Internship and Careers 2005 Abstracts

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How Women in Sports Media Assimilate into their Careers: A Survey of Practitioners • Mane Hardin and Stacie Sham, Penn State University • This research, a survey of women who work in sports media, explores their everyday work experiences and factors that may discourage them from staying in sports media careers. Further, it explores the liberal feminist assertion that more women working in sports media would lead to better coverage of female sports by probing the values and commitment of respondents in relationship to female sports coverage.

Wanted: A First Job in Print Journalism • Shawn M. Neidorf, University of Illinois at Chicago • This paper concerns an exploratory study of how students find their first jobs in print newsrooms (or fail to do so). Journalism graduates prefer one of two divergent methods: tapping social networks for information and/or sponsorship or using what I call “moxie” approaches. Using networks seems to be more successful, but they are available only to students who have made contacts through internships and/or relationships with faculty and other students.

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