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Special 2019 Award Opportunity for AEJMC Members • Conducting News Audience Research
Now in its sixth year, the News Audience Research Paper Award recognizes the best AEJMC conference paper that researched the audience for news. Accepted 2019 AEJMC conference papers that have researched some aspect of the news audience are automatically eligible to be reviewed by a specially appointed committee for this important award. The author(s) of the winning paper will receive a $500 cash prize and certificate at AEJMC in Toronto. There is no separate submission process for this award. Papers on the news audience should be submitted to the division, commission or interest group that is the best fit for the paper. After the review process has been completed by each group, accepted papers will then go through a separate review process for the News Audience Research Paper Award. See Complete Call.

Women Faculty Moving Forward: Pathways for success
AEJMC Pre-Convention Workshop
Tuesday, August 6, 2019, Toronto, Canada
Sponsored by the AEJMC Commission on the Status of Women, the Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver Center for the Advancement of Women in Communication at Florida International University and the AEJMC Council of Affiliates, this seventh annual workshop is designed to help junior women faculty members move forward in their careers through mentoring, networking and preparing for tenure and promotion and administration or other leadership positions. It is designed for tenure-track women, but some exceptions may be made. We are seeking a cohort of 25 women for our pre-conference workshop on Aug. 6, 2019, 1-5 p.m. at the AEJMC annual convention in Toronto, Canada. Applicants must be AEJMC members. Form must be returned by June 1, 2019. See complete call.

Call for Papers: Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly Special Issue
Advancing Journalism and Communication Research: New Theories and Concepts
Guest editors: Claudia Mellado, Myria Georgiou and Seungahn Nah
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly invites authors to submit papers for a Special Issue on “Advancing Journalism and Communication Research: New Theories and Concepts.” Contributions are expected to critically analyze current theoretical developments in communication and journalism studies across the world; to revisit and expand epistemological and historical foundations; to examine both the integration and opposition of perspectives from the global North and the global South; to record theoretical and epistemological approaches for global comparative research; to discuss the relevance of theories and models across different societies and media systems; and to discuss successful and failed efforts for theoretical cross-pollination within different regional and media contexts. Submission deadline: June 1, 2019. See complete call.

Mass Communication & Society Call for Papers
What IS News?
Guest Editors: Donnalyn Pompper, University of Oregon and Lindsay Hoffman, University of Delaware
This gripping question that sociologist Herbert Gans first asked in his seminal 1979 book, Deciding What’s News, is now more relevant than ever. The concept of mass communication has changed significantly since Dr. Gans conducted his ethnography of newsrooms to discover how producers of news define and select news that is communicated via mass media. In many ways, the traditional newsroom doesn’t even exist anymore. Moreover, our mass communication theories for explaining peoples’ perceptions of news and their understandings of it have grown considerably since the 1970s. The aim of this special issue is to build upon traditional approaches to operationalizing and understanding mass media’s role in defining, shaping, and amplifying news – as well as peoples’ perceptions of news. This special issue will be published in early 2020 as part of Volume 23. Deadline for manuscripts submissions is May 1, 2019. See Complete Call.

2019 AEJMC GIFT Call for Entries
Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFT) will once again be a part of AEJMC’s annual conference, scheduled this year in Toronto on Aug. 7. GIFT has historically been one of the most popular sessions at the conference. Sponsored by the Small Programs Interest Group and the Scholastic Journalism Division, GIFT is a refereed presentation of the best teaching tips and techniques. The Top 25 GIFT ideas, as selected by a panel of judges from within AEJMC, will be presented at a poster session, with the top idea winning the Grand Prize Award for 2019. All entries must be received via email by Tuesday, April 30, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. Central Time. See complete call.

Mass Communication and Society – CALL FOR EDITOR
Transition period begins January 1, 2020
Official term is January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2024
The Mass Communication and Society (MC&S) Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) is now seeking applications for Editor for Mass Communication and Society, published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis. Mass Communication and Society, the MC&S division’s flagship publication, is a refereed journal that publishes articles from a wide variety of perspectives and approaches that advance mass communication theory, especially at the societal or macrosocial level. It draws heavily from many other disciplines, including sociology, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, law, and history. Methodologically, journal articles employ qualitative and quantitative methods, survey research, ethnography, laboratory experiments, historical methods, and legal analysis. The application deadline is April 17, 2019. See complete call.

Scripps Howard Foundation Visiting Professors in Media Ad Sales Program
AEJMC members are invited to apply for 2019-20 Scripps Howard Foundation Visiting Professor Grants in Media Ad Sales. The grants will be administered by AEJMC. Two members will be selected to receive grants, funding two weeks of summer studies at either WEWS, News 5, in Cleveland, Ohio, or E. W. Scripps Company Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Award recipients will be introduced to numerous aspects of advertising sales that support social media and/or digital marketing while at these venues. The goal is for them to apply this new knowledge to their classroom instruction in the fall. Deadline to apply for the program is 5 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, April 10. See complete call.

Scripps Howard Foundation Visiting Professor Opportunity to Study Social Media
AEJMC members are invited to apply for 2019-20 Scripps Howard Foundation Visiting Professor Grants in Social Media. The grants, funded by the Scripps Howard Foundation and administered by AEJMC, fund two weeks of summer study for six AEJMC members at various media outlets in order for them to learn first-hand how news and information delivery is being transformed by digital media. The goal is for them to take that knowledge into their classrooms when they return to their campuses in the fall. Deadline to apply for the program is 5 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, April 10. See complete call.

International Communication Research Journal Seeks New Editor
AEJMC’s International Communication Division is seeking applications for the position of editor of the International Communication Research Journal, the division’s peer-reviewed international journal. The position is for a five-year term, which will begin August 15, 2019. The deadline for applications has been extended to April 6, 2019. See complete call.

AEJMC Research Prize for Professional Relevance
AEJMC is seeking submissions for the 2019 AEJMC Research Prize for Professional Relevance. The 2016-18 AEJMC Presidential Task Force on Bridges to the Professions established the AEJMC Research Prize for Professional Relevance to foster stronger ties between media professionals and educators. The Research Prize for Professional Relevance recognizes each year’s top AEJMC conference papers that bring newfound clarity and insight to emerging media industry practices, cultures and business imperatives. A committee of academic and professional judges will select the winning papers, to be awarded at the 2019 AEJMC conference in Toronto. The award will be administered via the normal AEJMC paper submission process, whose deadline is April 1, 2019. See Complete Call.

AEJMC 2020 Conference Logo Design Competition
Design a logo for the AEJMC 2020 Conference in San Francisco. Student entries are being accepted for the official conference logo, which will appear on conference and promotional materials. The winning student will receive $100. A logo entered in the contest should represent the diversity of AEJMC and also visually suggest “San Francisco.” The logo should communicate immediately, effectively and be memorable. The logo design entries must be designed using a solid black tone on a white background. After a winning logo is selected, AEJMC reserves the right to add color later to the winning logo. The deadline for submitting entries is March 31, 2019. See complete call.

Call for Applications: Institute for Diverse Leadership in Journalism and Communication
The purpose of the Institute for Diverse Leadership in Journalism and Communication is to increase racial, gender and ethnic diversity in administrative and other senior-level positions in journalism and communication education. The Institute’s objective is to identify, recruit, mentor and train future leaders and administrators. The Institute is co-sponsored by AEJMC and the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication. Applicants MUST BE current AEJMC members. Applicants must be associate or full professors interested in administration and/or journalism and communication practitioners who have moved into the academy and have a minimum of three full-time years in an academic setting. The program is for people of color and women. All application materials should be received by 5 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, March 18. See complete call.

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