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The Elected Standing Committee on Teaching offers various resources and teaching tools on this page.

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Teaching Committee Resources:

AEJMC Teaching Corner: Tips from the AEJMC Teaching Committee
(Articles featured in AEJMC News)

 “Best Practices in Teaching” Booklets

Social Media Tips: Tweet Up With Your Colleagues
(By Amy Falkner, Syracuse University)

“The Doctors Are In” Sessions:

2012 “The Doctors Are In” Teaching Session (Chicago Conference) [PDF]

2011 “The Doctors Are In” Teaching Session (St. Louis Conference) [PDF]

2010 “The Doctors Are In” Teaching Session (Denver Conference) [PDF]

2009 “The Doctors Are In” Teaching Session (Boston Convention)

Additional Resources:

Safety Study Guide for Journalism Students [PDF]

Newspaper/Online: Award-winning Teaching Tips

Lake Wobegon Meets Grade Inflation: Are All Our Students Above Average? (St. Louis Conference 2011 Plenary Session)

Effective Teaching Workshop (Denver Conference 2010 Workshop)

AEJMC Teaching and Tenure Tips [PDF]

Assessment Practices and Tips [Under Construction]

Teaching in an Age of Entitlement (Chicago Convention 2008 Plenary Session)

AEJMC e-book: Effective Strategies for Teaching in the Digital Age: 2011 Teaching Workshop S in St. Louis [PDF]

Workshop schedule + Participant biographies for 2011 AEJMC Workshop on “Effective Strategies for Teaching in the Digital Age” [PDF]

AEJMC Magnanimous Mentoring Program + Mentoring tips by Deb Aikat, UNC-Chapel Hill [PDF]

Top 10 Teaching Errors (I’ve Made Them All!) by Deb Aikat, UNC-Chapel Hill [PDF]

Additional Links:

Great Ideas For Teachers (GIFT) Booklets

Teaching Tools for Web Based Courses

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