Presidential Statements

The AEJMC President may make statements during the year on important issues that are central to the association’s mission. Requests to explore possible issues may come from AEJMC constituents, including but not limited to individual members, officers, standing committees, or members from the council of affiliates. Those requests should be made in writing by email or letter and addressed to the sitting president. Presidential Statements are an AEJMC Strategic Planning Initiative. This process was endorsed by the AEJMC membership at the Boston Business Meeting, August 7, 2009.



An elected three-member subcommittee of the Standing Committee of Professional Freedom and Responsibility helps inform and advise the AEJMC President of important issues. All statements, once agreed upon by the President and Advisory Council, undergo a round of second-stage vetting with all AEJMC Division and Interest Group PF&R chairs, chairs, and heads of the Commission on the Status of Minorities and Commission on the Status of Women. The President and Advisory Council consider all feedback. The President has the final decision on what statement is issued. Information on the statement process and calls for ideas for statements are disseminated to members during the year.


PAC Members and Statements

President’s Advisory Council Members

Presidential Statements

2017-18 PAC 2017-18 Statements
• Jennifer D. Greer, University of Alabama 08/22/18 — AEJMC Board urges educators, journalists to be thoughtful in coverage of hate speech
• 04/18/18 — AEJMC & ASJMC Presidential Statement to U.S. Sinclair-owned Stations

2016-17 PAC 2016-17 Statements
• Paul Voakes, Colorado
• Hong Cheng, Virginia Commonwealth
• Amy Reynolds, Kent State
• Dean Kruckeberg, North Carolina-Charlotte
• 02/09/17 — AEJMC Presidential Statement to President Donald Trump

2015-16 PAC 2015-16 Statements
• AEJMC President, Lori Bergen, Colorado-Boulder
• Debashis Aikat, North Carolina-Chapel Hill
• Dean Kruckeberg, North Carolina-Charlotte
• Hong Cheng, Virginia Commonwealth
• 09/06/16 — AEJMC Voices Concern Over Recent Threats to Reporter Privilege
• 06/03/16 — Journalism Educators Urge Social Media Platforms to Ensure Ethical Transparency in Curating and Disseminating News
• 04/19/16 — AEJMC Urges State of New York to Reexamine Ethics Guidelines That Encroach on the First Amendment

2014-15 PAC 2014-15 Statements
• AEJMC President, Elizabeth L. Toth, Maryland • 09/09/15 — AEJMC Calls Upon Politicians and Journalists to Ensure Civility in Election Campaigning

2013-14 PAC 2013-14 Statements
• AEJMC President, Paula Poindexter, Texas-Austin
• Jane Singer, City University London
• Dean Kruckeberg, North Carolina-Charlotte
• 08/27/14 — Journalism Educators use Tragedy in Ferguson, Mo. as Teachable Moment to Commend the Press, Condemn Arrests of Journalists and Remind the Public of the First Amendment’s Power

• 05/21/14 — Journalism Educators call on Kansas Board of Regents to Reverse New Social Media Policy

• 11/25/13 — Journalism educators call on 60 Minutes to rethink Benghazi report correction

2012-13 PAC 2012-13 Statements
• AEJMC President, Kyu Ho Youm, Oregon
• Dwight Brooks, Middle Tennessee State
• Jane Singer, Iowa
• Dean Kruckeberg, North Carolina-Charlotte
• 07/04/13 — Journalism Educators Urge President Obama to Further Transparency in the Federal Government
• 06/19/13 — Journalism Educators Urge Wisconsin Lawmakers to Support — not Condemn — the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism
• 05/23/13 — AEJMC & ASJMC Condemn the U.S. Government’s Actions Against the Press, Defends Public’s Right to Information
• 04/09/13 — AEJMC Statement on Open-Access Electronic Journals and Nuisance Lawsuits
• 03/25/13 — AEJMC President Releases a Statement on Leak Prosecutions

2011-12 PAC 2011-12 Statements
• AEJMC President, Linda Steiner, Maryland
• Kathy Bradshaw, Bowling Green State
• Dwight Brooks, Middle Tennessee State
• Lillie Fears, Arkansas State
• 01/12/12 — AEJMC Supporting FCC’s Proposed Rule Change for Media Transparency
• 11/21/11 — First Amendment Rights of Occupy Movement & of Journalists Covering It
• 08/29/11 — Presidential Statement of Respect for Evonne H. Whitmore

2010-11 PAC 2010-11 Statements
• AEJMC President, Jan Slater, Illinois
• Kathy Bradshaw, Bowling Green State
• 03/22/11 — AEJMC Supports Federal Funding of Public Media

2009-10 PAC 2009-10 Statements
• AEJMC President, Carol Pardun, South Carolina
• Marie Hardin, Penn State
• Paul Lester, California State University-Fullerton
• Julianne Newton, Oregon
• 06/11/10 — Response from AEJMC President, Carol J. Pardun
• 06/07/10 — AEJMC: Obama’s Promised “Change” Lacks Transparency
• 11/03/09 — Prosecutors Investigate Students; AEJMC Urges Subpoena Quash
• 10/07/09 — AEJMC Supports Free Flow of Information Act


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