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Senior Scholars Program

Questions about the AEJMC Senior Scholars Program should be directed to Jennifer McGill at AEJMCHQ@aol.com [1] or 803-798-0271.

Tips for Creating a Strong Proposal
The successful research project should contribute to the body of knowledge, should be designed so that it could be executed successfully, and should be within the abilities of the researcher to complete. To demonstrate that your project has these characteristics, we suggest the following for your proposal:

• Make sure the proposal is well developed and clearly explains your project.
• Explain the importance of the topic and the broad implications that this research can have.
• Follow the specific categories from the call to make it easier for the reviewers evaluate.
• Spell out the anticipated outcomes – What article(s) will be produced? How does this study advance our knowledge in the area?
• Provide a title for the proposal. It helps crystallize the topic in the reviewer’s mind right off the bat.
• Describe methods clearly and succinctly. How will you select your sample? How and why will the sample allow you to address the aims of the project? How will you analyze the sample?
• Make sure the budget provides details. You should break out the categories and list exactly how the funds will be used.
• Explain how this grant will assist in completing the project. If the project requires more funds than available, explain where the rest will come from so the work can be completed.

• Read Tips for Creating that Perfect Research Grant Proposal from 2016 AEJMC Senior and Emerging Scholars. [2]

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