Senior Scholars Program

Questions about the AEJMC Senior Scholars Program should be directed to Jennifer McGill at or 803-798-0271.

Tips for Creating a Strong Proposal
The successful research project should contribute to the body of knowledge, should be designed so that it could be executed successfully, and should be within the abilities of the researcher to complete. To demonstrate that your project has these characteristics, we suggest the following for your proposal:

• Make sure the proposal is well developed and clearly explains your project.
• Explain the importance of the topic and the broad implications that this research can have.
• Follow the specific categories from the call to make it easier for the reviewers evaluate.
• Spell out the anticipated outcomes – What article(s) will be produced? How does this study advance our knowledge in the area?
• Provide a title for the proposal. It helps crystallize the topic in the reviewer’s mind right off the bat.
• Describe methods clearly and succinctly. How will you select your sample? How and why will the sample allow you to address the aims of the project? How will you analyze the sample?
• Make sure the budget provides details. You should break out the categories and list exactly how the funds will be used.
• Explain how this grant will assist in completing the project. If the project requires more funds than available, explain where the rest will come from so the work can be completed.

• Read Tips for Creating that Perfect Research Grant Proposal from 2016 AEJMC Senior and Emerging Scholars.

Senior Scholar Recipients for 2019

  • Daniela Dimitrova, Iowa State
    “Terrorists, Migrants or Asylum Seekers? Understanding the Media Framing of Refugees”
  • Lawrence Pintak, Washington State and Brian J. Bowe, Western Washington University
    “Mediatization of Islamophobia in the 2018 Election”

Senior Scholar Recipients for 2018

  • W. Joseph Campbell, American University
    “When Polls Go Bad: The Wary Interplay of Journalism and Survey Research”
  • Emily T. Metzgar, Indiana University
    “The American Narrative: U.S. Information Diplomacy Since World War II”
  • Kim Walsh-Childers, University of Florida
    “Developing Criteria for Assessing the Quality of News Coverage of Health Policy: Toward Improving Coverage to Better Inform Citizens and Policymakers”

Senior Scholar Recipients for 2017

  • Deb Aikat, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    “Friending Facebook and Trusting Twitter: News Agendamelding in India’s Networked Public Sphere”
  • Glenn Cummins and Trent Seltzer, Texas Tech University
    “Cognitive and Emotional Processing of the Enhanced State of the Union”

Senior Scholar Recipients for 2016

  • Melissa A. Johnson, North Carolina State
    “Ethnic Museum and Cultural Center Communication: Building Relationships with Communities”
  • Linda Lumsden, Arizona
    “Journalism for Social Justice: A Cultural History of Social Movement Media from ‘Common Sense’ to #blacklivesmatter”

Senior Scholar Recipients for 2015

  • Carolyn Lin, University of Connecticut
    “Tailoring Mitigation with Ease and Efficiency: The Promise of a Disaster Preparedness Mobile App”
  • David Mindich, St. Michael’s College
    “A Cultural Biography of James Gordon Bennett Sr.”

Senior Scholar Recipients for 2014

  • Stephen Bates, University of Nevada Las Vegas
    “From Championing Freedom of the Films to Feeding the Hollywood Blacklist: The Odyssey of Hutchins Commission Researcher Ruth Inglis”
  •  Randal Beam, University of Washington
    “Deciding When and How to Cover Suicide”
  •  Kim Bissell, University of Alabama
    “Weight Problems in Children”

Senior Scholar Recipients for 2013

  • Sheri Broyles, North Texas and Alice Kendrick, Southern Methodist
    “Nation Building through Advertising: A Look Inside Communist Cuba”
  • Heloiza Herscovitz, California State University Long Beach
    “Media, Democracy and the State: Brazil’s Daily Battlefield”
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