AEJMC Award Recipients

Krieghbaum Under-40 Award
This award was created and funded by the late Hillier Krieghbaum, New York, a long-time AEJMC member and a past president, to honor AEJMC members under 40 years of age who have shown outstanding achievement and effort in AEJMC’s three key areas: teaching, research and public service. Annual award.

2016 — Jörg Matthes, Vienna
2015 — Homero Gil de Zúñiga,
University of Vienna
2014 — Yan Jin,
Virginia Commonwealth
2013 — John Besley, Michigan State
2012 — Susan Robinson, Wisconsin-Madison
2011 — Sri Kalyanaraman, North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2010 — Dietram Scheufele, Wisconsin-Madison
2009 — Kimberly Bissell, Alabama
2008 — Patricia Moy, Washington
2007 — William P. Eveland, Jr., Ohio State
2006 — David S. Domke, Washington
2005 — Dhavan V. Shah, Wisconsin-Madison
2004 — Clay Calvert, Pennsylvania State
2003 — Julie Andsager, Washington State
2002 — David T.Z. Mindich, Saint Michael’s
2001 — Erica Weintraub Austin, Washington State
2000 — Carolyn Kitch, Temple
1999 — David Atkin, Cleveland State
1998 — Edward Adams, Angelo State
1997 — Annie Lang, Indiana
1996 — John Ferré, Louisville
1995 — Wayne Wanta,
1994 — Stephen D. Reese,
Texas at Austin
1993 — Marilyn Kern-Foxworth,
Texas A&M
1992 — Carroll Glynn, Cornell
1991 — Jeff Smith,
1990 — Pamela Shoemaker,
Texas at Austin
— Robert Drechsel, Wisconsin-Madison
1988 — Jane D. Brown, North Carolina
1987 — Theodore Glasser, Minnesota
1986— Sharon Dunwoody, Wisconsin-Madison
1985— Lee Becker, Ohio State
1984— Ellen Wartella, Illinois
1983— David Weaver, Indiana
1982— Everette Dennis, Oregon
1981— David Rubin, New York (first)

Baskett Mosse Award for Faculty Development
The Baskett Mosse Award was created by AEJMC and the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications in honor of the late Baskett Mosse, executive secretary of the Accrediting Committee for 26 years. The award recognizes an outstanding young or mid-career faculty member and helps fund a proposed enrichment activity. Not an annual award.

2015 — Kim Smith, North Carolina A&T
2013 — Homero Gil de Zúñiga,
Texas at Austin
2011 — Murgur Geana, Kansas
2009 — Barbara Friedman, North Carolina
2005 — Robert Kerr,
2003 — Sandra Chance, Florida
2002 — Laura Castañeda, Southern California
2001 — Andrew Mendelson, Temple
2000 — Jan LeBlanc Wicks, Arkansas-Fayetteville
1999 — Debashis Aikat, North Carolina
1998 — Lauren Tucker, South Carolina
1996 — Sue A. Lafky, Iowa
1995 — Kathleen Fearn-Banks,
1994 — Laurence B. Alexander,
1993 — Glen Cameron,
1992 — Joy Morrison, Alaska-Fairbanks
1991 — Lael Morgan,
1990 — C. Zoe Smith,
1989 — Stephen R. Lacy,
Michigan State
               Charles Salmon, Wisconsin-Madison
1988 — Terry Hynes, California State, Fullerton
1987 — Tony Atwater, Michigan State
1986 — Patrick S. Washburn, Ohio
1985— Margaret Ann Blanchard, North Carolina
1984— Donna Lee Dickerson, South Florida (first)

AEJMC Presidential Award
Given to dedicated and long-serving AEJMC members by the current AEJMC president. The award recognizes distinguished service to journalism and mass communication education. Presented on an as-appropriate basis.

2015 — Pam Bourland-Davis, Georgia Southern
2014 — Carolyn Stroman,
2013 — Douglas Anderson,
Pennsylvania State
2011 — David T.Z. Mindich, St. Michael’s
2010 — Suzette Heiman, Missouri
2009 — Candace Perkins Bowen, Kent State
                Alexis Tan, Washington State
2008 — Keith Sanders, Missouri
                 Silvia Pellegrini, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago
2007 — Donald Shaw, North Carolina at Chapel Hill
                Maxwell McCombs, Texas at Austin
2006 — David Weaver, Indiana
                Cleveland Wilhoit, Indiana
2005 — Kim Rotzell, Illinois (posthumously)
2004 — Lee Becker, Georgia
                Trevor Brown, Indiana
2003 — James Carey, Columbia
                Clifford Christians, Illinois
2002 — Terry Michael, Washington Center for Politics and Journalism
                Roberta Win, Voice of America
2001 — Susanne Shaw,
               David McHam, Houston
2000 — Karen Brown Dunlap, Poynter Institute
                Oscar Gandy, Pennsylvania
1999 — Mark Goodman, Student Press Law Center
1998 — Jennifer H. McGill, AEJMC/ASJMC
1997 — Lionel Barrow, Jr., Howard
1996 — Gerald M. Sass, The Freedom Forum
Steven Chaffee,
1995 — Sue A. Lafky, Iowa
Harry Heintzen,
Voice of America
1994 — Edwin Emery,
1993 — Orlando Taylor,
              Vernon Stone, Missouri
1992 — Sharon Brock,
Ohio State
               Carol Reuss, North Carolina
1991 — Bill Taft, Missouri
John Merrill,
Louisiana State
1990 — Wilma Crumley,
1989 — Hillier Krieghbaum,
New York
— Fred Zwahlen, Oregon State
1987 — Félix Gutiérrez, Southern California
1985 — Al Scroggins, South Carolina
1984 — Bill Chamberlin, North Carolina
               Gerald Stone, Memphis State

The Charles E. Scripps Award for the Journalism & Mass Communication Administrator of the Year
This award is given in collaboration with the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). It is open to any past or present administrator of a school, department of journalism or mass communication at accredited or non-accredited schools.

2015 — Michael Bugeja, Iowa State
2014 — Al Tims
, Minnesota
2013 — Lori Bergen
, Marquette
2012 — Tim Gleason, Oregon
2011 — John Lavine, Northwestern
2010 — Paul Parson, Elon
2009 — Chris Callahan, Arizona State
2008 — Marilyn Weaver, Ball State
2007 — David Rubin, Syracuse

The Charles E. Scripps Award for the Journalism & Mass Communication Teacher of the Year
This award is given in collaboration with the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). Full-time faculty member teaching in any of the disciplines of journalism and mass communication who, over the years, has consistently demonstrated an environment of excellence by ongoing contributions to the improvement of student learning.

2015 — Carolina Acosta-Alzuru, Georgia
2014 — Carol Schwalbe, Arizona
2013 — Cindy Royal, Texas State San Marcos
2012 — Jennifer George-Paliliois, Ball State
2011 — Douglas Ward, Kansas
2010 — Joe Saltzman, Southern California
2009 — Chris Roush, North Carolina Chapel Hill
2008 — Charles Davis, Missouri
2007 — Elinor Grusin, Memphis

Paul J. Deutschmann Award for Excellence in Research
This award is named in honor of Paul J. Deutschmann, who was a central force in the movement to study journalism and mass communication scientifically. He helped establish and develop the College of Communication Arts at Michigan State University, and served as director of its Communications Research Center. This award is presented by the AEJMC Elected Standing Committee on Research. Not an annual award.

2015 — Pamela J. Shoemaker, Syracuse University
2013 — Lee Becker,
2011 — Sharon Dunwoody, Wisconsin-Madison
2010 — Stephen Lacy, Michigan State
2009 — David Weaver, Indiana
2007 — Guido H. Stempell, III, Ohio
2005 — Donald L. Shaw, North Carolina
2004 — Clifford Christians, Illinois
2003 — Melvin DeFleur, Boston
2001 — Ivan Preston, Wisconsin-Madison
2000 — James Grunig, Maryland
1999 — Steven Chaffee, Stanford
1998 — Maxwell E. McCombs, Texas at Austin
1997 — Jack M. McLeod, Wisconsin-Madison
1996 — George Gerbner, Pennsylvania
1995 — Richard F. Carter,
1994 — Phillip Tichenor,
George Donohue, Minnesota
Clarice Olien, Minnesota
1993 — Wayne Danielson,
Texas at Austin
1991 — Scott Cutlip,
1985 — Bruce Westley,
1981 — Harold L. Nelson, Wisconsin-Madison
1979— J. Edward Gerald, Minnesota
1973 — Wilbur Schramm, Iowa
1972 — Ralph O. Nafziger, Minnesota/Wisconsin-Madison
1969— Chilton R. Bush, Stanford (first)

Eleanor Blum Distinguished Service to Research Award
This award was created by the AEJMC Elected Standing Committee on Research to recognize a person who has devoted a substantial part of his/her career to promoting research in mass communication. It is named in honor of the first recipient, Eleanor Blum, a communication librarian. Not an annual award.

2016 — Paula Poindexter
, Texas at Austin
2014 — Dan Riffe,
North Carolina-Chapel Hill
2008 — Maurine Beasley,
2007 — Patrick Washburn, Ohio
2006 — James W. Tankard, Jr., Texas at Austin (posthumously)
2005 — Margaret Blanchard, North Carolina (posthumously)
2004 — Everette E. Dennis, Fordham
2003 — James A. Crook, Tennessee
2001 — Barbara Semouche, North Carolina
1996 — Frances Wilhoit, Indiana
1989 — Guido Stempel, III,
1986 — Ed Emery,
1983 — Raymond B. Nixon, Minnesota
1980 — Eleanor Blum, Illinois (first)

Nafziger-White-Salwen Dissertation Award
This award is named for pioneering journalism and mass communication educators Ralph O. Nafziger and David Manning White, who donated the royalties from their book Introduction to Mass Communication Research to fund the award. The award recognizes and encourages outstanding dissertation research in journalism and mass communication. Michael Salwen’s name was added to the award in 2008. Salwen, who died in 2007, was a co-author of “An Integrated Approach to Communication Theory and Research”, the royalties of which now help fund this award. Annual award. Year listed is year award was presented.

2016 — Rodrigo Zamith, Massachusetts-Amherst
Adviser: Seth Lewis, Minnesota
2015 — Summer Harlow
, Texas at Austin
Adviser: (Co-advisors) Dr. Thomas J. Johnston and Dr. Mercedes de Uriarte, Texas-Austin
2014Scott Parrott, North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Adviser: Rhonda Gibson, North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2013 — Brendan Watson, North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Adviser: Daniel Riffe, North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2012 — Dean Smith, North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Adviser: Cathy Packer, North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2011 — Matthew W. Ragas, DePaul
Adviser: Spiro Kiousis, Florida
2010 — Jeremy Littau, Lehigh
Adviser: Esther Thorson, Missouri
2009 — Leigh Moscowitz, College of Charleston
Adviser: Radhika Parameswaran, Indiana
2008 — Ronald J. “Noah” Arceneaux, San Diego State
Adviser: Jay Hamilton, Georgia
2007 — David Cuillier, Washington State
Adviser: Susan Denté Ross, Washington State
2006 — Kathy Roberts Forde, North Carolina
Adviser: Ruth Walden, North Carolina
2005 — Young Mie Kim, Illinois
Adviser: David Tewksbury, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2004 — Zala Voicic, Colorado at Boulder
Adviser: Andrew Calabrese, Colorado at Boulder
2003 — Mark Avrom Feldstein, North Carolina
Adviser: Margaret A. Blanchard, North Carolina
2002 — Carolyn Bronstein, DePaul
Adviser: James L. Baughman, Wisconsin-Madison
2001 — Edward Alwood, North Carolina
Adviser: Margaret A. Blanchard, North Carolina
2000 — Dhavan V. Shah, Wisconsin-Madison
Adviser: Daniel B. Wackman, Minnesota
1999 — Barbara Zang, Missouri
Adviser: David Nord, Indiana
1998 — Craig Trumbo, Cornell
Adviser: Garrett O’Keefe, Wisconsin-Madison
1997 — David Scott Domke, Minnesota
Adviser: Hazel F. Dicken-Garcia, Minnesota
1996 — Paul Voakes, Indiana
Adviser: Robert Drechsel, Wisconsin-Madison
1995 — Karen S. Miller,
Adviser: James L. Baughman, Wisconsin-Madison
1994 — Jane Rhodes, Indiana
Adviser: Margaret Blanchard, North Carolina
1993 — Caroline Schooler, Stanford
Adviser: Steven Chaffee, Stanford
1992 — Mark D. West, North Carolina
Adviser: Jane Brown, North Carolina
1991 — Namjun Kang,
Adviser: George Comstock, Syracuse
1990 — Bob McChesney, Wisconsin-Madison
Adviser: William Ames, Washington
1989 — Diane C. Mutz,
Adviser: Steven Chaffee, Stanford
1988 — Vincent Price, Michigan,
Adviser: Donald F. Roberts, Stanford
1987— John R. Finnegan, Jr., Minnesota,
Adviser: Hazel Dicken-Garcia, Minnesota
1986 — Jeffery Smith, Wisconsin-Madison
Adviser: Jim Baughman, Wisconsin-Madison
1985— Richard Kielbowicz, Minnesota
Advisers: Ed Emery, Minnesota; and Hazel F. Dicken-Garcia, Minnesota
1984— Ron Tamborini, Indiana (first)
Adviser: Dolf Zillmann, Indiana

AEJMC First Amendment Award
The AEJMC First Amendment Award recognizes professionals with a strong commitment to freedom of the press, and who practice courageous journalism. Created in 2006, the award is presented by the Professional Freedom & Responsibility Committee. Annual award.

2016 — Reporters Without Borders
2015 — Floyd Abrams
, 1st Amendment Attorney
2014 — Joel Simon
, Committee to Protect Journalists
2013 — First Amendment Center,
Nashville, TN
2012 — Carole Simpson, Broadcaster
2011 — Michael Kirk, Frontline Filmmaker
2010 — Nat Hentoff, Syndicated Columnist
2009 — Seymour Hersh,
The New Yorker
2008 — Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune
2007 — Helen Thomas, UPI, Hearst
2006 — Molly Ivins, Synidcated Columnist (first)

AEJMC Tankard Book Award
The Tankard Book Award was established to honor James W. Tankard, Jr. of Texas at Austin. A former editor of Journalism Monographs, the award recognizes his many contributions to the field of journalism and mass communication education. Award established in 2007. See a list of the Tankard Book Award Finalists.

2015 — Making News at The New York Times
Nikki Usher,
George Washington University
2014 —
Shaping Immigration News: A French-American Comparison
Rodney Benson,
New York
2013 —
Into the Fray: How NBC’s Washington Documentary Unit Reinvented the Newsby
Tom Mascaro, Bowling Green State
Radio Utopia: Postwar Audio Documentary in the Public Interest by
Matthew C. Ehrlich, Illinois
2011About to Die: How News Images Move the Public by
Barbie Zelizer, Pennsylvania
2010Journalism’s Roving Eye: A History of American Foreign Reporting by
John Maxwell Hamilton, Louisiana State
2009 The Environment and the Press: From Adventure Writing to Advocacy by
Mark R. Neuzil, St. Thomas
2008Dark Days in the Newsroom: McCarthyism Aimed at the Press by
Edward M. Alwood, Quinnipiac
2007 — The African-American Newspaper: Voice of Freedom by
Patrick S. Washburn, Ohio (first)

AEJMC-Knudson Latin America Prize
The AEJMC-Knudson Latin America Prize will be given annually to a book or project concerning Latin America or coverage of issues in Latin America. The work must make an original contribution to improve knowledge about Latin America to U.S. students, journalists or the public. This award was endowed by the late Jerry Knudson, an emeritus professor at Temple University.

2016 — Reporting the Cuban Revolution
Leonard Ray Teel, emeritus Georgia State
2015 —
Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine and the Miracle That Set Them Free
Hector Tobar, University of Oregon
2014 —
Crisis of Governance in Maya Guatemala: Indigenous Responses to a Failing State
John P. Hawkins, Brigham Young University, James H. McDonald, Southern Utah University, Walter Randolph Adams, Iowa State University (first)

AEJMC Equity & Diversity Award
The AEJMC Equity & Diversity Award recognizes Journalism and Mass Communication academic programs that are working toward, and have attained measurable success, in increasing equity and diversity within their units. Programs must display progress and innovation in racial, gender, and ethnic equity and diversity over the previous three-year period. Created in 2009. Annual award.

2016 — Mayborn School of Journalism, University of North Texas
2015 —
College of Communication and Information Sciences, University of Alabama
2014 —
Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication, Iowa State University
2013 — College of Communications, Pennsylvania State University
2012 — Annenberg School for Journalism, University of Southern California
2011 — School of Journalism & Mass Communication, Texas State University, San Marcos
2010 — School of Communications, Elon University
2009 — Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University (first)

Dorothy Bowles Public Service Award
The Dorothy Bowles Public Service Award will recognize an AEJMC member who has a sustained and significant public-service record that has helped build bridges between academics and professionals in mass communications either nationally or locally, and, been actively engaged within the association. Created in 2012. Annual award.

2016 — Rosental Alves, Texas at Austin
2015 — Wat Hopkins
, Virginia Tech
2014 — Don W. Stacks
, Miami
2013 — Judy VanSlyke Turk
, Virginia Commonwealth
2012 — Candace Perkins Bowen, Kent State (first)

Outstanding Contribution to Journalism Education

This award, presented by the Commission on the Status of Women in Journalism Education, recognizes a woman who has represented women well through personal excellence and high standards in journalism and mass communication education. Not an annual award.

2016 — Mia Moody-Ramirez, Baylor
2015 — Julie Andsager
, Tennessee
2014 — June Nicholson
, Virginia Commonwealth
2013 — Geneva Overholser
, Southern California
2012 — Barbara B. Hines, Howard
2011 — Linda Steiner, Maryland
2010 — Diane Borden, San Diego State
2009 — Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver, Florida International
2008 — Esther Thorson, Missouri
2006 — Judy VanSlyke Turk, Virginia Commonwealth
2002 — Wilma Crumley, Nebraska-Lincoln
2000 — Douglas Ann Newsom, Texas Christian
1998 — Jennifer H. McGill, AEJMC/ASJMC
1997 — Carol Oukrop, Kansas State
1996 — Carol Reuss, North Carolina
1994 — Maurine H. Beasley, Maryland
1992 — Jean Ward
, Minnesota
1991 — MaryAnn Yodelis Smith
, Wisconsin
1990 — Ramona Rush, Kentucky
1989 — Mary Gardner
, Michigan State
1988— Donna Allen, Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press, Washington, DC
1983— Cathy Covert, Syracuse
1982— Marion Marzolf, Michigan (first)

Robert Knight Multicultural Recruitment Award
This award is presented annually by the Scholastic Journalism Division to organizations or individuals who have made outstanding efforts in attracting high school minority students into journalism and mass communication. Created in 1987.

2016 — Kimetris Baltrip, Kansas State
2015 — George Daniels, Alabama
2014 — Steve O’Donoghue, California Scholastic Journalism Initiative
2013 — Linda Florence Callahan, North Carolina A&T State
2012 — Illinois Press Foundation and Eastern Illinois University High School Journalism Workshop
2011 — Joseph Selden
, Pennsylvania State
2010 — University of Arizona School of Journalism

2009 — Michael Days & Staff,Philadelphia Daily News
2008 — June O. Nicholson, Virginia Commonwealth
2007 — Ed Mullins,Alabama
2005 — Linda Ximenes,Ximenes & Associates
2004 — Diana Mitsu Klos,American Society of Newspaper Editors
2003 — Vanessa Shelton,Iowa
2002 — Walt Swanston,Radio and Television News Directors Foundation
2001 — Doris Giago,South Dakota State
2000 — Linda Waller, Dow Jones Newspaper Fund
1999 — Marie Parsons, Alabama
1998 — Lucy Ganje, North Dakota
1997 — California Chicano News Media Association, San Diego Chapter
1996 — Barbara Hines,
1995 — Diane Hall,
Florida A&M
1994 — Mary Arnold,
1993 — Alice Bonner,
The Freedom Forum
1992 — Richard Lee,
South Dakota State
1991 — Thomas Engleman,
Dow Jones Newspaper Fund
1990 — Robert Knight, Missouri
1989 — George Curry,
The Chicago Tribune, Washington, DC, Bureau
1988— Craig Trygstad, Youth Communication, Inc., Washington, DC
1987— Pittsburgh Black Media Federation (first)

MaryAnn Yodelis Smith Research Award

This award was created in 1991 by the Commission on the Status of Women in honor and memory of MaryAnn Yodelis Smith of Minnesota and Wisconsin, 1989-90 AEJMC president.

2016 — Tania Rosas-Moreno, Loyola-Maryland
2015 — Dustin Harp
, Texas at Arlington
2014 — Stacey J.T. Hust and Kathleen Boyce Rodgers
, Washington State
2013 — Cory Armstrong
, Florida
2012 — Shayla Thiel-Stern, Minnesota
2011 — Marilyn Greenwald, Ohio
2010 — Sheila Webb, Western Washington
2009 — Elizabeth Skewes, Colorado
2008 — Margaretha Geertsema, Butler
2007 — Barbara Barnett, Kansas
2006 — Marie Hardin, Pennsylvania State
2005 — Jan Whitt, Colorado
2004 — Radhika Parameswaran, Indiana
                Kavitha Cardoza, Illinois at Springfield
2003 — Susan Henry, California State-Northridge
2000 — E-K Daufin, Alabama State
1999 — Marilyn Kern-Foxworth, Florida A&M
1998 — Sue A. Lafky, Iowa
1997 — Kathleen Endres, Akron
1996 — Linda Steiner, Rutgers
1995 — Carolyn Stewart Dyer,
Iowa (first)

Lionel C. Barrow Jr. Award for Distinguished Achievement in Diversity Research
Created in 2009, the award recognizes outstanding individual accomplishment and leadership in diversity efforts within the Journalism and Mass Communication discipline. Created by the AEJMC Minorities & Communication Division and the Commission on the Status of Minorities, the award honors Barrow’s lasting impact, and recognizes others who are making their mark in diversifying JMC education.

2016 — Joel Beeson, West Virginia
2015 — Alice Tait, Central Michigan
2014 Marilyn Kern-Foxworth, Marketing and Media Consultant
2013 Clint C. Wilson II, Howard
2012 Federico Subervi, Texas State San Marcos
2011Félix Gutiérrez, Southern California
2010 Robert M. Ruggles, Florida A&M
2009 Paula M. Poindexter, Texas at Austin (first)

Lee Barrow Doctoral Minority Student Scholarship
Sponsored by the Communication Theory and Methodology Division, the scholarship is named for Dr. Lionel C. Barrow, Jr., of Howard University in recognition of his pioneering efforts in support of minority education in journalism and mass communication. The scholarship assists a minority student enrolled in a doctoral program in journalism or mass communication.

2016 — Adrienne Muldrow
, Washington State
2015 — Diane Francis
, North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2014 — Jenny Korn
, Harvard
2013 — Dominique Harrison
, Howard
2012 — Rowena Briones, Maryland
2011 — Adrienne Chung, Ohio State
2010 — Eulalia Puig Abril, Wisconsin-Madison
2009 — Emily Elizabeth Acosta, Wisconsin-Madison
2008 — Troy Elias, Ohio State
2007 — Yusur Kalynago, Jr., Missouri
2006 — Omotayo Banjo, Pennsylvania State
2005 — Jeanetta Simms, Central Oklahoma
2004 — Susan Chang, Michigan State
2003 — T. Kenn Gaither, North Carolina
2002 — Mia Moody-Hall, Texas at Austin
2001 — George Daniels, Georgia
2000 — Maria E. Len-Rios, Missouri
1999 — Meredith Lee Ballmer, Washington
1998 — Osei Appiah

1997 — Alice Chan Plummer, Michigan State
1996 — Dwayne Proctor, Connecticut
1995 — Dhavan Shah, Minnesota
1994 — Qingnen Dong, Washington State
1993 — Shalini Venturelli, Colorado
1991 — Diana Rios, Texas at Austin
1990 — Jose Lozano
1989 — Jane Rhodes, North Carolina
1987 — James Sumner Lee, North Carolina
1985 — Barbara McBain Brown, Stanford
1983 — Dianne L. Cherry, North Carolina
1982 — Tony Atwater, Michigan State
1981 — Sharon Bramlett, Indiana
1980 — Federico Subervi, Wisconsin-Madison
1979 — Gillian Grannum, North Carolina
1978 — Paula Poindexter, Syracuse
1977 — John J. Johnson, Ohio
1975 — Norman W. Spaulding, Illinois
1974 — Rita Fujiki, Washington
1973 — William E. Berry, Illinois
                Clay Perry, Indiana
                Sherrie Lee Mazingo, Michigan State
1972 — Richard Allen, Wisconsin-Madison (first)

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