saint Mary’s U.; EdD, U. St. Thomas, 1999; MA, Winona St. U., 1990, 1977; experience: 10 yrs. nwsp. rep. & ed., 4 yrs. PR; teaching areas: newswrtg., editg., media issues, rep. govt. affairs; divisions: G,J,N; 322 St. Mary’s Hall, 700 Terrace Heights, #41, Winona, MN 55987-1399; office: (507) 457-1753; home: (507) 454-7042; <>.

Schlagheck, Carol A.;
prof., Jour. Prog. Coord., Eastern MI U; PhD, Bowling Green (OH) State, 1997; MA MSU, 1992; BA U. Toledo, 1982; experience, 12 yrs. rep. and edit. plus  freelance mag., nwsp. and PR;  teaching areas:  adv. rep., beg. rep., mag. and feat., layout; division: G; 3900 W. Albain Rd., Monroe, MI  48161; office:  612 Pray-Harrold, Ypsilanti, MI  48197; 734-497-7440.

Schlossberg, Howard;
prog. coord., Jour. Dept., Columbia Col., Chicago; MA, No. IL U., 1974; BA, SUNY-Albany, 1972; experience: mag., nwsp., PR, jour., phot., res., pub., mgmt.; teaching areas: adv., mag., nwsp., mass com., PR, jour.; divisions: A,F,G,H,L,Q; 2358 County Farm Ln., Schaumburg, IL 60194; office: (312) 344-7366; Fax: (312) 344-8059; home: (847) 310-8259; <>.

Schmeltzer, John C.;
U. OK; divisions: G,H; 395 W. Lindsey St., Norman, OK  73019; office: (405) 325-9020; home: (405) 217-2405; <>.

Schmierbach, Mike; 315 Gerald Street, State College, PA 16801-7421; <>.

Schmitz, Nisa; 85 Sunfish Dr., Highland, IL 62249-0218; <>.

Schneeweis, Adina A. G.; assist. prof. Com. & Jour., Oakland U.; PhD, Univ.  Minnesota, 2009; MA, Univ. Minnesota, 2004; BA, Babes-Bolyai Univ., Romania,  2002; experience: 2 yrs. rep., producer tv documentaries; teaching areas: race,  ethnicity, cult. studies, intl jour., visual jour., photojour., beg. rep.;  division: CCS; 317 Wilson Hall, Rochester MI 48309; office: (248) 370-2776; Fax:  (248) 370-4208; <>.

Schneider, Howard;
founding dean, Sch. Jour., Stony Brook U.; MS, Columbia; BA, Syracuse; experience: 35 yrs. dly. nwsp., fmr. ed./man. ed., Newsday; teaching areas: news lit.; Sch. Jour., Melville Lib., N4004, Stony Brook, NY  11790-3384; office: (631) 632-7403; Fax: (631) 632-7550; <>.

Schoenbach, Klaus; prof., chair, General Com. Studies & chair, Dept. Com., U. Vienna; HABIL, U. Muenster, 1982; PhD, U. Mainz, 1975; teaching areas: pol. Com., media effects, audience res., methods Com. res.; divisions: B,G; U. Vienna, Dept. Com., Waehringer Str. 29, 1090 Vienna, Austria; office: +43 (1) 4277-49331; <>.

Scholl, Rosanne; Manship Sch. Jour., LSU, Baton Rouge, LA  70803-7202; <>
Scholle, Ben; 3439 Halliday Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63118-1101; <>.

Schramm, Holger; Sterntalerweg 126, Wuerzburg, 97084 Germany; <>.

Schraum, Brian; 1011 Arlington Blvd. #726, Arlington, VA 22209-2208; <>.

Schreiner, Wadim; Managing Dir., Media Tenor South Africa; MA (North West U., South Africa), BA & BA Hons (U. South Africa); experience: 11 yrs. corp. com.; Private Bag X26493, Monument Park, Pretoria, South Africa. (office) +27 12 3466422, Fax: +27 12 3464436, Mobile: +27 82 7831035; <>.

Schriner, Maureen (Willenbring); asst prof. Communication & Journalism, UW-Eau Claire; PhD, U of MN-Twin Cities, 2011; MPA, U of MN, 2002; BA UND, Grand Forks, 1987; experience: 15 years PR + current consulting in PR and health comm; 9 years experience reporting (TV and print); teaching PR, social media, intro comm;; 163 Hibbard, UWEC, 54702.

Schroeder, Jared C.; PhD cand., Gaylord Col., U. OK, MA TX Tech, 2006; BA, Abilene Christian, 2000: 3 yrs. rep., 5 yrs. edit. daily nwsp.; teaching areas: multimedia jour., media law, media theory, edit. 2708 Creekview Terrace, Norman, OK, 73071; home phone: (405) 321-1127;

Schudson, Michael;
prof., Jour. Sch., Columbia; PhD, Harvard, 1976; MAA, Harvard, 1970; BA, Swarthmore, 1969; division: D; Jour. Sch., Columbia U., 2950 Broadway, New York, NY   10027; office: (212) 854-8277; <>. 

Schuermann, Sue; Library Information Specialist II,103b Reynolds Journalism Institute, Columbia, MO 65211.

Schuh, Janel S.; 737 Harbour Town Drive, Lake Dallas, TX 75065-2815; <>.

Schulte, Bill; 10 Church Street, Cincinnati, OH 45217-1606; <>.

Schulte, Bret J.;
asst. prof., Dept. Jour., U. Ark.; MFA, 2004 GMU; BA, U. Neb., 1999; experience: 9 yrs rep., DemGaz., WashPost, USN&WR & freelance; teaching areas: rptg., feat. wrtg., multimedia; 116 Kimpel Hall., Fayetteville, AR 72701; office (479) 575-6659; Fax: (479) 575-4314; <>.

Schulte, Henry H.;
ret. Kiplinger Prof. Public Affairs, Sch. Jour., OH St. U., U. So. Carolina; experience: 26 yrs. rep./ed.; 20 yrs. jour. educ.; teaching areas: rep., edit., mgmt.; 538 6th St., Vero Beach, FL  32962; home: (772) 770-4824; <>.

Schulte, Stephanie; U. AR, 417 Kimpel Hall, Fayetteville, AR 72701-1201; <>.

Schultz, Brad E.;
assoc. prof., U. MS; PhD, TX Tech U., 2002; MA, So. IL U., 1999; BJ, U. MO, 1984; editor, Journal of Sports Media; teaching areas: television writing/reporting, management, producing; 742 Shady Oaks Circle, Oxford, MS 38655; office: (662) 915-5161; home: (662) 236-2846; <>.

Schultz, Don E.; prof., Northwest. U.; PhD, MI St., 1977; MA, MI St., 1975; BBA, OK, 1957; experience: sr. VP Tracy-Locke, pub. mgmt., news & mags., consult.; teaching areas: adv., sales promo., dir. mktg., intg. mrktg. Com., PR brands & mrktg. mgmt.; division: A; Northwestern U., 3-101 MTC, 1870 Campus Dr., Evanston, IL 60208; T: 773-281-8306.

Schwalbe, Carol B.; assoc. prof. Sch. Jour., U. of AZ; MA, GWU, 1976; BA, Smith, 1969; experience: 31 yrs. writing, editing, National Geographic; teaching areas:  science jour., editing, mag. writing, online jour.; divisions: C,F; 4330 S. Escalante Ridge Place, Tucson, AZ 85730; office: (520) 621-6223; fax: (520) 621-7557; home: (520) 290-8392; <>.

Schwanbeck, William L.; instr., Sch. Coms., Quinnipiac U.; MS, IL St. U., 2000; BA, U. WA, 1976; experience: 21 yrs. TV rep./anchor; teaching areas: brdct. news, wrtg., sports jour.; division: K; 336 Patton Drive, Cheshire, CT 06410; home: 203-272-7388; <>.

Schwanbeck, Karin; 336 Patton Dr., Cheshire, CT 06410-4236; <>.

Schwartz, Donald F.;
prof. emer., Dept. Com., Cornell U.; PhD, MI St. U., 1968; MS, ND St. U., 1961; BS, ND St. U., 1957; experience: 10 yrs. U. PR, 32 yrs. Com. prof.; teaching areas: strategic Com. planning, organizational Com.; division: J; 830 W. Placita El Cueto, Green Valley, AZ 85622; office: (520) 399-3282; <>.

Schwartz, Thomas A.;
assoc. prof., Sch. Com., OH St. U.; PhD, So. IL U., 1981; MS, SD St. U., 1977; BS, U. WI, 1973; experience: nwsps., photo., mags.; teaching areas: adv. rep., law; divisions: D,N; 268 E. Tulane Rd., Columbus, OH 43202; office: (614) 292-1006; home: (614) 263-8838; <>.

Schwarz, Claudia; Universitat Innsbruck, asst prof of American Studies, Inst fur Amerikastudien, Austria; <>.

Schweisberger, Valarie;
1300 Ivy Ridge Road Apt. #11, Syracuse, NY 13210-4139; <>.

Scott, Byron T.; Sch. Jour., U. MO, Columbia, MO 65211-0001; <>.

Scott, David W.; assoc. prof., Dept. Com., Utah Valley U.; PhD, U GA; MA, BYU; BS, Utah; Utah Valley U.; Dept. Com.; MS 142; 800 W. University Parkway, Orem, Utah, 84058-5999; office (801) 863-6884; home (801) 369-5299; <>.

Scott, Faron L.;
prof., English-Coms., Fort Lewis Col.; PhD, Sch.  Jour., U. MO-Columbia, 1992; MA, U. MO-Columbia, 1986; BA, So. IL U. Carbondale, 1984; 241 Noble Hall, 1000 Rim Drive, Durango CO 81301; office: (970) 247-7496;  <>.

Scott, Glenn W.; asst. prof., Sch. Coms., Elon U.; PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2006; MA, CSU Fresno, 1978; BA, CSU Fresno, 1974; experience: 20 yrs. nwsp. journalist in CA, HI & Japan;  divisions: D,E,G, CCJIG; CB 2850, Elon, NC, 27244; office: (336) 278-5791; home: (336) 584-3046; <>.

Scott, Rebecca; U. IA, Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., E305A Adler Jour. Bldg.,            Iowa City, IA 52242-2004; <>.

Scott, Robert O.;
assoc. prof., Dept. Com., Southeastern U.; PhD, Bowling Green St U, 1994; MA, Regent U, 1980; BS, Bowling Green St U, 1975; teaching areas: intro MCOM., MCOM theory, media law, new com. technologies, media aesthetics; 1000 Longfellow Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33801; office: (863) 667-5208; Fax: (863) 667-5200; <>.

Scott, Yelisabel Villarreal; 4201 Hackney Wick Road, Norman, OK 73072-9791; <yscott>.

Scotton, James F.;
assoc. prof., Jour., Col. Com., Marquette U., P.O. Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881, (414) 288-5608, <>.

Scremin, Gracieli; 902 W Peninsular St., Tampa, FL 33603-5420; <>.

Scully, Michael; 48 Tallman Ave., Cranston, RI 02910-5423.

Seaton, Edward;
The Manhattan Mercury, Box 787, Manhattan KS 66505; <>.

Seelig, Michelle;
assoc. prof., visual Com., Sch. Com., U. Miami; teaching areas: advtg. design, graphic design, page layout, web design, photo., and com. Theory; Sch. Com., U. Miami, Coral Gables, FL 33146; office: (305) 284-5211; Fax: (305) 284-5216; <>.

Seib, Philip M.; prof., Annenberg Sch. for Com., USC; JD, So. Methodist U., 1975; experience: 19 yrs. columnist, Dallas Morning News, 21 yrs. pol. analyst, WFAA TV; teaching areas: international com., media and conflict, public diplomacy; Annenberg Sch. for Com., USC, Los Angeles, CA 90089; office: (213) 740-9611; <>.

Seidman, Steven A.; prof. Sch. Com., Ithaca Col.; PhD, IN U, 1982; M.S.ED, IN U, 1978; A.M, U PA, 1968; B.S., U WI, 1967; experience: 34 yrs. col. tchg, 8 yrs. pub. sch. tchg, 1 yr. media prod.; tchg. areas: polit. Com., visual design, research meth., presentation techniq.; 9 Estates Dr., Ithaca NY 14850; office: (607) 266-0519; Fax: (607) 266-0519; <>.

Selden, Joseph M.; PSU, Col. Coms., 208 Carnegie, University Park, PA 16802-5101; <>.

Selepak, Andrew G.;
PhD stud., U. FL, 2011; MA, George Mason U., 2006; BA, U. VA, 2001; teaching areas: brdct. media wrtg., sports reptg., news reptg.; Weimer Hall, PO Box 118400, Gainesville, FL 32611; office: (352) 273-1644; <>.

Self, Charles C.;
prof., Gaylord Col. Jour. & Mass Com., U. OK; PhD, IA U., 1974; MA, MO U., 1971; BA, Andrews, 1966; experience: UPI, Mobile (AL) Press Register, LA (MO), Press-Journal, Pacific Stars and Stripes; teaching areas: com. theory, jour. skills, jour. issues, com. phil., intl. com. policy; divisions: E,F,G,H,O; 2749 Walnut Rd., Norman, OK 73072; office: (405) 325-2721; home: (405) 447-7771; <>.

Sellars, Andrew F.; Digital Media Law Project, Harvard School of Law, 23 Everett Street 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA 02138-2702; <>.

Sellnow, Timothy L.;
assoc. dean, Grad. Progs., Col. Com. & Info Studies, U. KY; PhD, Wayne State U., 1987; MA, NDSU., 1984; BS, St. Cloud St. U., 1982; teaching areas: mass com., PR; 133 Grehan Building, Lexington, KY 40506-0042; office (859) 257-7805; home: (859) 309-3822; <>.

Seltzer, Trent; assoc. prof., Col. Media & Comm., TX Tech U.; dept. chair, Dept. Public Relations; PhD, U. FL, 2007; MA, UCF, 2000; BA, U. FL, 1995; experience: 7 yrs. pol. campaigns, public admin, PR, consulting, teaching, and research; teaching areas: PR Wrtg., Principles PR, PR Campaigns, PR Cases, Integrated Comm. Campaigns; division: J; PO Box 43082, Lubbock, TX 79424; office: (806) 834-3803; <>.

Selvin, Barbara; asst. prof., internship coord., Stony Brook U Sch. Jour. MS, Columbia, 1983; BA SUNY-Bing, 1978; experience: dir, CUNY HS summer jrn wkshp, 2000-2006; freelance writer/ed, 1993-2007; rep.: Newsday, 1993; NY Newsday, 1985-93; Stamf’d Advocate, 1984-85. teaching areas: reptg/newswrtg.; grammar; numeracy; state of news industry; divisions: N, ICIG, CSW; SBU SOJ, 3384 SUNY, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3384. Office: (631) 632-1098; <>.

Semati, Mehdi; NIU, Dept. Com., 210 Watson Hall, Dekalb, IL 60115-2865; <>.

Senat, Joey;
assoc. prof., OK St. U.; PhD, U. NC-Chapel Hill, 2000; MA, Memphis St. U., 1993; BA, LA St. U., 1984; experience: rep., The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, 1989-92, rep. The Tulsa World, OK, 1984-89; teaching areas: media law, beg. rep., adv. rep., edtg., info. gathering, nwsp. adviser; division: G; 2413 Pawnee Crossing, Edmond, OK 73034; office: (405) 744-8277; home: (405) 330-6365.

Seo, Hyunjin; U. KS, Wm A White Sch. Jour. & MC, 1435 Jayhawk Blvd, Rm. 207A, Lawrence, KS 66045-7515; <>.

Seo, Kiwan; 425 Waupelani Dr Apt 107, University Park, PA 16802-4542; <>.

Serant, Claire;
prof., St. John’s U.; PO Box 130205, Laurelton, NY  11413; office: (718) 990-2951; <>.

Sernoe, James (Jim) L.; assoc. prof., chair, Mass Com. Dept., Midwestern St. U.; PhD, U. IA, 2000; MA, U. WI, 1989; BA, U. WI, 1986; experience: rep. ed.; teaching areas: beg. rep., advanced rep., mass com. society., ed., law, hist., nwsp., mass com. minorities, media ethics; divisions: M,N; B110 Fain Fine Arts Ctr., Midwestern St. U., Wichita Falls TX 76308-2099; office: (940) 397-4391; <>.

Serrano, Lizette Lazo; U. Tech San Antonio de Machala, Sexta Sur #2506 y Veinteava oeste, (diagonal al Coliseo Walter Sacco), Machala El Oro,   Ecuador; <>.

Sewell, J. Ike; lecturer & student newsp. Advisor, U. West GA; Dept. Mass Com.; PhD, GSU-Atlanta, 2012; MA, ETSU-Johnson City, 2006; BS, UT-Knoxville, 1997; experience: professional experience in jour. Inclu. nwsp. & mag. ed. & rep.; teaching experience: 1 yr. speech/comm. lecturer, 1 yr. jour./com. lecturer, 5 yrs. grad. teaching asst., instr. of record in 33 courses; teaching areas: com. theory, critical theory, media ethics, jour. practicum, mass. com., media cult. & society, writing & reporting, feature writing, speech, public speaking, human com; advisor THE WEST GEORGIAN student newspaper; U. West GA, Dept. Mass Com., 1601 Maple St., Carrolton, GA 30118-8400; phone (423) 741-1474; <>.

Sgroi, Melissa;
Misericordia U., Coms. Dept., 301 Lake St., Dallas, PA 18612-1008; <>.

Sha Bey-Ling;
assoc. prof., Sch. Jour & Media Studies, San Diego St. U.; PhD, U. MD; MA, U. MD; BA, Purdue U.; experience: PR specialist 6 yrs., PR mgmt. 4 yrs.; teaching areas: PR, PR mgmt., mass com. theory, PR techniques & wrtg., intl. PR, res. mass com.; division: J; 5500 Campanile Dr., San Diego, CA 92182-4561; office: (619) 594-0641; <>.

Shafer, Autumn; asst. prof., Col. Media and Com., TX Tech U.; PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2011; MA, WSU, 2003; BA, WSU, 2000; teaching areas: PR; health communication; office: (806) 834-4816;

Shaffer, Rebecca; 17457 North 2nd Place, Phoenix, AZ 85022-1838; <>.

Shafi, Ashik Mohammed; 1915 14th Street Apt 206, Lubbock, TX 79401-3747; <>.

Shah, Dhavan V.;
asst. prof., Sch. Jour. & Com., U. WI-Madison, 5115 Vilas Com. Hall, 821 University Ave., Madison, WI 53706-1497; divisions: A,B,H,M; 21 St. Strathfield Cir., Madison, WI 53717; office: (608) 262-0388; home: (608) 833-4224; <>.

Shah, Hemant; U. WI-Madison, Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., 5115 Vilas Hall/821 University Ave., Madison, WI 53706-1497; <>.

Shahin, Jim; assoc. prof. S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University; BA, Univ of Michigan, 1975; experience: writer/editor for various publications; teaching areas: magazine journalism;  A: 410 Broad St., Syracuse, NY, 13201; cell: (202) 236-5111; <>.

Shahapurkar, Jyoti;
Media Research & Study Center, 104/4 New Sion Co-Op, Housing Society Ltd, 10/A-4, Rd #24, Sion West, Mumbai, 400022 India; <>.

Shaia, Jacquelyn S;
atty; JD, Cumberland Sch. Law, 1985; BA, U AL, 1982; experience: pres & ceo, ec. Dev, ptnsp of Ala. (mgmt) 2.5 yrs, pres (mgmt) Ala power foundation, 3 yrs, sr. vp (mgmt) Ala Power 2.5 yrs, vp Bus. C. of Al 2yrs, Gen Atty, Bellsouth, 13 yrs; teaching areas: law; divisions: B,E,Q,H,J,L,N,O,I; 514 Olde English Lane, Birmingham, AL 35223; office: 205-414-9869; Fax: 205-414-9859; <>.

Shanks, David; 812 Potomac Ave., Buffalo, NY 14209-1063; <>.

Shapiro, Bruce A.; exec. dir., Dart Ctr. for Jour. & Trauma, Sch. Jour., Columbia U.; divisions: C,D,Q,N; Dart Ctr., Columbia U., 2950 Broadway, New York, NY  10027; office: (212) 854-8056; <>.

Shapiro, Ivor; chair & assoc. prof., Sch. Jour., Ryerson U.; MA, U. Cape Town, 1987; experience: 10 yrs. rep., 10 yrs. edit. mags.; teaching areas: feat. rptg.; ethics, law: research: journalistic practices; divisions: G,Q; 350 Victoria St., Toronto, Ont., Canada M5B 2K3; office: (416) 979-5000 ext. 5319; <>.

Sharkey, Jacqueline; PO Box 42978, Tucson, AZ 85733-2978; <>.

Sharkey, Nancy; 804 N. Avenida Venado, Tucson, AZ 85748-2043; <>.

Shatraw, Emily M.; 1504 Beryl Way, Watervliet, NY 12189-2971; <>.

Shaver, Dan;
assoc. prof., Media Mgmt. & Transformation Centre, Jönköping, Sweden; PhD, U. NC, 2001; MBA, Wake Forest, 1994; BA, U. NC-Charlotte, 1969; experience: 29 newsp. 5 yrs. ed., 8 yrs. gen. mgmt., 13 yrs. admin; divisions: B,G,I,Q; Jönköping Intl. Bus. Sch., Media Mgmt. & Transformation Centre, PO Box 1026, SE 551-11, Jönköping, Sweden; <>.

Shaver, Mary Alice; Hamrin Prof. Media Econ., Media Mgmt. & Transformation Centre, Jönköping Intl. Sch. Bus., Jönköping, Sweden. PhD, IN U.; MS, U. IL; AB, St. Mary of the Woods; experience: 3 yrs. PR, 2 yrs. rep.-ed. 2 yrs adv., 18 yrs. part-time consult.; divisions: A,B,D,G,H; Jönköping Intl. Bus. Sch., Media Mgmt. & Transformation Centre, PO Box 1026, SE 551-11, Jönköping, Sweden; <>.

Shaw, Charla Markham;
assoc. prof., chair, Dept. Comm., UT Arlington.; TX; BA, Angelo St., 1986; MA, Baylor U., 1987, PhD, LSU, 1993; Box 19107, Arlington, TX 76019-0107; office: (817) 272-2163; Fax: (817) 272-2732; <>.

Shaw, Donald L.;
assoc. prof. Dept. of English/jour. prog., The College of NJ; MS, Columbia; BA, Penn St. U.; experience: more than 30 yrs in newspapers, 2 yrs. online edit.; teaching areas: media law, adv. reporting, CAR, editing, press hist.; 2000 Pennington Rd., Ewing NJ 08628; office: (609) 771-2793; Fax: (609) 637-5112; <>.

Shaw, Susanne;
exec. dir., ACEJMC, prof. jour., U. KS; 1529 Medinah Rd., Lawrence, KS 66047-1617; office: (785) 864-3986; Fax: (785) 864-5225; <>.

Shaw, Thomasena: asst. prof., Comm. Studies Dept., Bridgewater State Univ.; PhD,  U. TN-Knoxville, 2001;  M.A. Dublin Inst. Tech., Ireland, 1998; M.Sc, Univ. Col.  Dublin, Ireland, 1992; BA, NUI Maynooth, Ireland, 1991; experience: TV  Researcher.; teaching areas: PR, Mass Comm., News Writing; division: P; 215P  Maxwell Library, BSU, 10 Shaw Rd., Bridgewater, MA 02325; office: 508-531-2210;  home: (617) 417-5514; <<>.

Shearer, Mary Ellen;
prof., co-dir., Medill News Service, asst. dean, Medill Sch. Jour., Northwestern U.; BA, U. WI, 1975; experience: 19 yrs. UPI corr. ed., Reuters, media; Newsday ed.; Newhouse News Service ed.; teaching areas: brdct., nwsp.; 113 Summerfield Rd., Chevy Chase MD 20815; office: (202) 661-0102; home: (301) 718-3579.

Shearer, Rhonda Roland; Art Science Research Laboratory, 62 Greene St, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10012-4346; <>.

Shedden, David B.;
Poynter Inst., 801 Third St., South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701-2703; <>.

Sheehy, Mike; asst. prof., U. Cincinnati; PhD, OH, 2006; MS, Ohio, 1992; BA, Otterbein, 1980; 424 Lake Shore Dr., Lebanon, OH 45036-7928; office: (513) 556-2942; home: (513) 228-0950; <>.

Sheets, Penelope; asst. prof, political communication, University of Amsterdam; Kloveniersburgwal 48, 1012CX Amsterdam, The Netherlands. <>.

Sheffer, Mary Lou; assoc. prof., head, brdct. Jour. seq., U. So. MS; PhD  LSU, 2005; MA So. IL U., 2000; BA, So. IL U., 1989; teaching  areas: bcast-multi-media jour., sports media, videography, bcast prod.; 118  Col. Drive #5121, Hattiesburg, MS 39406; office: 601.266.4916; cell:  817.372.4022; <> or <>.

Sheil, Astrid; Assoc. Prof., Cal State U. San Bernardino; 5500 University Pkwy, San Bernardino, CA 92407, Comm Studies Dept. B.S. Georgetown University School of Foreign Service; M.S. Communication, U of TN; PhD Org Comm, U of TN. Public Relations, Social Media, Crisis Communication. Office: 909-537-5819; <>.

Sheldon, Peter; U. IL, 119 Gregory Hall, 810 Wright Street, Urbana, IL 61801-3611; <>.

Shelton, Vanessa;
dir., Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High Sch. Journalists, adjunct prof. Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., U. IA; PHD, U. IA, 2007; MA, U. IA, 1994; BA, Coe Col., 1977; experience: dir., Schol. Jour. Progs.; asst. dir., U. PR, nwsp., teaching area: jour.; divisions: L,M; 2209 10th St., Coralville IA 52241; office: (319) 335-3321; home: (319) 358-6391; <>.

Shen, Fuyuan;
asst. prof., Coms., PA St. U.; PhD, U. NC, 1997; MA, U. MT, 1993; teaching areas: advtg. and com. res.; divisions: A,B,E; Col. Coms., PA St. U., 224 Carnegie Bldg., University Park, PA 16802; office: (814) 865-1371; Fax: (814) 863-8161; home: (814) 231-8479; <>.

Shen, Hongmei; asst. prof., PR, Jour.& Media Studies, San Diego St. U.; PhD, U. MD, 2009; MA, U. MD, 2006; BA, Renmin U. (China), 2001; experience: 2 yrs. rep.; teaching areas: speech com., com. theory, research methods, PR theory, PR cases; division: J; PSFA 340, San Diego St. U., CA, 92182; office: (619) 594-5120; Fax: (619) 594-6246; <>.

Shepard, Jason;
asst. prof., Dept. of Com., Cal State Fullerton; PhD, media law, Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., U. WI-Madison; MA, jour., UW-Madison, 2007; MA, educ., Pace U., 2003 BA, UW-Madison, 1999; experience: 10 yrs rep. and columnist; teaching areas: law, history and rptg.; Dept. of Com., CSUF, 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92834; (657) 278-5301; <>.

Shepard, Stephen B.; dean, Grad. Sch. Jour., CUNY; MS, Columbia U., 1964; BS, CUNY, 1961; experience: ed., mag.; instr.; mgmt.; 219 West 40th Str., New York, NY  10018; office: (646) 758-7816; home: (212) 866-5024; <>.

Shepherd, Gregory J.; U. Miami, Sch. Com., 5100 Brunson Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146-2413; <>.

Shermak, Jeremy; 1421 Crimson Lane, Yorkville, IL 60560-3063; <>.

Shevy, Mark; 515 Riverside Road, Marquette, MI 49855-9559; <>.

Shim, Jae C.; Korea U., Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., Seoul, 136-701 Korea; <>.

Shim, KyuJin; 111 Lafayette Road 606, Syracuse, NY 13244-5040; <>.

Shin, Jae-Hwa;
assoc prof., Sch. Mass Com. & Jour., U. Sothern MS; PhD, U. MO-Columbia; MPH, U. Southern MS; teaching areas: PR intro., PR research, intro. to grad. research, com. research methods, PR theory, conflict mgmt., strategic com., campaign strategies, health com.; 126 Huntington Dr., Hattiesburg, MS 39402; home: (601) 261-5141; office: (601) 266-4282; <>.

Shin, Wonsun; 300 Murphy Hall  206 Church St, SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455-0418; <>.

Shipka, Danny G; asst. prof. PR, Manship Sch., Mass Com., LSU; PhD, U. Fl., 2007; MA, OK St. U., 2003; BA, OK St. U., 2000; experience: 7 yrs. PR., 3 yrs. vis. com.; 3 yrs. intl. studies; teaching areas: PR, Film, Ent. Studies. Intl. Studies; 251 Hodges Hall, Baton Rouge LA 70801; home: (352) 246-4202; <>

Shipley, Linda J.;
prof., William H. Kearns Professor of Advertising, Col. Jour. & Mass Coms., U. NE-Lincoln, 200 Centennial Mall North, 327 Andersen Hall, Lincoln, NE 68588-0443; PhD, U. PA, 1974; MA, U. MO, 1969; BA, U. NE 1967; experience: rep., nwsp., adv. sales, mktg. res., consult.; teaching areas: adv., res., theory, mass com.; divisions: A,B,G,H; 7230 Beaver Hollow Cir., Lincoln, NE 68516; office: (402) 472-8232; home: (402) 423-8688; <>.

Shipman, Jean A.;
ret., emer., Pub. Info. officer, OK St. U.; MS, U. WI, 1964; BS, OR St. U., 1956; experience: home econ. ed., U.. PR; teaching area: nwsp.; divisions: F,G; 4 W. Brentwood Dr., Stillwater, OK 74075-3742; home: (405) 372-7533; <>.

Shockley, Linda;
deputy dir., Dow Jones News Fund, Inc.; BA, jour., U. Bridgeport, 1976; experience: rep., 1976-79; news ed., 1979-83; Bureau Chief, 1983-85, City ed., 1985-1988, All with Gannett Suburban Newspapers, White Plains NY; division: L,M; PO Box 300, Princeton NJ 08543; office: (609) 520-5929; home: (856) 547-8489; <>.

Shoemaker, Pamela J.;
John Ben Snow Prof., S.I. Newhouse Sch. Public Com., Syracuse U.; PhD, U. WI, 1982; MS, OH U., 1972; BSJ, OH U., 1972; experience: 9 yrs. jour. consult.-mng. ed., 2 yrs. adv. mgr.; teaching areas: res. methods, theory; divisions: B,F,G,H,J; 3937 Pompey Hollow Rd., Cazenovia, NY 13035; office: (315) 443-9255; Fax: (315) 443-1107; home: (315) 655-8431; <>.

Shoop, Tiffany J.; asst. prof. Dept. Mass Com., Shenandoah U.; PhD, Dept. Jour. & Electronic Media, U. TN, 2006; MA, VA Tech U., 2001; BA, VA Tech U., 1999; teaching area: jour.; 293 Emerald Drive, Harrisonburg, VA 22801; office: (540) 665-3494; <>.

Shrikhande, Seema; assoc. prof., com. & rhetoric studies, Oglethorpe U.; PhD, MI St. U., 1999; MA, U. PA, 1989; MA, Bombay U., 1984; experience: nwsp. & mag.; teaching areas: mass com., res. methods, intl., media crit.; divisions: E,I,; 4484 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, GA 30319; office: (404) 364-8891; <>.

Shu-Chuan, Chu; asst. prof., Col. Com., DePaul U.; PhD, U. TX at Austin, 2009; research interests: social media, electronic word-of-mouth, cross-cultural consumer behavior, and consumer-brand relationships; Col. Com., DePaul U., 1 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago IL 60604, <>; office: (312) 362-7929.

Shuang, George K.;
PhD Jour., U. MD, 1993; MA, U. IA, 1982; experience:  pres. United Evening News; chmn. Taipei Newspaper Assoc., pres. Min-Sheng Daily; exec. ed., United Daily News; ed.-in-chief, World Journal, Washington corr. United Daily News; division: G; #555, Chunghsiao Rd., East, Sec. 4, Taipei, Taiwan; office: 2766-1857; 8692-5588; <>.

Shumow, Moses A.; 8235 SW 62nd Ave., Miami, FL 33143-8035.

Shumway, Christopher A.;
dir. univ. TV, instr. Dept. Com., Capital U.; BA, Jacksonville St., 1988; MA, New School U., 2003; experience 3 yrs. TV news anchor, 5 yrs. TV meteorologist, 8 yrs. TV news rep.; teaching areas: broad. annc., TV prod., broad. wrtg., electr. media mgmt; divisions: K, O, P; 1 College & Main, Columbus OH 43209; office (614) 236-6413; <>.

Sidel, Sidel;
PO Box 4783, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; <>.
Siegel, Paul; prof., Sch. Com., U. Hartford; PhD, Northwestern U., 1982; MA, U. WI, 1974; BA, U. NM, 1973; experience: 3 yrs. dir., ACLU. KS & Western MO; teaching areas: mass com. law, mass com. theory, rhetorical crit.; division: N; 7 Pelham Road, West Hartford, CT 06107; office: (860) 768-5418; home: (860) 263-7374; <>.

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Signorielli, Nancy;
prof., Dept. Com., U. DE; PhD, U. PA, 1975; MA, Queens Col., 1967; BA, Wilson Col., 1965; teaching areas: mass com., res. methods; Dept. Com., U. DE, Newark DE 19716; office: (302) 831-8022; Fax: (302) 831-1892; <>.

Sikanku, Etse; 725 Hawkeye Drive, Iowa City, IA 52246-2626.

Silver, Derigan; asst. prof., dir. MA/JD program, Dept. Media, Film & Jour. Studies, U. DE; PhD, Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., UNC-Chapel Hill, 2009; MMC, Cronkite Sch., ASU, 2004; experience: 5 yrs. IR, mktg., freelance journalist; res. & teaching interests: law, ethics, pol. Com.; divisions: N, Q; 2454 S. Columbine Street, Denver, CO, 80210-5000; office: (303) 871-2657; Fax: (303) 871-4949; home: (303) 722-0556; <>.

Silverman, Deborah A. (Deb); assoc. prof., Com. Dept., Buffalo St. Col.; PhD,  SUNY Buffalo; MA, SUNY Fredonia; BM, SUNY Fredonia; experience: 27 yrs. PR and  jour.; teaching areas: PR intro, PR wrtg., PR camp., PR management, media wrtg.;  division: J; 225 Bishop Hall, 1300 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo NY 14222-1095; office:  (716) 878-3606; fax: (716) 878-4697; <>.

Simmons, Charlene; asst. prof. Com. Dept., U TN-Chattanooga; PhD, UNC-CH, 2005; MA, Georgetown U, 1999; BA, VA Tech, 1997; 615 McCallie Ave, Dept 3003, Chattanooga, TN 37403, <>.

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Simmons, Peter; lect. (tenured) dir. MA. org. com., DCom., MA Org Com., BA, experience 10 yrs. CSU & Bournemouth Med.Sch. UK. Teaching areas: org. com., PR, Research methods. Research Interests; fairness in com., ethics in PR/jour., social media. Charles Sturt U.; Sch. Com., Bathurst, NSW,  2795 Australia.

Simmons, Pocahontas; 11014 Spring Lake Drive, Mitchellville, MD 20721-2924.

Simon, James;
assoc. dean, College Arts Sciences , Fairfield U.; PhD, AZ St. U, 1993; MMC, AZ St. U., 1992; BA, Rutgers U., 1974; experience: 10 yrs. rep. AP; AP New Jersey state ed.; Statehouse corr., MA; asst. sec., environ., MA; teaching areas: reptg., edtg., environ. com., pol. com.; divisions: B,G,H; 82 Meadowmer Rd., Stratford CT 06614; office: (203) 254-4000 ext. 2792; home: (203) 386-0744; <jsimon@>.

Simon, Raymond;
prof. emer., Dept. PR, Utica Col.-Syracuse U.; MSJ, Northwest. U., 1942; BS, U. NC, 1938; 23 Wills Drive, New Hartford, NY 13413; office: (315) 792-3027; Fax: (315) 732-3059*59; home:(315) 732-3059; <>.

Simoneau, Cindy;
Jour. Dept., MO 202C, 501 Crescent St., New Haven, CT  06515-1330; <>.

Simpson, Ed; 33B Main St., The Plains, OH 45780-1010.

Sims, Norman;
prof., jour., U. MA-Amherst; PhD, U. IL, 1979; MA, U. IL-Chicago, 1974; BS, U. IL, 1971; experience: mag. wr., rep. for UPI; teaching areas: lit. journal, free press, hist., narrative newswrtg.; divisions: D,F,O; 108 Bartlett, U. MA, Amherst, MA 01003; office (413) 545-5929.

Sims, Will;
assoc. prof., Sch. Mass Com., VA Com.onwealth U; MS, VCU Adcenter, 1998; BA, U. Richmond, 1986; experience: 7yrs assoc. pub. wkly. nwsp., 23yrs design/wrtg.; teaching areas: adv; 107 N. Plum St., Richmond, VA 23220; office: 804-828-2660; home: 804-355-9737; <>.

Sinclair, Janas E.; Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., UNC Chapel Hill; division: A; Carroll Hall, Campus Box 3365, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3365; office: (919) 843-5852; Fax: (919) 962-0620; <>.

Sindik, Amy; 940 Forest Heights Dr., Athens, GA 30606-2418.

Singer, Jane B.; assoc. prof, Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., U IA; PhD, U. MO, 1996; MA, NYU, 1990; ABJ, UGA 1976; experience: 10 yrs., interactive media, CBS/Trintex/Prodigy, 5 yrs. nwsp.; divisions: G,P,Q; W341 Adler Jour. Building, Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., U IA, 52242-2004; office: (319) 335-3431; <>.

Singleton, Loy A.; dean, Col. Com. & Info Sciences, U. AL, Box 870172, Tuscaloosa, AL  35487-0172, office:  (205) 348-4787; Fax: (205) 348-3836.

Sipes, Carrie Vioral; 207 Green Hill Rd., Newville, PA 17241-9574.

Sisco, Hilary Fussell; Ph.D. asst. prof. Sch of Comm.  Quinnipiac Univ. 275 Mt.  Carmel Ave. Hamden, CT 06518. Work: 203-582-3682 <>

Sison, Marianne D.;
sr. lectr., prog. coord., Sch. Applied Com., RMIT U.; MA, U. FL, 1986; BA, U. Phil, 1980; experience: 7 yrs. PR; teaching area: PR; division: J; 21 Selworthy Ave., Oakleigh South, Victoria 3167 Australia; office: +613-9925-3127; Fax: +613-9639-1685; home: +613-9579-2580; <>.

Sitton, Ronald;
asst. prof. jour. dept., Sch. Arts & Humanities, UA-Monticello; PhD, U. TN, 2004; MA, UALR, 1996; BA, UALR, 1992; experience 4 yrs rep., 3 yrs. edit., 1 yr. circ.  wkly-monthly; 7 yrs. freelance; teaching areas: intro to mass com., beg. rep., advanced rep., feats., edit., PR wrtg., jour. lit., ethics, public spkg., fac. adviser two student pubs.; divisions: B,G; PO Box 3460, Monticello, AR, 71656; office: (870) 460-1138; <>.

Sivek, Susan Currie; asst. prof. Mass Comm, Linfield College; PhD, MA, UT-Austin; BA, Trinity Univ.; teaching areas: media studies, media writing, political comm; 900 SE Baker St., McMinnville OR 97128; office (503) 883-2521; <>.

Skalski, Paul;
Cleveland State University, School of Com.unication, 2121 Euclid Ave, MU 23, Cleveland, OH 44115-2214.

Skewes, Elizabeth A.;
assoc. prof., Jour. & Mass Com., U. CO  Boulder; Ph.D., Syracuse, 2001; MA, Ohio State, 1981; BA, UCLA, 1979; experience: 8 yrs. nwsp. rep., 6 yrs. mag. ed., 4 yrs. PR; teaching areas: pol. com., ethics, res. mthds., com. theory, news wrtg.; 1511 University Ave., 478 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309-0478; office: (303) 735-1096; Fax: (303) 492-0969; <>.

Skoric, Marko; Nanyang Technological U., 31 Nanyang Link, School of Com. & Info, 637 718 Singapore.

Slater, Jan; prof., interim dean, Dept. Advtg., U. IL, Urbana-Champaign; PhD, Syracuse U., 1998; MS, U. IL-Urbana, 1992; BS, Hastings Col., 1978; experience: 15 yrs. advtg. agency creat. mgmt.; teaching areas: adv. res., adv. mgmt., adv. strategies, advtg. media, intro. to advtg., advtg. copywrtg.; 103 Gregory Hall, MC-462, 810 S. Wright St., Urbana, IL 61801; office: (217) 333-1602; Fax: (217) 244-3348; home: 217-359-4649; <>.

Slater, Melvin; 911 McMillan Cir., Martinez, GA 30907-1805.

Slater, Michael D.;
Social and Behavioral Science Distinguished Prof., Sch. Com, OH St. U.; PhD, Stanford U., 1988; MPA, NY U., 1982; BA, Columbia U., 1974; experience: 8 yrs. PR agencies; teaching areas: res. meth., health com., com. theory and effects, PR; divisions: B,J; office: (614) 247-8762; <>.

Slattery, Karen L.;
assoc. prof., Dept. Jour., chair, Jour., Advertising and Media Studies, Marquette U.; PhD, U. WI-Madison, 1983; MA, U. WI-Madison, 1978; BA, U. WI-Green Bay, 1971; experience: 5 yrs. rep., 4 yrs. prod.; teaching areas: brdct., jour., media ethics; divisions: K,Q; 232 So. Charles St., Waukesha, WI 53186; office: (414) 288-3490; Fax: (414) 288-3923; home: (262) 309-9216; <>.

Slocum, Phyllis; 619 South Durango Circle, Irving, TX  75062-6521; <>.

Slotten, Hugh; University of Otago, Dept of Media, Film, Com., Box 56, Dunedin, 9001 New Zealand.

Smethers, Steve;
assoc. prof., assoc. dir., Grad. Studies, A.Q. Miller Sch. Jour., KSU; PhD, U. MO, 1991; MS, KSU, 1985; BS, KSU, 1975; experience: 5 yrs. mgmt., 15 yrs. brdct.; teaching areas: mgmt., wrtg., programming, convergence, ethics; 2432 Dickens Ave., Manhattan, KS  66502; office: (785) 532-5286; Fax: (785) 532-5484; home: (785) 537-1307; <>.

Smith, Alexandra   Nutter; 125 West South Hills Avenue, State College, PA 16801-5930.

Smith, Barbara H.;
asst. prof., Dept. Com., Indiana U-Purdue U of Fort Wayne; PhD, Col. Jour. Com., U. FL; MA and BA, MI St. U.; experience: 9 yrs. radio brdctg.; 3 yrs. print jour.; 1 yr. online jour.; 14 yrs. col. teaching; 7 yrs col. admin.; teaching areas: law, policy, ethics, news wrtg., news gathering, rptg., busn & econ rptg., online jour., announcing; divisions: H,N; 5005 Windsor Oaks Drive, Fort Wayne, IN, 46835; office: 260-481-6548; cell: 585-490-2158; <>.

Smith, Brian G.; asst prof, Univ. of Houston, Ph.D. Univ. of Md. 2009; M.A. BYU 2001, B.A. BYU, 2000; 7 yrs PR,Marketing; Teaching areas: PR, IMC, Adv, Digital Media; 1119 compass cove circle, spring, TX, 77379; office (713) 743-2867; cell (801) 420-8891;

Smith, Brooks; 2707 W Lincoln Dr SW, Smithdale, MS 39664-7441.

Smith, Bruce L.;
prof., dir., TX St. U.; EdD, Boston U., 1993; MBA, Murray St. U., 1979; MS, Miami U., 1974; experience: 23 yrs. brdct.; teaching areas: PR, mass Com. mgmt.; 1108 Debbie Court, San Marcos, TX 78666; office: (512) 245-3471; home: (512) 392-9006; <>.

Smith, D. Renee; Coordinator, Digital Media Services, U. TN; PhD, U. TN, 2009; MA, AR-Little Rock, 1998; BS, AR State U, 1981; 5905 Green Valley Dr., Knoxville, TN 37914-5167; office: (865) 974-8096; <>.

Smith, Hampden H.;
prof. emer., jour., Wash. and Lee U.; MA, Boston U., 1967; BA, Randolph-Macon, 1962; experience: 10 yrs. rep./ed. dly.; teaching areas: reptg., wrtg., ed., design, gov., mgmt.; 490 Old Farm Rd., Lexington, VA 24450; home, fax: (540) 463-5463; cell: 540-460-2769 <>.

Smith, Jeffery A.; prof., U. WI-Milwaukee; PhD, U. WI-Madison, 1984; MS, Boston  U., 1974; BA, U. WI, 1973; experience: 1 yr. rep., 3 yrs. pub. info., 3 yrs.   arts rev.; teaching areas: hist., war & media; divisions: D,N; 3504 N. Maryland   Ave., Shorewood, WI 53211; office: (414) 229-6851; home: (414) 967-1617;   <>.

Smith, Jessica; asst. prof. Col. Media & Com., TX Tech U.; PhD, U. NC, 2010; MA, U. S. Fla., 2005; BS, ACU, 2002; experience: 3 yrs. nwsp; teaching areas: electronic media, news, media wrtg.; divisions: B,G,L; P.O. Box 43082, Lubbock, TX 79409; office 806-834-1080; <>.

Smith, Ken L.; prof., dept. head, Dept. Com., U. WY; PhD, U. UT, 1991; MS, IA St., 1973; BS, IA St., 1970; experience: 8 yrs. ed./pub. wlky., 2 yrs. adv. mgr. wkly; teaching areas: mgmt., nwsp., photo., adv.; Dept. 3904, 1000 E. University Ave., Laramie, WY 82071; office: (307) 766-5437; Fax: (307) 766-5293; home: (307) 760-5847; <>.

Smith, Kim; 5836 Pennycross Lane, Charlotte, NC 28216-9615.

Smith, Lori; Inst., Media Studies, Marietta Coll.; MA Marietta Coll., 2007, BS  Ohio U., 1982; experience: adv. mngt.; teaching areas: media & culture, adv.;  215 5th Street, Marietta, OH 45750-4047; office: (740) 376-4803;  <>.

Smith, Melissa;
MS St. U., Dept. Com., 130 McComas Hall, PO Box PF, Mississippi State, MS  39762-9999; <>.

Smith, Michael Ray; prof., Dept. Com. Studies, Campbell U.; PhD, Regent U., 1999; MS, Shippensburg U., 1986; BA, MU, 1977; experience: 10 yrs. rep., 6 yrs. ed., 4 yrs. freelance; teaching areas: advise nwsp., intro. mass com., news wrtg., adv. news wrtg., govt. reptg., ethics, mass com. & soc.; theory; divisions: D,G; PO Box 130, 180 Main St., Buies Creek, NC 27506; office: (910) 893-1528; Fax: (910) 893-1392; <>.

Smith, Michael P.; Northwestern U., 301 Fisk Hall, 1845 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, IL  60208-2110; <>.

Smith, Patricia J.; 4942 Alvin Dark Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70820-4503.

Smith, Penny Pence;
32 Kuuala St., Kailua, HI 96734-2728.

Smith, Raymond R.;
assoc. prof., Dept. Mass Com., Iona Col.; PhD, NYU, 1997; MA, NYIT, 1989; teaching areas: bedct., photo; division: H; 715 North Ave., New Rochelle, NY 10801-1830; office: (914) 633-2354; <>.

Smith, Reed W.; prof., brdct. coord.; Com. Arts Dept., GA Southern U.; PhD, OH U., 1993; MA, Bowling Green, 1973; BS, Ohio U., 1972; experience: brdct. 6 yrs., educ. 25 yrs.; teaching areas: brdct. jour., convergence, ethics, mass com. theory; PO Box 8091, Statesboro GA 30460-8091; office: (912) 478-0531; <>.

Smith, Ronald G.; sr. lectr.; PA St. U.; MA, MI St. U., 1997; BA, U. Cincinnati, 1991; experience: 11 yrs. freelance designer; 4 yrs Mac tech admin.; 5 yrs. freelance wr.; 2.5 yrs. promotions; teaching areas: advtg., vis. com.; division: A; 110 Carnegie Bldg; PSU; State College, PA 16802; cell: (912) 695-5164; <>.

Smith, Stacy L.; assoc. prof., Annenberg Sch. for Com., USC; PhD, UCSB, 1999; division: H; 3502 Watt Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0281; office: (213) 821-1546; <>.

Smith, Suzy;
asst. prof., Telecoms., Ball State U; MC, GA St., 1994; BAA, C. MI, 1983; experience: 19 yrs. Producing; 7 yrs. sr. producer;  teaching areas:  beg. rep., multimedia., online wrtg., rptg.: A; 5116 W. Preakness Ct., Muncie, IN; office: (765) 285-7901; Fax: (765) 285-9278; home: (404) 312-9418.

Smith, Jr. Glenn D. (Pete); Mississippi State University, Dept of Com.unication, PO Box PF, Mississippi St., MS 39762-9999.

Smock, Andrew; 43446 Proctor Rd., Canton, MI 48188-1724.

Smyth, Christopher;
Murdoch U., Sch. Media Com. & Cult., South St., Murdoch, 6150 Western Australia; <>.

Smythe, Ted Curtis; prof. emer., CA St. U., Fullerton; PhD, U. MN, 1967; MS, U. Oregon, 1962; BS, Sterling Col., 1954; experience: PR dir. in col., rep./ed. small KS dly. & wkly., part-time; teaching areas: hist., intrnl., mass media in soc., rep.; divisions: D,E,G,H; 8050 Gambel Dr., Unit #4, Park City, UT 84098; home: (435) 658-0846; <>.

Snider, Chris; Drake University, Sch of Jour. & MC, 122 Meredith Hall, 2805 University Ave., Des Moines, IA 50311-4505.

So, Clement Y.K.; assoc. prof., Sch. Jour. & Com., Chinese U. Hong Kong; divisions: B,H; PhD, Annenberg Sch. Com., U. PA; Chinese U. Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong.

Sobowale, Idowu; Dept. Mass Com., Covenant U., Km10, Ota-Idiroko Rd., Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria; c/o PO Box 119, Shomolu, Lagos Nigeria; <>.

Sodano, Todd M.; asst. prof. Com./Jour., St. John Fisher Col.; PhD, Syracuse, 2008; MA, Syracuse, 2003; BA, Cornell, 1999; teaching areas: hist. TV, digital video production, cable TV; 3690 East Ave., Rochester NY 14618; office: (585) 899-3724; <>.

Soderlind, Lori;
asst. prof., Com. Arts coord., Norwalk CommunityCol.; MFA, Columbia U., 1997; BA, Lehigh U., 1986; experience: 15 yrs. jour., City ed, Albany, (NY) Times-Union, copy ed., Star Ledger (Neward, NJ), rep. & freelance wr., adj. prof.; teaching areas: mass coms., jour., mag. wrtg., computer assisted reptg., PR wrtg.; 188 Richards Ave., Norwalk, CT 06854; office: (202) 857-7279; <>.

Sohn, Ardyth, B.;
prof., dir., Hank Greenspun Sch. Jour. & Media Studies, UNLV; PhD, So. IL, 1976; MA, So. IL, 1975; BA, U. IL, 1969; experience: nwsp., PR, adv.; teaching areas: res. theory, adv. res., mgmt., PR, news ed., pub. opin.; divisions: B,G,P; 9 Isleworth Dr., Henderson, NV  89052-6458; office: (702) 895-3270; Fax: (702) 895-5189; <>.

Sohn, Dongyoung; U. So. FL, Sch. Mass Com., 4202 East Fowler Ave., CIS 1040, Tampa, FL 33620-7800; <>.

Soler, Silvestre S.; Plaza Segarra Arago, 1, Vall de Uxo, Castellon,  12600 Spain.

Soley, Lawrence C.;
Colnik Prof., Col. Com., Marquette U.; PhD, MSU, 1981; MA, CSUN, 1976; BA, CSUN, 1974; experience: “alternative jour., Sigma Delta Chi Award, 1991, Mother Jones; Project Censored Award, 1996,” Dollars & Sense; book author: Censorship, Inc.; Free Radio; Leasing the Ivory Tower, The News Shapers, Radio Warefare, Clandestine Radio; divisions: H,O; 1709 alta Vista Ave., Wauwatosa, WI  53213; office: (414) 288-1537; home: (414) 453-5424; <>.

Solomon, George; Director,   The Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism, Professor of the Practice,  Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland; 5800 Nicholson Lane,   Apt. 902, Rockville, MD.   20852.   Home phone 301 770-4667 Office 301 405-0441;

Soloski, John; prof., Grady Col. Jour. & Mass Com., U. GA; former ed. Journalism & Communication Monographs; PhD, U. IA, 1978; MA, U. IA, 1976; AB, Boston Col., 1974; experience: copy ed., consult.; teaching areas: media econ., telecom. pol., ed.-rep., com. theory-res. meth.; divisions: B,H,O; 136 Timothy Park LN, Athens, GA 30606; phone: (706) 202-9870; Fax: (706) 542-3113; <>.

Somani, Indira S.; Asst. Prof., Dept. Jour., Howard U; PhD, Philip Merrill Col. Jour, U. MD, 2008; MSJ, Northwestern U., 1993; BA, Knox Col., 1992; experience: Asst. Prof., Washington and Lee U., 2008-2012; Asst. Prof., American U., 2003-2004; adj. lectr. brdct prod., teaching asst. media lit., Public Affairs Rep. U. MD, 2004-2008; TV prod. 1993-2003: CNBC, WJLA-TV, WVEC-TV, WSBT-TV, WICS-TV; teaching areas: brdctg. prodg., TV jour., nwsp., brdct. rep., documentary film; divisions: E,K,O,M; 5707 Lustine St., Hyattsville, MD 20781; cell: 202-441-0606; <> or <>.

Somerick, Nancy M.; prof. emer., U. Akron; PhD, OH U., 1974; MAJ, Kent St. U., 1969; BSJ, OH U., 1967; experience: PR mgmt. in areas of health care, educ. & financial institutions; teaching areas: PR, internships, adv., jour.; 638 E. Baird Ave. Barberton, OH 44203; home: (330) 745-4032; <>.

Sommerfeldt, Erich; 119 Crestland Dr Apt A, Norman, OK 73071-3038.

Son, Hyunsang; grad. stud., Col. Jour. & Coms., U. FL; BA, Chung-Ang U., 2008; 4190 NW 50th Drive Apt. #7302, Gainesville, FL 32606-0004; office: (352) 213-9488;>.

Sousa, Jorge Pedro;
assoc. prof., Universidade Fernando Fessoa; PhD, U. Santiago de Compostela, 1997; MA, U. Santiago de Compostela, 1995; BA, E.S. Jornalismo do Porto, 1992; experience: jour., photo. (1989-99); PR (1999-2000); teacher (1992-97); prof. since 1997; teaching areas: jour., PR, mass com.; divisions: B,C,D,E,G,H,J,K; Alameda Monte Penedo 57, 4475-364 Milheirós Maia, Portugal; office: (351) 225508270; home: (351) 229600353; <>.

South, Jeff C.;
assoc. prof., Sch. Mass Coms., VA Com.onwealth U.; BA, U. TX, 1974; experience: 20 yrs. reptg./edtg. dly. nwsps.; teaching areas: beg./advanced reptg., mass com. ethics, CAR, online jour.; 10215 Windbluff Dr., Richmond, VA 23233; office: (804) 827-0253; Fax: (804) 828-9175; home: (804) 754-3670; <>.

Sowell, Michael R.; assoc. prof., Sch. Jour. & Brdctg., OK St. U.; MS, OK St. U., 1999; BA, U. OK, 1970; experience: assoc. prof., 6 years; asst. prof., 5 yrs.; columnist, rep. 18 yrs nwsp.; published author; mag. prod. 3 yrs.; teaching areas: media wrtg., news edtg., sports & media, media & society, PR media, desktop pub.; divisions: D,L; 1000 North Star Dr. No. 19, Stillwater, OK 74075; office: (405) 744-7548; home: (405) 742-7931; <>.

Spahr, Linda J.;  Director, Higher Education Sales, USA TODAY, 7950 Jones Branch Dr, McLean, VA  22108  703.887.4273

Sparks, Mary K.;
712 Indian Grass Way, Raymore, MO 64083; <>.

Spasovska, Katerina; Western Carolina University, Dept of Com.unication, Col. of Arts & Sci, 238 Stillwell, Cullowhee, NC 28723.

Spaulding, Stacy; asst. prof., jour. & new media, Dept. Mass Com. & Com. Studies, Towson U.; PhD, U. MD, 2005; MA, American U., 2001; teaching areas: jour. & new media, lit. jour., jour. hist.; 8000 York Rd., Towson, MD 21224; office: (410) 704-2407; <>.

Speckman, Karon R.;
adj. assoc. prof., Sch. Jour., U. MO-Columbia; PhD, U. MO, 1993; MA, U. MO, 1985; BS, Concordia, NE; teaching areas: edtg., ethics, law, wrtg.; 134A Neff Annex, Sch. Jour., U. MO, Columbia, MO  65211; <>.

Spencer, David R.; prof., Fac. Info. & Media Studies, U. West. Ontario; PhD, U. Toronto, 1990; MA, York U., 1982; BA, York U., 1978; experience: ed./jour.; teaching areas: brdct. practical/hist.; division: D; 28 Longbow Place, London, Ontario N6G 1Y3, Canada; office: (519) 661-2111 (86800); home: (519) 471-4578; <>; <>.

Spiker, Ted;
assoc. prof., Col. Jour. & Coms., U. FL; MS, Columbia U., 1991; BA, U. DE, 1990; experience: articles ed., Men’s Health Magazine, ed., Delaware Today Magazine; freelance mag./book; teaching areas: mag. wrtg., edtg., mgmt., sports; division: F; 3054 Weimer Hall, Gainesville, FL 32611; office: (352) 392-6990; Fax: (352) 846-2673; <>.

Spillman, Mary; 10746 Gateway Dr., Fishers IN 46038; <>.

Splichal, Cornelia (Colee); asst. prof., Sch. Com., U. Miami; MAJC, U. FL, 1977; BSJ, W. VA U., 1974; experience: 12 yrs. nesp. exp. in VA, GA, FL; 7 yrs. instr.; 8 yrs. gen. ed., dir. exp. in U. PR & admin.; teaching area: PR; Dept. Strategic Com., U. Miami, 5100 Brunson Dr., Coral Gables, FL  33146; office: (305) 284-5224; <>.

Splichal, Sigman L.;
assoc. prof., dir., Jour. & Photo Prog., Sch. Com., U. Miami; PhD, U. FL, 1993; MAJC, U. FL, 1976; BA, U. FL, 1970; experience: 18 yrs. rep., copy ed., news ed. FL, GA,VA; teaching areas: law & policy, ethics, jour., newsroom mgt.; divisions: G,N; 8340 SW 148th Dr., Miami FL 33158; home: (305) 252-6477; 2008 Wolfson, Sch. Com., U. Miami, PO Box 248127, Coral Gables, FL 33124; office: (305) 284-2265;(305) 284-1783; <>.

Spooner, Sheila McAllister; 400 Cedar Ave., W. Long Branch, NJ 07764-1898.

Spratt, Meg;
U. WA; Dart Center, Box 353740, Seattle, WA  98195-3740; <>.

Spurlock, Jefferson T.;
assoc. dir., Hall Sch. Jour. & Com., Troy U.; PhD, U. Southern MS, 2005; MS, Middle TN St. U., 1997; BA, Western KY U., 1979; experience: 15 yrs. rep., anchor., prod., managing ed.; teaching areas: brdct. rep., media law, com. res.; 200 Dendron Ave., Troy, AL 36081; office: (334) 670-3232; Fax: (334) 670- 3707; home: (334) 807-0142; <>.

Squires, Catherine;
Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., 111 Murphy Hall, Minneapolis, MN  55455-0418; <>.

St. John, Diane; Com. Strategies; PO Box 31844, Charlotte, NC 28231-1844; office (Charlotte): 704-517-6610; office: (Burnsville): 828-675-0082; <>; <>.

St. John, III, Burton; assoc. prof. coms., Old Dominion U; PhD, St. Louis U., 2005; MA, Wichita St. U., 1993; BA, Wichita St U, 1988; experience: 15 yrs. corp. PR; 2 yrs. radio; teaching areas: PR, media studies, prop., public jour., public spking.; BAL 3010, Norfolk VA 23529; office: (757) 683-3834; Fax: (757) 683-4700; cell: (757) 214-7071; <>

Stablein, Cathy M.; Adj. inst. jour./Eng.; Fmr. prof. jour./Eng., Col. DuPage; MA, NIU, 1977; BA, GSU, 1972; experience: 11 yrs. edit. wkly., 3 yrs. freelance; 31 yrs. teaching; teaching areas: beg. rep., edit., broad., mag., com.; division: E,H,K,M,N; home: (630) 800-8593; <>.

Stacks, Don W.;
prof., PR, Sch. Com., U. Miami; PhD, U. FL, 1978; MA, Auburn U., 1975; BA, No. MI U., 1971; experience: PR, graphics, consult.; teaching areas: adv., PR, res. methods, graphics; divisions: A,J; 11112 SW 127 Pl., Miami, FL 33186; office: (305) 284-2358; Fax: (305) 284-5216; home: (305) 383-1776; <>.

Stacom, Don; grad. stud., Col. Jour. & Mass Com., U. NE; BA, U. MN, 1976; rep., The Hartford Courant; <>.

Stafford, Keith;
Dir., The Financial Jour. Co. Ltd., 35 Orchard Dr., Horsell, Woking Surrey, United Kingdom GU21 4BW; former Reuters Financial Ed., experienced trainer financial jour., chief sub-ed Olympics News Services; office: Tel +44.1483.714565;  <>.

Stains, Laurence R.; assoc. prof., Temple U., Dept. Jour.; MS, Columbia, 1975; BA, Rochester, 1973; teaching areas: mag. seq. courses; 337 Annenberg Hall, 2020 North 13th St., Philadelphia, PA  19122-6080; office phone: 215-204-1844; <>.

Stannard, Jr., R. E.;
assoc. prof. emer., Dept. Jour., West WA U.; MA, Cornell U., 1957; BA, U. WA, 1953; experience: 1 yr. SLO Tel-Trib; half yr. UPI domestic; 7 yrs. UPI Asia; 3 yrs. UPI UN bureau; 1969-2001 teachg. jour. & photojourn, West. WA U., Amer. U. in Cairo, U. Indonesia, Royal U. Phnom Penh & natl. press inst. in Jakarta; 4328 Frances Ave., Bellingham WA 98226-8735; (360) 392-0712; <>.

Stappers, James; Universiteit Nijmegen, Groenewoudseweg 291, 6524 TW Nijmegen, Nijmegen,   Netherlands.

Starck, Kenneth; prof. emer., Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., U Iowa, ret.; PhD, So. IL U., 1968; MA, U. MO, 1960; BA, Wartburg Col., 1956; experience: 2 yrs. rep. Memphis Com.ercial Appeal; 1 yr. rep. Decatur (IL) Review; 2 yrs. news bureau dir. Wartburg Col.; teaching areas: rep., intl. com., press resp.; divisions: E,G,Q; 531 Whiting Ave., Iowa City, IA 52245; home (319) 354-2802; <>.

Starr, Douglas Perret;
prof., Dept. Ag. Leadership, Educ. & Coms., TX A&M U.; APR, 1984; Fellow PRSA, 1992; PhD, FL St. U., 1972; MA, FL St. U., 1970; BA, LA St. U., 1950; experience: ret. com.ander, US Coast Guard Reserve; 34 yrs. teaching, 14 yrs. rep. AP; 6 yrs. PR; 4 yrs. copy ed. Fort Worth Star-Telegram; teaching areas: mass com., PR, rep.; 1300 Todd Trail, College Station, TX 77845-5159; office: (979) 845-2951; Fax: (979) 845-6296; home: (979) 693-5625; <>.

Stassel-Bluestein, Stephanie; adj. prof., Pierce Col., 6201 Winnetka Ave., PMB 518 Woodland Hills, CA 91371-0002, and Moorpark Col., 7075 Campus Road, Moorpark, CA 93021; MA, CSUN, 2007; BA, CSUN, 1988; office: (818) 707-7748; <>.

Stavitsky, Alan G.; dean and Fred W. Smith Chair, Donald W. Reynolds School of  Journalism and Center for Advanced Media Studies, U. NV, Reno; PhD, Ohio St.,  1990; MA, Ohio St., 1983; BA, U. WI-Madison, 1978; experience: 8 yrs. R/TV rep.;  teaching areas: mass media & doc., telecom. pol., brdcst. jour., hist.  divisions: K,N; Reynolds Sch. of Jour, U. NV, Reno/0310, Reno, NV 89557; office:  (775) 784-6531; fax: (775) 784-6656; <>.

Stavrositu, Carmen
; asst. prof. Com. Dept., U CO CO Springs; PhD, PA St., 2007; MA, PA St., 2003; BA, U. of Bucharest, 2001; teaching areas: media eff., new com. tech., res. methods; 1420 Austin Bluffs Pkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80918; office: (719) 255-4024; <>.

Stebbins, Chad;
dir., Inst. Intl. Studies, MO Southern St. U.; exec. dir., Intl. Soc. Wkly. Nwsp. Eds.; PhD, Bowling Green St. U., 1995; MA, Central MO St. U., 1984; BS, MO Southern St. U., 1982; teaching areas: rep., edtg., student pubs., communityjour.; divisions: E,G; 712 Briarbrook Ln., Carl Junction, MO 64834; office: (417) 625-9736; Fax: (417) 659-4445; home: (417) 649-6241; <>.

Stedwell, David;
assoc. prof., Graphic Com., 400 N. Bluff Blvd., Clinton, IA  52732-3997; <>.

Steeves, Leslie;
prof., Sch. Jour., U. OR; PhD, WI U., 1980; MS, WI U., 1974; BS, U. VT, 1971; Sch. Jour., U. OR, Eugene, OR 97403; office: (541) 346-3751; home: (541) 484-9635; <lsteeves@>.

Steffen, Brian J.;
prof., Dept. Com. Media dStudies, Simpson Col.; PhD, IA, 1995; MS, IA St., 1987; BA; IA St., 1981; experience: 8 yrs. rptg. and edit. wkly., dly and AP; teaching areas: law, ethics, crit.; 701 North C Street, Indianola, IA 50125; office: (515) 961-1650; Fax: (515) 961-1350; cell: (515) 975-4683. <>.

Steffens, Brian L.; U. MO, Sch. Jour., 129 Neff Annex, Columbia, MO 65211-1200; <>.

Steffens Martha (Marty) M;
prof, SABEW chair in Business & Financial Jour., Sch. of Jour., U MO; BA, IN U, 1978; experience: exec editor, San Francisco Examiner, exec. editor, Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin; teaching areas: nwsp, bus; divisions: G; 134 B Neff Annex, Columbia, MO 65203; office: 573-884-4839; FAX: 573-882-1372; home: 573-234-2576; <>.

Stein, Andi;
 prof./grad. coord., CA St. Fullerton; PhD, U. OR, 2000; MA, U.NC-Chapel Hill, 1997; BA, George Washington U., 1982; experience: PR consult.; freelance wr.; U. publ. dir., high sch. jour. instr.; teaching areas: grad. studies, media mgmt., feat. wrtg., PR,; 66 Sycamore Ln., Buena Park, CA 90621; office: (657) 278-5434; home: (714) 739-2225; <>.

Steinberg, Loret Gnivecki; assoc. prof., Sch. Photographic Arts & Sciences, PhotoJour. Dept., Rochester Inst. Tech.; MFA, IN U., 1986; BA, IN U., 1983; experience: 8 yrs. freelance mag./nwsp. photo, 24 yrs. docmnty. photo.; teaching areas: 3rd-4th yr. pj, ethics, documentary, edit/layout, communitysrvc.; divisions: C,F,G,Q, CCJIG, COMJIG; Sch. Photographic Arts & Sciences, 70 Lomb Memorial Dr., Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY 14623-5604; office: (585) 475-2742; home: (585) 242-0538; <>.

Steiner, Linda;
prof., Philip Merrill, Col. Jour., U. MD; ed., Critical Studies in Media Com.unication; PhD, U. IL, 1979; BA, U. PA, 1972; experience: 2 yrs. rep., ed.; teaching areas: rep., res. methods, ethics, mass media hist., theory, feminist theory, feminist media; Col. Jour., College Park, MD  20742-7111; office: (301) 405-2426; Fax: (301) 314-9166; <>.

Steinke, Jocelyn D.;
prof., Sch. Com., Western MI U.; PhD, U. WI-Madison, 1991; MPS, Cornell U., 1988; BA, Mount Holyoke Col., 1986; experience: nesp., res.; teaching areas: jour., mass com.; Sch. Com., Western MI U., Kalamazoo, MI  49008-5318; office: (269) 387-3913; Fax: (269) 387-3990; <>.

Steinle, Paul M.; pres. Valid Sources; adj. prof. Quinnipiac U.; MS radio-TV, Syracuse U., 1992; MBA, Harvard Grad. Sch. Bus. Admin., 1976; BA, Amherst Col.,  1961; experience: assoc. provost Southern Oregon U., 2004-2010; assoc. prof.,  Southern Oregon U., 2001-20104; dir., grad. jour. prog., Quinnipiac U.,  1997-2001; dir., grad. jour. prog., U. Miami, 1991-1997; pres. & COO UPI  1988-90, pres. Financial News Network, 1984-86; TV rep., prod. & news dir.  1965-83; teaching areas: jour., narrative jour., news mgmt., jour. hist., radio  & TV reptg.; 1916 Pike Place, Ste. 12, #60, Seattle, WA 98101; cell: 541  941-8116 <>.

Stempel, Guido H., III;
dist. prof. emer., Sch. Jour., OH U.; PhD, WI, 1954; AM, IN, 1951; AB, IN, 1949; experience: sports ed. Frankfort Times, copy ed. WI St. Journal, Army PIO; teaching areas: res. meth., law, ed.; divisions: B,G,H,N; 7 Lamar Dr., Athens, OH 45701; office: (740) 593-2609; home: (740) 593-8665; <>.

Stephens, Alice E.; 5797 Lakeview Cir., Lithonia, GA 30058-1837, Lithonia, GA  30058-1837.

Stephens, Donna Lampkin;
asst. prof. Dept. Mass Com. & Theatre; U Central AR; doct. stud., U Southern MS; MEd, Ark-Little Rock, 1999; MA, U. AR, 1994; BA, Univ AR, 1985; experience: 7 yrs rep., Arkansas Gazette; 19 yrs. freelance; teaching areas: rptg., hist.; division: G; 219 Stanley Russ Hall, Conway, AR  72035; office: (501) 450-5605; <>.

Stephens, Edward C.;
prof. emer., Newhouse Sch. Pub. Com., Syracuse U.; MSJ, Northwest., 1955; AB, Occidental Col., 1947; experience: 10 yrs. adv. exec.; divisions: A,G,K; 125 Tejah Ave., Syracuse, NY 13210; home: (315) 479-8239.

Stephens, Joan; U. So. FL, Tampa Campus Lib., 4202 East Flower Ave., Lib 122, Tampa, FL 33620-5400.

Stephens, Rick (Lowndes F.); Prof. Jour., Schl. Jour. & Mass Coms., U. SC; PhD, U. WI, 1975; MA, U. KY, 1969; BA, U. KY, 1967; experience: sports wr., res. econ., res. PR nwsp.; teaching areas: media econ., theory res., meth., PR, intern’l.; divisions: B,E,H,J; 443 Brookshire Dr., Columbia, SC 29210-4205; office: (803) 777-2974; Fax: (803) 777-0638; home: (803) 772-1241; <>; <>.

Stepno, Robert B. (Bob); asst. prof., Radford U; PhD, UNC Chapel Hill, 2003; MALS Wesleyan (interfield/cog. sci); MA, Wesleyan (anthro); BA, U. Conn.; Print and online jour., digital culture; experience: Nando New Media; The Hartford Courant; Soundings, other mags.; software industry tech. wr., ed. & PR; Sch. Com., Radford U, Radford Va., 24142; <>; Web: <>.

Stepp, Carl Sessions; prof., Philip Merrill Col. Jour., U. MD; MA, U.  SC, 1972; BA, U. SC, 1970; experience: 10 yrs. rep. & ed.; teaching  areas: rep. & ed.; divisions: G,H; 2448 N. Pocomoke St., Arlington, VA  22207; office: (301) 405-2428; home: (703) 532-3437;  <>.

Sterin, J. Charles; Collegiate Prof., Com. Studies Dept., UMUC; PhD, International Col., 1978; MS, U. OR, 1973; BS, U. OR, 1971; experience: 30 yrs network-level doc., TV Prod., 10 yrs. educ.; teaching areas: mass com., com. theory, media law; divisions: B,H,N; 57 Marys Mount Rd., Harwood, MD 20776; office: (410) 867-0959; <>.

Sterling, Christopher H.;
prof. Sch. Media and Public Affairs, George Washington U.; U. WI-Madison; PhD, 1969; MS, 1967; BS, 1965; teaching areas: hist, law, media & soc., telecoms; division M&S; 4507 Airlie Way, Annandale, VA 22003; office: (202) 994-0363; Fax: (202) 994-5806;  <>.

Sterling, James C.;
U. MO, Sch. Jour., 205 Neff Hall, Columbia, MO 65211; <>.

Sternadori, Miglena M.; asst. prof., U. SD; PhD, U. MO, 2008; MA, U. MO, 2005;  BA, U. Global & National Econ., Sofia, Bulgaria, 1997; teaching areas: media  effects, news wrtg., news edtg., feat. wrtg., adv. rptg, intl. media, gender and  media, women’s studies; experience: 5 yrs. nwsp. in Bulgaria; 1.5 yrs. nwsp. in  MO; 1 yr. PR in MO; 414 E. Clark St., Al Neuharth Media Center, room 205H,  Vermillion, SD 57069; cell: (605) 760-0995; <>.

Stevens, Ashley;
275 N 300 E Apt 204, Provo, UT 84606-7408.

Stevenson, Stacy; 683 Seven Hills Road, Ashtabula, OH 44004-9669.

Stewart, Bonnie E.;
asst. Prof., Sch. Jour., WVU; BA, Marian Col., 1981; MA CA St., 1991; experience: 20 yrs. rep.; teaching areas: pub. Affairs rep., media ethics, media wrtg., edit/column writing; 1511 University Ave., Morgantown WV 26506; office: (304) 293-3505 ext. 5417; Fax: (304) 293-3072; home: (304) 296-5157; <>.

Stewart, Daxton R.;
4307 S. Pinebrook Ln., Columbia, MO  65203-0558; <>.

Stewart, Guy H.;
prof., dean emer., Perley Isaac Reed Sch. Jour., WV U.; PhD, U. IL, 1957; MA, WV, 1949; BSJ, WV, 1948; experience: rep. Mineral Dly. News, Cumberland Evening Times, dir. PR, TN Tech.; teaching areas: PR, rep., ed., hist.; divisions: D,H; 525 Pocahontas Ave., Morgantown, WV 26505; home: (304) 599-0479.

Stewart, James L.;
asst. prof., Dept. Mass Com., Nicholls St. U.; PhD, U. So. MS, 1996; MS, U. So. MS, 1988; BA, Nicholls St. U., 1984; experience: 2 yrs., nwsp., 2 yrs. PR; teaching areas: jour., photo., PR; 135 Armour Dr., Apt. 124, Hourma, LA  70364-1887; office: (985) 448-4586; <>.

Stewart, Robert K.; prof., dir., Sch. Jour., OH U.; PhD, U. WA, 1990; MA, U. WA, 1984; BA, Hunter, 1981; 105B Scripps Hall, Athens, OH  45701-2979; office: (740) 593-2601; Fax: (740) 593-2592; home: (740) 594-3843; <>.

Stewart, Thomas J.; 20 Saddlebrook Dr., Greensburg, PA 15601-9788.

Steyn, Elanie F;
asst. prof., Col. Jour. & Mass Com., U. OK; PhD, (bus. mgmt.), Northwest U.; 2006; MA (com. policy), 1996, MA (com. studies), 1995, BA (com. studies), 1991, Potchefstroom U; teaching areas: jour., media mgmt., bus of media, leadership mass com., media policy; divisions: E; 395 W. Lindsey St., U. OK, Norman, OK  73072; office: (405) 325-8219; home: (405) 294-0239; <>.

Stocking, Holly;
1200 East 1st Street, Bloomington, IN 47401; <>.

Stoker, Kevin L.; assoc. dean, Col. Mass Com., Texas Tech U.; PhD, AL, 1998; MA, U. AL, 1993; BA, BYU, 1981; experience: 8 yrs. nwsp.; 10 yrs. mag. & nwsp. freelancing; teaching areas: jour. ethics, hist., law, wrtg., PR; divisions: D,Q; 220D MCOM, Box 43082, Lubbock, TX 79409; office: (806) 742-3385, ext. 229; cell: (801) 472-0131; Fax: (806) 742-1086; <>.

Stokes, Milton; 111 Beverly Rd., Wethersfield, CT 06109-3303.

Stole, Inger Lisbeth;
asst. prof., Dept. Advtg., U. IL at Urbana-Champaign; interests: hist. mass media, hist. advtg., hist. & contempory consumer issues; 103 Gregory Hall, 810 S. Wright St., Urbana, IL 61801; office: (217) 333-0919/1602; home address: 1103 S. Douglas Ave., Urbana, IL 61801; <>.

Stoltzfus, Duane;
assoc. prof., Goshen Col., PhD, Rutgers U.; MA, NYU, 1988; BA, Goshen Col., 1981; experience: 7 yrs. rep., 1 yr. ed., nwsp.; division: 64577 Orchard Dr., Goshen, IN 46526; office: (574) 535-7745; home: (574) 534-7112; <>.

Stone, Gerald C.; prof. emer., Sch. Jour., So. IL U.-Carbondale; PhD, Syracuse, 1975; MAJ, LA St. U., 1969; BA, LA St. U., 1966; experience: AP corr., dly. wire desk, ed. wkly., ed. mag., news bureau dir.; teaching areas: rep., feat., mass com., res., theory; 3330 N. Leisure World Blvd., #5-408, Silver Spring, MD 20906-5648.

Stone, Kirk S.;
Col. Charleston, 355 Fern House Walk, Charleston, SC 29464; <>.

Stone, Sara;
prof., Dept. Jour., Baylor U.; PhD, U. TN, 1982; MA, TX Tech., 1975; BA, U. NM, 1970; experience: 6 yrs. rep., 3 yrs. news ed., KVII-TV, Amarillo Globe News, Knoxville News Sentinel; teaching areas: beg. rep., adv. rep., law; divisions: G,L; 3212 Wood Lake Dr., Waco TX 76710; office: (254) 710-3261; Fax: (254) 710-3363; home: (254) 741-0809.

Storey, Ian; 1705 Heatheridge Rd Unit A202, Ft. Collins, CO 80526-1765.

Storm, Elizabeth Jordan;
60 Presidential Plaza, H308, Syracuse, NY 13202-2215; <>.

Storr, Juliette M.;
asst. prof., Dept. Com., NC St. U.; PhD, OH U., 2000; MA, Wayne St. U., 1995; BA, U. Windsor, 1984; experience: print & brdct. journalist, PR mgr., TV prod., sales mgr., radio announcer; teaching areas: PR, wrtg. & web desktop publg., res., intl. & intercult.; divisions: D,E,J; 1717 Zachary Brook Ln., Raleigh, NC  27609; office: (919) 515-9736; home: (919) 875-1152; <>.

Stout, Daniel A.;
prof., Sch. Jour. & Media Studies, UNLV; PhD, Rutgers U., 1993; MA, U. GA, 1985; BA, Brigham Young U., 1979; experience: 5 yrs. nwsp. adv. dept., 2 yrs. nwsp. adv. mgmt.; teaching areas: media and religion, adv. com. theory; interest group: RMIG; 4505 Maryland Parkway, Box 5007, Sch. Jour. & Media Studies, UNLV, Las Vegas, NV  89154; <>.

Stovall, James Glen; prof., Sch. Jour. U. TN; PhD, U. TN, 1978; MA, American U, 1973; BS, UTenn. 1970; experience: 5 yrs, nwsp., mag.; creator,; teaching areas: writing, web jour.; 333 Coms. Bldg., Sch. Jour. and Electronic Media, U. TN, Knoxville, TN 39776; office: (865) 974-5109; <>.

Stovall, Pamela;
asst. prof., Dept. Com. & Jour., U. NM; MA, UT, 1986; BA, UM, 1979; experience: nwsp., photo., PR, mag. ed.; teaching areas: nwsp., mass com., jour; divisions: E,F,G; 200 College Rd., Gallup, NM 87301; office: (505) 863-7574; Fax: (505) 863-7717; <>.

Strand, Karen; 12232 Langshaw Drive, Thonotosassa, FL 33592-2732.

Strauch, Jodell D;
asst. prof., Dept. Mass Com., NWMSU; PhD, U. NE-Lincoln, 2002; MA, U. Central MO, 1993; experience: 17 yrs. teaching, 2 yrs. news ed., daily, 4 yrs. ed., weekly; teaching areas: design, reptg., edtg.; 231 Wells Hall, Maryville, MO 64468; office: (660) 562-1823; <>.

Straughan, Dulcie;
30008 Village Park Dr., Chapel Hill, NC  27517-8493; <>.

Straumanis, Andris; assoc. prof., U. WI-River Falls, doctoral cand., Sch. Jour. Mass Com., U. MN; MA, U. MN, 1983; BS, Southern IL U. 1977; experience: 5 yrs. ed., 5 yrs. rep. and photo. for wkly. and bus. papers, 10 yrs. freelance wr. and ed.; teaching areas: online, reporting, edtg. and design, mag., literary journalism, history, visual com.; divisions: D,O; 630 23rd Ave. NW, New Brighton MN 55112; office: (715) 425-3169; mob: (651) 235-2915; <>

Strauss, Jessalynn R.; asst. prof., Xavier U.; PhD, U. OR, 2010; MA, UNC-CH, 2004; BA, Duke, 1998; experience: 2 years mktg, 4 years PR;  teaching areas: PR, wrtg., hist.; 3800 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, OH  45206; office: (513) 745-3473; home: (919) 599-9793;  <>. 

Strazewski, Leonard;
Columbia Col. Chicago, Jour. Dept., 600 South Michigan Ave., Chicago IL 60605; <>.

Streitmatter, Rodger A.;
prof., Sch. Com., American U.; PhD, American U., 1988; MA, Radford U., 1978; BS, So. IL U., 1970; experience: nwsp. rep. & ed., Roanoke Times, teaching areas: jour.-reptg., edtg., hist., women in jour., mass media & soc., feature wrtg., alternative jour.; divisions: D,G; 401 Fifth St., NE, Washington, DC 20002; office: (202) 885-2057; home: (202) 675-8446; <>.

Strentz, Herbert; prof. emeritus, Sch. Jour.-Mass Com., Drake U.; PhD, Northwest. U., 1970; MA, Syracuse U., 1964; BA, Fresno St., 1960; experience: 6 yrs. rep. Fresno Bee-AP; Minneapolis Tribune, Des Moines Register-Trib,  divisions: L; 9306 Greenbelt, Urbandale, IA 50322; home: (515) 278-5607; <>.

Stringer, Sharon B.; prof., Dept. Com., Lock Haven U.; PhD, PA St. U., 1999; MS,  PA St. U., 1996; BA, PA St. U., 1978; experience: Fulbright scholar, editorial  writer, journal ed., prod., TV,; teaching areas: jour., newswrtg. nwsp.;  division: M; 603 Robinson Bld.,Com., Lock Haven U., Lock Haven, PA 17745-1016;  office: (570) 484-2092; fax: (570)484-2436; home: (814) 237-3626;  <>.

Stringfellow, Eric D.; asst. prof., Dept. Chair, Dept. Mass Com., Tougaloo Col.; MA, Jen St. U., 1997; BA, Jen St. U., 1982; experience: 1 yr. The Com.ercial News; 21 yrs. The Clarion Ledger; 5 yrs. The Plain Dealer; teaching areas: jour., gen., nwsp.; 500 W. County Line Rd., Jackson, MS  39174; office: (601) 977-6195; Fax: (601) 977-4423; home: (601) 853-6855; <>.

Stroman, Carolyn A.;
assoc. prof., dir., Ctr. Com. Res., Howard U.; PhD, Syracuse, 1978; MSLS, Syracuse, 1970; BA, Howard, 1968; experience: res. 11 yrs.; teaching areas: meth., mass com. & soc., The Black Press, mass com. effects; divisions: B,H,M; 1225 MD. Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20002; office: (202) 806-7690.

Stromback, Jesper J.;
prof., Dept. Media & Com., Mid Sweden U.; PhD, Stockholm U., 2001; experience: jour., U. res.; teaching areas: jour., mass Com.; pol com. divisions: H,J; Skonsbergsvagen 18, Sundsvall  851 46 Sweden; office: +46 60 14 8617; Fax: +46 60 14 8934; home: +46 60 61 24 62; <>.

Strong, Catherine R; asst prof. Zayed U. UAE; PhD Massey; MA, Kent; BA, UW; experience jour, brdct, tv, pr; teaching areas converged journalism, pr, rsrch. POBx 19281, Dubai, UAE MOB +971561606225

Strout, Lawrence; assoc. prof., Dept. Com., MS St. U.; PhD, FL St. U, 1997; MA, OH St. U, 1990; BA, U-Mass Amherst, 1977; experience: 14 yrs. pub. & com. brdctg.; 21 yrs. educ; teaching areas: tv prod.; broad. & print newswrit.; med. law; PO Box PF, MS State U., Mississippi State, MS 39762; office: (662) 325-1557; cell: (228) 424-3635; <>.

Struck, Douglas
; 120 Boyleston Street, Apt.# 613, Boston, MA  02116-4624; <>.

Struthers, Amy;
700 South 32nd Street, Lincoln, NE 68510; <>.

Stuart, Anne E.; 10 Azel Road, Braintree, MA 02184-6201.

Stuglin, Steven; 142 Martha Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30317-1413.

Stuhlfaut, Mark W.;
asst. prof., Sch. Jour. & Telecom., U KY; PhD, MI St. U., 2006; BA, U MN, 1971; experience: 27 years in advertising agencies as acct. mgr, copywriter, and creative dir.; research: creative process and advertising pedagogy; teaching areas: IMC mgmt.; ethical, legal, social issues; 4689 Collinswood Dr., Lexington, KY 40515; office: 859-257-4240, <>.

Sturgill, Amanda;
Elon U., Sch. Coms., 2850 Campus Box, Elon, NC 27244-2010.

Sturgis, Ingrid; 26 Kingsberry Dr., Somerset, NJ 08873-4302.

Styles, Teresa; prof., Department of Journalism and Mass Communication North Carolina A & T, Ph.D. Chapel Hill, 1998, Northwestern U., BA Spelman College; experience: 15 years CBS News New York, teaching areas:  broadcast journalism, media history, media management, 336.334.7900 office 336.294.0711 home

Su, Jing; 105 West Broadway Apt. #7, Columbia, MO 65203-3823.

Su, Tuo-Yu; 90A Grandview Dr., Amherst, NY 14228-1832.

Subervi, Federico A.; PhD, U. WI, 1984; MA, U. Puerto Rico, 1974; BA, U. Puerto Rico, 1971; prof. & dir., Center for the Study of Latino Media & Markets, Sch. Jour. & Mass Com., TX State U.; academic office: (512) 245-5267, <>; teaching areas: mass  com.-soc., minorities-med.; divisions: B,E,H,M,O; 6304 Colina Lane, Austin, TX  78759; home office: (512) 250-0487; <>.

Sudhoff, Doug; 1239 Parkdale Rd., Maryville, MO 64468-2725; <>.

Sultze, Kimberly; St. Michael’s College, Dept of Journalism & Mass Com., One Winooski Park, Colchester, VT 05439-0001.

Summers, Penny; 1495 Barkley Rd., Sadieville, KY 40370-8872.

Sumner, David E.;
prof., mag. seq., coord., Dept. Jour., Ball St. U.; PhD, TN, 1989; Master of Theology, U. South; BA, Stetson; Magazine Division “Educator of the Year” (2007); author, The Magazine Century: American Magazines Since 1900 (Lang, 2010); co author, Magazines: A Complete Guide to the Industry (Lang, 2006) and co-author Feature and Magazine Writing, 2nd. ed. (Wiley, 2009); teaching areas: mag. wrtg.; Dept. Jour., Ball St. U., Muncie, IN 47306-0485; home address: 4009 Colonial Dr., Anderson IN 46012; office: (765) 285-8210; Fax: (765) 285-7997; home: (765) 643-0947; <>;; <>.

Sumpter, Randall S.;
assoc. prof., & former dir. Jour. Studies Prog., Dept. Com., TX A&M U.; PhD, TX-Austin, 1996; MAMC, U. FL, 1990; BS, OK St. U., 1972; experience: 17 yrs. dly. nwsps. and tech. mags.; teaching areas: media hist., media sociology, nwsp. edtg., res. methods; 3900 Puffin Way, Col. Station, TX 77845-6265; office: (979) 845-0208; <>.

Sundar, S. Shyam; distinguished prof. Coll. of Comm., Penn St. U.; PhD, Stanford U., 1995; MA, U. AL, 1991; BS, Bangalor U. (India), 1989; BE, Bangalore U., (India), 1988; experience: 5 yrs. wr./rep., 3 yrs. edit. wkly., 4 yrs. coor. mag.; teaching areas: res. methds., tech., theory; divisions: B,C,P; 729, Linnet Lane, State College, PA 16803; office: (814) 865-2173; Fax: (814) 863-8161; home: (814) 231-0406; <>.

Sundin, Mel; asst. prof., Dept. Com., Penn State Erie; PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., 2005; MS, American U.; BS, U. ID; experience: PR, 20 yrs. govt. PR; 1 yr. teaching grad. PR; 5 yrs. teaching undergrad Com.; teaching areas: PR, adv, mass com.; divisions: adv, PR, mass com. & soc.; Penn State Erie, Sch. of H&SS, 4951 Col. Dr., Erie, PA 16563-1501; office: (814) 898-6393; Fax: (814) 898-6032; home: (814) 474-3566; <>.

Sundstrom, Beth L.;
doctoral fellow, U. MD; MPH, Brown U., 2007; BA, Tulane U., 2005; experience: PR, health Com., social marketing, 5 yrs.; teaching area: PR; 2130 Skinner Bldg., UMD, College Park, MD 20742; office: 301-405-8264; <>.

Sung, MinJung;
assoc. prof., Chung-Ang U.; PhD, U. MD, 2004; MS, Boston U., 2000; BA, Seoul Natl. U., 1998; experience: account exec., PR consult.; teaching areas: PR, corp. Com.; division: J; Chung-Ang U., Dept. Advtg. & PR, 221 Heukseok-Dong, Dongjak-Ku, Seoul 156-756, Korea; office: +82-2-820-5520; <>.

Supa, Dustin W.; 25 Brewster Road, Framingham, MA 01702; <>.

Suryanarayan, Renuka; 402-Sheridan Road Apt. #701, Lawton, OK 73505-6557.

Susca, Margot;
doc. cand., Sch. Com., FSU, Box 3062664, Tallahassee,  FL, 32306; MS, Columbia U., 2002; BA, UMass Amherst, 2000; experience: 5 yrs. rep., teaching areas: media wrtg., regulation and policy, ethics, mass media & soc.; mobile: (860) 604-7650; <>.

Sutherland, John;
Prof., 2088 Weimer Hall, PO Box 118400, U. FL, Gainesville, FL 32611-8400; office: (352) 392-4046; <>.

Sutherland, Patrick J.; RD 1 Box 2, 101 Point Breeze Dr., Bethany, WV 26032-2031; <>.

Suzuki, Maho;
29-3 Shikatani-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, 432-8014 Japan.

Swamy, Jane;
dean of studies, Xavier Inst. Coms.; Adv. Studies Programme coord. & lectr., diploma courses, JR & PR, Xavier Inst. Coms.; MA, Marquette, 1961; BA, Bombay U., 1956; experience: freelance jour., film scriptwr., dir. mgr. PR; teaching areas: mass com., develop. com., jour., PR; 11-A Prabhadevi Rd., Bombay, India 400 025; <>.

Swan, Jenna; 5104 Juanita Avenue, Edina, MN 55424-1425.

Swanberg, Wendy E.;
PhD stud., Sch. Jour. & Mass Com, U. WI-Madison; BA, DePaul U., 1983; MA, U. WI-Madison, 2005; experience: 10  yrs. brdct. TV prod., Chicago, IL; res.: 1st Amend. hist., jour. hist, media law; TA exp: intro skills, media law; 821 University Ave., Madison WI 53706; office: (608) 263-3065; home:  (608) 798-0482; <> or <>.

Swann, Patricia (Pat) A;
Dean, Sch. Bus. & Justice Studies; assoc. prof., Utica Col.; MA, Syracuse U, 1998; BA, Truman St.; experience: pr dir for 10 yrs at Board of Cooperative Educational Services, Com. specialist 5yrs at Faxton Children’s Hospital, feat. wr./rep. 2 yrs., Southeast Missourian, asst prof. SUNY Morrisville 3 yrs.; teaching areas: pr; division: J; 205 DePerno Hall, Utica College, 1600 Burrstone Rd., Utica, NY 13502; office: (315) 792-3243; Fax: (315) 792-3173; home: (315) 732-5110; <>.

Swanson, Douglas J.; assoc. prof., agency director, PR concentration coordinator, Com. Dept., CSU-Fullerton;  APR 2003; EdD OK St, 1999; MA Eastern NM, 1991; BS, Eastern NM, 1984;  experience: 12 yrs print wr./ rep., radio news dir./ anncr., 3 yrs. agency pr;  teaching areas: pr, ethics, strategy/tactics. res. methods; Com. Dept., CSUF,  800 N. State College Bl., Fullerton CA 92831; office: (657) 278-8607;  <> .

Swayze, Elizabeth P.; Senior Ed., Com. and Media Studies. Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, 350 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148 USA; <>.

Sweeney, John M.;
prof., U. NC-Chapel Hill; MED, U. NC-Chapel Hill, 1986; BS, Northwestern, 1974; experience: ACD-Foote, Cone, Belding; teaching areas: adtg. creative, sports mrktg. and advtg.; division: A; 105 Landing Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27514; office: (919) 962-4074; home: (919) 408-8083; <>.

Sweeney, Michael S.; prof. and grad dir., Sch. Jour., OH U.; PhD, OH U., 1996; MJ, U. No. TX, 1991; BA, U. NE-Lincoln, 1980; experience: 13 yrs. rep., ed., Ft. Worth TX Star-Telegram, Springfield (MO) Daily News, teaching areas: edtg., news wrtg., feat. wrtg., jour. hist., elec. publ.; 106-B Scripps Hall, OH U., Athens, OH 45701-2979; office: (740) 593-2589; home: (740) 249-4337; <>.

Swerling, Jerry;
dir. Public Relations studies, USC Annenberg Sch. Jour.; sr. lectr.; MA, Boston U., 1971; BA, U. MA-Boston, 1969; 3502 Watt Way, ASC 301, Los Angeles, CA  90089; office: (310) 456-8045; <>.

Swindell, Christopher; assoc. prof. Jour., PhD, U. KY, com., 2006; MA, U. KY, com., 1991; BA, Marshall U., brdct. Jour., 1985; Marshall U.; experience: rep., anchor, photog., ed., news mgr., WKYT-TV, Lexington, Ky; rep., WSAZ-TV, Huntington, WV; photog., WOWK-TV, Huntington, WV; teaching areas: TV news, intro & advanced; news wrtg.; media ethics; grad. social sci.; grad. theory; grad. hist. jour.; grad. media  effects; 1 John Marshall Dr., Huntington, WV 25755; cell: 304-541-0002; home: 304-760-8197; work:  304-696-2729; <>; <>. 

Swink, Jessica; 4713 Bay Quarter Ct., Virginia Beach, VA 23455-2000.

Switzer, Jamie S.;
asst. prof., Dept. Jour., CO St. U.; EdD, Pepperdine; MS, CO St. U.; BS, TX Christian U.; teaching areas: news wrtg., script wrtg., brdct. news, new com. techs., vis. com.; Educational Tech., Dept. Jour., CO St. U., Fort Collins, CO 80523-1785; office: (970) 491-2239; home: (970) 224-5622; <>.

Swope, Jerald; Dept. Jour. & MC, One Winooski Park, Colchester, VT  05439-0001; <>.

Sylvester, Edward J.;
prof., Jour., Walter Cronkite Sch. Jour. & Telecom., AZ St. U.; MA, City Col. NY, 1974; AB, Princeton U., 1965; experience: rep. Los Angeles Times, wr. Back From The Brink:  How Crises Spur Doctors To New Discoveries About The Brain, The Healing Blade, Target: Cancer, The Gene Age (w/Dr. Lynn Klotz); teaching areas: sci. wrtg., reptg., edtg.; division: G; 528 E. Del Rio Dr., Tempe, AZ  85282; office: (480) 965-4210; home: (480) 829-7678; <>.

Sylvester, Judith;
assoc. prof., Manship Sch. Mass Com.; PhD, MU, 1994; MA, MU, 1981; BA, MO St., 1974; experience: 6 yrs. HS jour. adviser; 2 yrs. Editor wkly; 2 yrs PR; 9 yrs. research dir.; 19 yrs. fac.; teaching areas: media wrtg., media res, ethics, media & military; LSU, 211 Jour. Bldg., Baton Rouge, LA  70803-7202; office: (225) 578-2067; Fax: (225) 578-2125; <>.

Sylvie, George;
assoc. prof., Dept., Jour., U. TX-Austin; PhD, U. TX-Austin, 1988; MA, MO U., 1978; BA, LSU-Shreveport, 1976; experience: 3 yrs. columnist, 3 yrs. rep., 2 yrs. asst. city ed. dly.; teaching areas: media mgmt., rptg.; office: (512) 471-1783; <>.