AEJMC Office Team


Jennifer McGill Executive Director — Responsible for the management of the association staff and liaison to all association officers during the year. 803-798-0272
K. Anthony Website Content Manager — Maintains content for all AEJMC websites and the ASJMC Websites. Handles advertising for the AEJMC Online Ads Website. 803-798-8580
Belinda Pearson Association Business Manager — Handles AEJMC and ASJMC finances, accounting, reimbursements and AEJMC Conference registration. 803-798-0273
Felicia G. Brown Desktop Publisher/Council of Divisions Liaison — Handles layout and production of the AEJMC Conference Program. Coordinates Council of Division activities, the conference Job Hub, conference papers with All-Academic and the JMC e-Directory. 803-772-3508
Lillian Coleman Newsletter Editor/Project Manager — Edits association publications, manages special projects and administers association grant programs. 803-798-8580 (Wednesdays only.)
Janet Harley Association Office Assistant — Handles general AEJMC and ASJMC inquiries. Maintains the AEJMC and ASJMC officers database. Assists with conference exhibiting and display advertising in the Conference Program. 803-798-8580
Samantha Higgins Samantha Higgins Public Relations Manager — Keeps AEJMC and ASJMC members informed through social media outlets. Maintains twitter, facebook and constant contact information. Develops the AEJMC conference app. Advertising liaison for the AEJMC Conference Program. 803-798-8581
Pamella Price Membership Manager — Maintains AEJMC membership updates/renewal reminders and AEJMC subscriptions database. 803-772-3507
Amanda Caldwell Conference/Meetings Manager — Responsible for overseeing the AEJMC Conference and AEJMC and ASJMC Meetings. Coordinates the Exhibits Expo for the AEJMC Conference. 803-798-0274
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