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The Elected Standing Committee on Teaching offers various resources and teaching tools on this page.

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Teaching Committee Resources:

AEJMC Teaching Corner: Tips from the AEJMC Teaching Committee
(Articles featured in AEJMC News)

 “Best Practices in Teaching” Booklets

Social Media Tips: Tweet Up With Your Colleagues
(By Amy Falkner, Syracuse University)

Teaching Help • Master Class: Teaching Advice for JMC Professors

“The Doctors Are In” Sessions:

2012 “The Doctors Are In” Teaching Session (Chicago Conference) [PDF]

2011 “The Doctors Are In” Teaching Session (St. Louis Conference) [PDF]

2010 “The Doctors Are In” Teaching Session (Denver Conference) [PDF]

2009 “The Doctors Are In” Teaching Session (Boston Convention)

Additional Resources:

Ideas for Teaching Diversity — Notable submissions (Standing Committee on Teaching Annual Competition 2018) [PDF]

Safety Study Guide for Journalism Students [PDF]

Newspaper/Online: Award-winning Teaching Tips

Lake Wobegon Meets Grade Inflation: Are All Our Students Above Average? (St. Louis Conference 2011 Plenary Session)

Effective Teaching Workshop (Denver Conference 2010 Workshop)

AEJMC Teaching and Tenure Tips [PDF]

Assessment Practices and Tips [Under Construction]

Teaching in an Age of Entitlement (Chicago Convention 2008 Plenary Session)

AEJMC e-book: Effective Strategies for Teaching in the Digital Age: 2011 Teaching Workshop S in St. Louis [PDF]

Workshop schedule + Participant biographies for 2011 AEJMC Workshop on “Effective Strategies for Teaching in the Digital Age” [PDF]

AEJMC Magnanimous Mentoring Program + Mentoring tips by Deb Aikat, UNC-Chapel Hill [PDF]

Top 10 Teaching Errors (I’ve Made Them All!) by Deb Aikat, UNC-Chapel Hill [PDF]

Celebrating Dr. Ed Trayes and 50 Years of Editing Excellence
Courtesy of the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund
DJNF recently honored Dr. Edward Trayes of Temple University for 50 years of service to the internship program he inaugurated with a special event and film. Dr. Trayes has led the Center for Editing Excellence at Temple University. Terry O’Toole, Class of 1979 and co-founder of The O’Toole Family Foundation, commissioned this film to celebrate his mentor. (Link to YouTube)

Additional Links:

Great Ideas For Teachers (GIFT) Booklets

Teaching Tools for Web Based Courses

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