AEJMC Strategic Plan Progress Report

August 2008 to August 2013

The AEJMC membership approved the association’s first strategic plan in August 2008. During the next four years a Strategic Plan Implementation Committee, in conjunction with the AEJMC president and Board of Directors, have developed new processes and programs based on our 5 strategic directions.

The following actions and programs have resulted: [strategic direction of activity in brackets]

  1. AEJMC Presidential statements — a new process empowers the president to comment on relevant public/industry issues on behalf of the association. Began in October 2009. [2,3]
  2. AEJMC Emerging Scholars Program — offered competitively selected grants to junior faculty for research and teaching projects; first research grants awarded in January 2010. [1, 2, 5]
  3. Membership survey on Name Change — membership overwhelmingly wanted to retain the current name, saying it still reflects who we are and what we do. [2, 5]
  4. New AEJMC logo created — after an open competition for a logo failed to result in a suitable logo, AEJMC commissioned a designer to create a new logo. The new logo was approved in spring 2011, and put into use in October 2011. [2]
  5. Created the AEJMC Equity & Diversity Award to recognize schools that are doing outstanding work in building diversity within their units in a variety of ways. First award presented in August 2009. [1, 2, 3, 5]
  6. Re-design of AEJMC website — in 2010. [2, 5]
  7. Re-design of website allowed for new tools in the AEJMC Online Ads section, resulting in more user-friendly searches. The end result has been more traffic and additional revenue. It is now the #1 entry point into the main AEJMC site, and resulted in $60,000 in revenue in FY 2010-11. [2, 3, 4, 5]
  8. Development of new social media tools, including a Twitter feed (in Winter 2010) and conference mobile app (in July 2011). In 2013 Twitter feed goes to 5,700 followers. [2, 3, 5]
  9. Creation of new websites — first conference micro-site for the Denver conference (in January 2010), conference site for each year since, and a separate centennial celebration website (opened in March 2012). [2, 5]
  10. Created a new program for faculty to see industry changes first-hand. These summer “externships” fund a 2-week visit with various media outlets; in partnership with the Scripps Howard Foundation. Began in 2011. [1, 2, 5]
  11. Created conference travel grants for graduate students. Began in 2011. [1, 2, 5]
  12. Developed a new program that provides funds for faculty to develop new social media platforms and software for classroom use. These Bridge Grants provide up to $8,000 for faculty to adapt open source applications from the Knight News Challenge; program in partnership with the Knight Foundation. Grants issued in Fall 2011 and Fall 2012. [1, 2, 5]
  13. Completed a Centennial Fundraising Campaign to raise money for new initiatives and current endowed accounts. Raised $301,407 by July 30, 2013 (which exceeded the goal of $300,000) — began in August 2011 to run through August 2013. About 2/3rds of the funds were targeted contributions. [4]
  14. Encouraged our international outreach by continuing to support the World Journalism Education Congress initiative by hosting a planning meeting at 2012 conference for the 2013 congress. [2, 3, 5]
  15. Developed a Task Force on Latino and Latin America to expand our presence and services to Latin America — began in August 2011. [2, 3, 5]
  16. Developed a Task Force on Recruiting for Academic Diversity to encourage professionals of color to consider teaching — began in August 2011. The group’s first training workshop will take place in August 2012. {2,3]
  17. AEJMC Online Display Ads — first display ad posted May 2012, two more ads planned for summer 2012. [4]
  18. Encouraged our international outreach by supporting the International Congress on Studies of Journalism in Chile in June 2012. We also sent a delegate and membership materials to the meeting to make connections with Latin American scholars/teachers. [2, 3, 5]
  19. Encouraged our international outreach by inviting (and providing comp registration) to a delegation of Brazilian communication scholars to attend the Chicago Conference. Seven scholars attended. [2, 3, 5]
  20. AEJMC Senior Scholars Program — offers competitively selected grants to senior faculty for research projects; 15 senior scholars applied in fall 2012 and two grants were awarded in January 2013. [1, 2, 5]
  21. AEJMC Graduate Student Information Expo — pilot program during 2013 DC conference. Provides place where potential grad students can talk with schools that offer master’s and doctorates. 22 schools will be present for the session. [2, 5]
  22. AEJMC WJEC3 presence — AEJMC sent the top 3 officers and one journal editor to the Belgium meeting, & provided prize money to the top 3 research papers. [1, 2, 3]
  23. AEJMC 2015 International Regional Meeting — an international regional meeting was approved in June 2013 by the AEJMC Board to take place in October 2015 in Chile. [1, 2, 3]
  24. Journal abstracts in Spanish on AEJMC website — The article abstracts from the 2013 issues of J&MC Quarterly, J&C Monographs and J&MC Educator have been translated into Spanish and are posted on the website. Future issues will also be added to the site. [1, 2, 3]

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